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Bruno Mars Aura Reading

 Bruno Mars Aura

Bruno Mars Aura Reading. Above I’m showing you a certain planet, not an eye of the man who won seven Grammys last night.

Bruno Mars Aura Reading. Last night this talented artist swept the most coveted wins at the 60th Grammy Awards.

What makes this artist stand out? He wears sunglasses a lot. Hence the joke about the Mars photo above.

Seriously, let’s explore the energetic reasons for the sunglass-wearer’s enormous success.


  • Bruno Mars’ aura reveals what he’s like right now as a person.
  • How he is — and isn’t — using his full potential.
  • Plus, it’s a cinch to read auras from regular photos. Once you learn how. (Which you definitely can.)
  • Even reading about reading auras is such fun!

Before We Start Reading THE Bruno Mars Aura

Blog-Buddies, here’s the specific Bruno Mars photo I’ll use to profile him, via his aura.

Have you developed aura reading skills yet? Enough to read photos? Then you can have some extra fun:

  • Open up that photo link and read some of his chakra databanks.
  • If you like, create a guest post and email it to me.

Want some background on what it means to read auras? Here’s your ticket.

Bruno Mars Aura Root Chakra Databank. For Presence in the Room While Performing.

Interesting technical point! At least if you’re really into understanding auras (like this consciousness geek). Every adult has a Root Chakra Databank for “Presence in the Room.”

But what’s with “Presence in the Room While Performing?”

That’s one of the optional chakra databanks for Bruno Mars. No worries. You’ve got yours, too. Regardless of whether you’ve won quite as many Grammys.

Symbolic Size

40 feet


Love, transformative love. That’s what Bruno Mars is all about, as a performer.

Bruno Mars Aura Solar Plexus Chakra Databank. For Using His Power.

Symbolic Size

20 feet.


Every photo gives you a time-limited snapshot of the person. Just what he or she is like at the time of the photograph.

Delving into this chakra databank, guess what I find?

While Mars poses before the cameras; clutching his bouncing, baby, new Grammy’s, wow? Bruno Mars exudes a lively quality of power through this chakra databank. A quality of happiness, both powerful and empowering happiness.

But what else shows within this same chakra databank? Bruno is equally adept at sending out power related to:

  • Annoyance
  • Mild Pushiness
  • Flirtation
  • Indignation
  • Significant Rage

Depending on the occasion, or the song? Bruno Mars can push out that quality of power.

Extraordinary versatility, when it comes to this chakra databank!

Bruno Mars Aura Heart Chakra Databank. For Emotional Giving While Performing.

Ha! Did you catch it? Here’s another optional chakra databank for Bruno Mars on the day he won all those Grammys.

Symbolic Size

30 feet


Evidently Bruno Mars does give quite freely emotionally. More than a lot of performers. Also more than a lot of non-performers. 😉

Understandably yet unfortunately: He’s got a bit of artifice going. And the quality doesn’t seem momentary to me. Rather, that he’s got a kind of performer’s way of making himself special due to “giving.”

What you might call Bruno Mars’s “competitive advantage.”

As a slightly self-conscious, slightly fakey thing… At least it’s minimal. Seems to me like the cream that rises to the top of whole milk. Just an edge.

Bruno Mars Aura Throat Chakra Databank. For Communication to Gain Respect.

Symbolic Size

Fills the room


Shimmering and gleaming with charisma, Bruno Mars has a gift for attracting attention. Winning praise.

Yet more proof, to me, that charisma is a talent. Not a learned skill. More of a grace of God thing.

Bruno Mars Third Eye Chakra Databank. For Connection to Spiritual Source.

Symbolic Size

8 inches


Seems like Bruno Mars has a very caszh relationship with God. Specifically, casual-verging-on-disrespectful.

Like many a youngish celebrity (32 now), why would Bruno Mars feel much need for a God?

Although Bruno doesn’t show arrogance exactly in this chakra databank — not yet — it will be interesting to research him 10 years from now. Especially if his career continues to bloom.

What’s Your Favorite Bruno Mars Song?

Please share the name. Also, if convenient, a favorite YouTube performance.

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  1. 1
    Leo says:

    I’ve found Bruno Mars’ songs to be fairly catch and listenable, as top 40 pop songs go.

    The charisma and slightly fake givingness explains much of his appeal, imo.

    Glad to see he’s doing relatively well, as a-listers go.

  2. 2

    Agreed, LEO. Life as an A-lister is a lot tougher than most fans imagine.

    So I’ve found it rare to read auras or do Skilled Empath Merges to profile A-listers… and find they are doing better than Bruno Mars.

  3. 3
    Jean says:

    Thank you Rose for this post.

    Always great to hear about the various chakra databanks that folks have – and how each one
    – and its functioning –
    says so much about that person.

  4. 4
    Jean says:

    Also appreciated your comment #2.

    IMHO important to take note of

    “Life as an A-lister is a lot tougher than most fans imagine.”

  5. 5
    Kathleen says:

    Thanks for the reading Rose! It’s nice to read about someone as famous as Bruno Mars doing relatively well.

    I like his song Uptown Funk – here’s a YouTube video:

  6. 6
    Patti says:

    Hi Rose! I really enjoy your blog posts. I always find your aura readings particularly fascinating.

    Bruno has definitely got a universal appeal.

    I’ve looked at his confidence regarding his music, and career. In the beginning I felt like it was fake it till you make it, now I feel like he believes he can do no wrong – that his touch is 24 Karat Magic ( one of his song titles). It’ll be interesting to see how he grows, and changes, over the years. Fairly good energy over all.

  7. 7

    PATTI, good to hear from you. And also to acknowledge the latest contributions here by JEAN and KATHLEEN.

    Folks like you make the blog fun for me.

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