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Seiji Yokoyama Aura Reading. Contest Inspiration!

Seiji Yokoyama Aura

Seiji Yokoyama Aura Reading celebrates a composer who didn’t just bring beautiful melodies. He brought hope.

Seiji Yokoyama Aura Reading will celebrate how this man brought hope. Through composing music. Incidental music, nothing fancy. Yet music that brings hope.

May our reading of his aura inspire us all! Because if you care about America, you could use some inspiration today.

As planned, today we’ll learn about a sweet man. (Wait until you see his photo!)

Continuing with prizes for our Makes You Smile Contest! Today Second Prize goes to a magnificent nomination from HOLLY. Read the juicy details at Comments #19 – 25.

Especially Inspiring

The Saint of Hope” is a special favorite of Holly’s. How does she know the music of  Seiji Yokoyama? From watching an animated, manga-style show with his incidental music: Saint Seiya. Where what happens, according to HOLLY?

There is a lot of physical fighting in “Saint Seiya”. However, I don’t notice that part very much.

I mostly notice what they are fighting for.

Americans Need Inspiration Today

And our friends could use some, too.

Since yesterday, what was in the news?

Of course, news like this ultimately inspires me. Strengthening my resolve to bring truth into this world. A resolve to make a difference. By helping my students, clients, and readers. Recognizing The Age of Awakening. And finding new ways to live how? With spiritual light, compassionate love, and personal power.

Yet I’d be lying if I didn’t admit this. Learning of this news, I felt punched in the gut. Morally horrified by that poll.

So yes, let’s go for fresh inspiration today.

Biographically Inspiring

Fascinating to me, Yokoyama grew up in Hiroshima. And since he was born in 1935, guess what? This composer must witness the dropping of the first atom bomb. Seeing the world’s first-ever mushroom cloud. Right there, in Hiroshima. Hearing all the human impact through a child’s keen hearing. Augmented by his musician’s ears.

How did Seiji Yokoyama endure that horror? Maybe the single most terrifying event in the history of earth!

Would I find an aura marked by bitterness? Or hatred? Or fear?

Instead, could be, this man find a way to hope. A way to insist on hope. Long before he made his transition at 82! What had he taught himself about music’s healing power?

Prepping for this Seiji Yokoyama Aura Reading

Here is the photo I’ll use for this aura research.

Learn more about aura reading here.

Out of loads of other aura reading books, this one is an international bestseller. (Maybe it could help you, too.)

Next, here’s a link to a five-lesson Free Intro. Online learning, on demand. Come and discover the method of Aura Reading Through All Your Senses® .

Finally, here’s a recent article about 12 pioneering aura readers. Last weekend all of them learned Soul Thrill® Aura Research. Hey, that’s Stage 10 Energetic Literacy! (Check out their comments. Clearly the best part of that post.)

Seiji Yokoyama Aura — Root Chakra Databank for Trusting Life

Symbolic Size

90 feet. Somewhat over-functioning


Rhythm is the key. Seems to me, Yokoyama-san knows a great secret of life. And one not only available to professional composers.

He can set his own rhythm. Given a steady, flowing inner tempo, life sorts itself out.

Thus, Seiji Yokoyama trusts life because of a trick. A fun trick that he has learned to do in consciousness. Enhancing his use of  free will.

We can do it too. Here’s how it goes:

Set your own pace. And if you don’t like the frantic thumping around you? Choose to be your own drummer. March to that beat.

Incidentally, you can catch some the contagious serenity in this music Seiji Yokoyama: Saint of Hope

Seiji Yokoyama Aura — Belly Chakra Databank for Creativity

Symbolic Size

50 feet. Somewhat over-functioning, also.


As an old man, the composer can trust it. Creativity will be there for him. A lifetime supply.


Seiji Yokoyama was a fabulously prolific composer.

Blog-Buddies, do you work in any creative field? As a hobby or for your day job… Whichever kinds of dating you do with your muse, you know this well. Habits of using creativity matter. Seiji developed excellent habits. Accordingly, his creativity served him for life.

Speaking of Creative Flow

Did you know, Blog-Buddies? One of my specialties in sessions involves creativity. Have you suffered from a creativity block? Or do you have a paper to write for school? And the words just won’t flow.

I’ve helped others to move out the causes of cramped creativity. Simply set up a Mentoring session. We’ll take it from there. Just this week, a client told me:

This morning I was in awe as I spent over an hour [working on her project of choice]. And enjoying it and feeling like myself as I was doing it. And I still feel normal.

