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Stop Weeping over American Politics

Stop Weeping

Stop Weeping. Now is a great time to start something else instead. Using your power.

Stop Weeping over American Politics. What’s the latest from Trump and his enablers?  Horrifyingly, the caging of children. What if you can’t stop crying over that?

Today’s blog post isn’t just ripped from the headlines. It’s ripped from my power circuits. Ripped from my sense of outrage. And not only outrage at Republican politicians who join with Trump. But at people who squander their power when they could be using it.

Dear hearts, you could do better!

Please keep reading. Outrage has subsided. Because I turned it into motivation to write this article.

Yes, tears and anger alike can subside when we take action. Please read today’s call to practical action. And share it with your friends. Especially those kind people who’ve been crying. Perhaps feeling hopeless.

Stop Weeping.

Please, Stop with the Hopelessness, Already

Yesterday a friend asked me for advice. LORI RUBENSTEIN is one of my colleagues — a spiritual teacher with her own community of readers and clients.

What has been happening with her people?

They’ve been crying and crying. Over children of immigrants and undocumented Americans. Children being separated from their parents.

LORI told me that loads of people in her community are responding this way. She’d love to be able to give them something that could help.

Right now, her answer is to take action. Yet she believes that helps only a little.

Maybe because, like me, she’s a believer in personal growth.

If we’re not doing what we can to evolve, we’re not using our full potential in life.

To Stop the Weeping, What Really Helps?

Taking action. That’s what I believe can help a lot. Depending, of course, on how we do it.

Taking action makes a difference when we work smart. Not just responding to emailed petitions. And not just expressing our heartbreak.

Astoundingly, that’s what former First Lady Laura Bush did. Yesterday, in an opinion piece in the Washington Post.

Clearly she meant well. Yet what world is she living in? A time of chivalry, where men leap to your rescue? Rescuing us just because we ladies shed some dainty tears?


Instead, How about Stop Weeping and Take Action?

For instance, I recommend these seven actions:

  1. Turn off your TV and radio news broadcasts. Because weeping isn’t constructive. And also for this very creepy reason. Note: This aforelinked-to blog post contains solutions. Not just describing a problem.
  2. Resolve to vote in every primary and election in your district.
  3. Volunteer to turn out the vote.
  4. Participate in targeted action. This resource can be as simple as five actions you can take right now. Or sign up to volunteer two hours a week. Or you can engage there to make a bigger commitment. Volunteer, from home, three hours a week.
  5. Want to actively join something? Check out Indivisible.
  6. Or a simple commitment to Daily Action might be more your style.
  7. Donate money, if you can’t donate time.

Stop Weeping and Start Using Your Power

Not just over the revolting political situation, Blog-Buddies. In life!

Because in life it is not a viable strategy for adults to deal with problems like crybabies.

Sadly, it has happened to us all. Self included. We don’t know what to do about something terrible. So we don’t use our power.

Yes, Power

Power means saying and doing things. Objective reality actions! To get more of what we want.

Guess what happens if we don’t take action. We sink into sadness or fear.

That can turn into a vicious cycle.

After You Take Action, Pay Attention

To the Energetic Truth in America Now

Even before the election, I shared some YouTube Videos that revealed something sinister and shocking:

About what was happening in Trump’s aura.

And also about Mr. Pence.

The same thing is happening with Ryan, Sanders, Kelly. So many of these politicians.

Like many other politicians and celebrities, ouch! They’re living in extreme spiritual addiction.

Crazy But True

Despite all our 24/7 news cycle. Not one single article has directly covered this problem.

The closest I’ve seen is this article in The Guardian, in England.

If we don’t understand what’s going on with these influence makers, they win.

My advice? Don’t analyze their motivations endlessly. As if they were animated like warm-blooded people. Such as you and me. They’re not. Really, they’re no longer motivated by human passions. They’re motivated to control humans and their passions.

Stop Weeping. Start Gaining Energetic Literacy

Learn to read auras for yourself. Real literacy about energy! Here’s one resource to get you started.

Maybe you’ve heard the saying, “Those who don’t study history are doomed to repeat it.”

Well, even worse, “Those who can’t read can be even more doomed.”

Using our power is smart. And not just as a some day project.

Living now, using our power. This is how we can help basic human goodness to triumph.

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  1. 1
    Lori says:

    Thank you Rose, as always, your wisdom is taken to heart.

    I had 16 people sign letters yesterday, and I wrote to the Hague asking if they are investigating these human rights abuses. Action feels good and is good for my soul.

  2. 2
    Graham says:


    “The only thing required for evil to flourish is for good men to do nothing.”

  3. 3
    Lancelot Bright says:

    Thank you, Rose, for a call to action that uniquely addresses both necessary ingredients for real, effective change:

    Taking action on the practical human level, and taking action on the equally practical but less obvious level of genuine spiritual development.

  4. 4

    Wonderful to hear from you, LORI, GRAHAM, and LANCELOT!

    These are times that can strengthen us. Even if we already were strong. Even if we didn’t previously feel strong.

  5. 5

    I wonder, asking those of you Blog-Buddies who have read “The New Strong” or who have have taken the workshop on The New Strong….

    Do you, too,l believe that you were expressly born to live now? In order to help stabilize The Age of Awakening (which began 12/21/12 and still has not been reported by any news media, to my knowledge).

  6. 6
    Sandra says:

    Yes, I believe I came here for this! To be a part of this major transition.

    I see a silver lining with these troubling events, like the children being separated from their parents at the border: we are being startled out of complacency!

    More people taking action and using their power and thus evolving.

  7. 7
    Kylie Sparks says:

    Yes, I believe that, although I have to wonder sometimes what I was thinking!

    Seriously? Earth in the twenty-tens?!

  8. 8
    D says:

    Yes, I suspect that the primary purpose of this incarnation is to help facilitate the changes that humanity is undergoing simply by being here in a human body.

    I sense that I probably would not be in a human body otherwise, so I am not thrilled about this “purpose” at times.

  9. 9
    D says:

    I also intuit that a secondary purpose of this lifetime is related to my family.

    My family is FULL of emotionally and spiritually dysfunctional people (grey slime GALORE), although I somehow avoided developing that problem.

  10. 10
    D says:

    My intuitive sense is that this dysfunction has been going on for literally centuries.

    Such a scenario is not surprising since bad parents learned bad parenting from their parents who learned bad parenting from their parents who…

  11. 11
    D says:

    I know I sure won’t be getting married or having children, as these things are of zero interest to me, and my sibling are old enough that I doubt they will get married or have children either (hopefully).

  12. 12
    D says:

    I suspect that we took on these current lifetimes – at least in part – to finally put an end to all the horrifying s–t that has happened in this bloodline.

    In a way, my siblings and I are facilitating a certain “death” while we alive – a death that is very good!

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