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Definitely Householder Enlightenment. KATRIINA’S Guest Post.

Definitely Householder Enlightenment

Definitely Householder Enlightenment. In this guest post, KATRIINA shares what helped wake her up to Enlightenment.

Definitely Householder Enlightenment. Yes, Enlightenment for a householder. Rather than a renunciate.

Age of Awakening Enlightenment allows us to live comfortably as the humans we are. And not in the middle, as so many spiritual seekers unwittingly do.

In today’s generous guest post, KATRIINA shares deeply. Giving us an intimate look at her evolving allegiance to life in the world. (Rather than seeking God as somebody who lives apart from the world.)

More joyful than ever, that’s KATRIINA. Now that’s she’s living Age of Awakening Enlightenment.

Definitely Householder Enlightenment. No Conflict.

Before we get to KATRIINA’s beautiful guest post, some clarification.

You might think the choice is easy:

Either seek Enlightenment as a renunciate. Living in some convent, monastery, or ashram.

Or else seek Enlightenment as a householder. Someone engaged in the world.

Yet many, many spiritual seekers live in the middle. Half and half.

Like sorta going through the motions of marriage and living in a nice house. Sorta doing her best to raise children.

But secretly yearning, with a passion for God that will not stop. And it keeps calling. Whispering. Grabbing.

Guaranteed, that’s a way to be miserable. I ought to know. Since I lived that way for decades. Especially before the Age of Awakening. When so many of us have begun to live that new kind of joy. Age of Awakening Enlightenment.

Today KATRIINA courageously shares today her version of this dual allegiance. How it troubled her, too. Except now it doesn’t.

Definitely Householder Enlightenment. Katriina’s Guest Post Begins

A renunciate way of life had felt most comfortable for me for as long as I can remember.

There was a time in the fairly recent past…

Where I actually searched for and located the nearest convents.

That was not very rational. Seeing as I have been happily married for over 25 years now. But shows the desperation of where I was. Before I found Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES.)

Discovering the Value of My Human Life

At first it seemed quite a bit odd that the the whole point of life would be to fully inhabit the human experience.

It was completely contrary to all the theories I had gathered up to that point. In my mind, the point was to strive to be:

  • “Pure”
  • Humble
  • Non-egoistical

All this in order to be more pleasing to God. I took that to the extreme, with the help of my empath gifts. 

It was extremely easy to disappear when I was with anyone else. Being with others caused me to feel really crappy. (Due to being an unskilled empath.)

However, according to my beliefs then, however, my interpretation was different. Not anything about doing unskilled empath merge. And, as a result, taking on “Imported STUFF.”

Instead, disliking social contact “meant that I was probably doing well in terms of my spiritual growth.”

Definitely, Householder Enlightenment Began with Empath Skills

My life got radically better after just a few sessions with Rose. And then taking her Empath Empowerment® workshop. Back when she taught that as an in-person workshop. Now she still teaches live workshops. But she doesn’t repeat them. These days she makes her workshop for empaths available through on-demand, online classes.)

I still was not entirely sold on the idea that human life mattered that much.

But my day-to-day life became progressively better the more I embraced the idea.

Then, the Thud

My biggest “thud” into accepting my human life came this year. Basically I got fed up with trying and failing to attain Enlightenment.

Yes, I still had that as the driving force behind everything. As if saying about my life, “Fine. I’ll play this game of life. But only to achieve Enlightenment.”

I finally took Enlightenment off the table. Inwardly I declared: “If it is offered, I will accept. But seeking Enlightenment shall no longer be THE driving force in my life.”

Definitely Householder Enlightenment. Without Straining.

There was a huge feeling of relief that came with this.

Enlightenment happened less than two months after that.

There were more RES sessions and a Name Alignment in the mix, also. (I’ll use my new name, once legal. It will be easier to spell than “Katriina.”)

All these combined with my driving motivation being to make my (human) life easier.

Finally, during a session with Rose, she facilitated Enlightenment Validation. Hearing that I had moved into Enlightenment made me laugh. As it seemed like the icing on the cake at that point.

What was the big deal for me in that session? The feeling of having my teeth, fully and gleefully, sunken into Life.

Living in Enlightenment, I am noticing  so much more with my human senses.

Seeing, hearing, feeling , smelling, tasting. Those “insignificant , boring , human” abilities. And it is delightful.

Householder Enlightenment. Definitely Understanding

Certain Words from an Enlightenment Coach

Before Rose started to develop the online workshops available today, she gave one teleseminar. An Enlightenment Basics teleseminar, back in 2015. From that came my favourite quote, ever, about gaining Age of Awakening Enlightenment:

Your spiritual evolution can be understood as… your progressive adjustment to being human.

Progressive enjoyment.. Progressive adjustment to being human.

Trusting human life more and more…

Being willing more and more to have your body, your life circumstances, your personality.

Not trying to escape it by pursuing Enlightenment

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  1. 1
    Gabrielle says:

    How sweet, Katriina. Thank you for sharing.

  2. 2
    Isabella C. says:

    Really sweet story, Katriina! (Dying to call you by your awesome new name, wink wink!!)

    So fascinating how different people come to Enlightenment, with their different “cute, little” stories about how it happened, which are really astounding stories of human achievement. Congratulations to you and thank you so much for sharing.

  3. 3
    Isabella C. says:

    I find that last quote really fascinating.

    I have so much more growing to do.

