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Gary Oldman Aura Reading Movie Review

Gary Oldman Aura Reading Movie Review

Gary Oldman Aura Reading Movie Review shows such brilliance. Check out the details!

Gary Oldman Aura Reading Movie Review. Since the acclaimed actor won raves for his portrayal of Winston Churchill in “Darkest Hour”! Inquiring minds who read auras want to know.

Performing, how much did he change? Noteworthy performance around here require something really, really hard to do. Changing all the way down to the actor’s deep astral energies and subconscious mind?

The Nominated Role

First of all, the movie is “Darkest Hour.” Here’s the trailer.

While portraying Sir Winston Churchill, Gary Oldman plays one of my heroes. Also one of yours?

Interestingly, the movie chooses to dramatize the British prime minister while newly elected.

  • Partly Churchill’s driven to rallying his nation. Fighting a ferocious enemy.
  • Yet he’s also driven to appeasement: Bowing to pressure to placate Hitler. Of course, history buffs will recognize the period…. During the early days of World War II.

Incidentally, fans of “The Crown” may remember John Lithgow’s performance as Churchill. Do any of you Blog-Buddies remember that amazing, Emmy-winning portrayal? I sure do. Simply loved it.

Nuts & Bolts

New to aura reading movie reviews? Here’s some good backstory about aura reading. Noteworthy: to me this is a form of energetic literacy, that’s all! Quite different from what you’ve probably encountered so far about auras.

But, if you’re spiritually minded, you might also want to know this optional aspect: What makes aura reading “spiritual.” (In addition, this link explains how I do aura reading movie reviews.)

When taking a stately tour through different aura parts, let’s compare one chakra databank at a time. Within Gary Oldman’s aura. Afterwards we’ll explore something delicious. How many Aura Change Points does he win?

Surprising or not, vivid performances don’t necessarily include changing the actor’s energies deeply. Maybe he’ll score well here. Maybe he won’t.

Gary Oldman Aura. Root Chakra Databank for Distinguishing Objective Reality from Subjective Reality

Technically, this will be a first-time researched chakra databank. Why chose it to research in this blog post? Because strong political leadership requires doing well in this chakra databank.

Also, I’m curious about how differently the actor might handle this difference, subconsciously. Especially interesting, the possible contrast!

As Winston

80 feet. Somewhat over-functioning.

Amazingly, Winston can focus in to a degree of detail that few people attain. Yet he also can zoom out to see a larger picture than others notice.

And all of this, while sorting out which aspects are about what really happens in objective reality. Versus how people react with feelings and theories.

Quite a stunning talent, fully optimized!

As Gary

4 inches. Close to shut-down.

Significantly ensconced in his inner world of subjective fascination.

Quite dismissive, personally, of objective reality. Unless it’s attached to his art, his acting.

Aura Change Points

1 extraordinary, magnificent point.

Gary Oldman Aura. Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for Using Power

As Winston

A thousand miles. Magnificently over-functioning, under the circumstances.

Evidently this version of Winston Churchill is a fearless user of power. Not only comfortable with wielding power. Beyond that, enjoying the thrill of it as a high-stakes game.

As Gary

28 feet. Astoundingly, finally a chakra databank within normal range!

Seems understandable to me, Gary Oldman has quite an ego trip going. He likes using his power to get what he wants. Since he feels he deserves that by now.

Understandable egoism — not disgusting, as with some super-famous folk. Understandable given that Oldman is a highly-esteemed actor. In a highly competitive business.

Aura Change Points

1 powerfully earned aura change point.

Gary Oldman Aura. Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for Sharing Power

As Winston

28 feet.

Apparently he puts on his manners for such occasions. Acting polite enough. Talking the talk.

Yet inwardly disgusted. Since he feels he could do a better job than anyone else.

(Might be right about that, too.)

As Gary

5 inches. Quite close to shut down.

Might the word “loathing” be too strong? I don’t think so.

Seems to me, the great Gary Oldman doesn’t like taking direction. Not even from directors. And even a hint that he might not be the one in charge of his performance? Ugh, almost enough to bring on a case of hives.

Aura Change Points

1 point. But that’s just because 1 is the highest score possible for these Aura Reading Movie Reviews.

Gary Oldman Aura. Root Chakra Databank for Emotional Self-Awareness

As Winston

1 foot. Habitually under-functioning.

Seems as though the art of denying emotions lives in this version of Winston Churchill. Almost making it like an Olympic sport.

