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Cool Heather Havrilesky. Aura Reading

Cool Heather Havrilesky

Cool Heather Havrilesky. Yes, cool as a celestial cucumber

Note: Unfortunately, according to my aura research in 2019, Heather Havrilesky has had trouble handling her success and fame. She’s moved into extreme spiritual addiction. This post tells you how she used to be doing. Sorry!

Cool Heather Havrilesky, Third Prize Winner in our “Cool Contest.” She’s a renowned leader in personal growth. Also known as an advice columnist and author.

In order to celebrate what makes her special, I’ll be researching some aspects of aura that may be new to you.

Specifically, some new chakra databanks.

(What if you don’t know what these are yet? Or you’d just like to upgrade your knowledge? Consider clicking on that previous link. Perhaps one of the cooler resources about chakra databanks available on the Internet.)

None of the chakra databanks I’ll be reading today are new to me. But I don’t think I’ve read most of them for you yet, Blog-Buddies.

So prepare for a treat.

First of all, though, how about…

Introducing Heather Havrilesky

Definitely a standout among advice columnists in America! She writes for NY Magazine.

In addition, she’s published “How to Be a Person in the World,”

Considering that her nomination at our Cool Contest won this aura reading prize, ha! Let’s hear from EMILY T. Why is Heather Havrilesky “cool”?

“As a public figure she answers advice columns and has written a book of unpublished columns.

“Her answers always seem to me to be very generous in the amount of time and thought that has gone into crafting them and into seeing the person who has written in as an individual as well as a someone facing universal human questions of love, loss and dysfunction.

“I am nominating her because I really like her attitude to life and to other people’s problems.

“She is ‘cool’ to me because she seems to be so much about human life. And really taking it seriously. And her columns take on an existential bent. Where she delves super deeply into the questions in such a compassionate way. I also follow her on Twitter.  And I like how straightforward and unashamedly earnest and true to herself she seems to be.

“It would be really interesting to learn more about her!”

Yes, very interesting! Incidentally, you can learn more about aura reading possibilities here.

EMILY’s Cool Contest Prize

Since EMILY T requested an aura reading… That’s what she’ll get. What all of us will get. I can’t wait.

Here’s the photo I’ll use. (Intelligently chosen by EMILY in her nomination. Well done!)

Face reading-wise, Heather has got quite some philtrum. Check it out, if you’ve got a copy of “Read People Deeper.” Given that you could receive considerable education in what philtrums reveal about sex. Four categories, which you’ll find right inside the cover of the book.

Cool Heather Havrilesky #1

Root Chakra Databank for Handling Adult Responsibilities

Symbolic Size

27 feet.


Wow! A strong Divine presence is within this chakra databank of Heather’s. Lighting up the value of:

  • Human choice
  • Individual experience
  • And all facets of human existence. Each one being so relevant to learning.

Cool Heather Havrilesky #2

Heart Chakra Databank for Emotional Curiosity

Symbolic Size

27 feet.


What’s hardwired into Heather Havrilesky’s curiosity about people? Emotionally speaking…

A high level of consciousness, maybe even Enlightenment. This illuminates her view of people.

Accordingly, each human being radiates specialness. Deserving dignity, respect, and clarity about how to live.

Yes, at this rate, I may supplement this aura reading with my Enlightenment Validation procedure. We’ll see.

Cool Heather Havrilesky #3

High Heart Chakra Databank for Guiding Moral Principle

Symbolic Size

27 feet


“Every person matters.”

Most noteworthy, no mere slogan, Heather Havrilesky lives this. Seems to me.

Neither sentimentality nor showing off. I’d have to say, I find no ulterior motive whatsoever.

Rather, Heather Havrilesky’s set up to live this moral principle. And she does. Since no STUFF obstructs her moral clarity.

Blog-Buddies, it could be worth it to you, learning how to read auras. Just to luxuriate in this chakra databank of Heather’s.

