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Kate Spade Face Reading. Celebrating Her Creative Joy.

Kate Spade Face Reading

Kate Spade Face Reading. Let’s celebrate the colorful contribution of the late designer. This photo shows her color preferences, if not her merchandise.

Kate Spade Face Reading. Let’s honor a woman who inspired fans uniquely. Due to creating unconventionally colorful, cheerful handbags. Accessories considered reasonably priced, as designer bags go. Because they cost “just” $175 – $795.

But even if you never bought a handbag by Kate Spade, she has influenced you. Because of what she did when designing in her famous accessories. Guess how!

Even Bolder than the Colors of Her Handbags

The branding! You see, Kate Spade placed her label prominently. Stuck it right on the outside of every bag, beneath the handle. Rather than what?

Tucking her label inside her leather bags. Which other designers used to do. Creatively, Kate Spade let her name became part of the design. Like a fashion statement.

Thus, she became one of the fashion industry’s pioneers of branding.

These days? Go into any crowd of people and count all the designer names and logos. Handbags! Tee-shirts! Jeans! Soooooooo much branding!

Hey, while we’re researching…

Did You Ever Buy a Kate Spade Bag Or Wallet?

Or make the purchase for someone else? Because news coverage has broadcast this extensively in recent days. So many young women received the coveted Kate Spade merchandise as gifts.

Yes, since Spade’s death, a suicide, conversation has buzzed. So many grateful gals have come forth, praising how much Kate meant to them. So many women absolutely adored that uniquely colorful merchandise.

Blog-Buddies, please share your comments about why you bought these semi-luxury items. Or didn’t. Personally, I’ve never paid so much for a handbag

Clearly, though, many people have. And absolutely adored their colorful, unpretentious. spunky purchases.

My way to honor this uplifting designer is… Not to pose with one of her handbags. But to do a face reading. Ha! You’ve guessed that by now. So here we go.

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About the Photos

Which photos will I use to celebrate Kate Spade? More than one. So I’ll provide links as we go.

Let’s begin with a picture taken when Kate Spade was young and successful.

Kate Spade Face Reading #1. VERY Zesty Smile

How to See It

Ms. Spade shows both rows of teeth. And her gums show also.

Try doing either one of these two things. You might find it difficult.

Managing both? Personally, I couldn’t do it without looking like I was posing for a painting like this one.

Gift of the Soul

Indicating an unabashedly zestful way of living. All in!

Outrageous, like the bright colors that were the designer’s trademark.

Potential Challenge

Pushing really, really hard to enjoy LIFE?

Unintentionally creating a gap between public joy and private doubts?

Kate Spade Face Reading #2. VERY Teensy Nose Tip

How to See It

Behold the proportions of Kate Spade’s nose tip. Could it have been any smaller?

Yet it fit the proportions of the rest of her nose. Unlike some Teensy Nose Tips that appear to be the result of cosmetic surgery.

Either way it would count for a face reading, of course. Just sayin’

Gift of the Soul

Living free from concern about having enough money. Spontaneously un-materialistic.

Potential Challenge

Given Kate Spade’s huge financial success, the potential challenge might be this: Increasingly detached from the wealth and status? Even feeling stifled by them?

Now adding another photograph

Kate Spade Face Reading #3. Philtrum Definition, 10

How to See It

Check out the twin ridges of flesh between nose and mouth. That’s the philtrum.

Definition refers to how chiseled, or well-defined a philtrum is. My scale goes from 1 to 10, topping out at 10.

Especially if you expand this photo so you can she Spade’s philtrum clearly — she’s a 10.

Gift of the Soul

Innate sex appeal. Catching everyone’s attention.

(Not a bad quality to use while designing women’s apparel, either!)

Potential Challenge

Given the designer’s long-lasting fame and success: Feeling trapped in her public role?

Kate Spade Face Reading #4. Large Chin Thrust

How to See It

This is easiest to see in a profile photo.

This photo is the best I could find. You can imagine. Doing Google Images on Kate Spade is to mostly see handbags!

How far out does the chin move away from the lower part of the face? Definitely Large Chin Thrust!

Gift of the Soul

Deeply competitive. Needs to win.

Potential Challenge

What do you do after you’ve won? And won? And won?

What’s left?

Kate Spade Face Reading #5. Unusually Straight Wariness Index

How to See It

Start with this photo, Blog-Buddies.

And blow up the size if you can.

Then look at the shape of the lower half of each eye.

This photo was taken towards the end of the designer’s life. And it shows remarkable lower eyelid curve.

Usually my way of rating that — the Wariness Index — goes from 1 to 10. With 1 as the straightest. And 10 as the curviest.

Well, what do you find here? (Remember to cross over to tell left from right, of course.)

  • Kate Spade’s left eye was a 1.
  • And her right eye was a -10. See how it scrunches up?

Gift of the Soul

Extreme loyalty to old friends. (At least to people who continue to treat her as she expects.)

Potential Challenge

Suspicion of people? Especially strong regarding her public life? (Corresponding to that so-wary right eye.)

In Conclusion

Long may Kate Spade’s creativity bring joy to the world.

Reading her face, I looked at an exceptionally large number of photos. Trying to get a sense of how she looked. Remarkable to me was Kate Spade’s tremendous eye mobility. So many changes to her Wariness Index and her Eye Angles.

What struck me most? Never once did I see a real smile. Lips moved from “Don’t Bother Pretending” all the way to Extreme Zesty.

But not her eyes. When she smiled, then zero eye-involvement. No personal engagement, of a kind that often equates to emotional giving.

No doubt Kate Spade gave prodigiously through her work. All giving need not be emotional.

May she rest in peace. And after a long stint in her appropriate heaven, may she find a different kind of human success: Enduring personal happiness.

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  1. 1
    Mel says:

    I found this reading fascinating. Her face really tells a tale as much as an aura reading would.

    I haven’t felt drawn to articles about her (although I’m sure she’s an interesting person like anyone else) but I’m glad I read this one.

  2. 2
    Graham says:

    Very interesting, Rose.

    I’ve never bought any of her bags myself ( 😉 ), never even heard of her until a few days ago. I’m sad that she must have been so troubled, despite all of that worldly success.

  3. 3
    Liane says:

    Beautiful reading, Rose. While it’s sad for her family and fans, it was ultimately her choice. Her consistantly unsmiling eyes are what stands out to me. Kind of makes the heart go thud.

    Her beautiful bags, her bold brand, her certain absolute classiness… fwhat a legacy.

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