As in: Feeling just about nothing emotionally. Caring less. And particularly admiring tough guys who likewise can divest themselves of that “terrible weakness,” human emotions.

As Gary

Out to the moon. Exquisitely over-functioning.

Apparently Gary Oldman is in love with having emotions. He relishes the variety. Also the nuance. Because, as an actor, he is an artist through and through. And artists paint with their feelings.

Aura Change Points

1 more Aura Change Point, given with awe.

Gary Oldman Aura. Throat Chakra Databank for Communication to Gain Respect

As Winston

Out to the moon. Comfortingly over-functioning, given his job in the movie. (Not role. Job.)

Divine eloquence is available. On demand.

Actually, a soul-stirring eloquence.

As Gary

4 inches. For now. It’s expandable for “filling the room.” And then some.

Huge power in reserve — Gary Oldman’s got that. Ordinarily he doesn’t need to push. Because he can release persuasiveness and eloquence… Like a real-life superhero.

If only superhero admirers cared about things like eloquence. (This admirer sure does.)

Aura Change Points

1 more absolutely amazing Aura Change Point.

In Conclusion

Aura Change Points are 5 out of 5.

Without a doubt, this is the best performance I’ve researched all year.

Particularly impressive? Remember that Throat Chakra Databank for Communication to Gain Respect?

To bring that degree of eloquence, specialized eloquence verging on genius!

Quirky man, that Gary Oldman. I say, celebrate all his quirks. He’s earned the right to them.

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  1. 1
    Jnana says:

    Wow, am I impressed with the databank changes.

    Did not even know about this movie. Can’t wait to watch it.

  2. 2
    Gillian says:

    What an interesting reading. I think I have missed this film (isn’t playing anymore at any local cinemas), but I wish I’d seen it now.

    Must admit, I was ambivalent about seeing it.

  3. 3
    Gillian says:

    I’d read some reviews commenting on the stark contrast between Churchill’s brave leadership and the terrible quality of our current political leaders!

    So it would be worth seeing for that reason, to have a reminder of what good leadership is like.

  4. 4
    Gillian says:

    On the other hand, frankly I don’t feel that the constant narrative of “we won the war” that surfaces so often in the media over here serves us very well in the modern age!

    (But that’s got nothing to do with Gary Oldman’s performance as actor here :-)).

  5. 5
    Liane says:

    If only the powers that be would give awards based on RES aura readings.

    This is my favorite. ‘Huge power in reserve — Gary Oldman’s got that. Ordinarily he doesn’t need to push. Because he can release persuasiveness and eloquence… Like a real-life superhero.’

  6. 6
    Liane says:

    Wow. Such skill and talent, used to gain the respect he deserves.

    I won’t be watching the Acadaemy Awards, but I will, at some point, see this movie.

  7. 7

    Thanks so much for your comments, JNANA, LIANE, and GILLIAN.

    GILLIAN, indirectly you touched on something worth thinking about. Ideas important to me, as the author of “The New Strong.”

    Churchill’s leadership, and all the outward chaos of WW2, made heroism obvious in human terms.

    But today, worldwide, we’re suffering through an equally — though very different — harsh transition. Helping to birth The Age of Awakening. True, many official political leaders are really a mess. Doing a job that reflects the chaotic consciousness in the majority of people who live in their nation.

  8. 8

    But I believe people like you are the real leaders today. Leaders in consciousness. Leading through your auric modeling. Leading because you live The New Strong.

    Living as someone who is NOT in spiritual addiction. Or spiritual shutdown. Or substance addiction. Or living in a cult.

    Living with human decency. Making one brave, everyday choice at a time. Moving towards Enlightenment to help light up our world. Or continuing to evolve spiritually even after we cross the threshold into Enlightenment.

  9. 9

    Brave GILLIAN and other Blog-Buddies, never fear that you can’t help your country and world… to survive our current mess.

    You DO help. You help far more than you know. Or you need to know (in order to help).

  10. 10

    This morning I’ve been writing articles for the upcoming book page for my new book. Plus supporting articles to release in weeks to come right here at the blog.

    I can leak this much about my new book:

    It’s my memoir, up to age 23. Altogether it has many themes written into it. (After all, it’s been greatly modified since I began writing it in 2010!) But one of the central facts of the book is how I revisited my own Planning Meeting, at age five.

  11. 11

    Details about my Life Contract are shared… expressly to inspire you and others. Because when you read the relevant chapters in that memoir, it may well stir your own deep memory.

