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Today’s Sweet Swap. A Free Aura Reading.

Today's Sweet Swap

Today’s Sweet Swap may inspire you, like sunshine lighting up a cold landscape. Waking up YOUR connection to joy.

Today’s Sweet Swap is complete now. But…

Welcome to all of you who seek to share inspiration. And thanks so much to all of you who have entered within the time constraints that made this fun sharing manageable for me.

Although the aura reading opportunity in this post is over, the fun sure isn’t. Please check back often, reading comments that will tell you about aura-level Gifts of the Soul from the folks you’ve met through this thread.

Please feel free to add comments of your own, not for swapping purposes but to share some of your unique wisdom. Personally, I love reading what you have to say.

And now back to the original blog post…

Today’s Sweet Swap. Do you feel saddened, outraged, or scared about the latest political news?

Have you felt discouraged for any reason? Maybe you even found it hard to get up today?

Did you know? Besides your personal worries, seems to me, right now there’s a big, frozen hopelessness in collective consciousness. Like a desolate landscape. For now, at least.

All the more reason to live juicy and strong! Because that’s way more fun. Plus, who gets to contribute to collective consciousness? You do!

So let’s have a big-and-inspiring conversation right here at this post, an exchange that aims to inspire every single person who participates. Aiming for no less than this…

Today’s Sweet Swap Aims to Rekindle Your Joy

Your Confidence, Your Power,

And Your Will to Accomplish What Matters to You

Because I don’t know everything about each of you Blog-Buddies.

Okay, I don’t know everything about any of you Blog-Buddies.

And some of you, who comment at this particular blog post may be complete newbies to RES and to me.

Regardless, I’d like to add to your joy. So keep reading and learn about today’s highly unusual, one time only, sweet swap…

If you’re game to participate, and follow the rules, you’ll win. Even if you’ve never won anything before in your life!

Could be, your contribution will help all of us to win.

Today’s Sweet Swap. What You’ll Get

Maybe you know that I do aura reading. And I teach aura reading, too. The kind called Aura Reading Through All Your Senses®

That trademark is your clue that this version may be quite different from what you usually think it means, reading auras.

Actually, you’ll get the most out of what you get, winning from this swap… if beforehand you learn a bit about this kind of RES Energy Reading.

If not familiar already, no worries. Please use that link just supplied. Check out the videos and other info. Definitely learn about “Gifts of your soul” that show in your aura. Because otherwise it won’t be nearly as much fun to receive what you’re going to get.

And What Will You Get?

If you do the “What to Give” part of the Swap, I’ll post a comment below. Giving you a mini-reading of your aura.

Specifically, I’ll select one of your hundreds of chakra databanks. And then describe a lifelong Gift of Your Soul. Your potential. Part of your specialness. No matter what.

Hold On…

Might that bit of aura reading be nasty? Or some doom-and-gloom kind of prediction?

Of course not.

Gifts of your soul are hardwired into you for keeps. These gifts exist at the Divine level, the level of Perfection Everywhere Now.

By contrast, the parts of an aura that might not be doing so hot? They’re at the astral level, more suitable for learning about during a session of RES Energy HEALING, not Energy READING! And definitely not within the scope of what we’re doing together here.

Thus, if you enter today’s sweet swap, you’ll simply learn a bit about what makes you an individual — and an important individual at that!

Today’s Sweet Swap. What to Give

Look, Blog-Buddies, a swap wouldn’t be a swap without reciprocity. So here’s what I’m asking you to do for your side of the bargain.

Write a comment below. Maybe chunk it into several comments, if it runs for more than a paragraph. (Otherwise, I’ll do the chunking for you, changing nothing but spacing. Why chunk? Because readable, easy-to-digest comments are how we roll here, at this reader-friendly blog.)

  1. Tell everybody one thing that keeps you going, even during “interesting” times.
  2. Next, email me briefly, including a photo that you paste into the email. Or else send as an attachment in the email.
  3. Doesn’t matter how current the photo is, since I’ll be reading one lifelong gift of your soul. Just make it a head shot, or a larger picture of you that includes your whole head, not cropped. Also, please select a picture where you’re not hugging others, holding hands, carrying your pet poodle, etc. Just plain you, please.
  4. That’s YOUR photo, of course. Don’t presume to enter for somebody else. This aura reading is free, and that includes free choice, rather than deciding for somebody else.
  5. Please note, your photo will not appear at my blog. It’s private, for my use in researching one of your gifts of the soul that shows in your aura!
  6. Use this email address please: roserosetree AT
  7. Your mini-aura reading will appear as a comment below.
  8. That simple. 🙂

Note that all entries must be sent by 24 hours from now, when this blog post goes live. For this, let’s count the display for the first entry. Presumably it will display in your own current time, right?

