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Fulfilling Life Contracts. Sacred Purpose.

Fulfilling Life Contracts

Fulfilling Life Contracts. How to fulfill your life contract without worrying. Losing fears about sacred purpose. Finding joy and meaning in life.

Fulfilling Life Contracts. Many of us worry about this, true?

For sure, I did. Back in the day I tormented myself about this. Not finding my purpose. Wasting my life. And so forth.

Like, for years.

Granted, I still don’t know everything about these sacred life contracts. But I do know some things.

Some from life experience. And some due to the form of past-life regression that I use to help clients, Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis®. Today I’ll share with you the best that I know. Inspiring you to find peace of mind.

Because you can fulfill your life contract better… without the worrying.

Fulfilling Life Contracts, Live with Gusto

That’s a smart strategy, if you care about your life contract.

Paying attention to your own life, as if it mattered. Could be one of the wisest ways to fulfill your life contract.

Earth School is set up this way, you know? Valuing our actual lives, we humans can bring joy to daily existence. And, in the process, succeed at handling the meant-to-be’s.

Worried about missing something important in your life contract? You’ll be drawn to it. Think of all those friends of yours who told you excitedly, “I just met my soul mate.” Then, within a few years, divorce followed.

An interesting ride? Some heartbreak included? Count it as success, all in all. Particularly if you choose to learn from the relationship.

Meanwhile, know this. In the background… Karma complete, life contract fulfilled.

Fulfilling Life Contracts, Use Free Will

Even if you believe that your sacred contract includes meant-to-be’s, hello! Free will still matters. For instance, spiritual awakening depends largely on you.

So much depends upon how you choose to deal with daily life. Including — but not limited to — what occurs due to your life contract. Because meant-to-be’s are just a starting point. Success depends on your choices. So does personal growth.

Therefore, value your free will. Really, you’re responsible for most of what happens in your life. Especially after the first couple of decades.

Personally, I’m convinced: Ultimately what matters the most? My own human reactions and choices.

Fulfilling Life Contracts. 7 Tips

Here are some ways to succeed at life. Including your life contract.

  1. Live every day as a stand-up member of society. Connect with other people as best you can.
  2. Pay attention to your own desires. They’re just as important as any meant-to-be.
  3. But don’t follow desires automatically. Evaluate with common sense. Maybe get some feedback from your own aura and subconscious mind.
  4. Avoid outsourcing your life to spirits. They’re not in charge of your life. You are. You, the one with the human body! In case you’re on the fence about that… Here’s a resource that might help you commit to your human side of that fence.
  5. Use speech and action to overcome problems. An upcoming workshop can help you do that, BTW.
  6. If you’re a empath, get skills. A simple book could do it for you. And don’t overlook this fine, free resource.
  7. Give yourself 20 Daily Minutes of Technique Time, Tops. You’ll evolve faster that way.

Fun, right? Life contracts are fascinating to contemplate. But living your juicy life, whether caring about that life contract or not? Now that’s delicious!

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  1. 1
    ksparks says:

    Rose, you are really on a roll with these important topic blog posts.

    It’s been a long time since I worried about my “purpose” but it used to torture me too.

    It’s interesting how much more meaningful my life seems now that I follow all of these tips and don’t worry about my purpose.

  2. 2
    Jesse says:

    Sometimes I used to ask myself about my purpose.

    I would see other folks enthusiastically accomplishing things or achieving things. And I would look at myself and say “I have no interest” or “I wish I could achieve the same things but, frankly, don’t want to put in the work!”.

  3. 3
    Jesse says:

    Sometimes I’ll sit outside and watch people and see everybody rushing around being busy….with purpose….and what am I doing?…watching…because I have nowhere to go and nothing to do ( I actually cherish those moments now!)

  4. 4
    Jesse says:

    I’ve come to the conclusion that asking about my purpose was the wrong thing to ask.

    I’ve confused purpose with inspiration.

    I have found a better question to ask myself is “What inspires me?” The reason is because motivations speak louder than actions.

  5. 5
    Hugh says:

    I’m going to ask this question here because I don’t see anyplace better. Hope it’s alright.

    I wanted some information about your class in June.

