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Could Enlightenment Come Automatically for YOU?

Could Enlightenment Come Automatically?

Could Enlightenment Come Automatically? For instance, could you have moved into Enlightenment without knowing it?

Could Enlightenment Come Automatically? And not just for anyone, but for YOU?

Today I’ll share some surprising fruits of my experience as an Enlightenment Coach.

In particular, I’m inspired to write today’s article because later this month (August 18-19) I’ll be offering my first workshop ever on Enlightenment.

Already many of you have read my book about the dawn of The Age of Awakening. So you know why I’m convinced that, in this new era for the planet, which began 12/21/12, it’s way easier for people to move into Enlightenment than ever before.

Although I’m no psychic, I have found good reason to make this prediction: In our lifetimes, millions of people can move into Enlightenment.

And I mean the real deal, a gentle but powerful shift into a long-term higher state of consciousness.

Could Enlightenment Come Automatically?

Why That Seems Possible

Ever hear the song “The Best Things In Life Are Free”? Even if not, the sentiment is appealing.

Think back to when to your experience about a form of personal growth called… growing. Physically growing.

Back in the day, did you have a Personal Growth Coach?

Was there a rack in your basement? Perhaps one left over from a medieval torture chamber, using for stretching prisoners (and not in a good way)…

And yet it happened.

So you might well get the idea that personal growth of all kinds is simply a natural process.

And what could be more natural than Enlightenment, since it’s very natural and comfortable to live in that higher state of consciousness?

Yet what have I found?

Enlightenment Validation Comes to Those Who’ve Received Enlightenment Coaching

Not to random people.

Admittedly my experience is merely my experience. Helping these RES clients and students move into Enlightenment.

Plus, my specialty as an Enlightenment Coach is to help people move into Age of Awakening Enlightenment, which differs from Traditional Enlightenment. This version was humanity’s only option until The Age of Awakening.

Now, for many reasons, it’s a better option. As I’ll be explaining in the upcoming Accelerate Enlightenment Workshop

Could Enlightenment Come Automatically?

No, Because There’s No Easy-to-Find Measurement Tool

Back at the example of growing up to your adult height, what convinced you that you had really grown?

  • How often — and awkwardly — you bumped into things?
  • How frustrated you felt after growing out of some favorite old clothes?
  • Having elderly people chuck you under the chin and exclaim, “My, how you’ve grown!”? (Euwww!)

Probably what really convinced you was a tape measure. Or yardstick.

When I moved into my house, my first house ever, the realtor showed my husband and me some pencil marks on a downstairs door frame. They seemed tack to me, downright weird. I had no clue what those horizontal lines and numbers were for.

But the realtor smiled, like the experienced father he was, a father who had grown up in a house — unlike Mitch and me, who both grew up in small apartments in New York City.

Fast forward many years later and, sure enough, we’ve made our own pencil marks on that door frame, joyfully marking the growth of our son and noting each measurement in inches.

Is Enlightenment Like That?

Of course not.

Many of the best things in life are free, they come easily.

They’re human things, about having physical bodies and living on our abundant, amazing Earth.

By contrast, rapid growth of consciousness comes through the use of free will. And one doesn’t cross the threshold into Enlightenment by taking life as it comes.

Furthermore, guiding someone to understand the shift into Enlightenment isn’t as easy as counting numbers, like “Now you’re 5 feet, 7 inches, so welcome to self-actualization!”

Could Enlightenment Come, And You Wouldn’t Even Care Much?

That’s a different question. And, surprisingly or not, that answer is often yes.

How do I know? Because of the aforementioned people I’ve treated to Enlightenment Validation. Some were surprised at first to learn they’d crossed the threshold into Age of Awakening Enlightenment.

On reflection, however, most weren’t surprised particularly.

But what has been really constant? As these champions of personal growth grew closer and closer, they stopped feeling pressured about spiritual awakening.

For some time, that person’s life had been really good, lit up by joy. And there was a strong sense of self, none of that painful seeking of approval from others to feel good inside.

So yes, many an Enlightenment newbie takes a lighthearted attitude. In sharp contrast to the “Enlightenment or bust” attitude with which I was all too familiar, back in the day. (Along with fellow meditators who would say things like, “I wish I would drop the body, already.”)

Celebrate Your Potential for Enlightenment, Blog-Buddies

And know that every session you have with an RES Expert can help you to evolve faster spiritually — even though the vast majority of RES Energy HEALING sessions aim to solve everyday human problems, like improving a relationship, waking up your ability to use power more effectively, or helping you to earn more money.

Although Enlightenment doesn’t come automatically, your development of consciousness can happen automatically — as the result of every smart use of your free will. And every effective method you use for spiritual and psychological growth. It doesn’t have to be RES. For every step along your personal path to help you move towards Enlightenment, that path simply has to work!

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  1. 1
    Kylie says:

    Great post, Rose.

    This comment is very true to my experience, “As these champions of personal growth grew closer and closer, they stopped feeling pressured about spiritual awakening.For some time, that person’s life had been really good, lit up by joy. And there was a strong sense of self, none of that painful seeking of approval from others to feel good inside.”

  2. 2
    Kylie says:

    I did not consciously seek enlightenment, but it also did not “just happen.”

    It happened after five years of prioritizing my spiritual growth. Five years of regular RES sessions, of setting intentions and taking action in objective reality to make my life better.

  3. 3
    Liane says:

    Enlightenment came as a total suprise to me – I was seeking healing, not enlightenment.

    Little did I know that if I received enough healing….. enlightenment was the natural result!

  4. 4
    Liane says:

    Rose, you sum it up with this. “For some time, that person’s life had been really good, lit up by joy. And there was a strong sense of self, none of that painful seeking of approval from others to feel good inside.”

  5. 5
    Liane says:

    A note about your July 30 newsletter. I am so thrilled to learn that a lot of your most recent live workshops will be future online workshops.

    Can’t wait!

  6. 6
    Edward says:

    Thank you for the post Rose. It is a shame I can not make your enlightenment workshop.

    The workshop looks amazing.

  7. 7
    Edward says:

    I was amazed by how well you teach so interactively during the “Soul Thrill Aura Research” workshop. I’m sure your Enlightenment workshop will be just as exciting or even better.

  8. 8
    Edward says:

    I have noticed I do consciously and unconsciously seek enlightenment.

    I am excited about it.

  9. 9
    Edward says:

    I have grown so much in 3 years since I started working with you Rose. It is a privilege to work with you.

    I think if/when (I do think when) I reach enlightenment I may not be consciously thinking about enlightenment, I may not even care so much; maybe because I am enjoying life so much. I don’t know how I will be, considering I do cross the threshold into enlightenment.

  10. 10
    Edward says:

    I am looking forward to the years ahead continually growing; making choices and seeing where those choices take me. Hopefully smart choices.

    Now that I have learned the “Thrill Your Soul Research” skill, I am sure I will make many smart choices.

  11. 11

    KYLIE, LIANE, and EDWARD, thanks to each of you for your comments here.

    I’m certainly looking forward to the years ahead, learning as an Enlightenment Coach and teacher, growing right along with all three of you.

  12. 12

    And yes, LIANE, not a day goes by without my doing as much as I can to advance the creation of RES online workshops.

    It just takes a lot of time, from my side… to make the learning process effective and easy… for you.

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