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Confidence Project. Awaken More Confidence Now

Confidence Project

Confidence Project. Because muscles don’t just arrive on your body, you know. Likewise, confidence muscles!

Confidence Project. Because what you’ve learned so far about confidence… Was just the start.

Today you’ll learn a ridiculously simple trick. For increasing your confidence.

What, an Actual Project?

Yesterday we started with a framework for understanding confidence. And also a list.

Inspiring you — I hope — with self-recognition. You’ve got loads of confidence. Built into 18 different chakra databanks.

Today I’ll share the rest of this list. In honor of EXPLORER’S comment this morning:

So much cool information here Rose. Its amazing how much we can learn from our own Aura.

I love learning about different chakra databanks and the parts about gifts of the soul.

Looking forward to the next part of the list and maybe even dance a little.

First of All? The Confidence Trick.

A Project to Build Confidence. Starting Today

Many of you RES clients, students, and readers ask me this: What else can I do during my “Technique Time”?

Here you’re referring to the jet-propelled way to fly in consciousness. And the myriad of directions you might take. In order to evolve most rapidly towards Enlightenment.

Since 20 Daily Minutes of Technique Time, Tops underlies spiritual success.

Choose one form of confidence daily. (Or weekly. Your choice, for even better results.)

Hey, you’ve got a numbered list. Don’t skip any of these items. Because you want to strengthen all your forms of confidence, right?

What’s The Build Confidence Trick?

With that day’s chosen form of confidence, praise yourself. Aloud.

Give example after example of ways that you have used it. Specifically, that day’s chosen form of confidence.

Finding examples will help you to recognize: To some extent, you’re already using it.

Recognition and praise create a beautiful cycle. A success cycle.

Use just 5 minutes of Technique Time daily. Pursue your Confidence Project until you’ve gone all the way. All the way through Confidence Project #18.

By all means, comment below on all your results.

Confidence Project. #6. When You Might Need Confidence Most

Blog-Buddies, think about how you shine during debates. How you “love” fighting with your sweetheart. Or how much you adore getting into a fight with your boss at work.

Yeah, we all need the Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for Self-Confidence during Conflict. Like it or not. Need it!

Thank God each of us has it.

Confidence Project. #7. At the Party

Hardwired into your human life is this Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for Social Self-Confidence

When it works well, you shine.

Confidence Project. #8. How You Feel about Yourself

Completely different from #5 on our list from yesterday! How do you feel about your worthiness. Your goodness. How well you express who you are. Deep Down you!

That’s your Heart Chakra Databank for Emotional Self-Esteem

Not so hot? Remember that you can consult an RES Expert. Bring the intention “Like myself more.”

Same goes for a feeling of ick in any of these aspects of life. You don’t have to speak the language of chakra databanks to set an intention for a session. Put it in your own words, the growth area you desire.

Find any way you like… To gain strength in that area of life. Like doing your Confidence Project!

Confidence Project #9. Speaking Confidently

For love’s sake, don’t monitor yourself while speaking. Back home, during your personal Technique Time. That’s when!

Use your mind and heart and memory. Find one example at a time. Praising times you did speak up.

Underlying that behavior is… Your Throat Databank for Confidence as a Communicator.

Confidence Project #10. Spiritual Self-Confidence

Sure, that’s a thing. That develops through doing 20 Daily Minutes of Technique Time, Tops.

  • By the way, that’s a link to our 10 best articles at this blog. Concerning Technique Time.
  • Also by the way, which of your chakra databanks is involved here? Your Third Eye Chakra Databank for Confidence in Myself Spiritually

Confidence Project #11. So Adult!

Like it or not, sometimes we’ve got to act like… An authority figure. Specifically in our personal life.

Like my dear friend Gladys. Who recently had the tough talk with her brother Joe. “When you get out of the hospital, we’ve got to make some changes. It’s time for you to go into assisted living.”

Sometimes there’s no escape. We must speak up and do the loving thing. The tough thing.

At such times, which subconscious muscle gets a workout? Your Left Knee Chakra Databank for Confidence as an Authority Figure (In Personal Life)

Confidence Project #12. Leadership. Pure But Not Necessarily Simple.