Cool Heather Havrilesky #4

Throat Chakra Databank for Communication During Conflict

Symbolic Size

27 feet


Evidently, Heather Havrilesky doesn’t mind conflict as much as most of us do. Instead, she finds rich potential for personal growth. And she’s got the verbal chops to convey truth without worsening conflict.

Cool Heather Havrilesky #5

Third Eye Chakra Databank for Living with Honor

Symbolic Size

27 feet


A powerful Divine blessing pervades this chakra databank. And by “Divine,” in Heather’s case, I mean “The Divine Feminine.”

Perhaps “living with honor” might seem like a chore to you sometimes. Not to Heather Havrilesky.

Not by a long shot.

In Conclusion

Heather Havrilesky isn’t just my favorite advice columnist. Already bookmarked in advance of today’s post!

I’ve just finished checking her out for my Enlightenment Life List. And she passes with flying rainbows and gold!

How thrilling that someone this evolved and wise… can influence the world through her advice column. 🙂

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  1. 1
    Isabella C. says:

    Wow! ? Right off the bat, I was very glad you chose this nominee. And then the article content did not disappoint.

    I’ve been curious about the consciousness of different advice columnists. I gave a lot of advice growing up. ? However, being an advice columnist does not sound like a fun job to me. At all.

  2. 2
    Isabella C. says:

    It makes sense, reading about Havrilesky’s “Guiding Moral Principle,” why she would be so much more well suited to being an advice columnist than me, with my principle. I’m sure there are other reasons ?, but that hits it home!

    Thanks for the reading, Rose! And for the nomination, Emily.

  3. 3
    Sophie G. says:

    Yes, thanks for the reading, Rose and the nomination, Emily!

    I really really like Heather Havrilesky’s NY Magazine column.

    Well described by both Emily and Rose.

  4. 4
    Explorer says:

    I really enjoyed reading about these new (to me) chakra databanks and getting to know Heather Havrilesky through this post.

    Thank you Rose and Emily! I didn’t know her before.

  5. 5
    Explorer says:

    She does seem pretty cool and full of delight in her humanness.

    Even just reading about someone in Enlightenment in this capacity gives me hope. Especially if it’s a public figure potentially reaching to many.

  6. 6
    Kylie says:

    Thanks for this reading Rose, and thanks Emily for suggesting her.

    I never read advice columns, but I really enjoyed reading this interview with her, I’m going to start reading her column.

  7. 7
    Kylie says:

    There are so many things she says in that interview that I’d like to highlight–but this paragraph I especially relate to:

    “we are not a culture that knows how to instruct people how to enjoy themselves.

  8. 8
    Kylie says:

    “My main focus as a parent has become to learn how to tolerate hard work not for a goal, but to tolerate and even savor the act of working hard. But also learn how to savor the moment. Notice how hard work makes you savor the time after hard work a lot. Let’s all notice that when we’re on vacation, we’re enjoying each other company right now. We’re not just waiting for the next thing to happen.”

    Wise woman!

  9. 9
    Emily T says:

    Yay thank you Rose. Wow!

    It’s so great that she is doing so well and is even in enlightenment.

    I really loved reading about these chakra databanks in particular as well!

  10. 10
    Lindsey says:

    Wow, what a lovely person! Thank you for sharing! She IS very COOL! ?

  11. 11
    Leo says:

    I burned a couple of great hours reading her many interesting columns.

    DEFINITELY see how she’s deeply interested in people and their idiosyncrasies and uniquenesses. Great nomination Emily T!

  12. 12
    Julie says:

    Such an admirable person and role model for this Age of Awakening.

    Moral clarity, “Every person matters”, and handling adult responsibilities being just a few things that seem so important right now.

    For those aspiring to leadership, and to those just…aspiring.

  13. 13
    KayCee says:

    Cool way to start the day!

    1) Learning about Heather Havrilesky whose qualities and ability to impact are cause for celebration.

    2) Rose’s research intro to chakra databanks that satisfies much of my curiosity about a nominee for cool.

    3) Future new reading material.

    Thank you to everyone. These are treats!

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