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Sam Rockwell Aura Movie Review

Sam Rockwell Aura Movie Review

Sam Rockwell Aura Movie Review. In his nominated role for Best Supporting Actor, does Sam change all the way through to his aura?

Sam Rockwell Aura Movie Review. So often, Supporting Actor Oscar nominee Sam Rockwell steals the scene. How does he do that? What does his aura reveal?

Especially interesting, this time the popular character actor is up for his first Academy Award.

The Nominated Role

First of all, the movie is “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri.” Here’s the trailer.

As Dixon, Sam Rockwell plays a racist deputy determined to support the beleaguered sheriff. Although his own unprofessional behavior threatens his standing on the force.

Nuts & Bolts

New to aura reading movie reviews? Here’s some good backstory about aura reading. Noteworthy: to me this is a form of energetic literacy, that’s all! Quite different from what you’ve probably encountered so far about auras.

But, if you’re spiritually minded, you might also want to know this optional aspect: What makes aura reading “spiritual.”

In addition, the last link takes you to an explanation of how I do aura reading movie reviews.

Merrily moving through different aura parts, we’ll compare one chakra databank at a time, within the Sam Rockwell’s aura.

Here’s the photo I’ll use to research the actor’s role as Dixon.

While here’s a photo of Sam Rockwell playing himself. (The scene isn’t normal. Since the actor has just won a Golden Globe Award. However, it’s a good quality photo for aura reading. As you know if you’ve studied with me how to read auras from photos, via my online workshop series.)

Incidentally, here he is on a YouTube showing him when guest hosting. Saturday Night Live!

Well, I’m practically drooling in anticipation. It’s so fascinating to find out who really changes while acting. Changes all the way down to the subconscious mind. And astral-level changes.

Considering how all this data records within any regular photograph…. Any day now millions of people are going to get Stage Three Energetic literacy, read auras from photos. And definitely spend Oscar season as I do. Checking out who wins a coveted Aura Change Point. (Top score is 1.)

Sam Rockwell Aura. Root Chakra Databank for Making Contact with Physical Reality

As Derek

80 feet. Over-functioning.

This character is very sense-bound, earthbound. He lives through his physicality. Oblivious to what else might exist.

Concerning the reality in which he finds himself, it’s harsh. Danger lurks everywhere. So you must hunker down and protect yourself.

Blog-Buddies, you can decide for yourself if a certain segment of American voters might really love watching this character. Plus differently-minded voters, who tend to be more open and adventurous. 😉

As Sam

20 feet. Within normal range for him at the time of the photo.

Highly intelligent, with great versatility and creativity hardwired into Sam Rockwell’s way of being himself. And noticing life around him.

Aura Change Points: 1

A resounding triumph of acting! Remember, Blog-Buddies, this change goes all the way through to his subconscious mind.

Sam Rockwell Aura. Belly Chakra Databank for Sex Appeal

As Derek

80 feet. Over-functioning.

Derek requires sex appeal. Since his life revolves around physicality.

As Sam

6 inches. Under-functioning.

Seems to me, Sam Rockwell doesn’t identify with sex. However sexually active he may be, the man knows he is more than his physical body. Or even sex.

Mostly, sex appeal is private and personal for this actor. He doesn’t flaunt it.

Aura Change Points: 1

Opposite what I find most often doing these aura reading movie reviews!

Another remarkable shape-shifting for Sam Rockwell. He really has taken on an entirely different way of being a person. Not just on the surface of life, as most actors manage. (Even, probably, some of the nominees for this year.)

Sam Rockwell Aura. Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for Using Power

As Derek

50 feet. Over-functioning slightly.

Bullying, pushing, showing his worth! That’s what power means to this law enforcement guy.

As Sam

40 feet. Notably self-actualizing, Sam Rockwell uses his power. Intelligently. Forcefully.

Yet he isn’t hooked on it, as Derek is.

Aura Change Points: 1

Another magnificent transformation!

Sam Rockwell Aura. Heart Chakra Databank for Emotional Self-Awareness

As Derek

3 feet. Under-functioning.

Very loyal.

Good versus bad. Thus, Derek sorts out his loyalties. Probably this is as close as he comes to noticing much about feelings. Usually.

As Sam

20 feet. Within normal range.

Seems to me, Sam Rockwell has enormous emotional curiosity. Like a character actor, rather than a leading man, guess what? He’s at least as interested in the emotions of other people. Rather than mostly gazing in fascination at his own feelings.

Aura Change Points: 1

Rather than playing a slight variation on himself… Remarkably Sam Rockwell is creating a unique character, then inhabiting him.

Sam Rockwell Aura. High Heart Chakra Databank for Soul Thrill

As Derek

3 inches. Nearly shut down.

Functioning in a grim world, half alive. Seems to me, joy doesn’t enter into the picture for Derek. Instead, he’ll settle for safety.

As Sam

7 inches. Close to shut down.

Astounding, Blog-Buddies? Despite being photographed while winning a Golden Globe Award, not much soul thrill?

Evidently not. Because the complex and brainy and hardworking actor isn’t used to letting up. Simply enjoying what life brings him.

Aura Change Points: 1/2

Much as I’d like to give Sam Rockwell a full point, I can’t. Because he’s not as limber in his soul expression as he is as a dancer. Thus far, as an adult, he doesn’t have access to soul thrill.

Golly, would I like to have him for my client. I love helping people to wake up soul thrill. Since it’s not so very hard to do.

In Conclusion

4 1/2 out of 5 Aura Change Points!

Responding to ETHAN’s original question, at Comment 4. A question that set today’s blog post in motion…

Maybe ETHAN steals scenes due to his intelligence, creativity, flexibility, full commitment, habitual hard work, and lack of ego pushiness. Which allows him to fully inhabit his creatively designed character.

Although the last of these, that lack of ego pushiness? Uh-oh. Combined with smallish soul thrill and sex appeal, may help explain something else. Why he’s been relegated to character actor status.

Based on today’s aura reading, I’d be very surprised if he turns A-lister. Even if he does win an Oscar this year.

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  1. 1
    Ethan says:

    Very interesting reading Rose.

    We will see if he wins the Oscar or not.

    Thank you for doing this.

  2. 2
    Valerie says:

    I’m so glad you chose this actor Rose, he is quite interesting to me.

    I’m very surprised about his lack of soul thrill! He always seems so engrossed in his characters I thought for sure he would have soul thrill from acting!

  3. 3

    VALERIE and ETHAN thanks for your comments.

    VALERIE, I’m not so terribly surprised. Many performers aren’t doing nearly as well in their personal lives as when they put on a show. So, let’s keep on using deeper perception to smash life’s illusions!

  4. 4

    And speaking of smashing through illusions, you Blog-Buddies know about the Enlightenment Life List, right?

    Well, today I think we broke a record. Thanks to some superb nominations that I went through just now, I’ve added FOUR new people to that list.

    A butcher, a baker, a candlestick maker and William Shakespeare. (Joke.)

  5. 5

    Actually, no. But there’s an even more unlikely assortment:

    There’s a basketball player, a U.S. Supreme Court Justice, a prominent Congressman, and a Harvard professor with expertise around sex.

    Curious who they are? Check out the latest additions here.

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