  4. 4
    Liane says:

    It was a pleasure to read your story… sounds like you’ve decided that if the skin fits, wear it!

    It’s still ironic (to me) that in order to gain enlightenment, one has to be fully invested in being human.

    Thanks for sharing, Katrina.

  5. 5
    Brittany says:

    So glad I hopped on the blog and read this.

    As a wife and mother, I see many congruencies between my current yearnings and yours prior to obtaining enlightenment. Thanks so much for sharing!

  6. 6
    Kylie says:

    Love this post Katriina!

    Especially this sentence: “The feeling of having my teeth, fully and gleefully, sunken into Life.” What a perfect description of enlightenment.

  7. 7

    Ooh, such great comments so far, from KYLIE, BRITTANY, ISABELLA C, GABRIELLE, and LIANE.

    Among all these wise words, I was really struck by “If the skin fits, wear it.” One more witty saying from you, LIANE.

  8. 8
    Jesse says:

    Lots to think about here!

  9. 9
    Jean says:

    Thank you Katriina for sharing.

    Quite helpful for me – especially around evolving into human life ever the more.

    Yes…progressive adjustment to being human…

  10. 10
    Jesse says:

    I thought being in shutdown mode meant being human. I don’t anymore….but I don’t have the understanding to replace it with a finer distinction.

    I guess you could say ….I’m living in the middle….between two worlds…

  11. 11

    Oh, JESSE, you may have spoken for many in that Comment #10.

    Everyone reading here can definitely celebrate your human life just by living in Human-Based Spirituality. This blog post can help. Not only do you enjoy life more that way, but you’re celebrating your human life in a way that helps you evolve towards Enlightenment.

  12. 12

    Even better is to live in that humanly joyful way called “The New Strong.” Which you can learn all about here.

    Or explore in a Free Intro to my online series of lessons. Totally on-demand. And The New Strong Collection of Workshops exists to help Blog-Buddies like you, JESSE, to “sink your teeth into life,” as it were.

    So glad you asked!

  13. 13
    Katriina says:

    I am so happy to hear my story has helped!

    It does feel a bit ironic to me also, but I came up with an idea that may help.

  14. 14
    Katriina says:

    Think of yourself as a sailing vessel.

    Being on the fence about taking part in your life is like having your sails tucked away and you are just sitting in your boat, waiting to see where the tide takes you.

  15. 15
    Katriina says:

    Becoming more interested in your life, it is like you put your sails up, check where the wind is blowing from, pick where you want to be heading , grab the rudder and then figure out how your boat reacts.

  16. 16
    Katriina says:

    Enlightenment might be that you are given a new setup for more powerful sails.

    Realize that learning to sail your boat IS the good part!

  17. 17

    Wow! Yes, this is brilliant. And as an Enlightenment Coach, I especially appreciate your Comment #16, KATRIINA. In my experience, folks in Age of Awakening Enlightenment do evolve faster — even faster — than before.

    But whether before or after reaching Enlightenment, either way, sailing your boat IS the good part. Human life is your golden opportunity.

  18. 18
    Liane says:

    Katrina, I really like the ‘full sail or no sail’ analogy. It helps put in to perspective some things that have been going on in my life since enlightenment.

    At the moment I am not full sail, and certainly don’t have more powerful sails.

  19. 19
    Liane says:

    But, like a friend recently said, I need some time to integrate all I’ve learned.

    If I go off full sail right now I could do more harm than good… or, at least that’s how it feels.

  20. 20
    Liane says:

    Maybe I’m preparing my sails (integrating), so when the time comes for full sails I will be ready and the journey will be an adventure that is productive, effective, and safe.

    I appreciate your thoughts on this subject — may you enjoy sailing your ship in full sails!

  21. 21
    Christine P says:

    I like the sailing your boat metaphor. ⛵

  22. 22
    ksparks says:

    Wonderful analogy Katriina! So true!

    Liane, you will find that enlightenment deepens a lot over time. So take your time integrating.

  23. 23
    Zaybe says:

    I think that most of my life to date has been about mending the holes in my boat!

  24. 24

    Aw, ZAYBE, I know you. Your boat is pretty darned great!

    And just about everyone’s boat has a lot of STUFF in it. Making use of some Really Effective Skills to upgrade? To me, that description of what you’ve been doing seems a great deal more respectful than your metaphor. Constantly mending a leaky, broken-down boat? Aw, you deserve better.

    Honestly, you’ve been functioning. And not noticeably “damaged.” It’s to your credit, choosing a path of self-actualization!

  25. 25
    Eve says:

    New name announcement : Formerly Katriina.

    Now , settled in after a few months of adjusting, Eve. Short, sweet, and very much mine ?

  26. 26

    EVE, thank you so much for sharing this happy news.

    Recently I did some aura reading of you for the Sweet Swap post, and the contrast was startling. You looked about 10 times more alive, vibrantly alive. When one’s name aligns better with one’s soul, it really can make that big a difference — not just in how you look to others but also your own experience of this magnificent life of yours.

  27. 27
    Kylie says:

    Congratulations Eve!!! And that is so true Rose, what a great way to describe the contrast.

    I have definitely noticed that with myself and the people I know who have done name alignment research and changed their names. It is like it brings that person’s soul expression into sharp focus.

  28. 28
    Eve says:

    Thank you Rose and Kylie. It really does make a difference.

    Also , unexpectedly, it’s removed a huge amount of assumed restrictions and makes you realize there’s almost nothing left in the “can’t do” category.

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