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Golden Bubble, Tin Results

Golden Bubble, Tin Results

Golden Bubble, Tin Results. How come? Keep reading, because you deserve more than vague promises.

Golden Bubble, Tin Results. Smart Self-Healer, let’s conclude our depth exploration. What does the popular “Golden Bubble” technique really deliver?

If you care about energetic self-healing, this three-part series might help you a lot.

  1. Safe Self-Healing
  2. Golden Bubble? Burst that Healing Fantasy

Do you share my passion for finding the truth? Contrasting with so many fantasies out there on the internet.  Golly, let’s start here!

Golden Bubble, Tin Results from Groundless Fears

Smart Self-Healer, other people’s energies aren’t going to hurt you. Why not? Because other people’s “negative energies” cannot randomly enter your aura. You can catch a mood or a yawn, but not energies.

Energy READING Skills make this obvious.

Even more so, Energy HEALING Skills. Because effective self-healing means more than removing one-size-fits-all “bad energies.”

For instance, I can teach you self-healing skills for removing negative thought forms. Versus cords of attachment. Versus Imported STUFF that only empaths get.

Smart Self-Healers, please know this. In RES, I’ve identified 30 different kinds of STUFF I’ve identified. Not a single one of them is contagious.

(Yes, in RES, STUFF is the term we use for energetic debris caught in your aura, causing emotional and spiritual stuckness.)

That’s right, if you get STUFF caught in your aura, hello! That’s never because you innocently catch it from other people’s negative energies. Nor because so-called “psychic vampires” send weird vibes to you. Fear not!

If you’re ever in session with me, I’ll explain specifics. Like what caused the particular energy problem that we’re solving. Since each form of STUFF has its own distinctive cause.

Meanwhile, please! Cross  “flying STUFF” off your list of things to fear. Never will you get energetic STUFF simply because another person has “negative energies.”

Golden Bubble. Tin Results Come from Imagining a Cure-All

Smart Self-Healer. With aura reading skills beyond the beginner level, you’ll discover this vital truth:

Imagining something made of energy does not create a cosmic cure-all.

What does it create instead? A thought form. That means, an object at the astral level. An object that can really, truly become established inside your aura.

Maybe one that looks just like the Golden Arches at the nearest McDonald’s. How pretty!

Only don’t expect a thought form to actually help you. Or heal you much at all. No more than carrying around a rabbit’s foot.

Truth is, “Golden Bubble” is just a name for one particular thought form. Nothing more. And wishing does not make it so. Not when it comes to the desired magical powers of the Golden Bubble.

So what does happen when you create a shiny, new thought form in your aura? Or you establish it extra-firmly? (Due to repetition.)

What really happens? Maybe something not great at all.

Golden Bubble, Tin Results. Here’s an Icky Example.

Today’s example comes courtesy of famed actor Hugh Grant. You see, Smart Self-Healer, I’ve read his aura for the “Chicago Sun-Times” newspaper. Mostly I praised his exceptional physical intelligence and way-analytical mind. As for sex appeal, well:

“Even if Hugh was in a hotel ballroom, with lots of other people around, you would find that your knees would begin to knock together, and you’d drool, whether you’re male or female. He’s that sexual.”

Aura reading Hugh’s Heart Chakra, though, what astounded me? Finding a wall. Or, to be more specific, five energetic walls. Yes, Grant had given himself five walls surrounding his Heart Chakra. And thick walls, at that!

Apparently this was his self-created, energetic self-healing technique! Not knowing better, he gave himself something very much like the Golden Bubble. Perhaps trying to cope with being so famous and sexy.

Clearly Hugh Grant worked hard at this. Otherwise he wouldn’t have manufactured those thick energetic walls.

So What’s Wrong with Big Walls? Or a Sturdy Golden Bubble?

Ironically, every wall around Hugh’s aura would make it harder for other people to get to know him. A subconscious impact.

Sure, fans might have the usual gaga reactions to his sexiness. Because that’s encoded in the star’s aura too. A contrasting subconscious impact.

Of course we respond to the truth about what’s really in a person’s energy field. Smart Self-Healer, have you ever heard of auric modeling? It means, everything about your aura shows to others. Subconsciously showing, that is.

So much for the healing power of Hugh Grant’s self-created version of the Golden Bubble!  Instead of healing him, or even helping him energetically, ouch! All he got were five icky thought forms. Each one made it harder to have intimacy in his personal life.

So What Would YOU Get?

Really, it’s only fair to ask. What would you, personally, get from giving yourself a Golden Bubble? Details related to your personal practice might vary. And with them, results. For sure, you’d get:

  • An astral-level thought form, an add-on.
  • Something reading fakey-fake. (Subconsciously, clear as day to all people who meet you.) Because all added-on thought forms read as “fake.” Like there’s you. And then there’s the glitzy costume jewelry.
  • So the Golden Bubble gets you a vague sense of inauthenticity.
  • And what else? Absolutely zero protection energetically.

To Repeat, Golden Bubbles Can’t Protect You Energetically

Here’s what happens instead:

  1. The harder you work, the stronger will be the thought form that you create. Extra fakey-fake!
  2. Maybe you’ll get some placebo effect. But that’s all.
  3. What else?  Maybe this too: You might feel like you’re “in the know.” Which can increase that placebo effect. Or at least a feeling of security. Which has zilch to do with energetic reality. And everything to do with how the Tin/Golden Bubble is popular. Storied. Famous…

Honestly, if you’re in session with me for RES Energy HEALING, I’ll explain the essentials to you. Whatever the type of STUFF that I facilitate removing from your aura. And then I’ll co-create, with Divine help, replacement energies that help support a stronger soul expression.

