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Enlightenment Dazzles. Now for ROMANA

Enlightenment Dazzles.

Enlightenment Dazzles. So come meet ROMANA, the latest in our online community to move into Enlightenment.

Enlightenment Dazzles.

Every time I facilitate Enlightenment Validation, what happens? Again, I’m struck by each person’s unique beauty. A world class beauty.

Aura-level dazzle that sets the standard for all of us: How dazzling each of us can be. Brilliantly human!

Enlightenment Dazzles Because…

Experiences of spiritual awakening matter. They’re lovely. Yet they’re no substitute for gaining Enlightenment.

Enlightenment dazzles way more in an aura.

Soon as I started to read ROMANA’s aura last night, hello! I could tell. Miraculously! Really! She had definitely crossed the threshold into Enlightenment.

Here’s a working definition of Enlightenment:

When STUFF no longer interferes with soul expression. And all of those “Gifts of the Soul” that show in an aura? Amazingly, every one of them is working.

No longer just pure potential. But working. And dazzling.

(Provided that you’ve developed good skills of energetic literacy. Which, of course you can. Here’s a great way to start.)

Enlightenment Dazzles Now in ROMANA’s Aura

ROMANA GAIL DeBEER is the latest member of our informal RES community! Freshly moved into that permanent higher state of consciousness, Enlightenment.

Today let’s celebrate her huge personal and spiritual growth!

Including her placement on these ongoing blog posts:

For those of us who seek success at personal development, Enlightenment is really possible. In my opinion, as an Enlightenment Coach:

Millions of people can move into Enlightenment now. In The Age of Awakening.

In 2018 I’m More Actively Teaching About Enlightenment

Because it’s time.

Did you notice? This year I’m launching five brand new RES workshops. In-person workshops.

Well, three of them are about Enlightenment:

  1. Co-Create with God for Healing
  2. Love + Light + Power for Gaining Wealth
  3. Accelerate Enlightenment

When Enlightenment Dazzles, Time to Meet ROMANA!

Like many of you blog lurkers, ROMANA hasn’t commented here yet. Quietly, on her own, she’s read several RES books. For instance, gaining Empath Empowerment®.

Seems to me, if you’re born as an empath. And if you’re aiming for Enlightenment. Essential for you is… becoming a skilled empath.

Accelerating her personal growth, ROMANA has also had several sessions with me. Over the years. Choosing her own pace. Which, you may know, is typical for every RES client.

At each step of spiritual awakening for ROMANA… I’ve aimed to support her free will choices. And her spiritual self-authority.

And so now I’m introducing her to all of you. Given permission to introduce this dazzler. Finally!

Here Are Some Things I Can Tell You About ROMANA

She’s happily married. (No big push to live as a renunciate! Luckily, we don’t need that for Age of Awakening Enlightenment.)

ROMANA lives in Australia. Like a couple of other RES clients who have attained Enlightenment.

Success keeps growing for ROMANA, including her magnificent career. Promotions! Big bonus last year, “out of the blue”!

Despite having as complicated a history as many of you Blog-Buddies… After a certain amount of RES Energy HEALING, ROMANA no longer lives in the past. Replaying old woes. Or trying to forgive. Instead she has learned a great deal about how to put herself first. In a healthy and appropriate way.

Long before crossing the threshold into Enlightenment, ROMANA began living here. Living here and now in the present. Not in the past.

To See Her, Would You Know She’s in Enlightenment?

No. Because Enlightenment doesn’t show.

At least not until you can read auras. Plus until you’ve got experience at reading auras for Enlightenment. (Something I plan to teach in an online workshop some day.)

Meanwhile? If you met ROMANA, you might just think, “What a lovely person!”

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  1. 1
    Liane says:

    Congratulations Romana!! I am excited for you.

  2. 2
    Explorer says:

    What a beautiful name Romana 🙂

    Congratulations! I’d love to hear more about your story and how life is for you now.

  3. 3
    Kylie says:

    Congratulations Romana!

  4. 4
    Graham says:

    Excellent news, Romana.

    I too would love to hear more.

  5. 5
    An Avid Reader says:

    Congratulations, Romana.

    I, too, would like to hear more about your experience if you would like to share.

  6. 6
    Ethan says:

    Congratulations Romana! I’d also like to hear more.

  7. 7
    Jean says:

    Great to hear this Romana! Many congratulations 🙂

  8. 8
    Emily T says:

    Congratulations Romana!

  9. 9

    Congratulations to you Romana!

  10. 10
    Isabella C. says:

    That’s lovely, congratulations Romana!

  11. 11
    Catherine says:

    Congratulations, Romana! I would love to hear your story. Plus tips for fellow enlightenment-seekers!

  12. 12
    Katriina says:

    Sweet! Congratulations Romana!

  13. 13

    Blog-Buddies, ROMANA wanted me to let you’ all know… She will be getting back to the blog and aims to comment. Or even guest post.

    Right now, though, she’s busy with a project that is going to take her full attention until mid-April. Can’t be helped! But she really does want to respond when that project lets up.

  14. 14

    Mid-April? Yowza — I just realized that my first workshop of 2018 is just a couple of weeks away. April 14-15.

    Those of you with interest in Enlightenment are very cordially invited to “Co-Create with God for Healing.” Juicy details here!

  15. 15
    Mandeep says:

    Congratulations Romana!

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