    Did you know? From time to time, entire groups of souls incarnate on earth with a very specific purpose: to advance humanity’s collective consciousness.

  12. 12

    For instance, I’ve done a session of Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis® where my client moved out loads of large-intensity frozen blocks. From a lifetime where “Gladys” worked in a sweatshop, with sweat pouring down her face because her boss wouldn’t pay for a fan.

    She organized a strike. And dedicated the rest of a hard life trying to help empower women politically.

  13. 13

    When I guided Gladys through her Life Review from that incarnation, she and I learned something fascinating. She had been on a kind of project. I’ll call it the “Women’s Rights Project.”

    Whereby Gladys was one of a large group of souls who incarnated in America, long before women had the right to vote. Isolated from each other, and not consciously knowing their role in this important spiritual project, what happened anyway? As human beings they gave their lives to the cause of shifting collective consciousness towards better treatment of women.

  14. 14

    GILLIAN, seems to me, we’re in one of those periods now. Where an even greater number of souls came, from all over the universe. Souls who wouldn’t necessarily bother incarnating again on earth. Except this time was an exception.

    Because the stakes are so high. This is Planet Earth’s time of spiritual awakening. Many of us came into this life to be the unsung heroes — and heroes not seeking praise, either — because the need would be so great. And the potential for human life is so dazzling.

  15. 15
    Gillian says:

    Oh wow, Rose! That is so moving. So wonderful to read 🙂

  16. 16
    Liane Sewell says:

    Looking forward to your new book!

    Comments 7-14 are food for my soul.

  17. 17
    Lilian says:

    Wowee! I love story time.

  18. 18
    Jean says:

    Wonderful to hear about your new book Rose. Very much looking forward to reading it!

  19. 19
    Jean says:

    I would also like to highlight all else you spoke of in your comments 7 through14.
    Thank you…. for saying all you said!

  20. 20
    Julie says:

    It is stirring to read these comments, Rose, and to see such obvious change happening in collective consciousness on so many matters.

    For me, I’m really excited to see so many people finding a voice, and willing to take a stand and express when something is unjust.

  21. 21
    Julie says:

    It brings to mind, as one example, Aly Raisman, the gymnast who spoke out so blisteringly against the doctor who had abused her and other gymnasts.

    And called for a close examination of how such a thing could have happened, and how it could be corrected so it doesn’t happen in the future.

  22. 22
    Julie says:

    Just one example of change happening before our eyes.

  23. 23
    Julie says:

    It isn’t a leap to imagine that I might have had at least one lifetime like that.

    Of commitment to a cause. And maybe the events weren’t positive, but the knowledge of doing something important, something “right” was the sustainer.

  24. 24
    Julie says:

    And seeing change happen as a result. Being a part of the process.

  25. 25
    Explorer says:

    oh, wow…I’m SO excited about your new book! Even just reading your comments teared me up and gave me a sense of strength on a difficult day.

    “Because when you read the relevant chapters in that memoir, it may well stir your own deep memory.” Yes, yes indeed!

    I LOVE your stories, and can already tell this will be my favorite treat on my book shelve.

  26. 26
    Emily T says:

    Wow he is so talented.

    I hadn’t heard of the movie before and if I had I doubt I would have seen it. It’s now on my list of things to see this year!

  27. 27
    Lilian says:

    Thanks for your comments again rose. Wanted to wait a sec before spamming. I haven t done a life contract hypnosis session. But my sense of what I wanted to do with my career at least is very strong. Doing science for “good”. Which currently means working in drug discovery. 5:1 male to female ratio…

  28. 28
    Lilian says:

    i ve taken plenty of risks because of this. So it’ll be interesting to find out how much this is an official life contract someday… or it may just be me being me.

  29. 29
    Julie says:

    I do think the character’s databank about distinguishing between objective and subjective reality is pretty cool.

    That ability to zoom in and see the details, or zoom out and see the big picture.

  30. 30
    Julie says:

    My “zoom in” on objective reality gets stronger when I have an eye toward bettering my environment.

    Cleaning, bringing order to the environment, noticing what is in good working order and what isn’t.

  31. 31
    Julie says:

    Replacing what doesn’t work. Selling what I no longer want.

    And noticing the general appearance of what I own…car, belongings, clothes.

    That strengthens my objective reality.

  32. 32
    Julie says:

    I am curious too about how other people relate to objective reality and what, for them, strengthens it.

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