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Heath Ledger, Face Reading

Heath Ledger, Face Reading. Granted, for today’s post, this photo of a HEATH is about as close as I could get to an authorized photo of the popular star who died young.

Heath Ledger, Face Reading. Let’s celebrate the superstar with a fresh look at his famously endearing face.

Heath Ledger died young. While still handsome and cute. At the peak of his acting career. Or, at least, the start of it.

True to his romantic name, this real-life Healthcliff charmed many a moviegoer. Especially noteworthy, of course, was his performance in “Brokeback Mountain.” Not to mention the romance in all the acting awards he won posthumously!

What Can the System of Face Reading Secrets® Tell Us?

Tell us about who Heath was as a person, not acting in any role at all! What was world-class about his face?

Actually, a physiognomy portrait of him can tell us a lot. (Obviously, this isn’t a full Personal Face Reading. Rather, I’ll give you a celebrity face reading. Sharing some highlights.)

Seems to me, face reading is the ideal way to supplement our recent Heath Ledger Aura Reading. Where JESSE expressed concern, in Comment #6:

Every time I think of him, I think of his performance as the Joker in Batman which was exceptionally dark.

I always wondered if he got too much into character that it affected him negatively.

Heath Ledger, Face Reading. Our Prep

First of all, here’s a link to The Photo for Reading Faces. The one I’ll use for Heath’s physiognomy research. In case several Pinterest pix clump together, which photo matters here? Zoom in, please, on the black-and-white picture. All the way on the top. And all the way to the left. Where he’s wearing a pale, collared shirt. Plus a dark jacket.

Granted, I would have preferred a photo with Heath’s face in repose. But a straight-on head shot was too hard to find.

(What if you manage to encounter one, Blog-Buddies? Please place a link in our COMMENTS section. Fun!)

  • Are you new to the ancient art of reading faces for character?
  • Or have you seen face reading elsewhere… Yet you don’t know what makes Face Reading Secrets different?
  • Especially good as an introduction? Check out this face reading link.
  • Extra-interesting, in case you’d like to know more? A pretty wild description of various types of face reading.

Now let’s get going.

Heath Ledger, Face Reading Item #1. Passion Power Style

How to See It

Forehead is wider than the cheeks or the jaws. Like a long triangle with the wide base… flipped over so it’s at the top.

Corresponding Talent

A power style of great intensity. Accomplishing more than most people.

Most interesting: Always inwardly intense. Even if, like most who have this face data, Heath Ledger concealed that intensity.

Potential Challenge

Impatient? With others? Also with the pace of his career?

Heath Ledger, Face Reading Item #2. Long Chin

How to See It

Compare different lengths on the face. Like forehead to eyebrows. Nose length. Chin.

Get practice by comparing these lengths on different people. (Of course, I’d recommend The NEW Power of Face Reading as a super-efficient, fun way to fast-track this kind of experience.)

Quite soon you’ll be able to discern Long Chin. Vs. Short Chin. Vs. Moderate Chin Length

Corresponding Talent

Bold risk taking.

Less worried about criticism that other people.

Potential Challenge

Making risky moves?

Although playing his role in the groundbreaking “Brokeback Mountain”? Sure paid off handsomely for Heath Ledger!

Heath Ledger, Face Reading Item #3. Ender Eyebrows, Scattered

How to See It

Since this experienced face reader has never seen this face data on anyone else, I’ll just describe it.

Both eyebrows contain an extra patch of hair, all the way at the end. That extra patch makes the eyebrows qualify as “Enders.” However, the density of hair is also quite sketch.

Corresponding Talent

When finishing projects (such as doing repeat takes of movie scenes) — That’s when the gift would show most.

Seems to me, Heath Ledger would find inner reserves of intelligence and discovery. Highly intuitively.

Potential Challenge

If spontaneity was not encouraged, might Heath Ledger have felt cut off from his greatest performing?

More than most actors, did he need a sensitive and sympathetic director?

Heath Ledger, Face Reading Item #4. Ear Tilt, Right Ear

How to See It

First, cross over to see his right ear. As if shaking hands.

Another way to put this? Heath Ledger’s right ear will show on the left side of your screen.

This ear tilts back. Compared to most ears, which are place more in up-and-down fashion.

To learn more: See if you can get your hands on a rare copy of “Wrinkles Are God’s Makeup.” Check out pages 102-103.

(Nearly out of print, this book is about “How You Can Find Meaning in Your Evolving Face.” The remaining copies are sold exclusively to my dedicated face reading students. Here’s info about how you could become one. Scroll down to the purple box.)

Corresponding Talent

The significance applies to Heath Ledger’s career not personal life. Since he’s got Ear Tilt only with his right ear.

Feeling like an outsider. Accordingly, bringing refreshing perspective. Also maybe a certain fearlessness… When performing.

Potential Challenge

Feeling like an outsider to a degree that’s uncomfortable?

Heath Ledger, Face Reading Item #5. That Wide, Wide Smile

How to See It

Best recommendation: Start looking at faces, Blog-Buddies. Checking out how long the mouth is.

