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Aura Reading Mark Zuckerberg. Has He Changed?

Aura Reading Mark Zuckerberg

Aura Reading Mark Zuckerberg, posing with his stacks of money. (They’re bigger than he is.) 😉  How does his aura stack up currently?

Aura Reading Mark Zuckerberg… again? Five years ago I explored his aura. But a lot has changed since then. Lately the Facebook tycoon has been in the news. And not in a good way.

Think “Casual attitude toward leaking personal data of 87 MILLION FB users.”

Or how long it took for Mark to admit: FB accepted ad payment in rubles. And unquestioningly helping Russians to influence what? Merely America’s last presidential election. That’s what.

At least one of you Blog-Buddies has said “Enough!” Then closed her Facebook account. Thus, joining many in protest. (And protecting privacy.)

How could I resist researching Zuckerberg’s aura again? Especially since…

How I Laughed! Did You?

Courtesy of Blog-Buddy EMILY T, this comment came in. Just last night:

SNL’s recent send up of Mark Zuckerberg reminded me of this aura reading!

They also think he is ‘doing a good imitation of being a human’ LOL

Might I recommend? Blog-Buddies, take a look at that YouTube. Then COMMENT below with your reaction.

About that “Doing a good imitation of being a human”? EMILY was referring, of course, to our previous aura reading of Mark Zuckerberg.

Nuts and Bolts for this Aura Reading

Here’s the photo I’ll use for today’s aura research.

For this comparison reading, I’ll refer to that previous Mark Zuckerberg Aura Reading. From nearly five years ago.

On a less jubilant note, this is going to be a pretty unusual aura reading. Related to the not-quite human way that Mark Zuckerberg has incarnated on earth. You know, that aforementioned theme of “Doing a good imitation of being a human.”

Trust me, Blog-Buddies. It’s hardly as though I go out of my way to notice the impact of astral beings and E.T. entities on our world. Or the very rare person who’s incarnated in a way that is more like an E.T. than a regular human. (Like guess who?)

However, sometimes this topic just comes up. Because aura reading tells us the truth. And sometimes that truth can be a bit uncomfortable.

At least I’ll be reading the aura of someone who is only barely human, aura-wise. Just Mark Z. Neither you nor me!

1. Aura Reading Mark Zuckerberg: Root Chakra Databank for Saving Money

In 2018, After the Shift into The Age of Awakening

90 miles. Solidly adapted to human life, Mark Zuckerberg is plugged in to power. Influence. And money.

As you may know, Blog-Buddies. There are three main ways that we humans can use our full potential:

  • Love
  • Light
  • And Power

(If you’re curious to learn more, here’s a resource for you.)

Seems to me, by now, Zuckerberg relates only to power.

Posing with a friendly smile?

Dressing like he lives down the hall from you at the college dorm?

Being male? Looking very, very white?

That’s an appearance which may impress some. Bringing up associations of love and light, pure white bread goodness.

But these are surface-level cues, after all.

Right from the first chakra databank, our research reveals… Quite a different truth.

In 2012, Before the Shift into The Age of Awakening

Out to the moon. A deep indifference plus, equally strong, the demand for extreme financial security.

Having money helps to anchor Mark Zuckerberg in human reality.

You know, Blog-Buddies, many unusual beings are living on earth today in human guise.

It is a time of huge transition on earth, with vibrations accelerating super-quickly every single day.

If you are managing to hold on for this wild ride with some semblance of sanity, you are doing GREAT!

During this amazing time, highly unusual beings who might not otherwise to come to this world have volunteered for the chance to play… and to help. Just this morning, I was thinking fondly of a friend of mine who is not very human, compared to standard issue folks like me and perhaps you.

I was remembering a story she told me about how she was sitting in a group of people and just popped out of this dimension completely, seeming to physically disappear for a few minutes. As other group members told her lately.

Gladys wasn’t surprised at all, as she often moves in consciousness to different dimensions. For Gladys, telling this story, especially when I gasped with delight, made her chuckle.

Back at Mark, a key to appreciating his aura is that he does a good imitation of being a human. But he is so clearly different, and this isn’t like being a more-or-less smoothly adapted human, like someone with a big twist to the incarnation, such as a person with Aspberger’s syndrome or Intellectual Disability.

As we’ll continue to see, unfolding information one bit at a time, this is a very different deal. Mark Zuckerberg is high functioning as delightfully strange and aurically quite alien.

2. Aura Reading Mark Zuckerberg. Root Chakra Databank for Personality at Work

In 2018, After the Shift into The Age of Awakening

45 feet. Like a sleekly well-adjusted man. Actually 34 years old, not 20. Aura-wise, like any super-successful businessman.

Most notably, in his aura as though the Facebook executive is wearing a perfectly tailored suit. Quite a suit — super-expensive and very conservative. Able to fit in perfectly with the upper strata of business executives. What, folks who are financially in the 0.000001%?

