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Neymar Aura Reading. Worth 90 Million at 26!

Neymar Aura Reading

Neymar Aura Reading. Was I prepared for what I’d find in the soccer great’s aura? Not remotely.

Neymar Aura Reading? Wow!

Because it’s hard to imagine what it’s like to be this athlete. How much is the Brazilian soccer player  worth financially? 90 million dollars. As of last year. By now he’s just 26 years old.

Energetic literacy can reveal secrets. How Neymar is as a person. Despite his fame and media presence, aura reading is the go-to resource for insight. Let’s play Aura Detective.

Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior — that’s his full name. However, I’ll be calling him, simply, Neymar.

According to Wikipedia, Neymar’s impressive. SportsPro named him the most marketable athlete in the world in 2012. And 2013. While ESPN cited him as the world’s fourth-most famous athlete. By 2016.

Most remarkable to me? His rare ball handling ability with both feet.

Although his aura may be more remarkable still!

First, Background on Soccer

Joke! Whether you call it football or soccer, I’m no authority. Unless you count being a soccer mom. (Back in the day.) Although both my son and husband became referees… Neither one could get me to understand the Offside Rule.

But auras? That I can tell you about. Because I believe this: Energetic literacy is indispensable for those of us living today.

Here is the photo I’ll use for today’s aura research.

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Neymar Aura Reading Root Chakra Databank for

Physical Self-Awareness

Symbolic Size

80 feet. Usually that would count as over-functioning. But for the young athlete? Let’s explore.


Such a jolt, right from the start! Seems to me, Neymar feels like a giant. Inwardly, like what the ancients called a “colossus.” Larger than life.

Clearly human physically! Yet it’s as though Neymar has a different inner way of being. And a much larger consciousness and being inhabits his body. Compared to other humans. Even other world-class athletes.

For that reason, this particular chakra databank isn’t over-functioning. Rather, it’s normal.

Well, this is going to be quite some aura reading. Let the WOW theme continue!

Neymar Aura Reading Root Chakra Databank for

Sticking up for Myself through Action

Symbolic Size

90 miles. Okay, this one I’d call over-functioning.


What a fascinating man, this Neymar, Jr. His way of sticking up for himself, as a human? It’s got a human quality.

Yet, once again, I have the ineffable sense of someone who’s “trying on a human life.” Someone who hasn’t gone the usual route of animal incarnations. Progressing, through multiple incarnations, to attaining a human birth. And then evolving, lifetime after lifetime, to develop extraordinary abilities.

Do I know what this soul’s history has been? Or how he has progressed? Definitely not. I’d leave that research to wiser heads than mine. (Or at least heads that focus on different types of information than RES.)

Blog-Buddies, I’ve never seen this athlete play. But have you? Maybe you’ve seen in action what I find in this chakra databank. When he’s sticking up for himself. While he’s moving on the soccer field — Wow! If his aura is any indication, Neymar moves like lightning. And he strikes fear into competing players as thunder might.

Partly his presence. And partly his uncanny coordination. As if he’s brings a zone of power.

Hey, if you were casting a movie with superheroes. Perhaps you’d want to recruit this guy.

Neymar Aura Reading Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for

Using Power

Symbolic Size

5 feet. Honestly, that under-functioning? Yep.


Fascinating or what? When it comes to, personally, using power, practically zilch.

Granted, this might seem odd, given my recent superhero gushing. But remember, the first two chakra databanks that I read for you are about Neymar’s physicality. How his body moves. Innate physical intelligence, plus practiced skill. Plus immense talent, energetically present and just extraordinary.

By contrast, this chakra databank reveals a young man’s power. How, as a person, he gathers up personal oomph. Saying and doing what he can to get what he wants.

What he wants off the sports field.

And there he’s surprisingly undeveloped. As if this aspect of his human life is hazy.

Maybe as if it’s not the point for him to be a person. But instead he’s specialized. Like “Neymar is made for a clear purpose. To be a super-athlete.”

Neymar Aura Reading Heart Chakra Databank for

Emotional Stability

Symbolic Size

4 inches. Quite the under-functioning chakra databank. And quite the surprise to this aura reader. But there it is.


Once again, humanly, Neymar is vague. Sharply contrasting to his very, even outlandishly, strong presence physically.

At the time of this photograph, he doesn’t have much by way of emotional life.  Little going on in his Emotional Stability chakra databank. Likewise for a couple of other Heart Chakra databanks I briefly researched.

