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First Age of Awakening Memoir. Like Your Own Story, Too?

First Age of Awakening Memoir? Here’s Rose Rosetree, still throwing her rattle. (As described early in this story of spiritual awakening.)

First Age of Awakening Memoir? Could be.

Amazingly, it’s possible that Bigger than All the Night Sky may qualify as the first. Yes, the first memoir written for this very different era on earth.

And not just because I’m publishing this memoir after the Shift on December 21, 2012.  Plenty of other folks have published memoirs in the last several years. Some great ones! But why might this one qualify as a true Age of Awakening Memoir? Consider the reasons that follow.

Whoa! First of All, What’s the Age of Awakening?

What if you don’t know what I’m referring to? And, likewise, you draw a blank when people use related terms. Such as:

  • Age of Aquarius
  • Age of Energy
  • Shift Age

Fact is, relatively few people know about The Age of Awakening. Even though it began over five years ago. If you’re not familiar with it yet, no prob. Here is a good introductory resource.

One of many articles on the Age of Awakening here at “Deeper Perception Made Practical.”

Caution: Even if you’re familiar with writings about The Age of Awakening, guess what? My perspective is probably quite different.

Mostly psychics have shown interest in this new era on earth. Yet 2018 is the year when many psychics are starting to move over towards energy spirituality. Quite a different kind of work. But one that might be far more suited to living in this Age of Awakening.

Until they’ve made a shift comparable to The Shift… Most likely these thought leaders could be blindsided by what has really occurred.

Sadly, they’re doubling down on ideas that grew popular during the New Age Years. Those transitional years, from 1980-12/21/12. With a perspective that’s due for change.

To understand more of what I mean… Let’s go into those reasons I promised you at the start of this post. Why might Bigger than All the Night Sky qualify as the first Age of Awakening memoir?

First Age of Awakening Memoir. Reason #1. Energy Sensitivity

Reading this article, Blog-Buddies, don’t you know what I’m talking about? By using the term “Energy Sensitive”!

  • Some of us became fascinated with energy during the New Age Years. You woke up! Maybe through an experience of spiritual awakening.
  • While others of us, like this character Rose Rosetree, were born with energy sensitivity. It was switched on long before The Age of Awakening.

In The Age of Awakening, everyone is energy sensitive. At least, everyone who wishes to be.

And this energy sensitivity doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with psychic development. Which is entirely different from the sort of personal growth that I help people to gain through Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES).

Many memoirists have described being “born psychic” or “becoming psychic.” But can you think of any memoirs about folks who were energy sensitive?

Because this theme consistently expresses through Bigger than All the Night Sky, yes. Seems to me, this book qualifies as an “Age of Awakening Memoir”

Example from Bigger than All the Night Sky

From Chapter 10, “Please No More Hokey Pokey.” Describing second grade.

At school, we’re supposed to stand in size places but, to me, how tall we look isn’t the interesting part. Instead, standing in line makes my nose so happy, it feels like having a picnic.

Standing in line reminds me of one of my favorite toys, a xylophone. You know how a xylophone has keys you can bang on? And each key is painted a different color, so shiny. And isn’t it amazing how well they are made? Because each note matches its shiny color just perfectly.

Well, when we have to be good children at school and line up, even while standing still and looking straight ahead, guess what?

I can travel in my imagination, going up or down the row, pausing to smell each kid and also feel the boy’s or girl’s energy. This has to be at least as much fun as any xylophone.

First Age of Awakening Memoir. Reason #2. Vibrational Freedom

Blog-Buddies, maybe you’re familiar with a certain Program for Easy Vibrational Balance. Which helps us productively use the new vibrational freedom on the planet now. Ever since the Shift into The Age of Awakening.

All of us humans have that now. However, some of us were born doing this anyway. Long before the disappearance of the veil (a.k.a. the psychic barrier). Which disappeared for good on 12/21/12.

I was one of those born “ready to go” in The Age of Awakening. Because that sort of experience runs through the whole tale.

Think about that for a moment. Probably you’ll remember. When did you begin to experience spiritual awakening?

Any stories to share here? Either as comments or as a guest post!

Come spread the joy around.

Consciousness kept dipping down into subconscious and astral vibrational frequencies. Because this happens consistently throughout Bigger than All the Night Sky…  Could be, this is a second reason why this autobiography qualifies as an “Age of Awakening Memoir”

Example from Bigger than All the Night Sky

From Chapter 19. Finding WHAT in the Hem of My Skirt?

