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Senator Duckworth Baby Makes History

Senator Duckworth Baby Makes History

Senator Duckworth’s new baby is NOT shown here. but keep reading and you’ll find an ethical, legal link to her photo. Plus you’ll encounter some pretty darned inspiring aura reading.

Senator Duckworth Baby Makes History. For the first time in U.S. history, a senator brought her baby to vote along with her.

Maybe this is part of a trend. Emerging power of women, influencing all walks of life. Women who act as the equals of men. (Actually, smarter than some of those men.) Political women who refuse to be told, Dear, you’re just confused. Or the equivalent.

Even before she brought her baby onto the Senate floor, I was such a fan of Tammy Duckworth. Back in 2012, I did a Skilled Empath Merge of the war hero. Definitely a war hero. Also, an Asian-American citizen. And, by now, an Illinois senator.

Recently, Tammy Duckworth did it. Only one day after the Senate voted to allow babies onto the chamber’s floor. Senator Duckworth, whom I’ve already admired for so many reasons. Brave as ever, she brought her 10-day-old baby. Yes, a girl.

Senator Duckworth Baby Makes History.

Taking That In

Definitely I want to read that baby’s aura. After the tears stop streaming down my face, that is.

Blog-Buddies, I’m so proud and happy about this. May women help to bring humanity to the halls of power!

Just this weekend, the Washington Post ran a fascinating story. Bringing to its logical conclusion of the modern-day ability to show contempt for women. Did you know that India and China now have 70 million more men than women?

Huh? How? Basically a combination of ultrasound tests to determine sex, followed up by aborting the females. Whether legally or illegally. Since, supposedly, it was sooooo superior to raise male children.

The nadir, perhaps, of under-rating women. Blog-Buddies, you read that statistic right: 70 million extra men. On earth. Right now.

You realize? Nothing like this has happened before in human history.

All the more reason why it’s so vital that we women rise up. Taking our rightful place in the halls of power. Along with so many smart men who agree: It’s high time.

Aura Reading Background

Definitely a cinch! If you are new to reading this kind of blog post… Seems to me, it will make way more sense to you if you read:

First of all, you can learn loads about aura reading here.

Second, out of many other aura reading books, this one is an international bestseller. (Maybe there’s a reason.)

Finally, here’s a link to a five-lesson Free Intro to the method of Aura Reading Through All Your Senses® . Might be a good use of your time! Fun, even.

Seems like we’re ready to go! Except for one detail.

Which Senator Duckworth Baby?

Originally, Blog-Buddies, I wanted to read the new baby, Maile. The girl in this historic photograph.

Except, if you look closely, guess what? That tiny baby is sleeping. (Pretty understandable. She’s only 10 days old.)

Eagerly I scoured the internet for a photo where the baby’s eyes are open. Unfortunately, I found none. So I couldn’t read her aura.

Fortunately, though, the first Senator Duckworth Baby #1 is available for aura reading. Yay, Abigail O’kalani  Bowlsbey. Here’s Abigail’s  adorb photo.

I’ll use this link. Granted, not ideal for somebody just learning how to read auras from photos. But for this more experienced energetic literacy person? Definitely doable.

Senator Duckworth Baby Abigail. Root Chakra Databank for

Connecting to Physical Reality

Symbolic Size

80 feet. Normal range for such a young person.


Joyful. Playful. Uncomplicated.

Maybe this goes without saying. But just in case, I’ll mention it. Wounded in the Iraq war, Tammy Duckworth is a double amputee.

In many public photos, you don’t see the metal hardware that allows Duckworth to walk. However, it’s showing in this photo.

And Baby Abigail isn’t the least bit perturbed. Nothing in this Root Chakra Databank like “My Mommy is damaged.”

Ha, and we grownups may think we know so much more than a little kid!

Senator Duckworth Baby Abigail Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for

Sense of Self

Symbolic Size

48 feet.


“Me, me, me. Life is all about me.”

Joyful. And cute.

Obviously, if she were 70 years old, that wouldn’t be cute any longer. 😉 But for a baby like Abigail, very good indeed!

Senator Duckworth Baby Abigail Heart Chakra Databank for

Emotional Giving

Symbolic Size

7 feet. Under-functioning for an adult. But just exactly in proportion for a child of this age.


Tender and sweet, Baby Abigail is starting to learn how to give to others. Of course, we’re not born knowing that. Meaning no insult, none of us is born knowing much.

Emotional giving — caring — is a defining characteristic of humans. It doesn’t come automatically.

Abigail’s version is simply newish, tender and sweet.

Senator Duckworth Baby Abigail Heart Chakra Databank for

Emotional Receiving

Symbolic Size

90 miles. Perfectly appropriate for a baby. Not over-functioning.


Lucky Baby Abigail when it comes to receiving love. Sure does. And she depends upon that. Thrives, due to that.

So inspiring, the happiness and trust developing for this little one!

Senator Duckworth Baby Abigail Third Eye Chakra Databank for

Connection to Spiritual Source

Symbolic Size

80 feet. Functioning just within the range one would expect at that age.


Baby Abigail’s connection to God is just as secure as her human connections. Maybe a little stronger than most.

But then, check out her Mom. By the time of this photograph in 2016, Tammy Duckworth is sooooooooo connected. Divinely connected and protected.

Seems to me, mother and child really do deserve each other.

In Conclusion

Maybe this aura reading has warmed your heart too. I hope so. However, I feel the need to shake you by the shoulders a bit. Just in case you have developed the idea that all babies are this gorgeous, aurically.

Actually, maybe not.

I’ve read many an aura, researching photos of babies. Especially in the context of selecting a baby to adopt.

Right from the earliest years, some babies are trouble. They just are.

Although most are delightful.

While some, like this Abigail, are preparing to grace this world. Bringing spiritual majesty into the human condition.

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  1. 1
    Christine P says:

    Wow. I am very surprised to learn that not all babies start off this beautiful.

  2. 2
    Explorer says:

    So many wows and a-has in this blog post!!

    Until this post and a personal session with you, I was under the assumption that all babies are pure and maybe everything else kicks in later.

    Well knowing about past lives now and your words here, maybe that’s not the case. It does makes sense when I think about it.

  3. 3
    Explorer says:

    Power of women keeps popping up for me on every corner these days.

    I just heard of the tv series called Handmaid’s Tale about a reality where women are extremely suppressed. It’s very dark and gruesome. I am nervous to watch it. Maybe because its too close to what was once before historically.

  4. 4
    Explorer says:

    This post and especially your reaction to Senator Duckworth and her baby is very moving Rose.

    Thank you for sharing. We have come a long way!

  5. 5
    Morgan says:


    Rose – When you say “Emotional giving — caring — is a defining characteristic of humans. It doesn’t come automatically.” Does that mean we all rely on our parents/nurturers to learn emotional giving and caring? Or can we learn it ourselves as we grow up by observing and practicing?

  6. 6

    ,MORGAN, I really don’t have a ready-made theory. Maybe you could come up with one. Maybe you have. 😉

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