    I took one before about “gaining wealth as the life sport” I was wondering if this one is different

  6. 6
    Hugh says:

    Also I am interested very much in the program that you have for apprentices could you also give me more information about that and let me know if I might qualify

  7. 7

    KYLIE, thanks for all you’ve written here.

    As you observed indirectly, an interesting thing about Enlightenment is that we stop having fears about life purpose. Actually, long before attaining Enlightenment, it’s helpful to accelerate your progress if you’ll find a meaningful way to avoid worry about sacred purpose.

  8. 8

    “Meaningful” as in, not through becoming a pothead, etc.

    For instance, my blog posts on life contracts are all intended to accelerate your path towards Enlightenment. (And also to help you progress after crossing the threshold into Enlightenment, as applicable.)

  9. 9

    JESSE, every one of these three comments is packed with wisdom. I wonder if you might share more about this part: “I have nowhere to go and nothing to do ( I actually cherish those moments now!)”

    Because I think I know what you mean here, related to how your consciousness has developed and you have so much less STUFF (including the impact of RES sessions and self-healing skills). But I’m not sure, and I’ll bet a lot of us Blog-Buddies would be fascinated to learn more from you.

  10. 10

    HUGH, responding to your Comment #5, the workshop on June 9-10 — coming up soon! — is:

    “Love + Light + POWER for Gaining Wealth”

    Complementing, but entirely different from, “Gaining Wealth as a Life Sport.” All you Blog-Buddies are invited. No prerequisites!

  11. 11

    And responding to your question in Comment #6, here’s a link to info about the Mentoring Program in RES.

    Basically, you take one required course at a time, whether in person or as an online, on-demand workshop. In the process I get to know you. Applying to the Mentoring Program comes afterwards.

  12. 12
    Valerie says:

    Gosh Rose, I find many of your blog posts to be so very comforting. This one included.

    It’s not that I worry, but this one reminds me to stop pressuring myself about what I think should be happening in my life. Heaven knows I do my best. Thank you for reminding me to relax and simply follow the 7 tips.

  13. 13
    Jesse says:

    Hi Rose,

    Thanks for asking me to be more detailed regarding what I meant in comment 3.

    I guess its about being comfortable with who I am. Having a better sense of self. It’s that point in time where I slow down enough to not worry about having to do “something”….such as mindlessly reach for a snack….and experiencing me….

  14. 14

    JESSE, thanks for responding. Modestly you refer to your experience as a “point in time.”

    Might I suggest, as an Enlightenment Coach, you’re getting fairly close to Enlightenment. When approaching Age of Awakening Enlightenment, the sense of self becomes stronger. And human self-acceptance blossoms.

  15. 15

    Credit your more awakened consciousness for what you wrote in Comment #3, “I have nowhere to go and nothing to do ( I actually cherish those moments now!)”

    Very much, growing closer to crossing the threshold into Age of Awakening Enlightenment!

  16. 16

    By contrast, what if you were instead growing closer to Traditional Enlightenment?

    Then you’d have written something more like this: “I have nowhere to go and nothing to do, because my true nature is silence.”

  17. 17

    For those of us living now, it’s a new way for God to play on earth: Humans who are self-realized and who value their unique individuality for that lifetime.

    Rather than the sacred surrender that was required for Enlightenment back during the Age of Faith.

  18. 18
    Jesse says:

    Also…common sense is not so common!

    For approximately 2000 years people believed that if a person dropped a bowling ball and a tennis ball (objects of different weight) from the roof of a building at the same time, the bowling ball would hit the ground first. Not true….they would hit the ground at the same time….

  19. 19
    Jesse says:

    Galileo published those findings in 1632…12 years after the first pilgrims reached Plymouth Rock.

    He was put under house arrest for that!

  20. 20
    Jesse says:

    Just to realize how recent that was…..I went to the Museum of the American Revolution and found that there are photographs of people who fought in the various battles with the British.

    They were 16-17 at the time of the Revolution.

    The pictures were taken when they were in their late 70’s early 80’s……

  21. 21
    Kylie says:

    Interesting, Jesse! I love your comments.

    “Common sense is not so common sense” made me laugh. Very true!

  22. 22
    Kylie says:

    It is also exciting to read that you are close to enlightenment.

    Not surprising, but great news! It makes me realize that it’s true, living in enlightenment (or close) is a big part of why I don’t worry about purpose anymore.

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