Whenever I want to feel good after school, I’ll go there, especially to the Water Lilies Room. [At New York’s Museum of Modern Art.] Which has a bench where you can sit and let yourself tumble into Monet’s paintings. His amazing depictions of water lilies adorn all four walls of this room, and usually I’m the only person there.

Granted, this Flushing girl has never been anywhere close to a real water lily; these French ones are gigantic, as if they come from another planet, and a very dreamy world indeed, a world that I would prefer to inhabit. But no repining; at least I can visit those lilies whenever I wish.

Thank you for joining me, Blog-Buddies. Thinking in a new way about this boldly shared set of teaching tales. Aiming to supplement your own, hidden, golden collection.

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  1. 1
    Catherine says:

    There were dark times.

    I struggle to find many moments of spiritual awakening.

    But one of the best feelings back then was of flying—on my bike, on my rollerblades, on a rollercoaster.

  2. 2
    Catherine says:

    I had the kind of childhood where my whole day outside of school—including summers—was unstructured. I was able to explore the outside world (a safe, middle class suburb) to my heart’s content.

  3. 3
    Catherine says:

    Additionally, there were lots of babies around because my mom was a sitter, so I was given the opportunity to nurture and to experience pure love and joy.

  4. 4
    Catherine says:

    I was surrounded by Christian friends who would invite me to their Sunday services, retreats, and bible studies throughout high school and part of university.

    There were some special moments of divine connection then, even though I was in a cult-ish environment that took several years to truly leave.

  5. 5
    Ethan says:

    I was wondering if sharing a not so nice story is OK.

    I had a very vivid nightmare of scary entity being in my bed with me when I was around 8 years old.

  6. 6
    Ethan says:

    It was so scary that for years after, really until I started into my cult new age group, I had to sleep with pillows all around me, sometimes lights on (as if pillows would keep the entities away..).

    Not sacred, but mysterious to me as a kid.

  7. 7

    CATHERINE and ETHAN, thank you so much for being the first to share on this thread. Wonderful comments!

    Both Divine sweetness and astral complication are easier to access now, in The Age of Awakening.

  8. 8

    In fact, ETHAN, your experience ties in nicely with our last post.

    And also with the theme of people who’ve been involved in psychic development — and thus working with astral beings (whether they’ve been told the truth about that or not) — beginning to switch over to energy healing that involves co-creating with the Divine.

  9. 9

    Incidentally, in less than two weeks I’ll be leading a brand new workshop about how to Co-Create with God for (energy) Healing.

    Someone new signed up today. Yes, some seats are still available. If you’re at all curious, take a look here!

  10. 10
    Valerie says:

    I can’t wait to read your memoir Rose!

    The first spiritual awakening experience I can remember is looking at the stars out the window (enjoying my delicious cup of orange juice), and thinking about where I came from and how different it is down here.

  11. 11

    VALERIE, what a deliciously human comment you’ve written. Such a simple experience that a person might have taken for granted and forgotten.

    Especially since you might not have had the language skills to share it with anyone, nor had people in your life who would have encouraged you. Yet that spark lit, and no matter what it’s been glowing within you ever since, right? Thank you so much for sharing this.

  12. 12
    Explorer says:

    Not sure why, but I’m drawing blank.

    So I won’t push hard to find one.

    I have always been aware even when I couldn’t properly name or identify my experiences. By aware I don’t mean energy sensitive but that strong knowing that there is much more to life than we see on the surface.

  13. 13
    Explorer says:

    Unlike the flashiness of astral, co-creating with Divine always leaves me with a very subtle aliveness.

    I enjoy even the most mundane chores fully.

  14. 14

    EXPLORER, you may have spoken for many at the blog.

    Each of our stories is so beautiful. Each one, a great love story. Perfect.

    At least, that’s how it seems to me. Based on shares some of you have given here, like this one.

  15. 15
    Sophie G. says:

    Most of my human life I’ve felt very, very ‘homesick for heaven’, as Rose puts it. So, so bored and confused.

    Does this count as a spiritual awakening experience? Haha…


  16. 16
    Sophie G. says:

    The more I accept human life as my very own choice (?), the more I will feel ‘safe’ (in a normal kind of way) as a human being…maybe that’s when more spiritual awakening can take place.

