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Richard Jenkins Aura Reading Movie Review

Richard Jenkins Aura Reading Movie Review

Richard Jenkins Aura Reading Movie Review. After 40 years making movies, is this performance his crowning glory?

Richard Jenkins Aura Reading Review. Last but not least, ta da! Our final movie critique for 2018.

As usual, it’s based on energetic literacy research.

  • Comparing this highly regarded actor’s aura as himself, the ACTOR.
  • Versus Jenkins’s aura, while giving his Oscar-nominated performance in “The Shape of Water.”

Why Choose Richard Jenkins?

Mainly because of a comment at my main post about Aura Reading Movie Reviews in 2018. Where ETHAN requested that I research Jenkins’s performance in “The Shape of Water.” Noting how a critic wrote that:

“Richard Jenkins gives an absolutely magnificent performance as Giles. Elisa’s friend and next door neighbor. Giles is at once both pathetic and defiant. Ferocious and forlorn. Jenkins is a consistently fantastic actor. And his work as Giles is a testament to his extraordinary talent, skill and commitment to craft.”

What’s not to like about that!

For more background about the 70-year-old actor, here’s an interview from “Fresh Air.”

About the Nominated Role

First of all, the movie is “The Shape of Water.” Here’s the trailer.

Maybe you know, I’ve already done an Aura Reading Movie Review of his leading lady. Sally Hawkins didn’t do too well at scoring Aura Change Points. However, melodrama sells. And sometimes along with nude scenes.

Accordingly, her shallow performance quality energetically didn’t matter. Not to the fans who adored her performance in that role.

Especially because Hawkins did so badly, aura-wise, I’m curious to use energetic literacy on Jenkins’s performance.

Concerning the role, Richard Jenkins plays Giles. He’s a closeted gay artist. Trying to bury his loneliness. Partly through his love of old movies. Otherwise through friendship with his neighbor.

Nuts & Bolts

Perhaps you’re new to aura reading movie reviews. Begin here with some good backstory about aura reading. Noteworthy: to me this is a form of energetic literacy, that’s all! Really, literacy. But about energy, rather than words.

However, if you’re spiritually minded, you might also want to know this: What makes aura reading “spiritual.”  Incidentally, this link takes you to an explanation of how I do these Aura Reading Movie Reviews.

Intrigued, I’ll research different aura parts. Called chakra databanks. Thus I’ll compare one chakra databank at a time, within Richard Jenkins’s aura. Both in the nominated role and as the actor playing himself.

Here’s the photo I’ll use to research the actor’s role as Giles.

While here’s a photo of Richard Jenkins playing himself.

Richard Jenkins Aura. Root Chakra Databank for Physical Self-Awareness

As Giles

2 inches. Definitely under-functioning.

This character holds himself together tightly. Maybe aiming to control himself. Certainly, he tries really hard not to notice his physical body. Or sheer physicality.

As Richard

20 feet. Glad to say, this lies in normal range.

Bland self-awareness. Neither especially interesting nor nuanced. More like someone who pays a decent amount of attention to his feelings. Somewhat.

Aura Change Points

1/2 point. Richard Jenkins’s acting job here disappoints me considerably.

The character’s chakra databank does change. But in a one-note way. As though the actor can’t wring more color out of life than what’s in a 10-color pack of Crayola crayons.

Actually, on my desk, I have a set of 108 Crayola crayons. And I can assure you, most people have a great deal more nuance to their emotional lives than “Blue.”

Richard Jenkins Aura. Belly Chakra Databank for Sexual Self-Esteem

As Giles

1/8 inch. Totally shut down, as shut down as a chakra databank can be. Although most of you readers know that this: Chakra databanks can always bounce right back. Since they’re constantly changing.

How wormy-squirmy he feels about his sexuality! Totally consistent with the anguish of being both gay and closeted.

As Richard

4 feet. Although under-functioning, at least not totally closed down.

Again I’m struck by the one-note quality of Richard Jenkins’s own aura. How bland it is, as if he’s only partially there.

Aura Change Points

1/2 point. Despite bringing us a different character’s chakra databank, ouch! The actor presents such over-simplified, half-alive portrayals. Unimpressive at aura level, to me, at least!

Richard Jenkins Aura. Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for Using My Power

As Giles

1/4 inch. Nearly as shut down as the last of his chakra databanks I’ve read for you previously.

Self-doubt is the name of this game. A joyless inner game, to be sure.

As Richard

2 feet. Quite close to shut down.

Blandly powerless, it seems that Richard Jenkins gets by through acting “nice.” No significant human depth to how he goes after what he wants. Instead, joylessly, he goes through the motions.

Aura Change Points

1/2 point. Since there is character change, yet so little depth to either chakra databank.

Granted, I’m becoming quite concerned about this actor. Usually people who are inwardly this half-alive… don’t star in movies. Terribly sad, the picture of him that’s emerging!

Richard Jenkins Aura. Heart Chakra Databank for Emotional Self-Awareness

As Giles

45 feet. Slightly over-functioning, given what’s normal for this guy. (At the time of the photo. Even “normal” range for chakra databanks will vary for any person. Different days. Even different hours.)

Giles is very, hugely, enormously interested in his inner life. Emotionally fussy, you might say.

As Richard

35 feet.