In Eastern Standard Time in America, that means noon on July 17. So you and your friends may enter until noon on July 18. 

What Else?

We do have a policy of civility at this blog. So please avoid including swearing or verbal attacks in your comments; in which case, this monitored blog will delete your entry. Otherwise, share away.

Could be, your contribution makes a huge difference to some readers you’ve never met.

Well, shine that sweet light of yours, please.

Oh yes, what if you’re already in my tomorrow? And here I’m thinking of some very magnificent Blog-Buddies in parts of Asia and Australia…. No worries. As usual, we’ll communicate just fine. The 24-hour clock starts ticking just as soon as this post goes live. (And isn’t that hilarious, how we can visit across the International Date Line? Tickles me every time.)

One Thing that Keeps You Going?

Here’s an example of the kind of example you might give. Fresh from today, in the life of Rose Rosetree, founder of RES.

There are some things I have. There are other things I don’t have.

Today I’m going to make the most of what I do have. And, where I can, I’ll aim to make a positive difference.

Today’s Sweet Swap Lasts How Long?

Important to note: Just for today.

Meaning, this Sweet Swap lasts just for today.

So spread the word, by all means, and do it soon. Your friends who post here don’t have to be my Facebook friends, or especially interested in anything at this website. Tourists are welcome!

There’s no commitment, no obligation. Definitely no strings attached.

Except, perhaps, the desire to add to the joy in this world… and have a bit of joy added to you.

Oh yes, how long will it take before I get to you? Commenting right at this blog post, delivering your brief aura reading.


As usual, I’ll balance my biggest work obligations with sprinkling this joy around, bit by bit, one aura reading at a time, one comment at a time.

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  1. 101
    Lindsey says:

    Also, only 1/2 cup to a cup is needed for great benefit. So those whole bottles really could last a few days in the refrigerator. 🙂

  2. 102
    Lindsey says:

    Thank you Rose! How wonderful of a post!

    I wish I read it sooner, just catching up on all these juicy posts.

    I have at times in the last year and a half been saddened and furious at the political news like many.

  3. 103
    Lindsey says:

    So, what helps me deal with it?

    First, acknowledging that I don’t like it and want things to get better. I look into ways to support those in position to make a difference in changing the current negative political climate into a positive growth opportunity.

  4. 104
    Lindsey says:

    I educate myself by reading and watching different news sources and then I use my own moral discernment and also have some fun using execellent RES aura reading skills to help check out if certain newscasters have verbal integrity or learn how they use their power, etc. so I can make better judgements and have more understanding of what is going on with a person.

  5. 105
    Lindsey says:

    Recently, I’ve learned RES Level 3 and 10 Energetic Literacy Skills to help me discover more deeply who would be good candidates to back in political runs, etc.

    This has been so fun to learn and do.

  6. 106
    Lindsey says:

    When I am especially tired of the news, It’s been so much fun to read an aura of an inspiring friend or family member.

    There is always something glorious to learn and experience while reading someone’s aura because everyone has hundreds of Divine Gifts of the Sout!

  7. 107
    Lindsey says:

    Just knowing that on the deepest level everyone has these Divine gifts no matter what horrible ways they use their free will, comforts and soothes me to feel such love even still. ?

  8. 108
    Claudia says:

    My search for learning, living and embodying divine truth and reaching true liberation is what keeps me going.

  9. 109
    Claudia says:

    This includes staying aware and present to what my inner experience is and connecting to the true divine presence and love of the infinite one and experiencing this at the core of my soul and being, staying connected and allowing clearing and healing and embodiment of this infinite love to bring me into closer and fuller embodiment and being of my true beingness, allowing the letting go of stuff that arises into my awareness and staying in non attachment to all the external stuff and drama we are being bombarded with.

  10. 110
    Claudia says:

    My thanks to all who are on the path of divine truth and divine love fro sharing their learning and experience as this assists me. This includes Rose.

  11. 111
    Erica says:

    My work is focused on the every day realities that result from some of the ‘interesting’ social and political situations you refer to. It can be deeply discouraging and I have frequently felt hopeless.