  17. 17
    Sophie G. says:

    A strong love for God/the Divine and always being moved to tears because of that lovelovelove, beautiful connection…that’s what I remember as my first spiritual awakening experiences (followed by that homesickness, unfortunately).

  18. 18

    Unfortunate? But sooooooo beautiful, SOPHIE G. Even at your relatively young age, you have learned so much about how to adjust well to being human. Making this lifetime a triumph.

    Personally, I’ve seen so much growth in you since our first RES session. I’m so very proud of you.

    Also, our little survey of this blog community, via comments at this thread — well, SOPHIE, you have spoken for many here, I know.

  19. 19
    Emily Turner says:

    Sophie, I can so relate to your comment, like a generalised disappointment, homesickness and boredom throughout my childhood, and I felt confused because I knew this wasn’t all there was but couldn’t figure out how to express it or who to express it to.

  20. 20
    Tatiana says:

    The first of all can’t wait to get my copy of the book. I’m in love with the title “Bigger than All the Night Sky”❤️

    I remember myself being a kid and getting bored during the class. So to keep myself entertained I was exploring what my classmates think or how they feel. It was so special and juicy to me. By now I know I was doing unskilled Empath merge

  21. 21
    Graham says:

    I just read this on Twitter (posted by someone called Theresa DeLucci):

    ‘As someone working w/ Amazon marketing, I can confirm that it is HIGHLY important to review your favorite authors’ books. HIGHLY. Ideally a book should have minimum 15 reviews & at least a 3.5 star rating for certain algorithms to kick in. #publishing’

  22. 22
    Explorer says:

    I second that Sophie and Emily T. I only started getting more interested in my human life when I met Rose.

    Breaking my normal and actually valuing my human life wasn’t easy. But once a got a taste of it, I started to see the beauty Earth School offers. I definitely notice it more often now.

  23. 23
    Sandra says:

    My earliest spiritual awakening experiences were when I beheld things/events filled with intense beauty and love.

    I experienced the Divine when outside in creation, or watching someone in the midst of a non-flashy act of kindness.

  24. 24

    Oh, all these shares are so wonderful. Thanks, everyone.

    Also, I’d like to thank you especially, GRAHAM, for that Comment #21. An indie publisher like me has NO chance of being discoverable at Amazon unless folks review my books.

  25. 25

    Also, did you know? Starry reviews can be just a sentence or two. Plus, you don’t have to have purchased the book through Amazon to review it.

    In case it helps, here’s a link to my author page at in the U.S. (I’ve got author pages at all the other Amazons as well, except for the one in Japan. You ought to be able to find all my current titles there. And review them, too.)

    Certain of you Blog-Buddies have already supported me beautifully by posting reviews at Amazon in your country. And I’m so very grateful to you.

  26. 26
    Kylie says:

    What a beautiful description Sandra.

    I remember a few experiences like that–once when I was sitting outside in a field at night with two friends, feeling totally connected to the friends, the earth and the night.

  27. 27
    Kylie says:

    Another when I was engaged in an activity with a group, walking up a hill in Scotland.

    The sight of all of us walking up the hill, together yet each alone, really stirred me.

  28. 28
    Kylie says:

    A third experience was when kayaking in a group.

    Again, it was an experience of “alone yet together”–cherishing the feeling of my interior consciousness, and the connected feeling of doing something together with a group, in nature.

    At such times, all felt right with the world.

  29. 29
    Kylie says:

    But huge confusion came in for me when again and again experience would show me that all of the beauty and love I felt did not match at all the feelings of other participants.

    I would hear somebody else talk about the same experience, and it would be a completely different story!

  30. 30


  31. 31
    Liane says:

    Just finished ‘Bigger Than All the Night Sky’.

    I send you a hug in thanks for sharing your early years, and the pre-events that happened before day 1 as Laura Sue Rosenbaum.

  32. 32
    Liane says:

    It is your memoir; it’s also a sweet gift for the rest of us to use as a guide for some thought provoking hindsights into our own early years.

  33. 33
    Liane says:

    As with all of your books, this one is no different in that I will be reading it again and again, each time gaining new levels of understanding and deeper perception.

  34. 34
    Liane says:

    On a personal note – I fell in love with your parents and your grandmother, Gisela.

    Everyone just doing the best they know how.

  35. 35

    Talk about gifts! Thank you, LIANE.

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