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Aura Reading Fear. First, Quiz, Then, Relax

Aura Reading Fear

Aura Reading Fear. Would you prefer to stay far, far away from aura readers? How about fears of becoming one yourself?

Aura Reading Fear. Such as the idea of other people reading your aura. Without permission. And then broadcasting your secrets.

Also fear that you, personally, could never be able to read anyone’s aura.

Today’s quiz can help you to overcome many fears related to reading auras. You might even laugh, in certain places. Try our quiz and see!

A Long-Ago Incident That Inspired this Quiz

Talk about aura reading fear! Has it upset you, thinking about reading auras yourself? As if you can’t. And maybe you’ve tried. So you’re “sure” that you can’t.

I remember a terrible feeling from one aura-related incident.

Part embarrassment. Part jealousy. And part shame.

Here’s what happened. I lived with a woman, Gladys, who saw energies. Saw them in color.

Quite typical of Stage 1 Energetic Literacy. As I’d learn later: Gladys possessed no more talent than you or me. Though she sure thought she did. Resulting in many an in-joke.

One day, our friend Joe came to visit. Besides Gladys and me, our roommates in this group house included Pete and Paul. For a while, all five of us visited.

Then Pete and Paul left. Shortly afterward, Gladys and Joe left too. Eager to take a walk and share their super-special experiences of aura reading! Before they left, I couldn’t avoid overhearing their little joke:

Gladys: Did you see the color of Pete’s aura? And Paul’s?

Joe: You mean how how their auras went with their t-shirts?

Gladys: Exactly, Pete’s shirt was the color of Paul’s aura. And vice versa.

Joe: Oh, that’s so funny.

Together. Loudly: Hahahahahaha.

By Contrast, What’s Happening Today?

Back then, you could have knocked me over with a feather. Had you predicted that I’d become an aura reader. Even a professional! Or that I would teach others.

Yet today I’m starting to teach a weekend workshop. Not just on aura reading. But on Soul Thrill® Aura Reading. This is going to be the most advanced workshop I’ve given yet on energetic literacy.

Making me determined to throw off aura reading fear. Doing what I can to help you Blog-Buddies. And also help collective consciousness at large.

So please answer the following questions with a TRUE or FALSE.

Aura Reading Fear #1. Snooping

Aura readers are constantly learning about other people. Learning their secrets.

Aura Reading Fear #2. Over-Sharing

Aura readers are terrible blabbermouths, too. They can’t stop telling other people what they find out.

Aura Reading Fear #3. Snobby

Aura readers are terrible snobs. When they get together, like Gladys and Joe, they make little in-jokes.

Directly — or indirectly — they’re saying how they’re better than others. So much “better” and “smarter” and “cooler” than people who aren’t able read auras.

Aura Reading Fear #4. Omniscience

By reading auras, any random person can learn all about you. What happened in your past. Also, what’s going to happen in your future.

Aura Reading Fear #5. Harsh & Nasty

People who read auras can be really judgmental. Like they see all the bad things about you. And it makes them feel sooooooooo superior.

Aura Reading Fear #6. Superiority (They Think, Anyway)

Actually, people aren’t even able to read auras unless they’re spiritually superior. Which makes it all the more upsetting when they can read you. Finding all your hidden faults.

Aura Reading Fear #7. Perpetual Surveillance

People who read auras do it constantly. It’s just like being under surveillance by Alexa.

Could anything be scarier? Sure, the idea of becoming an aura reader yourself. And then you’d have to know everything. Talk about TMI!

Aura Reading Fear #8. Getting Inside Your Head

Your thoughts change your aura. So anyone who can read your aura… Can also read your thoughts.

What’s the best way to handle yourself in front of a known aura reader? Don’t. Show. Your. Fear.

Aura Reading Fear #9. Judgmental Interpretations

If you’re lucky, an aura reader will tell you something good. Like you’re “Highly Evolved.” Or “You’re going to win the lottery.”

Otherwise, they can point out all your insecurities:

  • All the lying
  • Falling short (what Christians call sin)
  • Your sexual inadequacies
  • Why you eat all that junk food
  • That time, years ago, when you stole stationery supplies from the office
  • No end to it, really. Your whole life is like an open book to them.

Worst of all? Aura readers will point this out as if speaking with “The voice of God.”

Aura Reading Fear #10. Everyone Can Do It But Me

What if you’ve tried to see the colors? Maybe done “The squint”? Yet you got nothing.

Really, the people who brag the most about how they read auras? All of them say, it started in childhood.

So what happens to anybody who takes a course? (Like the RES Aura Reading online workshops.)

They will never  get anything, really. Except for confirmation that they can’t read auras decently.

Okay, maybe they’ll get some stunted little version of the real deal. Kind of like one crumb from a big-and-crispy potato chip. So depressing!

Aw, Don’t Get Discouraged, Blog-Buddies.

Probably you don’t believe that all these 10 Quiz Questions are TRUE. Actually, many of you may be laughing by now.

For sure, there’s just one way to un-clog the air, concerning things many people believe about auras. Tell the world what you know to be true.

Please share your answers by commenting below. And let us know why you think or feel that way.

