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Getting Unstuck. Versus Getting Sick, Lonely, Worse

Getting Unstuck

Getting Unstuck. Why do I think that can be so important? A teaching tale at the end of today’s post reveals what motivates me.

Getting Unstuck. Why bring up such an idea?

Because many beautiful energy healers and intuitive coaches today… haven’t been feeling so hot lately.

Likewise many a psychic has been suffering. Yet brushing it off.

Meanwhile, humanly, they’re feeling tired or lonely or lost. Maybe they’re even getting sick.

Why is that? And what will it take for these beautiful idealists to start making some connections…. Connections that could solve a lot of very human problems.

Getting Unstuck. Since These Good People Deserve No Less

Some do energy work just for the love of it. Seeking personal growth.

While others depend on energy-based services for their livelihood. (Perhaps working part-time. Or full-time.)

Either way, how many folks do you know personally?

People deeply committed to following a sacred growth path.

That same-old, same-old growth path. Even if that sweet-sounding path no longer delivers on the old promises.

If so, may today’s blog post serve as a wake-up call. Kindly meant. But I won’t deliver pretty lies, either.

Please share today’s post with friends you’ve been worrying about.

Getting Unstuck Might Require a Bit of a Shock

Well, here’s one. Recently I asked a simple question on Facebook:

To my friends involved in energy work and psychic development, have you been feeling restless lately?

I received many answers to this question. These pulled at my heartstrings. And, definitely, shocked me.

Because every single person who responded was suffering. Yet only one of them seemed to make any connection. Between the energy work or psychic work. And how bad they were feeling

My very first respondent seemed to be in the first stage of getting unstuck. Someone I know personally. And someone I know to be both deeply spiritual and humanly honest. Gladys wrote:

“Yes. I’m questioning whether I’m actually enjoying myself doing this work.”

So smart to ask. Because how can involvement in personal growth… genuine personal growth… not be fun?

Otherwise? Interested in Getting Unstuck?

Or Maybe Not. Although Physically Ill.

And Maybe Detaching From Reality, Too

I’m grateful to these sweet people on FB for responding to what I wrote. Of course I won’t name them here. But I will share what they wrote:

  • Getting sick is what I have been doing the most for the past month or so.
  • I have been uneasy in my body…untrusting…super tired. And can’t sleep. I feel an unfolding. L like a huge piece of origami is being dismantled.
  • i’m not feeling restless. Just very much alone !
  • My fibromyalgia has been worse actually and I’ve been getting dizzy spells, I just chalked it up to Mercury Retrograde tbh. I’ve been hearing thoughts easier and manifesting faster though
  • I have been especially sensitive the last 2 weeks to the point where I’ve been sick. Still feeling very exhausted and need to take care of the body and my spirit is really at an all-time high.

Stuck? You think?

I wonder how many of these folks have made the connection…

  1. Between feeling bad, humanly.
  2. Plus being overwhelmed with energy awareness.
  3. Yet believing that all energy awareness is good. The more the better!

Consequently, these honorable people are staying committed. Stuck in the energy work they’re doing.  Beautifully intended practices that came with big promises, lofty ideals.

Stuck while doing energy healing and spiritual growth practices that date…  back to during those years of transition. The New Age years. Transitional years, from 1980 until The Shift that happened on 12-21-12.

An important period in all our lives. But a time that is truly over. Since now we’re all living Post-New-Age. Living in The Age of Awakening.

Getting Unstuck? Starts with Recognizing the Truth

What do you think is true about the ideas I’ve quoted above in this post?

Why would the fruits of effective energy work include getting sick and tired and depressed?

Even if the accompanying belief system includes Law of Attraction ideas. Or similar ones about having faith. So lack of faith, supposedly, is the only problem. Or that the cause is “Mercury Retrograde, to be honest.”

One More Chunk O’ Truth

Can you handle a bit more shock right now? Click on over to a recent blog post. About “Psychic Work Transitioning to Energy Spirituality.”

Then check out Comments 44-51. (Actually, that thread contains many fascinating comments thanks to some of you not-just-lurkers!)

Blog-Buddies, right now, you may know many people who are suffering quite a lot humanly.

Although they compartmentalize that like crazy.

Like that woman mentioned in my Comments 44-51. Summarizing how we exchanged FB posts with briefly. One sweet woman who could have been three different people.

!!Two Questions that Could Help You with Getting Unstuck!!

First of all, how is your energy work sourced?

Second, what about the results you’ve been getting in your human life?

“Big” Truth Can Change Over Time. When We Outgrow It.