All this… Despite dressing, in physical reality, as though the guy’s still in college. Founding FB.

Or maybe in today’s aura reading photograph… Zuckerberg dressed as if for a remake of the TV series about space travel, “Star Trek.”

Really, Blog-Buddies, what if you haven’t yet clicked on the link to today’s aura photo? Here’s another chance. Because you might want to take a peek.

In 2012, Before the Shift into The Age of Awakening

7 inches. Mark Zuckerberg can communicate well, focus deeply, yet the reason this chakra databank is so teensy is that he has a big energetic subroutine going on.

For those of you not yet familiar with that term, an “energetic subroutine” is like outsourcing a job to an employee in a faraway land. There is a habitual or (in this case, also) structural pattern of turning the function of one chakra databank over to an entirely different chakra databank. Kind of like not using your left hand for a task but having your right ear do it instead.

Usually energetic subroutines aren’t great news. But for Mark Zuckerberg….

Mark Z. outsources to a Crown Chakra Databank about Inspiration from Other Dimensions.

He is so plugged in there, while working. To Mark, “at work” means creating something, solving a technical problem, stretching his understanding. “At work”has nothing whatsoever to do with getting along with other people, having conversations, doing the social components of life in real-life social networks.

Incidentally no, most of us do not possess this chakra databank. Fear not, you have ones that even the great Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t possess.

Everyone has about 10% of their chakra databanks as custom designed.

Related to your current lifestyle, how you are progressing on your path to Enlightenment, etc.

3. Aura Reading Mark Zuckerberg. Root Chakra Databank for Personality PROJECTED at Work

In 2018, After the Shift into The Age of Awakening

90 miles. Wielding immense power. An uncanny power, really.

As though he’s strongly integrated now into his human life. Yet he has backup from beings who aren’t human. Rather, he’s representing that group, and their interests.

Successful at impacting life on earth, that’s Mark Zuckerberg. Feeling successful, verging on invincible. Like he’s in role, and preparing to influence human life strongly as “just one of the (human) kids.”

In 2012, Before the Shift into The Age of Awakening

Fills the room. Boyish. Playful. Insouciant, not taking anything or anyone very seriously.

4. Aura Reading Mark Zuckerberg: Heart Chakra Databank for Emotional Intelligence at Work

In 2018, After the Shift into The Age of Awakening

2 inches. By now Zuckerberg is so successful, so rich and powerful, why pretend?

He doesn’t care about people’s feelings. Barely noticing them is more like it.

In 2012, Before the Shift into The Age of Awakening

7 inches. About what one would expect from an intelligent man from outer space.

Mark Zuckerberg has learned to read faces and body language. Sometimes he remembers to do so.

In Conclusion

Not pretty. Since his aura strikes me as even worse than before, actually.

So much for the idea that a youthful appearance and major financial success… Equates with being a good person. Or much of a person at all.

What conclusion do I, personally draw from this Mark Zuckerberg Aura Reading? More than ever, today I’ll enjoy my human life. Choosing honor, and doing my reasonable best. Enjoying life. Caring deeply about people. Finding zest and zing and joy.

Because that’s the human spirit, isn’t it? And I stand believing that when we humans live — each of us — as fully as we can, yes! We keep our world strong. And, indirectly, we help our dear planet. The place I affectionately call “Earth School.” We help humanity make a clean adjustment into The Age of Awakening.

Some of us may even have been born with exactly that purpose in mind.

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  1. 1
    Graham says:

    Fascinating, Rose. I remember reading the earlier post of Mark Zuckerberg’s aura and struggling to understand how such an unusual (otherworldly?) being could care so little about genuinely being of service.

    It makes more sense to me now that I understand more about the unusual time we are living through.

  2. 2
    Graham says:

    I also deleted my Facebook account, nearly a year ago now! No regrets there.

  3. 3

    GRAHAM, thank you for leading off on this thread with your comments.

    About your Comment #1, why would you expect a non-human to “care so little about genuinely being of service”?

    Do you assume, as many do, that someone affiliated with a non-human realm, an E.T., would be “of higher vibrations”? Or more evolved than a human?

  4. 4

    One reason to read (or re-read) “The New Strong” is to gain clarity about the voluntary dumbing down we do in a human incarnation. How it works and how we change during childhood, in order to evolve here at Earth School.

    And you also make surprising discoveries about earth’s distinctively low vibrational frequencies.

  5. 5

    Living here doesn’t make us humans less evolved at all.

    Probably any of you who are reading this comment are MORE evolved than spirits who help psychics. More evolved than beings like Abraham, who are accessed through channeling. More spiritually awake than E.T. entities who provide “transmissions” that supposedly help people evolve… but may not produce what is claimed.

    Not at all.

