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Responsible News Gathering. Practical Tips.

Responsible News Gathering.

Responsible News Gathering? Starts with telling TRUE from FALSE. And then it really gets interesting….

Responsible News Gathering. For doing that, what matters? Not just THAT you follow the news. But WHICH media you follow. And HOW.

Yes, here I’m bringing my expertise as a researcher of consciousness. Because THE PROCESS of gathering news impacts you. Not just WHAT you learn.

Did you know? Most of us don’t protect ourselves enough in how we stay informed.

Although it’s responsible to stay informed of the news, we also have responsibility to ourselves, right? 

That’s why I shared the last post, Responsibly Informed. Golden Time. Thanks for your responses to that, by the way. 🙂

Now let’s forge ahead.

Responsible News Gathering. Tip #1.

Staying Informed Politically Matters. Especially Now

Maybe it always mattered somewhat. But today a great deal of real news is called “fake news.” While many popular media broadcast Breitbart-style fake news… along with their false allegations of “fake news.”

Especially now, it’s important to support newspapers of record. Like my local paper, The Washington Post. Which just won a bunch of Pulitzer Prizes for reporting. 🙂

It matters, taking a stand for truth in broadcasting by selecting reputable sources of TV news. Meaning stations NOT affiliated with Sinclair.

Also important? Call out that cable giant Fox News. What a lie, calling its alleged reporting “Fair and Balanced.”

If it’s playing in public spaces, ask the management to switch channels. Explain why, while you’re at it.

And if you’re visiting friends and family, politely ask them to turn that cable show off! Offer to show them an independent fact-checking website. Because many good people have been deceived about what’s true in news. Versus what’s really a lie.

For sure…

Responsible News Gathering Takes Independence

Concern about “fake news” has spread to a shocking degree in America. Probably elsewhere, too.

But in America, honestly! Can you guess how many of us believe that some online news is fake? (And I’d be in that category, by now. Of course I trust newspapers of record and many other media outlets.) What’s your guess about believing that some “news” is fake?

86%, according to that survey.

Were you shocked, for instance, to learn of a certain omission by a rather influential broadcaster? Hint: He’s one of America’s most popular TV news hosts, period.

How helpful is it for your own spiritual growth… to populate your consciousness with really fake news? Not so helpful.

The following tips will only help after you do your due diligence: Figure out for yourself which news outlets are responsible in the first place.

That said, let’s go for more news gathering tips! Ones that impact your consciousness. Your aura. Therefore, your news gathering choices can either help or hinder your spiritual growth.

Responsible News Gathering. Tip #2. Do You Watch the News?

On your phone, your screen, however… When you “watch the news,” something happens to your consciousness. Something very important. And something you may not know yet.

What You’re Shown

First of all, why do TV broadcasters choose certain stories and images? For the shock value.

The uglier the better! And if an image is especially scary, that rules.

Euwwww, probably that’s not how you personally make choices in everyday life.

Unless your idea of personal growth means experiencing horror. 😉

How It Impacts You

Every image you see on TV or other streaming media — it has great power. More power to get you involved than other media.

No wonder many folks have stopped reading. Media involvement can set up a cycle of dulling down your intellect. Passively taking in whatever that media person chooses to show you.

It’s well established that your subconscious mind never forgets. Every single image. Imprint. Impression.

Even if you turn it off, soon as you see it.

Too late. Sorry. You’ve already got that image in your storehouse of impressions. Never to be erased.

Why, why, why would you give your power over to people who run a business? Notably, a business that depends on keeping you hooked. Aiming to gets what matters most to advertisers. Ratingzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Facebook is hardly the only “free” service that does business by monetizing YOU.

Responsible News Gathering. Tip #3: How Listening to News Can Be Better

When you listen, it’s still true that your subconscious mind never forgets. Every single sentence and sound effect. Leaving an imprint. Impressing your storehouse of impressions. And never to be erased.

What Broadcasters Tell You

Even real news comes complete with an agenda. Because it’s still about ratingzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

How It Impacts You

Check this out, Blog-Buddies. Definitely, you’ve got space between your ears.

Symbolizing your brain. And, yay!, discernment.

The pull of radio news isn’t nearly as intense as watching video news. Have you ever noticed how much easier it is to turn down the volume? Or switch stations entirely, away from news!

