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First Memoir.

First Memoir of the Age of Awakening? Two reasons why you may relate to “Bigger than All the Night Sky.”

First Memoir! Why might “Bigger than All the Night Sky” be the first memoir written about preparing for now? Now, the Age of Awakening!

Two reasons for that — I’ll share them today. Especially because I wonder, if these two aspects of my memoir…  might be the story of your life, too. Your life, as one of the pioneers of shifting into The Age of Awakening!

A memoir described in this previous post: Yes, that was my first blog post about “Bigger than All the Night Sky,” I suggested that this might be a memoir for the Age of Awakening. Today I’ll share a couple of extra ideas. Complete with tales.

Chosen because they might start you remembering. Recalling mysterious little moments from your own life.

Tales that are spiritual but not religious. And, if you think about it, bringing a Post-New-Age perspective to spiritual awakening

First Memoir. For the Age of Awakening.

Extra Reason #1. Driven to Find God as an Experience

Maybe the most important thing about this new Age of Awakening? That millions of us can find God powerfully, as a direct experience. And even move into Enlightenment. And do it in the new way: Age of Awakening Enlightenment. In contrast to Traditional Enlightenment. (Which was humanity’s only option before The Age of Awakening.)

So many of us, living now, are drooling for God. Even if we don’t talk about it much.

During the New Age Years, there was widespread interest in psychic development. Often promised to be an “accessible” form of spiritual connection that ordinary people could do.

Actually, psychic development is entirely different from spiritual development.

Yet Confusion Abounds, Doesn’t It?

Were you shocked when you learned that Doreen Virtue — the world’s most famous psychic — renounced her work? In order to become a Fundamentalist Christian!

In a way, this news didn’t shock me. Although I’ve never seen eye to eye with Ms. Virtue, her personal shift is so very Age of Awakening!

Again, during the years leading up to the Shift, many beautiful spiritual seekers became fascinated by psychic development. Now there’s a new trend. Becoming spiritual. Not necessarily religious. Just spiritual.

Spiritual evolution can quicken now, in The Age of Awakening. One of the most important new abilities for all humans is our greater ability to connect with the Divine. And even co-create with the Divine.

Because this is the driving search in Bigger than All the Night Sky, yes. Count this as a contributing factor. Seeking God, alone, isn’t exclusive to qualifying as an “Age of Awakening Memoir.” Many memoirs do. But they’re memoirs about Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, or psychic development.

So combining the search for God with the four other factors described in this post… Could be, all these will be seen as essential in years to come. For Age of Awakening memoirs.

First Memoir Age of Awakening, Example from Bigger than All the Night Sky

Excerpt from Chapter 17. Smoke Damage

Once my closet is fully empty, I discharge my responsibility, sweeping my eyes from left to right (and back), then down to up (and back). Not a bit of smoke damage!

Until suddenly I realize with a pang very much like hunger, “It’s gone.”

What is it that am I not seeing?

Something I’m hardly able to remember, let alone see it now, and yet a certain memory tickles my mind, like an old song I’m starting to hum.

Deep into my closet, I crawl. And sit down.

That’s when I remember a place where I used to go. Often. All the way back when I was little, in second grade, that long ago.

Note: Blog-Buddies, you can read more about this if you click ontoFree Tastes.” On the book page for Bigger than All the Night Sky. Because I’m giving you that full sample chapter to enjoy, previewing the memoir.

First Memoir. For the Age of Awakening.

Extra Reason #2. Organized Religion Is Optional

Seeking God? Sure! But not necessarily through organized religion.

Blog-Buddies, has organized religion met your needs? Especially the Shift on 12/21/12?

Seems like this is another important feature of humanity’s spiritual growth now. In The Age of Awakening.

Because of our new vibrational freedom, we can move into an Emmanuel experience. God with us.

Skills for Divine Co-Creation — we’re ready to learn them. Rather than deferring to venerated priests, gurus or other intermediaries.

Another theme that you’ll find throughout Bigger than All the Night Sky, yes. Maybe useful if we’re developing criteria to understand: What’s required for a book to qualify as an “Age of Awakening Memoir”?

First Memoir Age of Awakening, Example from Bigger than All the Night Sky

Excerpt from Chapter 11. Find Your Own Fun

For example, around this time in my life (my too-long year of third grade) Mommy often tells this story. “I wanted to teach you about religion, I really did. But I couldn’t. Blame the receptionist.”

Following that, she explains, “I went to a synagogue to make arrangements for you to go to Sunday School and get a good Jewish education. This was very scary for me. I had terrible feelings of insecurity, but I want you to know that I did it anyway, because sometimes good mothers have to do hard things. It’s important that you appreciate how I always did my best for you.