Human life has a way of showing us the truth about what we believe. Like if we keep having a nagging feeling that somehow we’re stuck. Even though “we shouldn’t be feeling that way.”

Although I’m not a big Bible quoter, some verses do resonate with me. Like this one: You will know them by their fruits. 

Actually, there’s a very good chance that… Concerning the angels and guides and “freely-given help from spirit” you’ve been working with all these years.

Sadly, you might have been told a bit of a lie about all of that.

Like the popular idea that discarnate spirits are really wiser than you.

Or that entities know more about how to solve human problems than you — a human — could figure out.

How about the extremely untrue notion (as validated by good, everyday skills of aura reading) that discarnate spirits are Divine. As in “God’s messengers.”

I think I may be able to help you to question what you’ve been doing. Not that I have all the answers. Far from it.

So I’m planning to write a couple of follow-up articles over the next couple of weeks.

Today, I’ll just conclude by sharing a bit of personal experience.

Getting Unstuck. A Teaching Tale

Some of you readers know that I’ve just published a memoir. Which concludes with my starting to work with my guru at the time, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Founder of the Transcendental Meditation Program.

Actually you may identify with that part of my story. Even if TM never became a big deal for you. Instead, you fell in love with one of the other big, popular teachers. Of growth seminars. Or healing experts. A Billy Graham-style religious leader. Of any one of the popular Hay House authors.

Just like me, you heard promises. You came to believe them. Like me, maybe you even built your life around them.

Bigger than All the Night Sky ends in May 1971. Between then and 1986, teaching meditation was my life. Nothing else came close.

Although my sarcastic mother used to pretend she was confused about the acronym for my sacred practice. Sue Rosenbaum called it “M.T.”

Get it?

What Helped Me with Getting Unstuck?

By 1986, I too became restless. Because I felt lonely. Struggled to survive financially. Worst of all (for somebody so motivated to reach Enlightenment), I felt totally stuck in life.

Yet this made no sense to me. You see, I had learned so many beliefs from Maharishi. Jargon words, too, like “unstressing.” Which explained away (supposedly) any thoughts or feelings about not really growing fast. Nowhere near as fast as I’d been promised.

Maybe not really growing much at all.

Blog-Buddies, I can’t convey merely in words how hard it was for me to recognize this. Except maybe you can understand that stuck feeling. Because you know what it’s like. The inconvenient truth from inside that eventually you can’t ignore.

Until you make a kind of gut-wrenching choice. To stop what’ you’ve been trying so hard to make work.

  • Like breaking up with someone, although you’re in love.
  • Or ending your love affair with alcohol or weed.
  • Or leaving the righteousness and companionship of “The Movement.”

Honesty Makes All the Difference

God might give out medals for that kind of honesty. And the huge courage it can take to make a change. (But if so, we sure don’t get these medals while we’re still living on earth.)

I want to share with you the truest thing I know. For me. About what allowed me to get unstuck.

The one question that finally occurred to me. After months of anguish.

A question that gave me the courage to resign from teaching TM. Although I doubted I could ever, ever find something else to teach. And there was nothing I cared about more than helping to teach people spiritually.

What was that one question?

Where is my allegiance, to the path I’ve been on… or to God?

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  1. 1
    James says:

    I hope this post helps people. It’s true that a lot of good people, and really smart people, are caught up in some unhelpful New Age beliefs…

    May the truth upgrade come for many people, and come as sweetly as it can.

  2. 2
    Katriina says:

    This is so very interesting.

    The topic came up in a book I just finished. I was very interested in the book’s subject matter because it sounded familiar : a middle aged middle-child, who was brought up to be a “good girl”, and I was sure that the book would model for me how someone got through this and learned to speak up for herself.

  3. 3
    Katriina says:

    I was greatly disappointed when, by the end of the book, it became obvious that no growth had happened ( by my measure anyway).

  4. 4
    Katriina says:

    The main character continued let her father verbally abuse her , and while we were privy to what she thought about saying in response , she never said it aloud.

    Just continued to take the abuse.

  5. 5
    Katriina says:

    Her father could have received appropriate feedback on his actions and words, and would that not also have been kinder toward him, to give him an opportunity to grow?

  6. 6
    Katriina says:

    The apparent Grand Finale was that she declared that we must try and understand where the other is coming from, and pray harder for forgiveness.

    So frustrating!

    How long will it take to shake loose some of the most deeply entrenched ideals from the Age of Faith?

  7. 7

    Thanks so much for your comments, JAMES and KATRIINA.

    KATRIINA, you made an excellent point in your final comment of the set, #6. But another chunk gave me a rueful expression. Reread Comment #5, folks. In the context of getting over the prevalent, outdated thinking that’s still quite mainstream, though the Age of Faith is long gone….

