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Aura Reading True Believers. Kristen Waggoner.

Aura Reading True Believers. Kristen Waggoner.

Aura Reading True Believers. Kristen Waggoner believes all Americans should be free to follow their beliefs. (Especially free to follow hers.)

Aura Reading True Believers — straight from today’s Washington Post. Because a group of anti-abortion activists, in a big color photograph, stared out at me… when I started my breakfast.

Before eating breakfast, first I say grace… one of many ways that I privately invite God into my life. Then I eat my food, often while while reading about current events this wacky world. Notably, today, learning the latest about my country’s abortion politics, where many public believers, True Believers, apparently think that they own bragging rights concerning God.

Quite some caption there in the Post. “Defending God-given rights.”

Oh really? Whose God-given rights exactly? And bigger God-given rights than those belonging to living women?

Exactly who, I wonder, presumes to tell the rest of us which God-given rights are superior?

Right then, I decided to write this blog post.

Aura Reading True Believers. Not for the First Time

Blog-Buddies, I’ve read auras of many public Christians. Including those who legislate, demonstrate, or pray in public because they’re true believers. Anti-abortion believers.

Look, people are entitled to believe in whatever they choose, so long as they don’t hurt other people who happen to believe differently. Don’t you agree? I do.

  • Yet somehow some True Believers in America have gotten it into their heads that living women don’t matter. Not if they can become pregnant.
  • Also holding the rather questionable belief that a fertilized seed is a person.
  • Not only a person, but a more important person than an actual woman. Who definitely ought to count as a person.
  • All this is why, privately, I call anti-abortion activists “Sperm worshipers.” (Oops, guess my secret is out now.)

I wouldn’t mind if these true believers simply wanted to live that way, on their own. Sure, let their close connection to Jesus radiate out, letting their large and exemplary families inspire us all!

Only, as you know, True Believers aren’t content to do that. They aim to hurt the mere mortals who get pregnant, in favor of those sperm-favored eggs. The law of our land allows free reproductive choice for women, a law that has been nibbled away for years. Will these True Believers completely shut down abortion rights for American women?

Big questions! Today I’d simply like to share some answers with you. Small answers!

What on earth is going on in their auras?  Adamantly certain in their religious beliefs, energetically and subconsciously, are they closely connected to God? Because each person’s spiritual path can be gorgeous. Only maybe what we find won’t be gorgeous at all.

Aura Reading True Believers. How Will It Work Today?

For background info on aura reading with Stage Three Energetic Literacy, why not check out the start of this blog post? You’ll find an inspiring aura reading of Austin Perine, a four-year-old nominated by a Blog-Buddy who happens to have a strong Christian background. This child’s aura shows a refreshing emphasis on love, compassion, and service.

For contrast, here’s an online version of the article that greeted me at breakfast. There you’ll find many photographs featuring Kristen Waggoner.

Quite the darling of conservatives, this lawyer’s most recent victory was Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission. So meet the “legal mind and public face of Alliance Defending Freedom., an Arizona-based Christian conservative legal nonprofit better known as ADF.”

Also, from today’s article in the Post: “as ADF’s CEO, Michael Farris, put it: “We would say the combination of hard work and God’s blessing appears to be paying off.”

One thing I love about deeper perception? It doesn’t tell us who has allegedly won “God’s blessing.” But it does reveal a great deal about who someone really is.

I’ll use this photo of  Kristen Waggoner. Have I previewed her aura to make sure it will make some kind of point? Definitely not.

As usual, today’s exercise in energetic literacy will unfold for me as I type every sentence.

Maybe Kristen will be a saint, really closely connected to God. And thus someone who can inspire us all, whatever our political opinions.

Today, for the first chakra databank, I’ll include research about a lifelong Gift of the Soul. Because everyone has lovely ones. Usually I refrain from researching them in aura readings, lest a person confuse the POTENTIAL of such a gift… with actually using it in everyday life.

Aura Reading True Believers. Kristen Waggoner

Root Chakra Databank for Presence in the Room

Gift of the Soul

Feels strongly connected to her community, gaining power from them and living in order to help them.

Symbolic Size of the Chakra Databank

Very, very large. Over-functioning

Quality, at the Time of this Photo

For Kristen Waggoner, she feels like a hero to all the people who matter. She loves being their shining light, which is full of spiritual righteousness.

And, as always, especially in public? Kristen Waggoner is very, very careful to act humble.