Together we can score a vote for energetic literacy! And, yes, maybe we can budge collective consciousness. When it comes to common fears about auras.

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  1. 1

    Today I’m on lunch break while teaching that advanced aura reading workshop mentioned earlier.

    It fascinates me how fears like the ones mentioned here really do have an impact. The tricky part is, they’re subtle fears. Once we might dismiss initially. Yet, if we take a moment to translate the 10 Quiz questions here into your own words?

  2. 2

    Hey, you just might find quite a bit of reluctance. Trepidation. Worry. Hurt feelings from certain aura reading teachers. Or aura reading showoffs.

    I wrote today’s post because I’m committed…

  3. 3

    Committed to finding those fears. To vanquising those misunderstandings.

    And, in our lifetimes, to upgrade understanding about aura reading for everyone. Let’s bring on energetic literacy! May it become as widespread as word literacy! We need this, living now (know it or not, like it or not) in The Age of Awakening.

  4. 4
    Jane says:

    Aura Reading Fear #1. Snooping

    False, people are either using a technique to read aura reading or they’re not. They’re not reading auras all day long. And an aura reader using Rose’s system decides in advance what particular databanks they are going to read.

    Further it’s not like they’ll learn what a person is thinking, they’ll learn about long term patterns in the person’s subconscious mind, about their character.

  5. 5
    Jane says:

    Aura Reading Fear #2. Over-Sharing

    No this is not true because it’s about respect and consideration. In Rose’s system you learn what is an isn’t appropriate to share.

  6. 6
    Jane says:

    Aura Reading Fear #3. Snobby

    False, aura reading helps you appreciate the uniqueness of each person more.

  7. 7
    Jane says:

    Aura Reading Fear #4. Omniscience
    False – it’s not a psychic reading so you can’t read the past or the future.

  8. 8
    Jane says:

    Aura Reading Fear #5. Harsh & Nasty

    False, aura readers can read beautiful things about people like the gifts of their souls as well as how they’re doing right now. They might not be doing so great right now, but that wouldn’t be a reason to be nasty.

  9. 9
    Jane says:

    Aura Reading Fear #6. Superiority (They Think, Anyway)

    False, you don’t need to be enlightened, or super spiritual or evolved to be an aura reader.
    Aura Reading Fear #7. Perpetual Surveillance

  10. 10
    Jane says:

    Aura Reading Fear #7. Perpetual Surveillance

    False, just like a person isn’t reading a book unless they’re holding a book and looking at the pages, a person isn’t reading an aura unless they’re actually using a technique to read a specific person’s aura.

  11. 11
    Jane says:

    Aura Reading Fear #8. Getting Inside Your Head


    Auras show how a person is doing subconsciously right now. What you find, might or might not be conscious to the person. It’s information about how the person is doing or a gift of their soul, not their thoughts.

  12. 12
    Jane says:

    Aura Reading Fear #9. Judgmental Interpretations

    False – what aura readers can tell you is what they found, which can be delivered kindly and with consideration. It can be really helpful to learn more about yourself, hearing the truth can be very validating.

  13. 13
    Jane says:

    Aura Reading Fear #10. Everyone Can Do It But Me

    False, aura reading is a skill like any other, so that means if you can find a technique that works for you, you can learn it.

  14. 14
    Zaybe says:

    I can relate to several of those fears about aura reading, particularly the fears of judgemental interpretations and snobbery.

    I certainly haven’t found that to be true in RES sessions, when a practitioner is reading my aura. But even now I would hesitate to give permission to others to read my aura, unless I already know I can trust them.

  15. 15
    Kylie says:

    I won’t go through the whole quiz but I will say that I definitely used to think #8 and #10 were true.

  16. 16
    Kylie says:

    Aura reading always seemed like such a mysterious and powerful skill to me, and I did assume that people who could do it were omniscient–they must know everything about me!!!

  17. 17
    Kylie says:

    I also thought this was a skill I could never have myself.

    Being a person who really lived in my head, for many years, I found it challenging to learn the skills years ago, when I first tried.

  18. 18
    Kylie says:

    I was too busy analyzing, second guessing, and disregarding the subtle information I received (because I was expecting a novel, screenplay, or at least a fully fleshed paragraph!)

    But that is not how aura reading works.

  19. 19
    Lindsey says:

    Oh, this is a goodie of a post Rose, and not because I’m in this lovely workshop with you, the best aura reading teacher most likely ever.

    I can see this list as being someone’s fears, mainly because the old model of aura-reading is saturated lots of woo-woo story, flash and hype with no depth of information.

  20. 20
    Lindsey says:

    RES Aura Reading rings in a new era of aura reading for this New Age of Awakening.

    It is much more highly evolved in comparison to the old, basic model of flash and awe, instead, helping each one of us to dive into much deeper levels of perception, subconscious levels, to learn information about our human life at both Divine and Astral levels.

  21. 21
    Lindsey says:

    With this depth of information available, we have the ability to evolve even further and faster in our human and spiritual lives. The potential for self healing is enormous and really has been so simple, practical and safe to learn.

    Thank you Rose! Just learning this quenches any of those fears I might have had before. 🙂 plus it’s so much fun to learn this!

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