In a way this lack of emotional response to life, ordinarily… Seems like it brings a sort of emotional stability anyway. Not exactly numb. More like… underdeveloped. Or not relevant to the life Neymar’s leading.

Wow some more!

Neymar Aura Reading High Heart Chakra Databank for

Soul Thrill

Symbolic Size

1/8 inch. Completely shut down. Yowza!


In the aura photo used for this reading, Neymar is posing for a publicity shot. He’s not playing soccer, right?

An advantage of using this photo is that it shows him being a person. Quite the celebrity! Not while playing.

While playing, he’s in his glory. And I have not doubt that, then his soul thrill goes great.

Incidentally, would you like to know more about what I mean by “soul thrill”? It’s a specialty of RES Energy READING. Here’s one good link. (Scroll down to the purple box.) And you can find loads more info about soul thrill here.

Okay, okay, Checking this Chakra Databank

On a Photo Taken While Neymar Plays Soccer (a.k.a. Football)

This photo, Blog-Buddies.

And revisiting his High Heart Chakra Databank for Soul Thrill?

Fills the stadium, plus plenty more. Divine blessing lights up Neymar. And he’s absolutely in bliss.

In Conclusion

Although pop culture tells us “Everyone has a sacred purpose for work in the world,” usually that isn’t true. Not in my experience. Not from reading auras of most of my RES clients. Nor as an Enlightenment Coach.

Most of us humans have many kinds of work that we can do. Likewise, top-tier fame and wealth may not be the point of a lifetime. Otherwise, spiritual success would be statistically impossible, right? Whereas you and I and every person who wishes to have great spiritual success can claim it. One growth step at a time.

But that Neymar, he’s an outlier. Clearly made for athletic greatness. Designed for that. And lighting up when he plays. Lighting up aurically. And, no doubt, lighting up the scoreboard.

Yet this aura reading has also shown such a stark contrast. Between that lighting up as an athlete. And, otherwise, being less alive, perhaps, than most “ordinary” people.

One more proof, if you need it, to avoid comparing yourself to others. Since each of us truly is unique. Although others might inspire you. Or entertain you, watching a soccer match. Nonetheless, no person who ever has lived can show you how to be you. Only you can do that.

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  1. 1
    Jean says:

    Thank you Rose for this post. I especially enjoyed….

    “One more proof, if you need it, to avoid comparing yourself to others. Since each of us truly is unique. Although others might inspire you. Or entertain you, watching a soccer match. Nonetheless, no person who ever has lived can show you how to be you.
    Only you can do that.”

  2. 2
    Graham says:

    Really interesting, Rose! What an incarnation.

  3. 3
    Liane says:

    The inspiration for me lies in the fact that there is no ‘supposed to be’, or one size fits all.

    With every aura reading and empath merge you share with us, I am more and more in awe of our individuality, our free will, and our contrast to others.

    Embracing with the utmost respect the differences in all of us is cause for my own little personal celebration!

  4. 4
    Valerie says:

    Very interesting Rose. My favorite part is his soul thrill filling the stadium and him lighting up with Divine Blessing 🙂

  5. 5
    Kylie Sparks says:

    Very interesting reading Rose!

    Liane, I so agree.

  6. 6
    Leo says:

    Fun aura reading! I love learning more about top athletes.

    They often seem to be playing some larger role in society and life than just kicking (or throwing) a ball around.

  7. 7
    Edward G says:

    Hi Rose, interesting article.

    I used to watch him play for Barcelona, before PSG (Paris Saint Germain) paid 263 million dollars by activating his release clause. PSG currently pay him close to 1 million dollars a week.

    The 90 million dollars you mentioned earlier is most likely his net worth.

  8. 8
    Edward G says:

    It makes sense that the databanks Emotional Stability and Using Power are currently under developed.

    Neymar and most footballers have “agents” to do any negotiating. Neymars agent is his father; he does all the negotiating; literally anything that needs to be done Neymars father will do it. This is done so footballers can concentrate only on football.

  9. 9
    Edward G says:

    Agents usually net a huge fees when players sign a new contract or are sold to another club. Neymar’s father made 10% of the fee Neymar was sold to PSG (26.3 million dollars).

    It is more likely Neymar will develop the skills of using power, etc, after his playing career hads ended.

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