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Misfits Hiding in Plain Sight

Misfits Hiding

Misfits Hiding in Plain Sight. Might you be one of them? Here’s something that could bring ease to your heart.

Misfits Hiding in Plain Sight. How can Rose Rosetree’s new memoir, Bigger than All the Night Sky bring you a welcome sense of belonging?

Fortunately, that misfit aspect may not quite show to others. Big seekers of MORE can blend in. Sorta.

Yet inwardly we have always felt different.

Misfits Hiding How We Feel Homesick for Heaven

“I knew I was not from this planet and that this is a very tough planet.”

A friend of mine told me that. I didn’t relate… exactly. Yet I could sympathize. That’s Joe’s language for feeling alien. Personally, I use different language:

Secretly. Homesick. For heaven.

That means, you don’t quite adjust to being human. Instead, you miss being an angel. Even if you haven’t exactly been able to put that into words.

And deep down you might even wish you could “Go home.” Back to where your soul lived before starting this lifetime.

Many seekers of God feel that way. Alienated. In your early years, living almost as if playing a part. Playing a role you don’t quite believe in.

Yet you weren’t quite weird enough… to seem weirder than most people.

So you fit in. While still having a secret ache in your heart.

Misfits Hiding? I Wrote This for You

Because I’ve read a lot of memoirs. Since this kind of book has always appealed to me. Seeking to understand how other people have managed to survive at this “very tough planet.” Which I call “Earth School.”

  • So many of us have felt driven — yes driven — to personal growth.
  • Until we have our first spiritual awakening, nothing seems to make sense.
  • And even then, we struggle.

Bigger than All the Night Sky is a memoir of spiritual awakening. And not, like so many memoirs, about this very different plot line:

Joe is super-successful. Maybe rich. Or famous. Or both. But then he has a moment of spiritual awakening. As a result he changes his life.

By contrast, Bigger than All the Night Sky tells the story of someone who was a misfit hiding in plain sight. Doing well enough. Although definitely not doing great. And always seeking answers to help life make sense.

Not just a sense of purpose. But a sense of belonging.

Did you know? Some research has shown that misfits and outsiders can work more creatively than others?

Misfits Hiding? I Dedicated this Book to You

I want to share with you the exact words. Written as a dedication near the start of the book. To make a more personal connection with you, here’s a sound recording. A recording made just for you.

A recording with the Dedication for this memoir …Yes, if you click on this link you’ll hear me sharing that Dedication with you.

So far, many readers have been telling me that Bigger than All the Night Sky does speak to them. Since like me,  you’ve been one of Earth School’s secret misfits, hiding in plain sight.

Blog-Buddies, I hope that reading this book will help to bring peace to your heart. Let me know what happens!

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  1. 1

    A sweet thing happened yesterday regarding that memoir, so recently published. Yesterday I signed the first (and so far, only) autograph.

    For Joe, a Japanese-American student in the workshop I’m giving this weekend.

  2. 2

    As a publisher, I had a bit of delay in purchasing copies for sale. So I wasn’t able to add my latest book to the Workshop Bookstore.

    But Joe had ordered it through the link here at this website. And thus he brought it with him.

  3. 3

    My connection with Japan is mysterious yet as strong as could be. Connection to my students, clients, and readers… back from the 13 trips I made, sponsored by VOICE.

    Will I ever return to the Land of the Rising Sun. Teaching. Doing sessions. Having my books translated into authorized editions in Japanese. How I would love that. Meanwhile, I just feel so grateful to Joe for reminding me of that special and very personal connection.

  4. 4
    Sophie G. says:

    It’s late on this side of Earth School, so I will listen to the recording tomorrow.

    I can so relate…

    I just wanted to say how much reading this blog post touched me; and made me happy. Happy because I am not the only one.

  5. 5
    Julie says:

    Beautiful recording, Rose.

    Your voice moves me, as always.

  6. 6
    Joe says:

    Rose, the autograph was a pleasant treat on top of the powerful workshop over the weekend!

  7. 7
    Joe says:

    As a misfit, I pursued the path of personal and spiritual growth without having a clear goal of what I was aiming for, how I will get there, or a reliable measurement of growth.

    I was fortunate enough to have found RES to help me sift through the illusions.

  8. 8
    Joe says:

    Building on what I already knew about RES, this workshop was a gem because it further clarified what, how, and most importantly for me, the understanding of why it is important to co-create with the divine for personal development.

  9. 9
    Joe says:

    There are plenty of outdated Age of Faith practices to co-create with astral beings, but not so much with the divine (properly), and it’s definitely not mainstream (yet).

    The combination of co-creation with the divine and the use of effective skillsets is the formula for growth. And interestingly, this personal growth through the divine is ultimately to enjoy my human life so that I won’t be homesick for heaven 🙂

  10. 10

    Thanks so much for these comments, JOE, SOPHIE G, and (awe) JULIE.

    Here’s a great story from today’s Washington Post about dating for misfits. (Not that it’s called that, precisely.)

  11. 11
    Kylie says:

    i love these comments Joe, especially the last one.

    Spiritual growth, contrary to what so many people believe, helps you to enjoy your human life more. A lot more!

  12. 12
    Kylie says:

    Rose, I love that Washington Post article. What a great teacher!

    I love what she says about how for some students “meeting for a cup of coffee and sober conversation with someone you’re interested in on a Sunday afternoon can feel more intimate than getting naked with them on a Friday night.”

    Sad but true!

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