Aura Reading True Believers. Kristen Waggoner

Root Chakra Databank for Persuading Others

Blog-Buddies, count this one among the many optional chakra databanks that people have at various times, depending on how they lead their lives.

Symbolic Size of the Chakra Databank

Out to the moon. Way over-functioning.

Quality, at the Time of this Photo

Absolutely ruthless, Kristen Waggoner aims to win. Nothing else matters, so long as she can proclaim victory.

No attack is too harsh, so long as it helps her win.

Note: A devout follower of Christ might expect to find love, compassion, and caring in the chakra databanks of one of his prominent representatives. Religious and and political representatives, anyway. So it’s worth noting that I didn’t find an ounce of loving-kindness, nothing close.

Aura Reading True Believers. Kristen Waggoner

Throat Chakra Chakra Databank for Verbal Integrity

Symbolic Size of the Chakra Databank

2 inches. Shutdown is nearly complete, at the time of this photo.

Quality, at the Time of this Photo

“Whatever helps me to win is the will of God.” That’s one strong component I find in this chakra databank.

Equally strong: “Every day I am learning new ways to win. All of this is allowed, because I have to fight the Devil.”


Look, Blog-Buddies, I’ve been to many religious services of many kinds:  Catholic, Presbyterian, Episcopal, Methodist, Friends (Quaker), Baptist, Unity, Unitarian-Universalist. Maybe it’s just a coincidence, that out of hundreds of times I’ve been to church, no clergy person or hymn or reading has told me that Jesus primarily taught hatred. Nor deciding who was “of the Devil.”

Actually, I’ve read the New Testament many times, too. Maybe it was just my ignorance here, but I didn’t read anything attributed to Jesus about hating gays. Or hating women. Or “whatever you do is fine, so long as you get what you want.”

And yet hatred — not just righteous indignation — is this signature quality of this chakra databank. Belonging to a leading public Christian and, evidently, advocate for “God.”

Aura Reading True Believers. Kristen Waggoner

Third Eye Chakra Databank for Connection to Spiritual Source

Symbolic Size of the Chakra Databank

1/8 inch. Shut down. Completely shut down for now.

Quality, at the Time of this Photo

Evidently Kristen Waggoner identifies strongly with Jesus. In this chakra databank, she feels like one of God’s favorites, so that automatically every thought and word and action expresses the true will of God.

Important to note: This is just the quality of one chakra databank. Someone who has a big-deal delusion about “Being Jesus” or “Being Like Jesus” would have this kind of problem show in many or most of her chakra databanks.

The other thing in this chakra databank that I find — and find awfully interesting?

“I know it all.” As in, “I know all about God, what God wants and doesn’t want, who God is. And all my reactions to people are true. Yes, true with a godlike clarity.”

Aura Reading True Believers. Kristen Waggoner

Third Eye Chakra Databank for Connection to Jesus Christ

Having just read about Kristen’s chakra databank about connection to Spiritual Source, are you curious? I’m sure curious about what’s in her chakra databank about connection to the source of her religion.

How many times a day, I wonder, does Kristen Waggoner use the word “Christian”? That I cannot tell you.

However, I can tell you about this last chakra databank for today. Of course, that’s not because I’m a special favorite of Jesus. Rather, it’s because I’ve spent decades developing good, honest skills for learning about people.

Quite opposite what showed in that earlier paragraph about Kristen that was indented. Blog-Buddies, unlike the triumphant attorney and Christian activist, I’m very aware that I don’t know everything. Maybe you know that about me as well? Good!

Even as a specialist at Deeper Perception, what happens when I want to know what’s going on inside a person? I move into Technique Time, doing the many steps of aura reading research.

All you have are theories. Opinions.  Judgments. So common with Stage 1 Energetic Literacy.

Seems to me, depth knowledge of who people are… this doesn’t become either nuanced or reliable or innocent — not until you team up with God, or with Jesus, or another Divine Being. Plus you bring along a spirit of seeking truth, maybe even service to others. And then, using your energetic literacy skills, you have the joy of learning something.

Learning from every chakra databank. Every single time.

Anyway, here we go with the reading this chakra databank.

Symbolic Size of the Chakra Databank

1/8 inch. Complete shutdown (for now, anyway)

Quality, at the Time of this Photo

A slickly dishonest quality gives flavor to this chakra databank. For now, anyway.

Truth be told, Kristen Waggoner feels a bit superior to Jesus. He was so long ago. He did well, but it just might turn out that the things she is doing now… are far more important.

