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Aura Reading Rev. Billy Graham

Aura Reading Rev. Billy Graham

Aura Reading Rev. Billy Graham. Now that he’ has passed away, let’s consider his legacy. Aura-type legacy.

Aura Reading Rev. Billy Graham. He’s just passed away at age 99. Undisputably leaving a great evangelical legacy.

But another aspect of legacy is this: What was the person’s aura like?

How did the spiritual truth of that person show? In human ways. And as a World Server.

Let’s honor him today with a search for truth. Apart from his brilliant public speaking, what happened to him humanly?

Because auras do show the truth of what happens to a person. Truth AND consequences. All hidden deep inside. Accessible through energetic literacy. If we care to look.

Out of respect, let’s read his aura during his glory days. The greatest of his glory days, in terms of fame and political influence. Such as this photo from 1966.

Incidentally, today’s aura reading is related to a previous post. Concerning Billy Graham’s last sermon. Click here to learn about the extraordinary title of that sermon.  And more.

Aura Reading Rev. Billy Graham

Root Chakra for Connecting to Physical Reality

Chakra Databank Gift of Billy Graham’s Soul

Playful, sensuous, fun-loving. Capable of minor mischief, a big experimenter, physically bold and adventurous.

Size and quality of the Chakra Databank at the time of this photo

4 inches. Rigid in texture. Life on earth is a kind of test, a rigid, unforgiving system of justice where there is sin and ugliness and perdition. Or there are little glimmers of salvation.

Rectitude and focus dominate Billy Graham’s belief system. Even touching something physical like his shoelaces. Or eating a slice of pie.

No longer does that mean connecting to physical reality. Not for this 100% committed preacher. Instead, he is ever vigilant. Careful, not to  be tricked by physical reality into allowing evil to ruin him.

Undoubtedly this Fundamentalist kind of discipline has inspired others. (Although not necessarily you or me.)

Aura Reading Rev. Billy Graham

Belly Chakra Databank for Flow of Energy while Preaching

Blog-Buddies, you probably don’t have this chakra databank. I sure don’t.

As you may know, many of your hundreds of chakra databanks are “Optional.” Related to how you use free will. Plus your lifestyle, your values. And how you spend your time. By the time of this photo, Billy Graham was no mere hobbyist preacher. So he had chakra databanks like this one.

Chakra Databank Gift of Billy Graham’s Soul

Power-based. Relating comfortably to his own power.

Fascinated by the aspect of God as all powerful. Co-creating with God, through his personal energy. Aiming to bring Divine power to convert and maintain Christian loyalty.

Size and quality of the Chakra Databank at the time of this photo

50 feet. During any moments of feeling self-conscious or overwhelmed by all the human attention, what happens? Seems to me that Billy Graham concentrates on images and feelings of being part of Divine power.

Evidently, he motivates himself through fighting Satan. And fearing diabolical power. Basically, involving himself in a life-or-death struggle over souls.

Consequently, he would heroically use every particle of his energy to “thwart the Devil.”

Aura Reading Rev. Billy Graham

Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for Using Power in Personal Relationships

Even though this aura photo shows Billy Graham in his professional role, of course! Every chakra databank is an open book. When you have Stage Three Energetic Literacy.

That includes chakra databanks about one’s personal life. And, yes, I do believe it is fair to read such chakra databanks in a public figure. Sampling Billy Graham’s auric modeling.

Whether or not what I find is pretty? Besides the point.

Because the point is describing the subliminal package that Billy Graham’s followers revere.

Auric modeling works that way: Birds of a feather feel drawn to flock together.

Chakra Databank Gift of Billy Graham’s Soul

Kindly disposed towards others.

Fascinating, what a clear distinction is available to the preacher:

  • Between when he is officially “Doing God’s work”
  • Versus when he is being a regular man, off duty.

“Share and share alike” could be the motto of his gift for letting others get their way sometimes. While going for what he wants other times. Being neither pushy nor weak with the people he loves.