This was absolutely unheard of before now. In the past I would have to really bend myself out of shape and it would impact me for a long time, making it not worth it to even try. I would end up feeling so weird and upset from pushing myself that it didn’t even feel safe to do. Not anymore!

Seiji Yokoyama Aura — Belly Chakra Databank for

Balancing Creativity with Other Abilities

Blog-Buddies, this chakra databank really matters. If creativity matters to you.

Because the more talent and inspiration you’ve got, the more that can burden you. Until you learn how to balance it.

I’m very curious about this aspect of Seiji’s aura.

Symbolic Size

90 miles. Definitely over-functioning.


Surrender to the Divine informs this chakra databank.

Evidently, Seiji Yokoyama gives credit to God for all of his success. And for his ability to make a difference in the world. Most of all, he surrenders to God regarding his creativity.

This brings him a sense of peace. Preventing him from feeling a need to push.

Whenever he needs musical inspiration? All he need do is to ask. Bam! That inspiration arrives.

Granted, the size and quality of this chakra databank may be impacted by age. As people move into their 80’s and beyond, what happens aurically? Sometimes they live with an integrated spiritual connection.

Enlightenment it’s not. More like a consequence. Building up from how the person has lived for decades.

Choices made. Consequences received.

Seiji Yokoyama Aura — Heart Chakra Databank for Giving Love

Was Seiji Yokoyama’s ability to love poisoned, for keeps? Poisoned from that radioactive air. And surviving that ripping apart of trust from the atom bomb?

Personally, I think of that kind of terror as the worst fallout. Impacting collective consciousness forever after.

Symbolic Size

45 feet


In the nicest possible way. Gratefully! Seiji Yokoyama feels like an old man.

He’s got nothing to lose. Consequently, he feels free to love. And love people as much and as often as he can.

In Conclusion

Thanks so much, HOLLY, for introducing me. Maybe other Blog-Buddies as well. To a man who has blessed the world with his courage and sweetness.

Blog-Buddies, did you have a favorite part of today’s article? If so, please comment away.

Glad to say, our comment function has been repaired last night.

So if it seemed recently that your comments disappeared. (Even though they didn’t, really.) Don’t be discouraged.

Now the message is back. About how your comment is in moderation.


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  1. 1
    Catherine says:

    Thank you for the inspiration!

    I like the idea of setting my own pace and marching to my own beat. Great way to navigate difficult situations and interactions with difficult people!

  2. 2
    Catherine says:

    I’ve been thinking about how to give more love, light, and power, during times when I am dealing with a hostile student, for example.

    This is a helpful tip for me to integrate into my toolbox!

  3. 3
    Holly says:

    Hi Rose! Thank you for second place. 🙂

    Seiji Yokoyama really is super sweet!

  4. 4
    Holly says:

    And also very creative.

    He wrote the background music for all 200 episodes of “Saint Seiya” as well as the spin-off movies. There are a ton of characters; each one has his own theme.

  5. 5
    Holly says:

    I agree with Catherine that “marching to my own beat” is a great tip.

    Kind of along the same lines, I just read Heather Havrilesky’s latest answer in her “Ask Polly” advice column where she said, “One of the best skills you can have, as a young person and as an adult, is the ability to be comfortable in a public space, in a crowd, at a party, without speaking to anyone.”

  6. 6

    How delightful to hear from you both! Thanks for adding to the fun of today’s article.

  7. 7
    Julie says:

    Lovely reading of a bringer of hope, that most precious of commodities:)

    Not defined by terrible things he had seen, but by what he wanted to accomplish.

  8. 8
    Julie says:

    Beautiful music, done through serenity, surrender, and ease.

    I hadn’t heard of him but am a great appreciator now.

  9. 9
    Tatiana says:

    So inspiring and powerful

  10. 10
    Catherine says:

    “Not defined by the terrible things he had seen, but what he had wanted to accomplish”

    Thanks for your inspiring comment, Julie.

  11. 11
    Kylie says:

    Fascinating, Rose!

    I also love the part about how he sets his own tempo, and is not defined by terrible things he has seen, but what he wants to accomplish.

  12. 12
    Holly says:

    “Athena’s Love” is my second favorite song by Seiji Yokoyama. Here he uses the human voice as a melodic instrument.

  13. 13
    Lindsey Lorant says:

    Awe…this so sweet. Thank you!

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