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Prosperity Beliefs? When They’re THE PROBLEM.

Prosperity Beliefs

Prosperity Beliefs… might be good. Or they might actually worsen money problems. Read this shocking true tale.

Prosperity Beliefs are a big industry in certain personal growth circles. Law of Attraction is the most famous of many. Yet how realistic are these ways of thinking… in order to “attract” wealth?

Financial stability isn’t the only goal here. Definitely important? Personal growth. Also noteworthy? Spiritual awakening.

Why Can Prosperity Beliefs Seem so Tempting?

Because so many of us do not have enough money. Even if financially comfortable, we feel we deserve. And it’s not surprising that many success coaches trade on this discontent. Furnishing Prosperity Beliefs to bridge the gap.

The very depressing gap… Between how much we make. And what we believe we’re worth.

Just to get up up to speed, here’s background on today’s post. Which is Part 3 of 3.

Part 1, Money Smarts, introduced surprising reasons. Reasons why so many of us struggle to live within our means.

Part 2. was about Financial Balance. There  introduced you to a vivid past-life experience. Courtesy of a client for past-life regression, SEAH-style. We met Giuseppe, addicted to gambling. At the end of that post, he was urgently demanding an advance from Mr. Money. (The guy in charge of extending credit.)

Soon we’ll continue with the surprising information that came next. First, though, let’s pause to consider.

Prosperity Beliefs. How Do You Think of Them Now?

Blog-Buddies, how do you tend to think of Prosperity Beliefs? As something wonderful? Maybe The Secret for getting rich?

  • Have you read my book that delves into auras of true believers in Law of Attraction? (“Magnetize Money with Energetic Literacy” does more than debunk. It reveals little-known alternative ways that you can prosper.)
  • Or have you encountered other resources that caused you to question prosperity teachings?
  • Maybe harsh experience taught you.
  • Feel free to share all these experiences in COMMENTS below, Blog-Buddies.

Gambler Giuseppe’s Beliefs Sound a Lot Like What?

As you know already, my client Joe was revisiting a past lifetime. What happened when he got up to this part of Giuseppe’s experience? It was time for me, the facilitator, to spring into action. Using SEAH skills I helped my client to  remove a Frozen Block. Related to his desperate need to borrow yet more money. Utterly convinced that, this time, his gambling would pay off.

Surprisingly, the following was stuck in him. Triggerable energies that were impacting Joe’s lifetime, too. (As all Frozen Block are. Which is why it’s so great to be able to permanently remove them.)

Don’t I deserve to be rich? Of course I do. Therefore, my money should be right here.

I’m so close to having that money, it feels like I’m holding it right in my hand.

When I look at my hand, and the money isn’t there — such a shock! I can’t believe it. How can my money not really be there? I believe so strongly. And so I feel a terrible pressure that I must do something immediately to make that money real.

Note those details, Blog-Buddies. More on them soon.

Really Important

That gambler sure had lovely Prosperity Beliefs! Believing so firmly he was shocked to not see the money in his hand? Wow!

Thank goodness, this was an RES Energy Healing Session. Allowing me to get my client unstuck from old patterns.

This Frozen Block removal came as a big relief. Even to me, the session facilitator! With my client’s help, and Divine support, we succeeded. And not at winning at some past-life gambling casino.

Rather we permanently remove every Frozen Block. All remaining from that lifetime as Giuseppe. Plus others from an equally influential (and money-crazed) past incarnation. Phew!

As for my client Joe? Yes, that session brought him energetic relief, authentic energy healing. Also a new ability to live within his means. Reflecting more on this, might I suggest?

When We’re Stuck, Unable to Live Within Our Means

What’s the Solution? Please, Not More Prosperity Beliefs

Blog-Buddies, I’ve helped many a client to move out STUFF around money. In a handful of ways.

  1. Uncovering and removing stuck energies at aura-level.
  2. Stuck energies that used to drive my client subconsciously…
  3. Facilitating more than an energy READING.
  4. But, instead, using energy HEALING skills.
  5. Thus removing specific kinds of energy patterning forever. And then awakening a stronger soul expression.