“So there I was, very vulnerable. Simply trying to help you have more of a religion than I was given when I was your age! Very shy, but I tried to ask the receptionist, ‘My daughter needs to have a religious education.’

“Well, this awful woman was busy, talking on the phone or something, even though I was standing right in front of her desk, and if she bothered to see my expression it would have been obvious to her how hard I was struggling to ask her this question.

“But did she do what was nice? Not at all. That selfish receptionist grabbed a piece of paper and shoved it over to me, very rudely, and then she told me, ‘These are our rates.’

“Afterwards she turned away, like I couldn’t ask any other questions until I paid her. Mean and horrible!”

“Can you imagine? I ask about religion and all she tells me is, ‘These are our rates’? What kind of a religion is that? Luckily I saw through the whole thing, and that’s why you’re never going to belong to any religion.”

In Conclusion

First memoir for The Age of Awakening? That’s possible, I think, about my little self-published autobiography.

Not that I’m claiming THE BEST. Merely THE FIRST.

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  1. 1
    Graham says:

    Talking of organised religion, I grew up in a very devout Christian family and we went to church without question every week.

    I’ve long since abandoned that tradition, but occasionally the yearning still comes up to find a community of like minds.

  2. 2
    Graham says:

    From time to time I discover the existence of a church I didn’t know about.

    Time permitting, if I am having an RES Soul Thrill Research session, I sometimes include a research item relating to the church I’m thinking of attending. Terrible results almost every time!

  3. 3
    Graham says:

    What continues to come out of those sessions is that I can find ‘my church’ in other activities, with other people – no need to seek God in organised religion at all.

  4. 4

    Fascinating, GRAHAM. Sometimes Soul Thrill® Aura Research does show really great results for a person, attending a church or other spiritual group.

    As you know (and I know that you know) responses of your own aura and subconscious mind are totally individual. That’s what makes this kind of aura research so practical. Sparing us from living like guinea pigs in our own experiment.

    Different people need different sources of inspiration and different forms of community.

  5. 5

    Altogether, seems to me that indirectly you’re making a very important point. About spiritual evolution for everyone in The Age of Awakening.

    It’s up to each person to find what helps you to evolve spiritually. Or to gain more security about being a good person deep down. Etc. Living now, no one-size-fits-all religion is suitable for all of humanity. Or all of your nation. Or, even, everybody in your family. 😉

  6. 6
    Catherine says:

    Echoing Graham, I’ve also been yearning to find a community of likeminded people, not necessarily a church, but very open to one.

    I tried attending a church recently that’s all the rage with millennials—very cool, with pastor dressed casually and heavy social media presence. It wasn’t for me. Felt more like style over substance.

  7. 7
    Catherine says:

    I’ve learned from RES sessions with Isabella Cates that having meaningful connections with friends doesn’t necessarily mean you need to have a super deep connection where your friend completely gets you.

    There can be bonding in more superficial ways, like going to the movies or sharing lunch together and making small talk, and that is valuable too.

  8. 8
    Emily T says:

    Hi Rose! I reviewed your book on Amazon UK so I thought I would copy it here 🙂

    A joy to read, a treat for your human soul living on Earth
    6 April 2018

  9. 9
    Emily T says:

    I was very lucky that the coffee shop in which I sat reading this book had a gigantic tissue dispenser right next to my table.

    Many times reading this book the tears flowed as there was just so many lovely and poignant moments and sparks of insight and knowledge that I’m very grateful Rose has shared.

  10. 10
    Emily T says:

    Yes, a first memoir for the Age of Awakening, and one that deftly combines the outer and inner worlds of her young life, so engagingly that I really hope she writes and publishes the next chapter of her life story.

  11. 11
    Emily T says:

    Especially since this one ends at 23 when her voice has becomes more and more grown up, a subtle device which had the reader following her growing up years even more closely, with more of a sense of what it was like to be small and then slightly bigger.

  12. 12
    Emily T says:

    For me personally, there is so much that resonates and has already helped me navigate and understand my own life story more.

    I look forward to reading it again and seeing what more insights come tumbling out!

  13. 13

    CATHERINE and EMILY T, thank you so much for these thought-provoking comments.

    Regarding the book review and also sharing it here at this blog, what a helpful act of sharing. I’m sure all you Blog-Buddies know that, often, readers are far more interested in reviewers’ comments than anything the author might have to say about a book! And it’s fun to have the reviews here as well. So yes, thanks!

  14. 14
    Tatiana says:

    Such a hot topic nowadays. Spirituality or religion.

    I believe you can be religious and not very spiritual, spiritual and not religious and also spiritual and religious at the same time.

    Every journey is unique. I agree with earlier comments RES Soul Thrill research is one of the best options to find out what is the best choice for your soul.

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