Besides offering you a greater opportunity for selective listening, what else? Listening to your news protects you. Since you’re unlikely to imagine anything as scary and disgusting as a visual… thrust upon you via TV.

That’s why listening to a responsible radio source is a better way to gather news than by passively watching images.

Responsible News Gathering. Tip #4: Why Reading Is Best of All

When you read, it’s easiest to jump to the stories that matter to you. And then…

What You See

Mostly it’s words. Words that you can choose to read. Or not. And guess what?

How It Impacts You

Reading is an inner process. Done by yourself for yourself. More akin to thinking!

No wonder thoughtful people like to read.

While reading, you’re more likely to pause, consider, discern.

Plus you’re unlikely to imagine anything as scary and disgusting as TV news. Or even radio news.

Incidentally, have you noticed. American radio currently specializes in presenting stories of victimey people. As if taking in all their overtones of anguish is really a “responsible” thing for you to do.

Opposite that! Junking up your aura does not make you responsible, thoughtful, or helpful. If you don’t see why, please ask about this in the COMMENTS section. And feel free to share your views on why you agree with me about this.

The One Tricky Part about Reading Your News?

Ugh, the photos! But there’s an app for that. An app called “a paper napkin.” Or some other random, bland piece of paper.

When reading the news, seriously. Keep one handy.

Whatever page you’re reading, use that paper app: Cover up those icky photographs. You know the ones I mean. Most of the ones in the first section of a good newspaper.

As someone who’s mature enough to get your news from reading, hooray! You don’t have to keep staring at photos, do you?

Personally, I can’t avoid glancing at photos. But I only take a focused look at newspaper pix in order to do face reading or aura reading. Ha ha!

Never just casual viewing. Because trust me, as someone who regularly helps clients to remove STUFF related to… Icky imprints in the storehouse of impressions. When it comes to the news, there’s no such thing as casually viewing those images.

In Conclusion

Seems to me, it’s vital that we do follow the news. Voting. Calling elected government officials. Maybe demonstrating and signing petitions and donating money.

Do you know people who say, “I’m too spiritual to follow the news”? According to this Enlightenment Coach, that’s just plain irresponsible.

If you care about personal growth… Or you wish to integrate spiritual awakening… Participate in human society. YOUR society.

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  1. 1
    An Avid Reader says:

    When 9/11 happened, I did not have a tv. I got my news from print and online sources (without watching video footage).

    I found that I seemed far less traumatized than those around me who had subjected themselves to tv and cable news outlets that replayed the horrifying images over and over.

    Thank you for this valuable information!

  2. 2
    Christine P says:

    As a person sensitive to graphic images of violence I agree.

  3. 3
    modernthing says:

    Another very good article Rose, thank you !

    I personally do not watch television news, never have and I don’t even own a television, which doesn’t mean I am ignorant…

  4. 4
    modernthing says:

    I find scary how much more some of the younger generations (I know a lot of people around 25-27 and even younger that have this trend) are addicted to screens :

    from waking up in the morning and putting something to play either on your phone or on your media center,

  5. 5
    modernthing says:

    most of the time they are not even paying attention to half of what is going on,

    it feels like a necessary or reassuring background noise or gimmick.

  6. 6
    modernthing says:

    I never saw so many screens around me and it almost drives me mad:

    it almost is starting to feel like people are afraid to be present in the room with you when they are bored. It’s so overrated to just look around.

  7. 7
    modernthing says:

    Concerning the news, I have even removed most news threads from my social media, as I find it quite depressive to always read negative information, it literally drags me down.

  8. 8
    modernthing says:

    As for Twitter, another on-line platform that’s somewhat connected to a lot of this fake news business, I don’t participate much.

    The hate-sphere over there, the amount of scrutiny and tearing down of random people and random things is just hopeless, you wonder if some people actually have a life.

  9. 9
    modernthing says:

    Regarding television itself, I am finding it hard, more and more, even to watch movies and some TV series.

    Some scenario’s are just too much to take I feel (I am thinking in particular about the thing I watched where I had to almost stop watching because of how disgusting I found it to be… I am not easily shocked).

  10. 10
    modernthing says:

    I can totally relate to what you say about reading… as a visual artist, I have always found books to be the perfect tool to nicely stimulate your imagination 😉

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