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Divine Jingle Bells Ring

Divine Jingle Bells Ring

Divine Jingle Bells Ring when the world’s first batch of RES students… learns Stage 10 Energetic Literacy

Divine Jingle Bells Ring. At least, that’s how it seemed to me, at times.

While teaching the first ever Soul Thrill® Aura Research Workshop. Hereafter known by the acronym “STAR.”

Learn about this. And also receive answers to our Quiz on Aura Reading Fear.

Divine Jingle Bells Ring

Yesterday 12 students graduated. Completing the most advanced aura reading workshop I’ve taught yet. Magnificent spiritual awakening!

At the sweet suburban hotel where we held our meetings, hello! I also met ALBERT. This bright-eyed, kind man was giving a workshop in the adjoining room.

He charmed me with his friendliness. Soon ALBERT found out what we were doing in the RES workshop. And was he ever curious!

What did he ask?

How long does it take to read an aura?

A minute? Five minutes?

After we talked for five minutes, he got it. Energetic literacy isn’t about how fast you can do it. Rather, what matters is how much you can learn. Never “instant aura reading.”

Eager to get started, he bought “Read People Deeper”.  Seems to me, an excellent choice for learning. Because it’s so practical, with those 50 practical categories. You can learn to research them all.

I do hope that ALBERT and I can meet again. And that he’ll become a superb aura reader. Just like the folks in my workshop. Successful learners every one. Even learning a skill set of Stage 10 Energetic Literacy.

Divine Jingle Bells Versus Haste.

Or Fear

ALBERT didn’t suffer from fear about reading auras. Yet so many others do. Perhaps you’d like to share today’s blog post, and the one before it… Helping friends understand better, what aura reading really is.

Because most people have no idea about this kind of energetic literacy. Even highly sophisticated folks when it comes to spirituality or energy healing.

I dedicate answers to our quiz to this: Motivating and also the people you care about. Inspiring you to learn an essential new kind of literacy in this new time on earth. The Age of Awakening began 12/21/12. Even though most folks have no idea whatsoever of what really happened.

(Writing my book and designing online workshops about that… Required a lot of energetic literacy skills. Yes, that’s all. Energetic literacy skills.)

Quick Version of Quiz Answers

All the QUIZ ANSWERS are FALSE. Not one of the fears proposed is true.

But I hope you’ll keep reading. Because the juicy knowledge concerns why FALSE. Versus what, by contrast, is TRUE.

Noteworthy: All of the answers below apply to a specific system: Aura Reading Through All Your Senses®. Not necessarily other forms of aura reading.

Divine Jingle Bells Answer #1. Snooping

One reason aura readers succeed is that they always bring an intention. Most notably, a worthy intention.

Somebody who used reading auras to snoop might lose their accuracy pretty fast.

Seems to me, overall intent is very important. Hence this blog post from four years ago. Which I still stand by. Concerning gossip in the name of deeper perception.

Divine Jingle Bells Answer #2. Over-Sharing

Aura readers… can over-share. But so might people who read newspapers. Or go on Facebook.

What keeps people from over-sharing when they’re using skills of energetic literacy? Because — unlike the incident in the earlier blog post — skill matters. And co-creating with Divine help.

No reason to inflate your ego about using this skill. Especially if you’ve got an intention like, “I aim to be of service to this person.”

Divine Jingle Bells Answer #3. Snobby

The aura readers I train aren’t snobby. Instead, they’re truth seekers.

  • Witness what I observed during a very full weekend workshop.
  • Humility was evident.
  • Curiosity too.
  • Sometimes folks responded to info that was quite shocking.
  • But all the aura reading was for a purpose: Making better decisions. Personally, saving themselves grief. Wasted money. Heartbreak.

By contrast, snobbishness seems mighty dull.

Divine Jingle Bells Answer #4. Omniscience

Granted, some aura conversations come from psychics. Or mediums. Or channelers. They work with spirits of one kind or another. Therefore, they talk about spirit-driven aura reading.