    Any thoughts on Comment #5, KATRIINA or fans of KATRIINA?

  8. 8
    Katriina says:

    It’s not obvious at all to me, is it doing something to cause another’s growth?

  9. 9

    You’re close, KATRIINA. Thanks for that response.

    “and would that not also have been kinder toward him, to give him an opportunity to grow?”

  10. 10

    Look, I didn’t read the book you did. But let me summarize what I understood from what you wrote.

    Gladys has a bully for a father. He yells at her. He belittles her.

    Am I on the right track? I’m assuming that’s what you mean by the label “emotionally abuses her.”

  11. 11

    Standing up for herself? That sounds like a great thing for Gladys to do.

    Versus “taking the abuse.”

    Seems to me, that’s plenty for that woman to do. And that’s Gladys’s business. Which is a big enough deal right there, after years of living as a doormat.

  12. 12

    But then we get to the idea that, to me, has the fake flowery scent of many Age of Faith leftovers.

    Why would Gladys make it her business to improve her father. Has he asked her to help? Has he complained that he really wants to grow? Why would his icky behavior have to become her new project?

  13. 13

    Admit it, isn’t that one step away from the old idea that forgiveness and prayer fix all human problems?

    Maybe true back in the Age of Faith. Definitely not true now.

    It kinda turns my stomach to read about Gladys believing that she’s allowed to speak up for herself… but only because that might help her father. You kidding?!!!!!

  14. 14

    Even the language there, KATRIINA. (And hopefully you and other Blog-Buddies are laughing by now. Or close to it.)

    The so-delicately worded, “And might not?” Who needs to tiptoe around life like that. Is that rageaholic screamer, her pitiful excuse for a father, made of glass?

    Like he’d fall apart if Gladys spoke out loud, using normal — not-so-delicate, super-considerate — language to tell him to cut the crap?

    So she must tiptoe around… and then, perhaps, maybe if only it works out for everybody’s highest good, maybe if it isn’t the “will of God” that Gladys be a martyr forever… maybe, possibly, mumble, mumble… Gladys might still miraculously heal him.

  15. 15

    Because, what, it’s not okay for her to defend herself in life?

    Or get a life?

    But if she’s only good enough to him, healing him, because what she wants is so sugar-sweetly good? Only if it can redeem and heal him… Might it then, possibly, before she tragically wastes away to a lingering death from consumption or whatever, might it somehow be okay for her to say, “Enough, already!”??????

  16. 16
    Graham says:

    You definitely made me chuckle, Rose! 🙂

  17. 17
    Graham says:

    Regarding the comments you received on Facebook, Rose, I wonder if there might still be a prevaiing view that the more one is suffering, the more spiritual one is….

    It’s a very powerful myth, particularly, I think, in Judeo-Christian societies.

  18. 18

    Powerful? GRAHAM, I agree.

    Powerful, yes. But also completely avoidable. Just switch on your free will and go!

  19. 19

    Can sharing be another way of remaining stuck?

    I’m curious if you Blog-Buddies have noticed this. How “sharing” is one of those socially sanctified terms, these days. Supposed to mean something very brave and important. Or, perhaps, a part of “making yourself vulnerable.”

    (Also widely considered praiseworthy. Though, personally, I’m not convinced.)

  20. 20

    A case in point. My first comment yesterday at this blog came from a first-time commenter, LAYLA H. At a post about kinky, cruel sex, BDSM. “50 Destructive Shades of Gray.”

    First of all, it’s important to make one thing clear:

    Although RES helps people with emotional and spiritual growth…. And although I have definitely helped some clients to stop or prevent going the way of BDSM….

  21. 21

    Preventing destructive sexual practices that can become addictive? This is hardly my specialty.

    Rather I sometimes help clients by using regular skills of RES Energy Healing. (Note the specialty highlighted in the tabbed red box. That’s one example of a Healing Centerpiece that could prove very helpful to someone who’s struggling sexually.)

    And, sometimes we use Soul Thrill® Aura Research to explore potential consequences of going that route romanticized in the movie and book about “50 Shades of Gray.”

    This has been enough to help clients who’ve been sexually tempted to choose activities in a direction that’s generally opposite to moving towards self-actualization.

  22. 22

    Well, in her Comment #115, LAYLA H. reached out. She shared. By writing:

    “I know someone who hasn’t done any BDSM style things yet – but who discretely told me that he is interested in sex that is a bit wild/aggressive. He doesn’t know why. He is a very respectful guy otherwise…who truly wants to have a loving and equal relationship. He is conflicted and not happy about this.”