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  1. 1
    Zaybe says:

    Wow, Rose. What a reading.

    Makes me wonder, what on earth would need to happen in Kristen Waggoner’s life to prompt her to seek personal and spiritual growth (rather than being so cock-sure of herself).

  2. 2
    Valerie says:

    Yes, what a reading Rose. It always intrigues me to learn more about the journey that other people are on, how they see things, how they see themselves.

    How the ideas and opinions they have translate into actions, the words they speak, and the affect they have on other people.

  3. 3
    Kylie says:

    Pretty creepy Rose!

    But interesting to read about, how someone like this manages to explain all of her contradictions to herself.

  4. 4
    Hannah says:

    I see you’ve created “Sperm Worshippers” (with capitalization!) to your metadata. That is outstanding cataloging! ?

  5. 5
    Liane says:

    Speaking from a whole lot of former experience in this area (but not speaking for Kristen Waggoner) —

    It’s simply too easy for zealous Christians to manipulate and justify their version of the word of God in order to help themselves gain power and importance.

  6. 6
    Liane says:

    Superiority while seeming humble is playing the game at it’s best.

    Great post, Rose. Amen : )

  7. 7

    HANNAH, how prescient! The very idea of cataloging — which you understand far better than I do, being one of several library science professionals who read this blog! I don’t plan to make a big deal of “Sperm Worshipers” here at the blog, though I’d love to see the term gain traction. But today I’m introducing a new term at the leading edge of RES.

    This morning I posted an article about this new specialty. In the process I set up a new category (under empath). And how I thought of you! Can you spot it?

  8. 8
    Sandra says:

    Great reading, Rose.

    If Jesus was in the flesh today, he’d be tipping over a lot of metaphoric tables. Cleansing the houses of worship, as it were.

  9. 9
    Christine P says:

    Sperm worshippers! LOL

    That term perfectly captures the way they view the reproductive process.

  10. 10
    Morgan says:

    Rose – when you wrote “A slickly dishonest quality gives flavor to this chakra databank” does this mean she is consciously aware of dishonesty in her connection to Jesus?

    And perhaps justifies her dishonesty because her end game is more important (to win)?

  11. 11
    Morgan says:

    Or is she consciously not aware of dishonesty and sincerely believes in all her actions as dedicated to Jesus?

  12. 12
    Morgan says:

    I’m curious about how people lie to themselves when they have so much sincerity/self-righteousness. Especially in regards to their faith?

  13. 13
    Morgan says:

    If a person was passionate about doing “right”, then how would a person know that their actions were actually wrong (assuming they didn’t have aura reading skills or someone else to do it)?

  14. 14

    Thanks for your questions here today, MORGAN, and also thanks to CHRISTINE P. and SANDRA.

    Regarding your Comment 10, MORGAN, the key word is “consciously,” as in “consciously aware.”

  15. 15

    Now hear this, all you Blog-Buddies. Aura reading — at least the system of Aura Reading Through All Your Senses — informs you about a person’s SUBCONSCIOUS mind.

    Not what a person is consciously thinking. An important distinction indeed. And there’s your answer to that question, right, MORGAN?

  16. 16

    Likewise, surely you can now put together your answer to the question in Comment #11, MORGAN.

    As in the well-known term, “Human frailty.” Or as in the RES term, “Hey, that’s Earth School. A complex place for spiritual growth!”

  17. 17

    Regarding Comment 12, MORGAN, the more you read auras — or even read these blog posts with aura readings and Skilled Empath Merges — your awe may grow for the amazing, unfathomable complexity of human life.

    Otherwise, with all respect, I’d avoid asking questions like the one in Comment 12. It really goes under the category of theorizing, as each person is different. Doesn’t it?

  18. 18

    Also, is it any of your business or mine WHY a person has subconscious-level STUFF that distorts her perception of reality?

    For me, not unless she became my client. Voluntarily! And I don’t do missionary work to get clients, you know. 😉

  19. 19

    Your question in Comment 13 is a fascinating one, MORGAN. Here are my ideas, and maybe some of you Blog-Buddies have others:

    * Reality checks. Taking them… Learning from them…
    * Interacting with people outside one’s belief system.

  20. 20

    * Developing some humility
    * Or, at least, curiosity.
    * Having a Life Review at the end of the incarnation — pretty inevitable, and sure to be a protracted Moment Of Truth!

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