Smile structure can be different from the mouth length in repose. Nonetheless, it’s not hard to recognize an ultra-long lip length. And you’re unlikely to see anyone with a wider style. Heath Ledger wins a sort of human contest, in that regard.

Corresponding Talent

Exceptionally good at reaching out to people. Plus a gift for popularity when he communicates.

Likewise an exceptionally wide smile might a contributing factor in other careers: Julia Roberts, Lyle Lovett, and Sofía Vergara.  Because those links can take you to three exceptionally wide smilers.

Potential Challenge

Attractive initially. But disappointingly shallow, once people get to know him?

In Conclusion

A lot of talent showed in the handsome face of Heath Ledger. This supports what the aura reading found, that he was lit up from inside. Lit up with charisma. Clearly that rare find, a born performer.

To what extent did the actor go deeply into his roles? He impressed many a movie critic. Many a moviegoer. Even JESSE. 😉

But many an actor goes wide, not deep. Shows surface. Not changing inside. Reaching out humanly. And pushing all the right human buttons. Maybe like some recent Oscar winners who flunked out earning Aura Change Points.

Most Interesting to Me, Personally

Funny thing about Long Mouth Width and Wide Smiles. I’ve noticed this.

  • People with Long Mouth Width? Most who themselves have Long Mouths may go just gaga over somebody else who’s got this. And would especially value what Heath Ledger had. A VERY version of Long Mouth Width. Actually, an exceptionally long, long mouth. Could be, folks with Long Mouths can’t get enough of that smile.
  • By contrast, what about folks at the opposite extreme? Could be that many folks who, themselves, have Short Mouth Width… have a spontaneous, strong, negative reaction. Even if consciously they don’t know why.
  • As for folks with Moderate Mouth Width? I doubt there’s a strong pull or push either way.
  • Do any of you Blog-Buddies want to share your reaction to this? I’ll go first. Using the COMMENTS section below.

Granted, such reactions relate to the topic of being an extrovert versus an introvert. You can learn a lot more about the complexities of this. Since it’s as one of the learning modules in this upcoming workshop. Given for the first time to all Highly Sensitive Persons. This July!

Likewise an exceptionally wide smile might a contributing factor in other careers: Julia Roberts, Lyle Lovett, and Sofía Vergara.

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  1. 1
    Explorer says:

    I love learning more and more about Face Reading.

    It helps me to stay on the surface level. Play in the objective reality in contrast to going deep and spend most of my days in my head.

  2. 2
    Explorer says:

    I particularly enjoyed that he has many unique features than most which makes it easier for me to learn and spot differences in others too.

    This was very informative. Thank you Rose 🙂

  3. 3

    That was really interesting Rose. Thank you.

    It’s amazing what a person can find out about another just through looking at their face.

  4. 4
    Ethan says:

    I always enjoy learning more about Face Reading-Thanks Rose.

    I found the short mouth description a bit strange though-do you mean people react to those with a short mouth width in a negative way?

  5. 5

    Thanks for your contributions here, EXPLORER and CYNTHIA BERGSBAKEN and ETHAN.

    ETHAN, you inspired me to go back into the post. At the end. And improve the clarity. Basically I was aiming to say that people with VERY Long Mouth Width may turn off people with VERY Short Mouth Width. A strong inner reaction.

  6. 6

    Face Reading — at least my system of Face Reading Secrets — informs you about personal style.

    So, to share about my personal style related to Mouth Width, I’m definitely in the Short Mouth Width category. While writing this article, I had an Aha! Consistently I tend not to be impressed by people with VERY Long Mouth Width. They have to win my trust.

  7. 7
    Hannah says:

    As soon as you mentioned wide smiles, I immediately thought of Carly Simon.

    Carly has the biggest smile I’ve ever seen! And she’s so very talented at reaching out to people and gaining popularity.

  8. 8

    Usually I’ve got the trust for people just fine.

    You get the distinction, right? The founder of RES is not a terrible grumpus. I just need to get to know people and let them win my trust… if they’ve got VERY Long Mouth Width.

    Regarding Julia Roberts, Lyle Lovett, and Sofía Vergara, for instance — I appreciate they’re beloved, successful entertainers. But personally I’ve never found them interesting.

  9. 9
    Jesse says:

    I found the “right ear tilt” to be interesting. His ability to have a “refreshing” perspective would potentially cause him to feel like an outsider professionally.

    Yet that was one aspect that made him successful, professionally, in addition to his VERY wide smile.

  10. 10
    Jesse says:

    The contradiction is fascinating and complex. I used to wonder “how can that be?” Maybe a better response is “how complex!”

  11. 11

    JESSE, astute!

    HANNAH, that’s exactly it. The wider one’s mouth and smile, the easier it is to gain instant popularity.

  12. 12
    Jesse says:

    “But many an actor goes wide, not deep. Shows surface. Not changing inside. Reaching out humanly. And pushing all the right human buttons. Maybe like some recent Oscar winners who flunked out earning Aura Change Points.”

    that’s the statement that got me thinking about how if someone is so talented and changes on the inside for a part in a movie…..can they just come back to being themselves when they are done….another layer of meaning when an actor states “I’m risking it all on stage!”