And, to be blunt, about some of those spirits who do the aura talk… (Through psychics). They might claim omniscience. Or superior wisdom.

Personally, I don’t buy it. Since I’ve read auras of quite a few psychics, mediums, and channelers. If the advice were so excellent… How come auras of those good human beings… Can be such a mess?

Anyway, I don’t teach spirits. I teach humans. And we humans can learn a lot. But just one clunky little bit at a time.

You want “instant aura reading” combined with omniscience?

Now that would be the ultimate fantasy about reading auras. An impossibility.

Divine Jingle Bells Answer #5. Harsh & Nasty

Folks with Stage Three Energetic Literacy can always find what? Not “I know what your problem is.” But something much better.

A gift of your soul. For life. And one in every single one of your chakra databanks. (You’ve got HUNDREDS of these.)

We can find more info, of course. But gifts of the soul are just one example of what a skilled aura reader can find that’s inspiring.

Divine Jingle Bells Answer. Superiority (Alleged)

Actually, people aren’t even able to read auras unless… they’ve got skills. And then all they’ve learned is a form of energetic literacy.

How many people do you know who claim superiority because of word literacy. Like, “Hey, I just did the most amazing thing this morning. I. Read. My. Newspaper.”

Universal energetic literacy skills? Sadly, humanity isn’t there yet. But leaders like you readers can gain the skills. Then spread the word.

Divine Jingle Bells Answer #7. Perpetual Surveillance

One of the first things I teach any aura reading student is this:

Energy hygiene.

That means no energetic surveillance. No perpetual aura reading.

Just stick to 20 Daily Minutes of Technique Time, Tops. You’ll be better off. Far better off.

Divine Jingle Bells Answer #8. Getting Inside Your Head

Ethics are baked right into the yummy cake of aura reading.

Besides, aura reading is not mind reading. Period.

Divine Jingle Bells Answer #9. Judgmental Interpretations

One of many unique characteristics of Aura Reading Through All Your Senses? It’s learning how to use your Inner Dictionary. And find your own interpretations. While co-creating with God.

And when’s the last time you heard of God. Real God. Sneering?

This skill is part of basic instruction. For instance you learn to find you own interpretation by taking Aura Reading 101. A very flexible, on-demand online workshop.

Divine Jingle Bells Answer #10. Everyone Can Do It But Me

Ridiculous! Let’s take last weekend’s workshop for example. We had 12 students. Two of them had been studying, off and on for nine years or more. A couple had just finished the course prerequisites days before. They had very little experience reading auras. To put it mildly.

Yet every single student was successful. Understanding and starting to use the most advanced aura reading skills I’ve taught yet.

  • How to do Soul Thrill® Aura Reading Research.
  • How to read auras from photos. Advanced version. Like reading any chakra databank you like. When all you’ve got is a headshot.
  • Advanced Soul Thrill Aura Reading Research. Even more spectacularly useful.

Aura reading skills just need to be taught so that students can learn! There are many things I can’t do. But, thank God, this is one of the things that somehow I can manage. And it does seem, that learning is fun!

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  1. 1
    Kylie says:

    Having just finished Rose’s fantastic Soul Thrill Aura Reading workshop this weekend, I am happy to say that I have learned advanced aura reading skills.

    And it was easy.

  2. 2
    Kylie says:

    It did not make me omniscient!

    But when I want to know something–like the impact of a new job, a new date, a product, or an activity on my aura–I can just follow the steps of Rose’s trademarked method and find out the specific information I am looking for. Without any brain stress or strain. It is truly a skill set that will change my life.

  3. 3
    Isabella C. says:

    The STAR workshop this weekend was phenomenal.

    Watching people learn this skill without having to squint, literally or figuratively… really, it was astonishing.

  4. 4
    Isabella C. says:

    Personally, I got the upgrade in skills and spiritual awakening that is always a feature of RES workshops.