  12. 112
    Erica says:

    When I focus on my own life, there is plenty to enjoy, plenty to be grateful for, etc.

    When I turn my attention to the lived experiences that are playing out in conflict-affected areas, for example, or for migrants and asylum seekers around the world, I have a great struggle to maintain my joy, my juiciness.

  13. 113
    Erica says:

    I try to lessen some of the impact of this dispiriting information by avoiding the news cycle as much as possible and by getting the bulk of my socio-political analysis from comedic commentators like John Oliver and Samantha Bee – I’m comforted by the idea of people with a media platform speaking truth to power and questioning some of these decisions and actions.

  14. 114
    Erica says:

    I have also learned to give myself large mental breaks – where previously I had had a tendency to want to ‘educate’ myself as much as possible by reading about these issues in my downtime, where I almost saw this as my ‘penance’ for being lucky and largely unaffected by it in a practical sense, I now try to do my human best at work, and when I’m not at work, I focus on my own human life more than on the suffering around the world.

  15. 115
    Erica says:

    I have learned, through the gift of your teaching, that me feeling terrible all the time about things I can’t control helps no one.

  16. 116
    Erica says:

    I have to say, at the risk of sounding like a RES infomercial, that, like others here, the thing that has helped me the most to engage with the world as it is at the moment has been the gradual adjustments of my perspectives through sessions with you, Rose.

    I would certainly be struggling a lot more to feel like the world is ok if not for the ways in which you have helped me to understand things.

  17. 117
    Erica says:

    Beyond these things, at a very basic level it’s food (sometimes comfort eating!), time spent in nature and connection with my loved ones that keeps me going when things feel most hopeless.

  18. 118
    Erica says:

    I also take inspiration from people far more experienced and knowledgeable than me who keep putting one foot in front of the other, doing what they reasonably can to make things a little bit better every day.

  19. 119
    Josefa says:

    What keeps me going is the belief that God is in control and the understanding that I am at choice in how and what to contribute to the world.

  20. 120
    Josefa says:

    My choice is to help make this world a more benevolent and peaceful world by changing myself to be what I want to see in the world and practicing and living by spiritual principles that have been proven to be life supporting and life sustaining such as kindness, compassion, unconditional acceptance, no judgement, respect and reverence for all of life.

  21. 121
    Jnana says:

    Well, what can I say. It’s you, Rose. You, RES, God, the Divine Beings. Giving me freedom, truth, power and awakening me to the bigger picture that life really is.

  22. 122
    Suzanne Zeinfeld says:

    Curiosity…I know I’m here for the long haul and I can always find inspiration in the most unusual places IF I allow my curiosity to be peaked.

  23. 123
    Suzanne Zeinfeld says:

    An example? The ants that keep coming into my house if I leave even a crumb of food in the dog eating area. Instead of killing them, I watched how industrious and persistent they were trying to get that small piece of dried food through an even smaller crack in the baseboard.

    What teamwork! I was inspired!

  24. 124
    Hannah says:

    Hi Rose!

    One thing that keeps me going is knowing that I can use action to implement change.

  25. 125
    Hannah says:

    Knowing that karma, or that my actions have consequences, helps me during tough times when I don’t see evidence that my action(s) created change. This helps me maintain the motivation and enthusiasm to move forward through “interesting times.” In this case, I will continue to vote even if my preferred candidate doesn’t win the election.

  26. 126
    Krista says:

    Rose, thank you for this contest.

    I remind myself that this will not last forever, and I can be part of the change that makes this world a better place.

  27. 127
    Krista says:

    There are specific actions I am taking–to be more informed, voting in the upcoming mid term election, and signing petitions.

    I am also engaged in my personal healing, which in its own way, helps this world (at least I like to think so).

  28. 128

    Everyone’s comments are up so far… except for any of you readers who would like to share YOUR wisdom, even though you won’t be receiving an aura reading about one of your gifts of the soul. Please add your special spark.

    What I’ve read here delighted me and informed me. Thank you one and all.

  29. 129

    Which gift of the soul do I aim to research? At this point, my plan is research the same chakra databank on each one of you, unless I know that I’ve already read it for you during a session.

    (Which is true of just one of you, THEODORE SCOTT, one of a few Aussies who have responded here. THEODORE, that’s why I’ll select a different chakra databank to research on you.)

  30. 130

    So, Blog-Buddies, here’s what I’ll be research on you (probably), as I move through doing these for you. Did you know that, at your Crown Chakra, you have a chakra databank for Handling Fear in Collective Consciousness?