  6. 6
    Graham says:

    Hi Rose, yes, exactly – back when you first read Mark Zuckerberg’s aura, that’s exactly what I did think – that any type of “spirit” must have been “higher” than us humble humans.

    Thank goodness I know better now!

  7. 7
    Kylie says:

    Fascinating, Rose! When I read the earlier comments and watched the SNL video I was very curious about how his aura might have changed but didn’t have time to comment.

    A few hours later and you’ve written a post! Thank you!

  8. 8

    Thanks, KYLIE and GRAHAM, for your input here.

    On a different theme, I just learned of something that definitely isn’t helping us humans. Have you ever heard of “Phubbing”?

    Here’s an article about it.

  9. 9
    Gillian says:

    Ugh! I detest ‘phubbing’ (though had never heard that actual term before).

    A while back I went out with a man who had his phone out the whole time. I never felt it was possible to have a good conversation with him, as his attention was always elsewhere.

    After that I added such behaviour to my list of warning signs to look out for (I don’t really have a list as such, but you get the idea). I’m glad to say that no one in my current friendship circle phubs :).

  10. 10
    Ethan says:

    What a great blog post Rose.

    I am left wondering why a soul would incarnate on a HUMAN planet in a non-human kind of way.

    Is Mark Z one of those unusual beings who volunteered to help? I love the truth that aura reading provides. Thanks for doing these.

  11. 11
    Ethan says:

    I also hadn’t heard of the term “phubbing” but I have experienced the frustration that goes along with that.

    And what are people usual phubbing me for? to check their Facebook.

    It is no wonder a person who doesn’t care so much about social interaction like Mark Z created FB. I had to cut back on FB when I realized I was borderline addicted to checking it.

  12. 12
    Mel says:

    Like phubbing, there’s a kind of multitasking a lot of people do nowadays where they’re having a conversation with you and somebody else electronically at the same time. For example, young people having multiple windows (or tabs) of communication at the same time.

    I find that kind of “connecting” to be a waste of time.

  13. 13
    Lilian says:

    I am increasingly of the opinion that any brave soul which decided to do a human incarnation should be admired on some level. Think of all the social change and questions Mark has brought to the surface, lots of personal growth for all, in ways that you can’t really predict. :-p Imagine someone who can only relate to the power aspect of the love, light and power trio? He’s not used it to incarnate as a dictator, but as a rather awkward billionaire who is quite openly mocked, who had a whole business without a viable long term business model and whose empire might come tumbling down before he’s 40. In this way, he’s making a bunch of mistakes in an almost comically bad way, which could probably prevent more cunning people make worse mistakes down the line.

  14. 14
    Lilian says:

    Example of Mark being publicly mocked:

  15. 15

    You’re welcome, ETHAN. Thanks to all of you who have been making this conversation so lively!

    Regarding Comment #10, you’d have to ask a psychic. Which I’m not.

  16. 16

    I can tell you that Mark Zuckerberg is human enough to function within the normal range of human appearance and behavior.

    It’s up to us to develop energetic literacy to gain discernment beyond that. And learning about people we might date or work with or have in our families — that’s the really practical value in reading auras. I just post treats of general interest, you know?

  17. 17
    Emily T says:

    Yay, happy it inspired a post! Interesting to see how he doesn’t seem to have grown except for in how he uses his power.

    What a shame such a huge international business that reaches into the lives of so many, has such a person at the reins.

  18. 18
    Holly says:

    Now that Rose has mentioned Mark Zuckerberg is “aurically quite alien”, he does seem to look like a Teletubby while testifying in front of Congress.

    Meanwhile, FB stock is up over 3% as our Senators show that they don’t quite know what Facebook really is.

  19. 19
    Explorer says:

    wow… that was a very interesting one Rose! I’m so glad you shared it.

    We really do live in a strange and fascinating time.

  20. 20
    Ethan says:

    I read that since Mark is sometimes depicted as robotic he hired outside consultants to help coach him, even holding mock sessions to ready him for the congressional inquiry.

    He has been making eye contact with members which hasn’t gone unnoticed.

    Very interesting knowing what I have learned from this blog post.

  21. 21
    Christine says:

    Wow. I was hoping he had changed for the better but I see this is not the case.

  22. 22
    Gillian says:

    I read this quote on the BBC news website tonight – just had to share:

    “The Facebook CEO’s at-times awkwardness saw him being compared to Star Trek’s Data – an android who struggles with human behaviour and emotions.”

  23. 23
    Emily T says:

    To clarify my comment 17, in particular I think it is a shame that he does not appear to have grown since the last time Rose read his aura, not because he is someone who would normally incarnate elsewhere.

    I had thought of others who run huge businesses like the founder of Ikea and also Tony Hsieh of Zappos who in contrast, are on Rose’s enlightenment life list.

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