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Introducing Something Big and New. July Newsletter

Introducing Something Big and New

Introducing Something Big and New. Your first read about RES Sensitivity Skills in the July Newsletter!

Introducing Something Big and New in the July 2018 Issue of “Reading Life Deeper.” The free newsletter for RES sophisticates.

Why “sophisticates”? Because this newsletter comes closest to a Journal for Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES), which (if you think about it historically) is an emerging field for The Age of Awakening.

Other professional fields boast academic journals. However, so far RES can manage neither academics nor big conferences nor academic prestige — although we do have rigorously trained (and productive) RES experts. Therefore, no journals yet. And I’m not convinced that we’ll ever have proudly specialized academics, in contrast to professional practitioners and other experts-in-training.

For now, the best we can do is a monthly publication that carries depth articles on the latest discoveries in RES.

Okay, Also

We’ve got the usual publication of books and workshops — most notably the upcoming RES workshop for July 21-22, HSP Heaven on Earth.

For sure, this July 2018 issue of “Reading Life Deeper” is no exception to my goal of publishing articles of significance to readers like you. In this case, celebration time! Due to ….

Introducing Something Big and New

Use your words! Mind your manners! Behave!

And, for all I know, in England: Behave properly!

Look, back when we were kids much of our education was social. So many DOs and DON’Ts were important for us to learn, and along with that we learned the sweet side of manners: How to get along with grownups, older kids, younger kids and, especially, kids our own age.

If you think about it, you learned different rules at different phases in growing up. From “Don’t hit” to “How to date.” Ever since, you’ve been using the same social skills, pretty much. But know one set of skills you were probably never taught?

Introducing Something Big and New: RES Sensitivity Skills

Namely, this big and new development involves new skills for the productive use of sensitivity. A development that aims to transform the  field begun by Dr. Elaine Aron, huge though that field is, a field that aims to improve life for Highly Sensitive Persons (HSPs).

Why Call This “Introducing Something Big and New”?

Because, when it comes to learning, RES offers skills based in consciousness.

Rather than the usual clever and well-meant relics of the Age of Faith, especially the New Age Years, which dominate the self-help marketplace today.

Of course,  Dr. Aron first published her landmark book in 1997, during the New Age Years, bringing to the world her breakthrough research into HSPs.

Subsequently that field has spread like California wildfires in the summer, thanks to psychologists, doctors, and energy healers who aim to help HSPs to stop being so gosh-darned delicate, fragile, and constantly overwhelmed.

Teaching lifestyle skills and boundary skills, like how vital it is (supposedly) to take at least a couple of hours a day to recharge. Yep, a couple of hours of what, in RES, we’d call “Technique Time.”  

Blog-Buddies, as you may know, my research — based on skills of energetic literacy pretty much unknown to today’s psychologists, doctors, and energy healers — suggests that 20 minutes of daily Technique Time works best. Not two hours.

Since too much Technique Time causes people to people drift into space-out. Among other problems, this consciousness lifestyle of imbalance confirms the self-fulfilling prophecy built into today’s standard help for sensitives. How, supposedly, HSPs are oh-so-delicate, too refined for regular human life.

As if!

Introducing This Something Big and New, Here’s the Point

“Highly Sensitive Person” could mean Happy, Self-Confident and Productive! Which is why my first offering of RES Sensitivity Skills will be a workshop just packed with this new kind of knowledge.

A kind of knowledge comparable to the uniquely effective skills of Empath Empowerment®. Offering skills also based in consciousness, rather than the usual psychological  lifestyle skills and boundary skills.

Today’s mainstream help for empaths isn’t based in consciousness at all, even when supplemented by New Age-style energy healing to protect the auras of empaths. You know, because empaths have such “intense fragility.”


Introducing Something Big and New. Because

We Sensitives Need that Something.

Have you noticed? Living now, in The Age of Awakening, sensitivity skills matter. So come stretch your mind by reading about The Dawn of RES Sensitivity Skills. 

And inspire yourself with a sweet, new chunk of knowledge from the chocolate box of RES: New Kinds of Clarity for HSPs.

Come, have a taste. I’m aiming to publish the July 2018 issue of “Reading Life Deeper” on Monday, July 9.

So before then, you’ve got time to sign up (if you haven’t yet). Might I suggest doing this now?

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  1. 1
    Steve says:

    Thanks for opening up this door, Rose. It does interest me to think that you are now finding a way to help those of us who aren’t empaths, as well as those who are.