    Well, you do. Many of your chakra databanks depend on your lifestyle and interests, your priorities. However, hundreds of your chakra databanks are standard issue for an adult human who is functioning normally — relatively speaking.

  31. 131

    This is one of those universal chakra databanks, at least for people living now.

    And I think it’s extremely relevant to what’s going on in the background for humanity today. ERICA’s comments, especially #111-115 hint at the underlying fear that is viscerally felt by millions. Many others of you alluded to concern over political problems.

  32. 132

    I think all of us are strongly engaged, subconsciously and energetically, in living in our world as it is today; with so many fears running rampant — and for good reason — that we might well call these times The Age of Terror.

    Names like that would tempt me, except that (as many of you may know), I think the most important name for living now is The Age of Awakening.

  33. 133

    Essentially, human life has always involved fear, both individually and collectively.

    What’s striking about adjusting to this Age of Awakening, that began December 21, 2012? How hard it has been for millions of people, including beautiful spiritual seekers, to adjust to it. This link takes you to an article dedicated very specifically to what I consider “True Signs of The Age of Awakening.” In contrast to many confused beliefs that result in spiritual addiction.

  34. 134

    We humans have always had free will, and with it… freedom of belief. Stakes are maybe a bit higher now, because sometimes people who follow beliefs that sound perfectly wonderful… are getting the unintended consequence of that consciousness lifestyle I just mentioned, spiritual addiction.

    If you’d like to avoid that, you can get a lot of information by searching on that at this blog. Or reading “The New Strong.”

  35. 135

    Why bring up all of this? Because the millions or billions in spiritual addiction unknowingly add to the fear in collective consciousness. As do all of those who have slipped into an opposite kind of problem, spiritual shutdown. And they, too, add to the fear in collective consciousness.

    Altogether, there’s a great deal of collective fear. And so I think it’s a wonderful time to know that you’ve got a Divine-level gift for handling that. Hence my choice.

  36. 136

    Just one more idea by way of preface, especially useful because many of you sharing our Sweet Swap haven’t ever had any kind of aura reading that told you about your gifts of the soul.

    So… please understand that these are at your Higher Self level, not the level of your conscious mind. So you might not relate to them very well… at least unless you have moved into Enlightenment — or whatever you happen to call “using your full potential in life.”

  37. 137

    My recommendation, then, is to just read and think about it a bit with your conscious mind. If my words don’t make sense , ask about it in a follow-up comment.

    Think about it only a bit and then let the whole topic go. Could be, that gift might be enlivened by having you do just that.

    🙂 Okay, ’nuff said. Let’s go.

  38. 138
    Emily says:

    What sustains me are my friends, RES and that I’m always learning and growing.

    No matter what happens or how I feel, I can always learn and grow from it.

    Even if what I’m learning is just to have more compassion for myself and for others in a similar situation.

  39. 139

    Here we go, you Sweet Swappers. I’m aiming to research you according to the order in which I received your photos. Let’s start with “A Pianist.” And isn’t it a delight to finally see your picture after all these years, gorgeous you!

    A gift of your soul for your Crown Chakra Databank for Handling Fear in Collective Consciousness is determination and discipline, such as you characteristically bring to human tasks.

  40. 140

    Julie next, and I can’t wait to learn and share about a gift of your soul for your Crown Chakra Databank for Handling Fear in Collective Consciousness. Here’s what I find:

    Hardwired into you for this lifetime, Julie, protective power for blessing humanity, unflinching and generous… with a quality that might be familiar to any of you who have co-created with Archangel Michael. Only not his quality, Julie. Yours.

  41. 141

    Magnificent you, Cathy. It’s such a delight to see a recent picture of you — hard to believe we’ve never physically met. Not even in some garden. 😉

    About a gift of your soul for your Crown Chakra Databank for Handling Fear in Collective Consciousness? Cathy, you’re set up with a steadfast, calming presence. Like, “Let’s take this one step at a time, eh?” And also the rigor to make good on your leadership commitment.

  42. 142

    Sarah, thank you for your inspiring Comment #10. A gift of your soul for your Crown Chakra Databank for Handling Fear in Collective Consciousness is…

    Keen insight. When you direct that towards problems or fears, you can find your way. And help others find their way.