In career and in community, maybe even in politics. Sometimes there’s no escaping it. Duty calls and, ready or not, you answer.

What can help you then? Your Right Knee Chakra Databank for Confidence as an Authority Figure (In Career)

Confidence Project #13. Trusting Your Own Ideas

Technically, Blog-Buddies, that comes courtesy of a Left Temple Chakra Databank. For Trusting Your Mind in Personal Life.

Decisions, decisions, decisions! Of course, you’re up to that.

Earn extra credit here at Earth School. Sometimes it makes such a difference when we simply decide: “Enough, already. I’m going to believe in that idea of mine.”

Confidence Project #14. Sharing Your Ideas in Public

Last but not least, it takes courage to speak up in that business meeting. Or to run for political office.

For that matter, it takes courage to comment here at this blog. (Although it helps that you can do so anonymously. Just tell me the name you’d like to be called. Put that right in the first line. This is a monitored blog.)

Whenever you share your ideas in public, you’ll strengthen it: Your Right Temple Chakra Databank for Trusting Your Mind in Career

In Conclusion. Enhancing Your Confidence Project

There’s truth behind the universal yearning for confidence, and what we can do about that.

How we feel matters.

What we do matters.

If we don’t feel good, can we still do things?

There can be many reasons why a person doesn’t feel good inside. Reasons apart from confidence.

Regardless, that need not stop us. Because when we go ahead and do things anyway, what happens? Life can give us positive reinforcement. Let taking action become another facet of your Confidence Project.

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  1. 1
    Ethan says:

    This is such a timely and important blog post for me personally. Thank you for writing about Confidence.

    I’ve been struggling with taking action on something and your words ” “Enough, already. I’m going to believe in that idea of mine.” are making me feel more confident already!

  2. 2
    Mel says:

    If confidence is the goal you can work really hard to get the external accomplishments that you hope can create the change on the inside but, I think, that could take YEARS and it would take time away from other areas of personal growth.

    And you would STILL have STUFF.

  3. 3
    Explorer says:

    Oh how I love the Confidence Project!

    So many little ways of growth with big impacts in our lives.

  4. 4
    Explorer says:

    Sometimes in pursuit of external validation we fail to recognize and praise ourselves. Then act accordingly.

    I found that RES sessions are incredibly helpful with strengthing my sense of self.

    Then this helps with recognizing my own preferences and taking the necessary steps to achieve them.

  5. 5
    Explorer says:

    Move and the way will open. RES helps me move with intention in the areas I’d like to grow.

    More importantly enjoy life a little more a long the way.

  6. 6
    Jnana says:

    What a treat, a rare glimpse into the minor chakra databanks.

    So that’s what the temples are in charge of. And the knees. But you’ve told me about the knees before. Amazing how it’s all been put together.

  7. 7
    Jnana says:

    And what an insight into confidence!

  8. 8

    ETHAN, MEL, EXPLORER, and JNANA, thanks for your comments, one and all. Seems to me the topic of confidence is both bigger and smaller than it appears.

    One small clarification, related to Comment 7. It’s delightful to share new chakra databanks with you, including temples and knees. Let’s remember: 50 databanks per chakra. Not just one. 🙂

  9. 9
    Tatiana says:

    WOW So informative and practical!

    Experiencing Aha moment.

    Confidence is so complex, didn’t think about it that way before.

  10. 10
    Valerie says:

    Rose this reminds me of one of the many valuable things I learned in your workshop “The New Strong” – the importance of positioning your consciousness.

    Thank you for sharing this new way of positioning my consciousness!

  11. 11
    Jnana says:

    I did wonder if there were 49 more.

    Now that it’s confirmed it’s one down, forty-nine to go.

  12. 12

    That’s exactly right, JNANA. I’m so delighted whenever you Blog-Buddies ask questions like these, gaining more understanding of how chakra databanks work. And that there are 50 for each chakra.

    You realize, you’re part of a small group — what, maybe 500 people on the planet — who have this degree of energetic literacy right now!

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