  5. 5
    Isabella C. says:

    Today, among other things, I feel more comfortable in myself and my life than ever.

    Thank God more people are learning this advanced skill. It makes the world a better, more loving and safe place to be, when there are such wise decision makers among us.

  6. 6
    Jesse says:

    Thanks for a great class!

    I had a lot of fun learning this material with some great people!

  7. 7
    Edward G says:

    The STAR workshop is the most informative and practical workshop I have ever attended.

    Rose’s trademark systems of aura reading is for me the fastest way I can learn to trust my own decision making, learn what ‘Thrills my Soul’ and move closer to enlightenment.

  8. 8
    Edward G. says:

    What I found most touching is how deeply I can connect with the divine.

    I felt the subtle differences between each divine being I choose to work with such as Jesus and St Germain.

  9. 9
    Edward G. says:

    I felt so supported during my experience of aura reading which is why STAR can be so effortless.

    I have a friend in my corner.

  10. 10
    Edward G says:

    I travelled across the pond from London to be at this workshop and I look forward to attending another live workshop in the near future.

  11. 11

    Thanks so much for your sharing here, KYLE and ISABELLA, JESSE and EDWARD. It was such fun having you in this pioneering workshop.

  12. 12

    Today the down-to-earth Sue Batton Leonard created a post about her experience with being a pre-publication reviewer for my new memoir, “Bigger than All the Night Sky.”

    Here’s a link to her delightful article.

    This prolific writer is best known for her “Gift of a Lifetime.” I have a hunch, the quote at the start of her article comes from one of her books.

  13. 13
    Gavin says:

    STAR was an amazing, fun, and practical workshop with such delightful folks! The skillsets were not difficult at all.

    I find it reassuring to have a compass in my pocket before using my free will. Thank you Rose.

    And I love the quote on Sue’s blog.

  14. 14
    Cameron K. says:

    Rose, I’ve landed in the UK today and I have already used some of my technique time researching my aura and a famous TV presenter, using advanced techniques that were taught at this workshop.

  15. 15
    Cameron K. says:

    I have learned an incredible amount of valuable, practical skills.

    The way I look at workshops 101 through 103 is akin to a a large jigsaw puzzle, with each lesson in each workshop providing you a methodology on how to place the next piece down effectively and correctly.

  16. 16
    Cameron K. says:

    Each subsequent workshop enables you to get to that completed puzzle in more effective ways.

    Not necessarily quicker, but certainly with more flair and depth.

  17. 17
    Cameron K. says:

    However, the workshop for me was more than a teaching of very valuable skills. It has helped accelerate growth for me within enlightenment, and I leave with a sense of spiritual awakening and uplifted soul.

    I not only have a stronger sense of self and belief in my ability as an aura reader, but also a strong comfortable knowingness as I navigate through human life.

  18. 18
    Jesse says:

    When I first started on this Path, my teacher at the time always stressed “going outward”. To understand and experience the Astral world, it was always about reaching outside of myself.

    When we would test our skills, demonstrating how the Astral world / energies could affect the Human world, we would go outward to a specific place in the Astral.

  19. 19
    Jesse says:

    It was about emphasizing Astral over Human.

    There was not an emphasis on Aura reading. Why would you need it?

  20. 20
    Jesse says:

    As I progressed in my understanding of the various Worlds, I went inward.

    In fact, it was Rose who alerted me to the fact that going inward was about heading into the Astral.

  21. 21
    Jesse says:

    The sophistication of this method – heading inward with support from the Divine – cannot be overstated.

    It eliminates a huge amount of complexity. Most importantly it emphasizes the Human condition.

  22. 22
    Jesse says:

    That’s why Aura reading is extremely important because it helps make Human type decisions from Human type choices!

  23. 23
    Jesse says:

    As I think more about this course, I have more appreciation of Aura reading and the elegant way it can be used to provide insight into complex choices….with no side effects!