  13. 13
    Ruth says:

    Would you consider writing another face reading book Rose?

    I was lucky enough to find your first book at an out of town library and I own your second.

  14. 14

    Ruth, how sweet! I’m not sure which of my face reading books you’re referring to. Although not all are in print any longer, I’ve published the following:

    #1. “I Can Read Your Face” — Published by Aha! Experiences, my first publishing company. Both hardcover and paperback editions. Many cool chapters towards the end that are unique to this particular book.

    Deftly illustrated by Paula Stone.

  15. 15

    #2. “I Can Read Your Face” — Published by Bantam Doubleday Dell. I don’t recommend this edition, as it was abridged to 25% of its length. And positioned to sell as a “trivia” book.

    #3. “I Can Read Your Face” — Published by Ottenheimer Press. A better cover than the Dell edition, but similarly truncated.

  16. 16

    #4. “The Power of Face Reading: For Sales, Self-Esteem, and Better Relationships.” Published by Women’s Intuition Worldwide in 1998. (Like all my books since then.) Good chapters related expressly to the subtitle. Cleverly illustrated by Robin Ludt.

    #5. “The Power of Face Reading.” Published in 2001. Still with those three practical chapters at the end, plus illustrations by Robin Ludt.

    #6. “Wrinkles Are God’s Makeup: How You Can Find the Meaning in Your Evolving Face” Published in 2003. Illustrated with photographs. Prohibitively expensive to reprint or put into eBook format. But this was the main focus of my face reading research for 9 1/2 years, and may eventually be related to future books. Just don’t hold your breath, Ruth!

  17. 17

    #7. “Read People Deeper: Body Language + Face Reading + Auras.” Published in 2008. Contains masterful illustrations by famed German artist Meike Mueller.

    You can browse it and purchase it through this link, Ruth and other aspiring face readers.

  18. 18

    #8. “The NEW Power of Face Reading.” Published in 2013. Read about it, and order it here.

    Some folks think this is the same as “The Power of Face Reading.” Which would be a mistake. It’s completely re-conceptualized, re-written, and contains loads of leading-edge information.

    Photo illustrated, using a “Cast of Characters” referenced throughout the book.

  19. 19

    So, I chuckled a bit, Ruth, when you mentioned having read both my face reading books. And this doesn’t even begin to include the many authorized foreign editions about The Power of Face Reading.

    But no worries. Sometimes a new client will tell me, “I read your book.” As in one published book. Haha.

    You can get a good view of my books now in print through the Book Page at this website. Soon to include my upcoming title. It’s slotted for release exactly one week from today. (Before then, no hints.)

  20. 20

    Anyway, it’s sweet that you’d like me to write more books on Face Reading Secrets®. Maybe some day. I don’t take requests, though.

    Given your interest in face reading, I would definitely recommend “Read People Deeper” and “The NEW Power of Face Reading.” Personal mentoring is currently available as well, even leading to professional-caliber skills as a face reader. (For loads of specifics, skip down to the purple box.)

    Of course, all the books I’ve listed use Face Reading Secrets, still the only system of physiognomy in America currently trademarked.

  21. 21

    Well, that was a long answer! Thanks for asking, Ruth.

  22. 22
    Liane says:

    Your face readings are such a treat!

    For some reason, chins are the most difficult part of the face for me to read accurately. This really helped distinguish the difference between a long (round?) chin, and an angled chin. Like Fred has in ‘The NEW Power of Face Reading’.

  23. 23
    Liane says:

    If they aren’t completely obvious to me, I skip it and move on.

  24. 24
    Liane says:

    But oh, how much fun it is to quietly and casually read faces while NOT doing unskilled empath merges!

  25. 25
    Liane says:

    Heath Ledger had to be intense to pull off playing The Joker in The Dark Knight.

    His wide, wide mouth was made even wider, (grotesquely so) creeping me out enough to not finish watching.

  26. 26
    Valerie says:

    Rose I enjoyed reading about Heath’s forehead being wider than his cheeks and jaws. Always inwardly intense, and concealing that intensity.

    I had a sense that he was inwardly intense and that’s why I liked him so much.

  27. 27
    Valerie says:

    I guess I correlate intensity with depth, and now I realize that may not always be the case…

  28. 28

    Well, you used to, anyway. 😉

    VALERIE you’ve just reminded me of one of the reasons I love doing RES-style face reading, aura reading, and Skilled Empath Merges, too. Because it’s so common for us humans to correlate one thing we like with others. Not necessarily true at all.

  29. 29

    Maybe like people who would see Heath Ledger’s Ultra-Wide Smile. Related to reaching out openly to others.

    And then assume he reached out deeply, in that way that empaths do. (Whatever the empath gift or gifts.)

    Whereas Mr. Ledger wasn’t even a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), let alone a Highly, Highly Sensitive Person — an empath. Instead, he was a winning, dazzling, adorable Social Person, you know?

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