  23. 23

    Clearly, LAYLA H. was reaching out. She was sharing.

    But why? I wrote a Comment #116 where I asked her — as politely as possible — what on earth was the point of her share. How she thought it might help her friend. Or her.

  24. 24

    By now, it has been more than 24 hours. LAYLA hasn’t seen fit to respond.

    Since she has declined to answer, let me ask you.

    Blog-Buddies, what do you think might have been the point of this “sharing”? And do you think she was taking constructive action towards solving a problem?

  25. 25

    You see, folks, I have found this happening quite often when a person struggles to solve a problem. Feels unsure. And/or maybe has an aura bogged down by STUFF. As a result, what does she choose for her one big, bold attempt at problem solving?


    When that’s the only action taken, sharing can inadvertently serve to keep a person more stuck than ever. At least, I think so. What think you?

  26. 26
    Graham says:

    I agree, Rose. I think that lots of people equate sharing with emotional closeness. I have (had) a friendship I decided to end recently (because of information I received in an RES session). The friend in question said she wished we could have “explored” our issues instead.

    In my experience, such explorations are like wheels that spin on without end.

  27. 27

    Good point there, GRAHAM. It gives rise to two new points, ha ha!

    First, would you agree to my little “Connect the dots”?

    #1. When people equate sharing their feelings with emotional closeness.
    #2. The purpose is not just to share, feel relief, learn that a friend is a good listener.

  28. 28

    Instead, could we make this connection?

    People remain can stuck through this kind of sharing. Not only because emotional closeness doesn’t necessarily solve real-life problems. Or help a person to get past… wallowing in the stuckness.

  29. 29

    Beyond that, let’s look with fresh eyes at this part of your comment:

    “The friend in question said she wished we could have ‘explored’ our issues instead.”

    You know, this is what mental health professionals do. Is your friend a psychotherapist? Are you?

  30. 30

    Because mental health professionals know a LOT about the human heart. And ways that our feelings can signal bigger problems. Also, a trained therapist would put a client into a diagnostic category (without mentioning this, probably to the client). Altogether, a mental health professional follows a treatment model.

    Not the same thing as wallowing, is it? The purpose of mental health services is, surely, to help people get unstuck.

    So I wonder, why is it that people who really aren’t trained as mental health professionals believe that they have the standing to successfully “explore our issues”? Might this misunderstanding be a way of inadvertently becoming more stuck than ever?

  31. 31

    Which brings me to my second point, inspired by your comment. We RES Experts don’t set ourselves up as mental health professionals.

    So, as you know, but maybe some of you blog readers do not, in RES sessions we don’t “talk about your issues.” Or anything remotely close. Instead we use dedicated, tested skills of Energy Spirituality Energy READING and Energy HEALING to help people grow emotionally and spiritually.

  32. 32

    Anyway, GRAHAM, I think I know what you mean when you wrote this in Comment #26:

    ” I have (had) a friendship I decided to end recently (because of information I received in an RES session).”

    Please, if you would, clarify for readers who may never have had a personal RES session. It’s not that we RES Experts are fortunetellers or psychics, right? So what was the purpose — the official intention — for that session? And, if you don’t mind mentioning this, in general, what was the Healing Centerpiece or Research Centerpiece?

  33. 33

    Just yesterday I had a sweet new client who clearly expected a psychic reading.

    Gladys wanted to know her purpose. She had a really hard time coming up with an intention for progressing in life. A way she wanted to grow, emotionally or spiritually.

  34. 34

    And even though Gladys was excited about her session (and I think, benefited from it), the whole time it was as though I was clearing away old piles of snow and slush that had accumulated on her driveway.

    Reminding her repeatedly: Please don’t expect a psychic reading. Don’t think I know what all your problems are and will give you magic advice to solve your problems.

    Let’s collaborate, with Divine help, to improve your human life. So that you can use your love and light and power, more of your unique potential as a human being.

  35. 35

    GRAHAM, you get that difference, don’t you?

    So please help Blog-Buddies to understand that you don’t just go into a session and an RES practitioner like me would volunteer warnings about your friend whose current path is do-it-yourself, psychological work on her issues.

  36. 36
    Ethan says:

    Hi Rose-I have read that the brain secretes oxytocin in conversation or when around other people.

    The positive of upping oxytocin is that is supports the brain’s feel good neurochemical-serotonin.

    Maybe people don’t realize how stuck they are, but when they share…oxytocin is making them feel good.

  37. 37
    Ethan says:

    I agree wallowing won’t help you get unstuck, but making big changes and taking action can be the harder choice.