Very similar to the character being portrayed.

Aura Change Points

0 chakra change points. When an actor has so little to give, emotionally, what’s left? Literally, going through the motions.

Sadly, for Aura Reading Movie Reviews, that’s not nearly enough to count as great acting. Not even good acting.

Richard Jenkins Aura. Throat Chakra Databank for Verbal Integrity

As Giles

4 inches. Also close to shutdown.

Tightly controlled. Leaving himself little room to reveal his feelings or thoughts. Or who he really is as a person. In short, it’s as though this sexually closeted man lives as though also humanly closeted.

As Richard

4 feet. Definitely small.

The actor once had some chops and a keen verbal integrity. Given that traces of this still show in this chakra databank.

Unfortunately, what does he have now? Persistence. Where, with all respect, it doesn’t seem to me that he’s capable of achieving much as an actor.

Aura Change Points

1/4 point. Because the degree of change brought about in this performance is minuscule.

In Conclusion

Of all the Aura Reading Movie Reviews I’ve done for 2018, this performance is the most lackluster of all.

Aura Change Points?

1 3/4 out of 5

Look, Blog-Buddies, I don’t know what has happened to the 70-year-old actor. Has it been a health problem? The impact of a former cocaine habit? Other substance-type problems?

Anything like this is his business, not mine. But acting IS his business. By my standards, Richard Jenkins has not done well. Having consistently delivered, energetically, a one-note performance.

  • Easy to understand.
  • Comforting to relate to.
  • Maybe even ideal for projecting one’s needs onto.

Who Responds to Nuance in a Performance, Energetically?

Not everyone. You can consider yourself pretty darned aware and vibrant energetically — just because you’ve gotten this far in today’s article.

Between the estimated 45% of Americans in spiritual shutdown and the estimated 45% in spiritual shutdown… And the walking wounded (in whose ranks I would count Mr. Jenkins, at this time in his life)…

You’ve got to be pretty darned spiritually awake to be interested in an article like this one. Or to care if a performer is awake and alive and skilled enough to deliver an interesting performance energetically.

Just yesterday I facilitated an RES Energy HEALING session with a new client, Gladys. Soon as I did the Skilled Empath Merge, I was thrilled. Because here is a woman who, energetically, is soooooooooo alive.

Vibrant. Evolving rapidly. (Even if living in quite a bit of emotional pain and worldly frustration. At the time of our session.)

Gladys, I’m quite sure, would find Richard Jenkins’s performance tremendously bland. Verging on tedious.

That’s my reaction, too. And I’m sorry to have found this. Partly because I root for any actor courageous to show up onscreen. But also because he seems like a kind person, and so very stuck inwardly.

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  1. 1

    Good morning, Blog-Buddies. Besides today’s blog post, I’ve got two small bits of news to share with you.

    News #1. On Facebook I shared the aura reading of Heather Havrilesky with the influential advice columnist, author, and new member of my Enlightenment Life List.

    She read it. She liked it. She told me so. Awe!

  2. 2

    News #2. This morning I glanced at the running total of our blog comments, which is no longer visible to you Blog-Buddies but remains easy-to-see if you’re lucky enough to be the blog monitor.

    We’re getting close to 43,000. Specifically, we’re at 42,975. I wonder who’s going to write the comment that clicks us over into a new thousand….

  3. 3

    Since this is the day before the awards season ends for movies, I’m curious.

    * Are any of you planning to watch the broadcast tomorrow of the Academy Awards 2018?
    * Did you see any of the nominated moves?
    * Any favorites?

  4. 4
    Ethan says:

    Thank you Rose for this enlightening reading, and all the Oscar readings.

    I’m going to be watching this Sunday.

  5. 5
    Ethan says:

    What the critics rave about is very different than what is actually going on with Richard.

    I wonder if he thinks to himself that the critics are overly enthusiastic for his lacklustre performance?

  6. 6
    Isabella C. says:

    After I read the critic’s quote you included, especially the part, “Giles is at once both pathetic and defiant. Ferocious and forlorn,” I thought this might not be a great reading.

    I think you could use those same words to describe every performance of Richard Jenkins’ I’ve seen.

  7. 7
    Isabella says:

    I wish him well. I wonder, what is up with these “hardly there” people?

  8. 8

    Isabella, you were so right. Some folks, us included, are not (thank God) especially interested in variations on pathetic or forlorn.

  9. 9

    But what did you mean by your question in Comment #7?

    * How does an adorable baby and toddler grow into a “hardly there” person?
    * How can people not notice when, inwardly, somebody is “hardly there”?
    * How could someone who is “hardly there” choose to act in a movie? Related to ETHAN’s fine Comment #5.
    * Why would audiences not notice? Or notice and LIKE it!
    * Or what?

  10. 10
    Isabella C. says:

    All of those questions in your comment #9 are great ones! 🙂

    And what I meant to ask about it was, “Does this seem remarkable to you, like a trend?”

    It seemed like, with this years Academy Awards readings, there were many examples of “emptiness” or “hardly there.” But, looking back over the readings, I guess it was just Richard Jenkins and Daniel Kaluuya.

    I thought it was more, maybe because I lumped in Timothee Chalamet and Sally Hawkins. Of course they’ve all got their own unique thing going on.

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