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Planning Life Contracts. Revisiting Mine.

Planning Life Contracts

Planning Life Contracts. What made it possible for me to report on my Planning Meeting and Life Contract for this lifetime?

Planning Life Contracts. Surely this is one of the deepest mysteries of human life. While we’re human, anyway.

Sacred, heavenly Planning Meetings. Surely they’re among the most fascinating treasure troves of info.

If you only we can open up that treasure box.

Well, you know if you’ve read Bigger than All the Night Sky. Somehow I have been able to open up that treasure box.

Today I’d like to share with you how I came to write this part of my memoir.

Probably it was the trickiest part of my memoir to write: Revisiting the planning of my own Life Contract.

How could I find so many intimate details to share with you? Soon I’ll share inside info about how I found so many details.

First, Though, What Are Life Contracts?

Not to reinvent the wheel. Or repeat a description of how it spins…

Here’s a link to a previous blog post. Loaded with details about Life Contracts.

Second, What About Doing a Specific Kind of Past-Life Regression

About Your Planning Ceremony and Details of Your Life Contract

Helping clients go there. I’ve facilitated that for some clients. Offering Between Lives sessions of Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis.

Especially relevant for my memoir, I’ve also been a client for a Life Before Life session. Facilitated by a past-life regression expert trained personally by Dr. Michael Newton.

Without question, that vivid experience as a client is one of the reasons why I dared write this: Describing my own Planning Meeting for this lifetime.

What Else Helped Me Describe My Planning Meeting and Life Contract?

Quite some summary, folks! Here we go.

1. Planning Life Contracts. Revisiting Via a Near-Death Experience

In Bigger than All the Night Sky you’ll see the backstory about having an operation at age five. Nobody told me that I technically died. The doctor might not have noticed. My parents didn’t know about this.

But my experience of “Going back home” is one of my most vivid experiences. To this day. Despite a lack of detail, except for the colors.

2. Guiding Clients into Past-Life Regression Has Stretched My Understanding

Even though my “energy hygiene” is pretty darned good… Something still happens when you’re a caring practitioner of past-life regression. Guiding your client through a process that another past-life regression expert has described as a grave responsibility. Perhaps akin to doing brain surgery.

Personally, my awareness has grown more flexible about re-experiencing the past. Editing the book I’d move into a process a bit like going through past-life regression. Effortlessly, I’d be there.

Which is one reason why I was able to find all the details that enliven the memoir.

3. Enlightenment Probably Helps, Too

Why wouldn’t it? Knowing comes easier. And we’re also less likely to filter truth through fears and resentments.

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  1. 1
    An Avid Reader says:

    Hi Rose, I found this so incredibly fascinating!

    Am looking forward to future posts about it. Thank you!

  2. 2
    Zaybe says:

    Very interesting, Rose!

    I haven’t finished your book yet, but I read that particular chapter with great interest – and this post adds even more interest on top.

  3. 3
    ksparks says:

    I just ordered your memoir–looking forward to reading it!

  4. 4
    An Avid Reader says:

    Just placed my order for it as well. : )

  5. 5
    Tatiana says:

    I’m enjoying your memoir so much. It’s such a treat ? I rush home every day to indulge it.

  6. 6
    Explorer says:

    I am finally able to concantrate long enough to read your new book during my recovery post surgery.

    I just finished the part about your Planning Meeting….WOW!

  7. 7
    Explorer says:

    As I was reading I found myself cheering for you in the crowd. Sharing the excitement and anticipation.

    Your description of joy and big beautiful colors is so vivid, I felt as though I was there with you.

  8. 8
    Explorer says:

    This brings so many things into perspective. Thank you thank you for sharing your journey with us Rose ?

  9. 9
    Liane says:

    I love how in your memoir you found the right words to describe your experience.

    It’s all so very you.

  10. 10
    Liane says:

    Making it easier to imagine that you are you, always, just in different forms at different times.

  11. 11
    Liane says:

    What you were born to accomplish in this life as you is daunting to think about…. you did it in increments.

    You weren’t born in enlightenment or with energy literacy; you put the time in (along with your whole heart).

  12. 12
    Liane says:

    It shows in the integrity of this blog, your books, and personal RES sessions.

    It shows in your aura too, which I just recently read. Simply beautiful.

  13. 13
  14. 14
    Dancer says:

    I sped through the book as soon as I got it, and now I’m rereading it with more patience.

    I just finished reading the chapters on your Life Contract Planning and it has reduced me to tears.

  15. 15
    Dancer says:

    Even though this is a memoir, I’d suggest everyone of you blog readers read this book.

    Especially this struck me: “How long will this inner freedom be abused, overlooked, and misinterpreted? That will depend, won’t it? Depending on how many choose to incarnate now, becoming humans who actively help bring a positive direction to Earth’s inevitable changes. “.

  16. 16
    Dancer says:

    This is for all of us readers. A lovely and awakening book, with answers to some big “why’s”.

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