  38. 38
    Graham says:

    Rose – that’s an excellent point about mental health professionals (#29 & 30).

    It hadn’t occurred to me before, but the particular friend I mentioned was NOT a mental health professional and had NO professional training in that field – but was very much ‘into’ the world of therapy.

  39. 39
    Graham says:

    As for the ending of my friendship, I checked my notes and my intention for that session was to move forward with creating my Family of Choice. (That means creating my own personal community, in contrast to feeling shackled to people who happen to be in my life so far.)

    The healing centrepiece was to cut a cord of attachment, and I nominated said friend to be a potential cordee.

    As I recall, I nominated her because until soon up to that point I had considered her to be a very good friend of mine who I would definitely have chosen to include in my Family of Choice. However, the last couple of times I’d met up with her, something had felt off.

  40. 40
    Graham says:

    I don’t think I would consider an ‘off feeling’ to be a reason for ending a friendship in itself… and to respond to your questions, no, there was no question of Isabella Cates (the RES Practitioner I have sessions with) giving me any kind of diagnosis of my friendship or any kind of analysis or warning or prediction – nothing like that.

    After all, we choose who we wish to be friends with using our own free will.

  41. 41
    Graham says:

    It was my choice entirely to end the friendship.

    The reason I did so was because of the contents of the cord of attachment. It turned out that this friend of mine was no longer the friend I had known for years – but had become energetically messed up, to such a degree that by now she was quite unrecognizable as my old friend. (Shocking information, and hardly standard for an RES session. But if something like that comes up, I pay attention.)

  42. 42
    Graham says:

    It was a big shock to me, but it helped to make sense of why I had felt that something wasn’t quite right.

    In other words, I knew that continuing with the friendship would mean essentially being friends with what is known as a “Walk-In.” Meaning, a completely different soul from the person I’d known before.

    It simply didn’t make sense to continue.

  43. 43
    Graham says:

    I hope that helps to explain what happened.

  44. 44
    Julia Wilson says:

    I am grasping at straws here. My Mother died 11 days ago. I am 57 and she was 89. I feel I am an empath and was raised in so much negativity. How many times after insulting me or gas lighting me, has my Mom or sisters said to me,”Don’t be so sensitive.” But I am a sensitive and their words wounded me to my core. TO this day it is a true trigger for me. *Sighs* My Motto for the next month is “Less Salt. No Sorry. More Love Love Love.” I am trying to stop crying and find the multitudes of lessons here. I know there are so many it feels like I am walking through molasses trying to find a direction. My Mother had wonderful things about her. She was a feisty, strong willed, capable woman. But I need to find me now and I have always been judged for everything. Now I want to get unstuck and have a positive life. HELP!

  45. 45

    JULIA WILSON, thank you for reaching out. Did you really just refer to asking for my help as “grasping at straws”? Interesting!

    I’m not sure what you are expecting here. This is my personal blog, and if you’ve looked at it much you know that I’m not an advice columnist. You may even know that I do professional-quality work to help people like you… who book one personal session at a time. As described here, for instance. On that basis, I would like to help you.

    Wishing you well.

  46. 46
    Julia Wilson says:

    I meant no offense. My words and sensitivities are bit skewed right now. I did indeed read some of your blogs. I found you in a search. I will continue to read and learn and reaching out. I am trying to clear my mind, my chakra’s and my energy. I am using breathing and meditation and energy work. Thanks for your page! 🙂 Still reading..

  47. 47

    Well, JULIA WILSON, glad you came back. Really, I didn’t take offense. It is pretty funny,

    if you think about it that way, to introduce yourself to somebody and tell that person, “I am grasping at straws. Nice to meet you.” 😉

  48. 48

    Related to the rest of what you wrote in Comment #46, I’m going to give you a suggestion. Perhaps somewhat surprising, but based on my experience helping clients who do have sessions with me. Or study with me. Since… the year 1970.

    Consider. It is worse than a waste of time to try to “clear your mind.”

  49. 49

    It is worse than a waste of time to try to “clear your chakras and energy.” (For more on that, check out the third video, here: )

    And, sadly, most “breathing and meditation and energy work” out there won’t help you much either.

  50. 50

    One last recommendation — a bit counter-culture, surely, but sent from the heart.

    I notice you’ve given a link to go with your name, a link to Facebook. For the love of Mike, please don’t take advice from people on Facebook. The realm of the blind leading the blind.

    Learn something properly from a really good source. Otherwise don’t bother with all the bits you’re cobbling together. It might be a lot more helpful doing things in reality to solve your problems. Something to think about, anyway, Julia.

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