  43. 143

    Edward G, what you wrote in Comment #11? I know you. So I know that’s true. What fun, checking out a gift of your soul for your Crown Chakra Databank for Handling Fear in Collective Consciousness — let’s go!

    What helps you, and helps you to add solutions to collective consciousness? Your analytical intellect, fierce when you aim to solve a problem, counter a fear — an intellect that won’t give up.

  44. 144

    Hey, everybody, because I’m teaching a workshop all weekend, I’ll have to pause here. Please know that I’ll be doing little batches like these until I’ve honored every commitment. And, as usual, I’ll be able to make comments live. So enjoy the blog and comment at will.

    Bye for now!

  45. 145
    Kylie says:

    So much fun! What different gifts we all bring for handling fear in collective consciousness!

    I am so looking forward to the continuance of this post.

  46. 146
    Cathy says:

    Rose, thank you for that tidbit, and I have to laugh. Because one of my catchphrases at home and work runs something like this: ‘How about we just step back and not panic. Take a deep breath, and lets look at this.’

    So interesting that it shows up as a life gift.
    Thanks again!

  47. 147
    Edward G says:

    Thank you so much Rose, I needed a bit of inspiration and I am so grateful for hearing about my gift of soul for this databank.

  48. 148
    Julie says:

    Thank you, Rose!

    So inspiring and educational to learn about a gift of the soul at this databank for myself and others.

  49. 149

    JULIE, you’re so welcome.

    I am looking forward to doing more of these promised Sweet Swaps… soon as feasible. Meanwhile a small announcement is that today we’ve crossed over the line into 45,000 comments. Blog-Buddies, yay, us!

  50. 150

    Gorgeous AMY D, it’s your turn. And thanks for your inspiring Comments #14-16, too.

    So what’s a lifelong gift of your soul at the Crown Chakra Databank for Handling Fear in Collective Consciousness? Standing firmly in the presence of God. Sitting comfortably in the presence of God. Always able — subconsciously at least — to simply find good and God, just by turning awareness right there, just the easiest bit. And. Then. For. You. It’s. Right. There.

  51. 151

    Wow, Blooming Optimist! You’ve chosen that name well. Every time I see you, by photo or in person, you’ve evolved by leaps and bounds. You’re like a re-blooming perennial!

    As for a gift of your soul at your Crown Chakra Databank for Handling Fear in Collective Consciousness, in consciousness (seems to me) you retain a sense of yourself as Divine. Which makes you quite the cosmic goalie in the soccer/football game of life.

  52. 152

    In short, I’d read this as a trace of Enlightenment achieved before you incarnated this time, taking on (as we both know, and you better than me) such an ambitious set of challenges in your early years.

    Hope you don’t mind me outing you — to others (under a pseudonym) and maybe also to your conscious mind. But there we are. You asked. And I promised to answer.

  53. 153

    Also, thank you for your lovely Comments #7-9 in this thread.

    Choosing to stay hopeful… expressly, remembering to renew your conscious sense of hopefulness as needed… is a powerful though gentle use of your free will, eh?

  54. 154

    GAIL, how lovely to meet you via Comments #31-32 and your magnificently lovely photo! What you wrote about being safe reminds me of one of the wise sayings of one of my teachers, Coletta Long, Ph.D.

    Based on her vast experience facilitating past-life regressions, she often remarked, “You’ll always be in some kind of body somewhere.” Talk about safe! And safety can be the common denominator of many a spiritual path, for sure.

  55. 155

    Anyway, GAIL with the bluetiful balloons in your photo, you’re probably curious to learn about… a gift of your soul at your Crown Chakra Databank for Handling Fear in Collective Consciousness.

    It’s a capacity to find fresh joy, feel joy, communicate joy; finding that joy in everyday human ways. Awe!

  56. 156
    Lindsey says:

    These are just so beautiful and inspiring to read!

    Thank you Rose and gorgeous blog-buddies who are sharing. 🙂

  57. 157
    Blooming Optimist says:

    Thank you so much Rose this is very inspiring.

  58. 158

    WENDY’S turn! That Wendy who could help anyone get along, including her dog and cat and fish. Laughing!

    Loved that Comment #20.

  59. 159

    And now for some serious aura reading for a gift of your soul at your Crown Chakra Databank for Handling Fear in Collective Consciousness. Finding a bigger picture, a larger perspective.

    Wendy, seems to me, that’s how your consciousness lights up possibilities for you, and as long as you know you’ll always find those possibilities, fear cannot box you in.