Smart Self-Healer, You Deserve Better than The Golden Bubble

I’ll summarize for you what would happen. During the sort of energy healing you deserve:

  1. You learn the name of that particular kind of STUFF being removed. (Never just “bad energy.”)
  2. To prevent worries, you learn how you got this kind of STUFF. (Never from “energy vampires” or “toxic personalities” or “random contagiousness.” Geesh!)
  3. Why is that kind of STUFF a problem? You deserve to learn that too. Because each distinctive type of astral STUFF… Causes very specific human problems.
  4. I’ll orient, you, too. Previewing exactly how I’m going to co-create healing with Divine help.
  5. Finally, you’ll learn which results you can reasonably expect. Results that are personal to you. (Never just “good energy.”)

In Conclusion

Energy healing is something to take seriously. Wishing ain’t healing.

Perhaps this little series of blog posts has given you a bit of a rude awakening. Did you already know that all self-healing techniques don’t work as advertised? And the same with energy healing purported to be professional.

To put it mildly!

But don’t worry. Smart Self-Healer, you can find encouragement in this one, simple fact: You’ve been reading consumer-oriented articles about energy healing. And it sure hasn’t killed you!

Well, keep up the reading and thinking. From now on, learn about the source of any new self-healing technique. Who offers it? If possible, have one personal session first, before you invest in learning. After learning, pay attention to whether you like the results.

The use common sense to evaluate the technique. Why is it supposed to work? Does that pass your sniff test?

One Last Tip

Just for you, Smart Self-Healer. Your reward for reading all the way through to the end of this series of articles!

Here’s one last tip for keeping yourself safe with self-healing. Of course, you’re going research energy healing on websites and YouTube videos.

Well, pay close attention to this: Does that energy healer claim to teach you self-healing right there and then?

(Maybe the length of our three articles, or shorter.)

Please, golden please: If you respect yourself, cross that healer off your list. Instead find somebody with a deeper knowledge of how to do quality work.

Because the “generous” healer who gives away services for free…. Either he/she/it/they made it up without earning anything close to rigor. Or else that person is copying someone else’s skills — copying, not duplicating. Otherwise, you can expect to find a hidden agenda, perhaps including extreme spiritual addiction.

Like any do-it-yourself project, energy healing isn’t good just because you do it yourself.

How valuable is what you’re doing to yourself? Surely that’s what matters most to you.

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  1. 1

    Smart Self-Healers, if you found this kind of analysis helpful, you might enjoy this bubble-related blog post from the start of 2018.

  2. 2

    Also, inspired especially by JANE’s recent Comments 12-20 about how the Golden Bubble fails empaths….

    Would any of you Blog-Buddies like to share your ideas about how some bubble-shaped thought forms are no substitute for Empath Empowerment®?

  3. 3
    ksparks says:

    Very interesting, Rose.

    I knew that techniques like this were not at all helpful, but I did not realize how harmful.

  4. 4

    Aw, thanks, KSPARKS. Seems to me that the Golden Bubble — and its ilk — are subtly harmful. Nobody’s going to die from doing a little “away time” to create an inner fantasy… (and despite not being told about this part) creating an icky-ish, aura-level thought form.

    But we can easily imagine a vicious cycle. Where Joe feels insecure, maybe spaced out; or maybe he’s even in spiritual addiction. And to make himself feel better, diligently he uses his Golden Bubble 20 times a day. What doesn’t he know?

  5. 5

    That big, old thought form grows increasingly vivid. Therefore, others respond to the vivid phoniness of his auric modeling. Subtly, but consistently, impacting their behavior towards him.

    So Joe might sense their distrust. Only most likely misinterpreting it, such as “Those people make me feel uncomfortable. Secretly they must be sending me really bad energy. I’d better use my Golden Bubble even more often.”

  6. 6

    What are the fruits of a badly constructed technique that involves consciousness?

    Sadly, diligence is rewarded with confusion.

  7. 7
    modernthing says:

    Hi Rose,

    Quick question, a little off-topic, but I was looking for the skillset to clean my home and my belongings (I could have sworn it was in the “Power of Command” book, but I searched in vain :/ )

  8. 8
    modernthing says:

    In which one of your books can I find it again ??

    sorry for posting this here, really looked but could not find !

    Thanks in advance,

  9. 9

    MODERNTHING, how funny! And totally on topic!!!

    You were looking for the thought form healing. Yes, Blog-Buddies, it is possible to clean up thought forms. Golden Bubble included. Find it here in this skill-packed, how-to book on energetic self-healing.

  10. 10
    Dancer says:

    I like this series of posts.

    I’ve made up some quick fixes of my own at some point or another.

  11. 11
    Dancer says:

    It took this series to get the Aha that you actually research consciousness on so many levels that I have no clue about, to come up with the safe and effective healing you do and teach.

    Intention without knowledge and skill ..No more diy for me.

  12. 12
    Dancer says:

    What gave me the idea that I could make my own “healing”?

    Thinking that because I have an intention for improving, and it is for my own use, it could not be bad for me.

  13. 13
    Dancer says:

    You are the first healer I know to have ever researched the effects at any level of consciousness.

    That is lacking in the rest of the community, due to ignorance.

    I’m now seeing the difference as that between a kindergartner and a PhD student.

  14. 14
    Liane says:

    Really enjoyed this series, Rose.

    I have a friend who does a little of this and a little of that, including the Golden Bubble. We used to be more on the same wave length, but the more I grow in RES, the more it is clear to me the need for discernment is paramount over the number of techniques one can fit into any given day.

  15. 15
    Liane says:

    It’s interesting that the one thing I’ve found that provides results (RES) is the one thing she simply cannot find it within herself to check out.

    Realizing this is her journey and not my soapbox – that she is free to do all the tapping and Golden Bubbles she wants – has felt completely liberating from my perspective.

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