Speaking of Giuseppe’s old stuck patterns that made him an uncontrollable spender….

Did You Notice This Part?

Giuseppe was a compulsive gambler, totally hooked. Amazingly, his self-talk sounded like Rhonda Byrne’s “The Secret.” Plus all those Law of Attraction beliefs popularized by Abraham-Hicks.

Seriously ironic! Many of us have actively tried to believe “I deserve to be rich.”

Furthermore, we’ve been promised things about Prosperity Beliefs. Like, if only we really believed strongly enough… And if only we dream-boarded hard enough… buckets of money would come flying in through the window. Or whatever.

As in, “If you really believe that you’re holding loads of money in your hand… soon this will manifest as cold, hard cash.”

Have You Tried It? Imagining Prosperity. Abundance. Wealth.

Look, either you succeeded or not.

  • Congratulations, if so. Commiseration, if not.
  • Commiseration plus a suggestion. Maybe it’s time to stop investing in something that seldom lives up to the hype.

Law of Attraction really does have a lot in common with beliefs of some gambling addicts, like Giuseppe.

On the bright side, stuck subconscious energies. Lodged in your aura. They may make it hard for your conscious mind to do mundane, human things. Like living within your means.

Well, what makes that the “bright side”? Because those stuck energies can be healed. Permanently.

Law of Attraction may be the most famous version of mind-body-spirit attempts to gain wealth. However, many types of energy healing are available for improving your money behavior.

Blog-Buddies, surely you’ve noticed. You do have a relationship with money. And you’re the only one who can choose to improve that relationship? Money can do many things, but not that.

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  1. 1
    Morgan says:

    I love real life examples of false beliefs equating into dysfunctional actions.

    It helps understand the whole connection better by making it concrete instead of just a concept. Thanks Rose!

  2. 2
    Liane says:

    For a about a minute I hesitated to write this. Then I decided it’s my truth learned by years of believing because someone else said so.

    If my truth rubs anyone the wrong way, I apologize. It still won’t change what I know and how I feel.

  3. 3
    Liane says:

    I’ve done The Secret, the dreamboards, all kinds of positive affirmations for prosperity.

    But nothing compares to how duped I was during my years of tithing to televangalists.

  4. 4
    Liane says:

    Being brought up in this familiar atmosphere, I thought nothing of sending in 10% of my personal earnings to people and churches I didn’t know on a personal basis.

    Sure, I was in it for the love of God.

  5. 5
    Liane says:

    I aslo believed every word the evangalist’s said when promising ‘Ten fold retrun’ on your 10% tithe.

    How many times did I hear (and believe) that ‘God will return to you what you give, matching it ten fold, or more, and goodness knows God loves a cheerful giver so give with your whole heart, give without expectation (!), and give so we, the televangalists, can build a new mega-church, blah, blah, blah.’

  6. 6
    Liane says:

    I gave and I gave, teaching myself to believe things that manifested came because I was such a willing and cheerful giver.

    Truth is the things that came, money or otherwise, because of choices I made, not because they were gifts from God. Truth is if I had invested even half of what I gave, I truly would have by now had a ten fold return on my ten percent.

  7. 7
    Liane says:

    I’m still a cheerful giver.

    Difference is now I give when I want and where I want. I also have a solid automatic savings plan – wisely giving to myself the opportunity to learn the basics of time compounded with earned dividends.

  8. 8

    LIANE and MORGAN, thanks so much for your comments.

    LIANE, I suspect that you’ve spoken for many who follow this blog but don’t yet comment. Thanks for your leadership.

  9. 9

    What if you’re still sorting out your beliefs about prosperity and making money.

    The two links just supplied here will take you to loads of articles here at the blog. Please report back with some of your Aha!s

  10. 10
    Liane says:

    Thanks for the links, Rose. Excellent information.

    While I believe I’ve dug myself out of the prosperity hole, reading the articles helped clear up some confusion.

  11. 11
    Liane says:

    Where I am now and where I want to be has a great deal to do with the amount of stuff that lingers.

    That, plus continuing to sharpen my money managing skills : )

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