  60. 160
    Gail says:

    Thank you Rose for this generous gift- so appreciated and helps me understand myself and my life that much more. You’re a blessing to so many 🙂


  61. 161

    Next up is KYLIE, who treated us to Comment 23. Thanks along with a bit o’ blushing. So, about a gift of your soul at your Crown Chakra Databank for Handling Fear in Collective Consciousness…

    What I find, KYLIE, is a strong commitment — the soul-level equivalent of what might be a human-type vow — to find the biggest truth you can and fiercely protect that truth, sending it out, refusing to let fear win.

  62. 162

    Reminds me of a Bible quote, actually, how “perfect love casts out fear.”

    Your personal version, KYLIE, might go, “finding truth casts out fear.”

  63. 163
    Kylie says:

    Very inspiring! Thank you Rose.

  64. 164

    Next is your turn, PEARL, with that contagiously warm smile in your photo. And thanks so much for sharing that wise Comment #22, like the essence of human hope.

    Now for a gift of your soul at your Crown Chakra Databank for Handling Fear in Collective Consciousness: Sometimes forceful, other times tender, in helping other people — seems to me you’re uncommonly situational in responding to big fears that can wash through humanity like a typhoon, as you help one person at a time (self included).

  65. 165

    Aw, CHRISTINE, about those eyes of yours… My husband’s have that same unusual color. So you can imagine, from my perspective, there’s no higher praise for the hue of eyes. 😉

    Thanks for all you wrote in Comment #23. How inspiring for everyone, this part,”The internal knowing that so many people are really good and only want good things for others.”

  66. 166

    Well, about a gift of your soul at your Crown Chakra Databank for Handling Fear in Collective Consciousness — What a sense of humor you have, and maybe a booming laugh to go with it? Altogether you’ve got an extremely powerful presence energetically, with a lot of consciousness rippling through you, making you ultra-resourceful. So fear just can last long within you before you get right back down to reality, and the innate goodness of life.

    CHRISTINE, apart from the aura reading, I don’t think anyone could take a good look at your eyes and miss how seriously perceptive you are. What a wonderful combo, having this sacred and hidden gift for smashing the hold of fears!

  67. 167

    P.S. I’m glad you noticed my YouTube Channel. I keep meaning to write a blog post about that.

    Meanwhile, yes, I do have one. Maybe one of you can tell me what the link is; I seem to be perpetually signed in…. 44 videos are there chunked up on YouTube. But the funny thing is that my website has hundreds more. Click on just about any section of the website and you’ll find some. 🙂

  68. 168
    Pearl says:

    Oh yes, that does ring true! It’s lovely and inspiring to see this gift articulated. ( # 164 )

    Thank you for doing these; I appreciate it.

  69. 169

    Your turn, LUNA, of the sweet Comments #33-39.

    Regarding a gift of your soul at your Crown Chakra Databank for Handling Fear in Collective Consciousness, it’s comforting yourself through connection to astral energies, enjoying that kind of beauty. Given what you wrote here, that seems to fit with a lot that you’ve done so far in your life!

  70. 170

    KATIE, thank you for your Comment #24. It’s lovely to meet another !!!MOM!!! who wholeheartedly enjoys moming.

    Over to the gift of your soul at your Crown Chakra Databank for Handling Fear in Collective Consciousness, I notice an ability (that surely shows in some of your other gifts as well in different chakra databanks), for quick reactions, sharp and on point, when needed, and sometimes using humor to dispel fear.

  71. 171

    KATIE, that combination of resourcefulness and (sometimes, as appropriate) humor is such a flexible gift.

    I guess one thing I haven’t noted thus far in reading this Crown Chakra databank that most of you’ all have probably never heard of, is that chakra databanks like this involve subconsciously being plugged in to problems that include large groups of people worldwide. How do we humans consciously react to some of this background noise?

  72. 172

    Consciously we find tangible things to worry about, like what’s going on with a particular kid at a particular time. The human circumstance is real enough, but the big charge added on comes from what we’re noticing in the background.

    So, in your case — I’d expect you to notice problems but then deal with them in that deft way of yours, probably more efficient than you give yourself credit for. Effective action can be one of life’s best insurance plans, you know?

  73. 173

    HELEN, what fun to see your photo. Partly because of succinct and power-packed Comment #26. Also because I have a vague sense of you from social media or somewhere over the years… and now here you are in that photograph, striking and indisputably the most sophisticatedly put together-looking person I’ve seen all day!