That’s his potential, anyway.

Size and quality of the Chakra Databank at the time of this photo

Fills the room plus five inches.

Totally identified with his role as a superhuman interpreter of The Word. Nobody can mess with him. He is too important to God.

Behavioral translation by Rose: Billy Graham’s personal ego has grown to Jumbotron proportions. Long before the invention of Jumbotrons.

Aura Reading Rev. Billy Graham

Throat Chakra Databank for Verbal Integrity at Work

Gifts of the soul are Divine, vibrationally. They exist at the level of Higher Self.

By contrast, chakra databank size and quality are astral in nature. Corresponding to the subconscious mind.

Depending on STUFF in an aura. Also, given how a person positions consciousness, uses time, etc. Altogether, Rev. Graham could have developed  huge gaps. Between what he tried to be. Versus what shows in his auric modeling. Therefore, I’m very curious about what comes next….

Chakra Databank Gift of Billy Graham’s Soul

Intensely curious about what is true. Notices nuance.

Notices layers to life. Including fine points about how people communicate.

Caring about integrity but also compassionate about people’s shortcomings with speaking the truth.

Size and quality of the Chakra Databank at the time of this photo

14 inches. Unquestioning allegiance to dogma. Zero interested in nuance. Nor caring about people’s “excuses.” Since…

“What people say is either right or wrong, virtuous or sinful.”

By this time in his career, Billy Graham cannot question his own truthfulness or examine his life. Self-inquiry has been replaced by faith. Specifically, a version of religious faith varnished with perpetual certainty.

Bill Graham feels as though any inquiry would mean doubt. Bringing a terrible religious weakness. The only sure remedy against doubt of any kind is to defy Satan. And then turn towards the Lord. Self-inquiry could set him up to be tricked.

Note: I’m not an expert on Fundamentalist theology or Graham’s beliefs in particular. His active theological teachings and advice for believers might have been quite different. This is more what has formed the evangelist. What is going on subconsciously and energetically.

Aura Reading Rev. Billy Graham

Throat Chakra Databank for Communicating at Work

One reason I love to read chakra databanks, Blog-Buddies?

They provide so much more nuance than glopping together all emotional and spiritual and behavioral patterning. Energetically, a sort of reduction to the absurd.

Sadly, this is sanctioned by much energy work. It’s just Stage One Energetic Literacy. While everyone can develop Stage Three Energetic Literacy. It’s just a skill.

But a “mere” skill that brings better results. Is more accurate. And can be more helpful for finding true causes of distress. Especially relevant if you work in any mind-body-spirit modality.

Chakra Databank Gift of Billy Graham’s Soul

A rare, and magnificent, degree of purity for remembering: how to connect to the God of his understanding.

Size and quality of the Chakra Databank at the time of this photo

Fills the room. Shakes like lightning, dazzles like thunder. Immense power reaches even people who are spiritually sleeping. Or frightened of noticing any non-human frequencies — living in spiritual shutdown. Unimaginative. Stuck in misery. Confused.

This is an energy so full of power. Being in the room with Billy Graham, what might you feel?

  • As though you are lifted up… almost physically
  • Then slammed down in your seat
  • Next, put through the spin cycle in a cosmic washing machine
  • Following that, tossing you around in the dryer
  • And finally depositing in a closet, perfectly permanent-pressed.

As it were.

Nothing subtle here. Yet so perfect for Billy Graham’s flock.

Aura Reading Rev. Billy Graham

Third Eye Chakra Databank for Connection to Spiritual Source

Knowledge is different in different states of consciousness. So is a person’s version of God.

To understand this in practical, human terms, I can’t over-praise the nonfiction book, America’s Four Gods.

Chakra Databank Gift of Billy Graham’s Soul

A rare, and magnificent, degree of purity for remembering how to connect to the God of his understanding.

Size and quality of the Chakra Databank at the time of this photo

Out to deep space, trillions of miles. Connected with, loving, and honoring a God of power and might.