    When I read Elaine Aron’s book, it was very helpful to me. Even then, I wasn’t crazy about the idea of taking two hours of my day just to stick a pacifier in my mouth, or whatever.

  2. 2
    Steve says:

    To be honest, I didn’t feel overwhelmed either. Why is sensitivity supposed to mean being overwhelmed?

    What I liked about Aron’s book was the validation. Not everybody is sensitive like me. I really am sensitive, though. Validating that for me was very important, but that’s really all that I got from her book.

  3. 3
    Anonymous says:

    I like the research Aron did. I like the idea that 1 in 5 people is an HSP. That looks about right to me.

    However, the books and website articles that I’ve seen for sensitive persons kind of strike me as whiny. Like a poor me attitude. I don’t like the self-protectiveness.

  4. 4
    Anonymous says:

    Rose, I welcome the idea of being happier in my way of living as an HSP. I like the idea of more confidence, not having my sensitivity mean just the opposite. Like guilt and replaying all my mistakes.

    I really, really like the idea of being productive in a way that isn’t fake. I’m very interested in being my kind of strong, my sensitive kind of strong and productive. Thank you for this article. It really started me thinking.

  5. 5
    Liane says:

    Your newsletter excited me to my core.

    Some how, some way, I’m going to gain skills to become ‘Happy, Self-Confident and Productive as an HSP’.
    Perhaps through mentoring over the phone.

  6. 6
    Liane says:

    I’ve read Dr. Aron’s book, and although she gives us HSP’s a clear title and some understanding as to what makes us tick, it left my hope for some real answers more than a little deflated.

  7. 7
    Liane says:

    I don’t want to live in a cocoon, wrapped in labels of fear for my fragile self.

    Sounds a bit more like checking out rather than checking in to a Happy, Self-Confident and Productive Life.

  8. 8
    Liane says:

    Thank you, Rose, for your ever evolving RES skills and education.

  9. 9
    Lindsey says:

    Love this, is there an age requirement for the HSP workshop Rose?

  10. 10

    Great question, LINDSEY. Thanks.

    A mature 16-year-old could attend, preferably with a parent or other relative. Before you even discuss attending with the child, please email me that person’s photo. (roserosetree AT )

    I’ll respond within 24 hours about whether I think the workshop would be a good fit. Including whether that person is an HSP in the first place.

  11. 11

    Assuming that’s a go… Ask any children you have in mind:

    #1. Would YOU like to take this workshop? (Meaning the child, not just a grownup like you, thinking this workshop is a good idea. 😉 )

    #2. Would you like to take a workshop with this teacher? (First, go onto the website and show the child one of my video lectures — loads to choose from.)

  12. 12

    #3. It’s a very full weekend workshop. Will you feel comfortable sitting for an hour at a time, during workshop lectures?

    In RES workshops we do a lot of interactive experiments, and sharing with partners. Even so, it’s intense.

  13. 13

    #4. Most of the people in the workshop will be grownups, old enough to be your parents or maybe even grandparents. Like you, sometimes they will be talking about their problems. Does it upset you to hear older people say this kind of thing, or are you okay with that?

    (Maybe kids are already quite used to this, but it’s still worth asking, because it might seem weird to them, hearing real people — neither relatives nor TV characters — sharing about problems they’ve had in the past. Sometimes course participants even tear up a bit… and they’re not kids. They’re “old.”)

  14. 14

    Like in school (probably) we will have rules that help everybody learn maximum. Such as no side conversations. And saving your questions until the Q&A periods, then raising your hand and asking only when you’re called on.

    Depending on how that child is being raised, this might seem too strict. So put into play your knowledge about that person. Does he or she get into trouble a lot? Is he or she capable of sitting with MOBILE PHONE OFF during meetings that last 2-3 hours?

    Yet some children really appreciate how these basic rules help all course participants to learn a lot — LINDSEY, you can talk about that from personal experience, right? There’s loads of info to help you to grow.

  15. 15

    Finally, before the child attends, all parents and guardians must give consent via email, so let Workshop Manager Mitch know well in advance of the workshop, so that he can send out those forms. (By that point, we’ll have already been in touch because of my researching that young student from a photo, of course.)

    LINDSEY, over the years, I have had children in workshops, and they did well! This workshop, in particular, could be a huge gift to a young person.

  16. 16
    Lindsey says:

    Thank you so much Rose for all this information. I will offer as you advise to see if they are even remotely interested, any time constraints, etc, and then send pictures if so.

    The ages are 17yrs and older, btw. Thank you again!

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