    But you’re probably used to being praised for that. So let’s get to the unusual part, the aura reading about a gift of your soul at your Crown Chakra Databank for Handling Fear in Collective Consciousness….

  74. 174

    The vast patience of someone who is spiritually very awake and spontaneously puts fears in context.

    HELEN, this gift reminds me of someone standing tall where a vast desert stretches in every direction, as far as the eye can see. And from that vantage point, you can notice minute details, see patterns. Most interesting, you’re no detached observer but one who makes yourself informed, and then takes constructive action.

  75. 175
    Zaybe says:

    Rose, love your comment number 153.

    I never thought of hope that way – as something I can choose.

  76. 176

    ZAYBE, thank you!

    GAIL, wisely a fan of singing, dancing, and loving up your kitties, I’m looking forward to telling you about a gift of your soul at your Crown Chakra Databank for Handling Fear in Collective Consciousness.

  77. 177

    Such a power-packed joy bringer, you are! Yes, of course, experiencing delight and sending it forth contagiously into this world can do so much to dispel fear.

    And not as some kind of philosophical conclusion you’ve drawn. Just because: You. Do. That. GAIL. And you do it GOOD!

  78. 178

    ANGELA, with that rare thing today in America, a so-beautiful shy smile! And then that lovely Comment #28…

    Yes, let’s explore a gift of your soul at your Crown Chakra Databank for Handling Fear in Collective Consciousness. Just like a cosmic honeybee, you!

  79. 179

    Seems to me, ANGELA HITCHCOCK, you find the sweetness in people. In those Friendsgiving friends. The genuine article, fresh and spontaneous sweetness.

    Your acknowledgement of this sweetness in others brings a high truth value into relationships. And thus you impact collective consciousness. Because finding that so-spiritual sweetness is yet one more powerful antidote to fear.

  80. 180

    DEBRA MAGELLA, that’s an amazing thing to be able to do with consciousness, what you described in Comment #29. Let’s see what your aura has to say about a gift of your soul at your Crown Chakra Databank for Handling Fear in Collective Consciousness:

    Transformational power, as in waking people up within their own lives; beyond validation through words, you help people to be who they are… unflinchingly, spontaneously.

  81. 181

    JENNIFER REYES, long time no talk! And thank you for that down-to-earth Comment #46. Now, about a gift of your soul at your Crown Chakra Databank for Handling Fear in Collective Consciousness:

    A very broad consciousness connects you to energies in people and celestial energies as well, as though your perceptual field is more vast than most people could handle. No wonder doing those human activities that you speak of in that wise comment… can bring you joy and endurance.

  82. 182

    I suspect that, in the way you’re wired in consciousness, you bring a more expanded awareness into collective consciousness, adding a bigger picture that makes human fears relatively smaller.

    Or to put it another way, no wonder the people who know you… absolutely love you!

  83. 183

    GABRIELLE, I just love that photo you’ve sent. And it goes well with that highly succinct Comment #30. Here goes, feedback on that gift of your soul at your Crown Chakra Databank for Handling Fear in Collective Consciousness.

    Divine inspiration walks and talks, breathes and laughs through you. And, seems to me, that gift of your soul was installed right from the start… long before you moved into Enlightenment. Dear Heart, you came prepared to live your spiritual destiny!

  84. 184

    Arggh, it’s taking me a while to get back to all of you winners. If you stay patient with me, you’ll definitely get your reading. Fact is, it’s busy with my day job — as the founder of RES. There are publications and workshop preparation and planning, mentoring my community of RES experts, plus many details (big and small).

    This very routine day also included five sessions, first one in Singapore and last one in Australia. All of them packed with co-creating help for my amazing clients.

  85. 185

    So, Sweet Swappers, don’t think I’ve forgotten you. Not at all! I’m not forgetful, just human.

    Besides that, guess what I’m finding? Even if I had all day long for these specialized aura readings, I can only do so many in one day.

    Why? Because Crown Chakra databanks are where causation and collective consciousness meet human needs; it’s a much more intense sort of aura reading than with other chakra databanks. Very intense to do, yet inspiring, I hope you’ll agree.

  86. 186
    Wendy Wywrot says:

    Thanks very much for the aura Data Bank reading, Rose! <3 and thank you for all of your fabulous helpful books.

    I've read lots of them and continue to refer to them.

  87. 187
    helen wickham says:

    Thank you so much, that’s given me a lovely boost, no I’m not used to being complimented like that, but hugely appreciated.