Pure alignment. No sense of personal ego, except for getting out of the way humanly.

Aura Reading Rev. Billy Graham

Third Eye Chakra Databank for Connection to Ascended Master Jesus

Every Ascended Master and Archangel has a distinctive form, personality, and vibrational specialty.

Much as, at the human level, everyone in Age of Awakening Enlightenment… Shares certain characteristics with others in Enlightenment. Yet the individuality remains, outwardly, stronger than ever.

Chakra Databank Gift of Billy Graham’s Soul

Ability to understand softness and sweetness. A gift perhaps refined by a very loving relationship with his own mother in the early years of this lifetime. (Seems to me, traces of this show in the chakra databank.)

Size and quality of the Chakra Databank at the time of this photo

8 feet. Very stuck in his growth regarding this potential relationship. Quite rigid. Verging on legalistic.

The Reverend lays definite expectations onto Jesus. Flavored by Billy Graham’s certainty that he, “Knows all about it.”

Evidently the power of Billy Graham’s ministry is about his relationship with the impersonal aspect of God, formless and omnipotent.

If you followed the sermons, or read books by, Pastor Graham, wouldn’t there be a lot of reference to Jesus?

Common sense tells me so. And further personal disclaimer: I have read nothing by Graham. Zero. Zilch. Nada. I’m just reading the man’s aura here and now. From a photo.

Consider, Blog-Buddies. What a person champions consciously may bear scant resemblance to the dynamics — and truth — at the level of chakra databanks.

Which is why this blog often refers to the theme of becoming a smart Post-New-Age consumer. Equal opportunity is available to become a smart Catholic consumer. Or become a smart Muslim consumer. Perhaps become a smart Evangelical Christian consumer, etc.

Aura Reading Rev. Billy Graham

High Heart Chakra Databank for Expressing His Human Soul (Soul Thrill)

Chakra Databank Gift of Billy Graham’s Soul

Billy Graham knows when he makes a good choice in life: Doing what thrills his soul. He’s got a way of relaxing all over physically. While feeling strong.

Self-authority about his human life speaks to him how? Especially strongly through physical sensations.

Size and quality of the Chakra Databank at the time of this photo

6 inches. Billy Graham loves receiving the attention from his follows. At the same time, he cares enormously about stepping out of the way. And not falling into a trap of taking personal credit for his ministry.

At his current level of consciousness, at the time of the photograph, sigh! Billy Graham’s still stuck. Feeling what he feels at his current level of spiritual evolution. While fighting this on principle. Ironically, he moves into spiritual shutdown.

Not a bad workaround, under the circumstances, actually.

Technical Bits and Pieces

Want background on my system of Aura Reading Through All Your Senses ®. There’s always the how-to book with a similar name.

Stellar auric modeling is the bottom line for somebody famous, along with having very good karma for fame.

Interested in just watching Billy Graham preaching? Hmmm, might I be able to find you some Billy Graham YouTube videos?

Sorry, I haven’t watched all of the 1,060,000 Billy Graham YouTube videos available today. But you might enjoy them. Blog-Buddies, you might even enjoy reporting back in our Comment boxes below.

YouTube videos aside, I applaud this renowned exponent of a very popular religious path of personal development. Billy Graham had It, back in the day.

Which version of God did he love? To me that’s the interesting question that depth aura reading has helped us to explore today.

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  1. 1
    Emily T says:

    Wow, reading this aura reading gives me more understanding as to why I find it even hard to look at his picture!

    His sense of rigidity and near exclusive focus on the power of god is so different to my understanding.

    I will be reading the book you mentioned. Thanks Rose!

  2. 2
    KayCee says:

    I was close to the edge of my seat for this reading, talk about being interested! The chakra databanks selected, and what you explained throughout, Rose, really helps me understand how these learned skills can be best applied.