  24. 24
    Jesse says:

    Why do flocks of birds change direction?

    I think its because a few of the birds decide to change and the rest follow.

    Imagine making decisions to change with support from the Divine!

  25. 25

    Wonderful insights, guys. Thank you.

  26. 26
    Tatiana says:

    It was such a pleasure to take a part of this highly practical and fun workshop with incredibly talented beautiful people.

  27. 27
    Morgan says:

    Hi Rose,

    How do you know if your are curious or snooping?

  28. 28
    Morgan says:

    My intent feels like curiosity but would it be snooping if I had a prediction?

  29. 29
    Morgan says:

    If yes, how do you get rid of thoughts like these that would sabotage your reading?

  30. 30
    Morgan says:

    Thanks for the sentence “Somebody who used reading auras to snoop might lose their accuracy pretty fast. Seems to me, overall intent is very important.”

    I just need further clarification.

  31. 31

    TATIANA and MORGAN, thanks for your comments here.

    TATIANA, you were missed at the workshop last weekend. On the other hand, it was just delightful having you in others this year, and I know you make the most of every learning experience. 🙂

  32. 32

    Okay, here we go, MORGAN. Let’s begin with responding to your Comment #27.

    A little bit like your earlier comment today at a different post, one for empaths, it seems as though you’ve been worrying unnecessarily.

    So I’m delighted to tell you, simply this: Quit worrying, please. This kind of figuring out involves delving into your own thoughts and feelings. Have you ever known ANY skill set from RES to recommend that you do that? Ever? Nope.

  33. 33

    Regarding Comment #28, having predictions doesn’t come up in using the system of Aura Reading Through All Your Senses®.

    Nor does using predictions as a basis for deciding to read auras.

  34. 34

    MORGAN, I’m really glad you made this comment because many newbies to RES — and even some who’ve been reading this blog quite a while — don’t think there’s much difference between energetic literacy (as I teach it) versus doing psychic readings.

    Sure, studying psychic development you’ll likely be lavishly praised, and greatly respected, for making predictions. The more the better!

  35. 35

    But is RES about this? Ever? In anyway? Oh, I think not.

    Furthermore, your question here gives me a good chance to clarify something… that isn’t necessarily obvious to all you Blog-Buddies. In many aspects of life, we take a little from here and add a little from there and then make our own personal version.

  36. 36

    If you’re putting together an outfit, for instance, sure. Go ahead and wear one item from Designer A and then add something else from Designer B. Actually, you might be pretty proud of the look you put together.

    And rightfully so.

  37. 37

    But RES skills are not meant to become part of a mashup. This is one reason why I’ve gone to the trouble to obtain 10 different trademarks.

    Trademarks can give you an instant recognition, MORGAN and others, “This RES skill is different. Please don’t make a mashup with part of this and part of something you learned elsewhere.”

  38. 38

    For example, what if you have developed an allegiance to psychic reading — or interest in making predictions?

    Please, put that aside if you take my free intro workshop about how to read auras in depth and detail. And the same goes for all my online workshops and books about aura reading. Otherwise you’ll just create a mess. Such as questions that might seem appealing to your mind but arise from faulty premises.

  39. 39

    Regarding your Comment #30, MORGAN, I have a hunch that you haven’t yet studied Aura Reading Through All Your Senses?

    Or if you did, either you were distracted by psychic development ideas, habits of using psychological analysis, or just rushing ahead eagerly and not taking in the information that is always supplied to you.

  40. 40

    Very understandable, any of this. But none of it will help you learn what I’m teaching.

    In future, please put it aside. Simply learn. Maybe you’ve heard the expression “Beginner’s Mind.” That will serve you well.

  41. 41

    Why do I suspect you haven’t actually studied the skills I teach for energetic literacy? Because there’s a Preparation Process, and every bit of it is intended to make it quite impossible to use aura reading to snoop.

    So, no worries!

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