    I’ve been trying to think how to put my eye for detail, to more use, So you’ve inspired me to think more collectively. Thank you Rose

  88. 188
    Eva says:

    Thank you, Rose, it’s inspiring to read all your readings.

    I’m sure everyone agrees, it’s not so much about the own reading, but to be part of this community of loving and inspired introspection…which leads us to inspired action in the world

  89. 189
    Wendy Wyrot says:

    I seem to move in and out of feeling the Collective Consciousness fear.

    I have RES energy spirituality sessions with sweet wonderful fun Sandra Haering regularly, and she does help a lot ! 🙂

  90. 190
    Wendy Wyrot says:

    When I worry about today's social and environmental problems, I do try to rise to a larger perspective that humanity is evolving and hopefully these are growing pains. 🙂

    I do this better some days than others. Thanks again dear Rose. love, Wendy

  91. 191
    Gabrielle says:

    Rose, thank you for these inspiring aura readings. It’s fun to see the different gifts among us.

    You’ve inspired me tremendously with your aura reading of my own gift of my soul (one of many) at comment 183.

  92. 192
    Gabrielle says:

    It has enlivened within me recognition and appreciation of something I didn’t consciously know was there.

    It seems to me, using this gift is something that can just be as I go about my day – no trying involved. And prepared to live my spiritual destiny sounds pretty awesome!!!

  93. 193

    ANN, it’s your turn now, and I’m so inspired by your Comment #45. On behalf of writers everywhere, thank you for buying and reading books!!!!!!!!!

    Now on to our exploration of the gift of your soul at your Crown Chakra Databank for Handling Fear in Collective Consciousness: You’re attuned to multiple rhythms and levels within life (in a very auditory way) so you find offsets for the beats-off, the fears. A very resourceful balancing act, thanks to your consciousness!

  94. 194

    JEAN, thank you for that beautiful Comment #40. Besides offering you this bit of aura reading, here are some links for you — and for any other readers who have been taught that one must find a concrete purpose:

    * Finding Purpose in The Age of Awakening
    * What Is My Purpose?
    * And this link to many other related articles about finding and fulfilling purpose

  95. 195

    And now, JEAN, onto a gift of your soul at your Crown Chakra Databank for Handling Fear in Collective Consciousness!

    Hey, seems to me you’re a joy connoisseur. You know how people save up different things, like vases or stamps? And others hold onto memories? Or — heaven knows, these days — photos to display on social media….

  96. 196

    Well, you’ve got quite the gift for experiencing joy, and storing the immediacy of those experiences; storing them inwardly, so they’re available as needed — quite spontaneously — to counterbalance fears.

    One good joy of yours could demolish 20 fears, JEAN.

  97. 197

    JENNIFER, thank you for your wise and bittersweet Comments #81-83. What about a a gift of your soul at your Crown Chakra Databank for Handling Fear in Collective Consciousness?

    You’re such a connector, a community builder, automatically strengthening ties to the people you hold dear (not just your late father), and what a buffer that is against fear, creating a web of support for yourself… and those whose lives you touch, making heartfelt connection.

  98. 198

    Power-packed writing in that Comment #51, VICTORIA. Here we go, creating a different kind of joy, what I’m going to name “Truth Joy.” So, about a gift of your soul at your Crown Chakra Databank for Handling Fear in Collective Consciousness…

    Tremendous do-or-die courage is wrapped up in your exquisitely sensitive nervous system — delectable!

  99. 199

    RACHIEB, I especially loved (in your Comment #53): “What keeps me going is hope and faith. It may take me longer to connect with them in hard times but they are always there.” On to that gift, in THAT chakra databank:

    What strikes me is your connection to water, large bodies of water especially; and if that isn’t available, big stretches of land for walking on. Some people instinctively turn to nature if fear is in the air, or in their circumstances, but it does seem to me that you’re WIRED to get that kind of comfort, especially during hard times.

  100. 200

    ERIN, thanks for your sage Comments #84-87. Good timing that I got to your part of the Sweet Swap today — take a look at this day’s blog post! Now, on to a gift of your soul at your Crown Chakra Databank for Handling Fear in Collective Consciousness.

    The gift I notice here is your passion — big, huge passion available for whatever purpose you find in the moment. What a force of nature you are ERIN! No wonder fear in collective consciousness doesn’t faze you, not for more than a second or two at a time.

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