    The reading is quite wow and yet I’m not surprised by it. If I may, I’ll simply echo Emily T’s comment above. 🙂

  3. 3
    KayCee says:

    Never have I had any desire to know more about the preaching or teaching of Billy Graham. Zero interest in all those videos.

    But this leads me to wonder. While learning to read auras and do skilled empath merges, is it always better to avoid subjects that are.. unappealing? (For lack of a better word, I mean no disrespect to anyone.)

  4. 4

    Aw, KAYCEE, excellent question.

    For starters, everyone has people who seem unappealing. We just don’t like them, for whatever reason.

    This is human. Even people in Enlightenment have likes and dislikes, I assure you.

  5. 5

    Reading auras, it’s wise to choose inspiring subjects relatively early on.

    At first, you’re reading people live. And can just go by which people you like, who are willing to be explored.

    Later, you can learn to read auras from photos. Using my Enlightenment Life List, for instance, can be an excellent source of photos. Nearly everybody on that list has a photo link.

  6. 6

    Obviously, this suggestion assumes that you’ve got full Stage Three Energetic Literacy. Which means, for instance, taking my Aura Reading Online Workshops through 102.

    You can be sure that when you can read auras from photos, you have a great deal more freedom of choice for subjects. And I coach you quite diligently, clarifying along the way which people are better to research than others.

  7. 7
    Louise says:

    I had read somewhere that as Billy Graham aged in the last several years he had become less rigid and legalistic and more mellow and had regretted some of his stances.

  8. 8
    KayCee says:

    Thank you, Rose. It’s nice to learn that being in enlightment is quite different than how it’s been portrayed by some.

    My own idea of it was pretty close at times.

  9. 9
    KayCee says:

    You’re reminding me to become more clear about which skills are used and when. Easy to sort of skip off and forget that in-depth aura readings are different from basic skills learned so far in Energy Healing series and Epath Empowerment series.

    Lots to learn!

  10. 10
    Liane says:

    Watching Billy Graham on tv is part of my childhood memories.

    It’s interesting to me that my parents didn’t much care for him. He wasn’t zealous enough! Not enough fire and brimstone. Yikes.

  11. 11
    Liane says:

    This was a beautiful reading as far as the gifts of Billy Graham’s soul. If only he had been able to tap into those gifts, he would have been a completely different human being.

    He seemed hell bent on his path of faith.

  12. 12
    Liane says:

    Perhaps the sixties wasn’t the time for him to feel comfortable enough to live out the gifts of his soul.

    He seemed compelled to create order in a time when order was the opposite of what was happening to our country. (order by his standards and influence) A bit chilling.

  13. 13
    Valerie says:

    This was fascinating Rose. I love how you describe the distinction between Gifts of the soul which are Divine and exist at the level of the Higher Self, and how the chakra databank size and quality are astral in nature, corresponding to the subconscious mind.

    So interesting!!

    This really makes sense to me based upon my own sessions with you and aura readings I’ve done on others. I never before thought about the quality of the difference between the two.

  14. 14
    Valerie says:

    I also found interesting his “unquestioning allegiance to dogma” – unable to question his truthfulness or examine his own life.

    To me this would be like a torture chamber!! How difficult it must be to live this way.

  15. 15

    Yes, VALERIE. For you or me, it would feel like torture to live with unquestioning allegiance to dogma. Difficult and painful.

    But consider, to millions of Evangelical Christians it doesn’t feel like torture at all. Quite the opposite. it feels like safety.

  16. 16

    Looking back over all the wonderful comments submitted here at this post, I’m struck by one from you, LOUISE. Comment #7.

    Really, became less restrictive and vigilant about his spiritual safety? I’m skeptical. Given his final sermon at age 95, “I’ve Wept as I’ve Seen How Far People Have Wandered From God.”

  17. 17
    Leo says:

    I found it inspiring that, despite considerable stuckness, Billy Graham did have a strong and pure connection to the divine.

    You never know what you’re going to find until you use aura reading skills to find out!

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