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Life Is Love. Pausing to Remember.

Life Is Love.

Life Is Love. And isn’t it one of Earth School’s amazing mysteries, how sometimes we remember to stop and notice some of the love that surrounds us?

Life Is Love. Of course, there’s much more to life, too. But sometimes isn’t it sweet to remember love? Let’s do a bit of that now, Blog-Buddies.

Here’s a collection of YouTube videos that remind me how life is love. And how every day, I get to play a delicious game of peek-a-boo.

Usually I’m so very busy, hour by hour, in my very post-postmodern bizzzy American way.

But then love will stop me in my tracks, and I’ll feel that familiar sense of gratitude.

You Know.

Like the screen beneath these words — that’s the peek-a-boo presence of love.

Music reminds me of that, especially when I can see parts of a concert and watch how folks in the audience suddenly pause to remember love. Remembering what may matters most, while we live on earth.

Because having human emotions is such a privilege. Being made out of love? That’s true of a rock, a leaf, a sky. But to also feel love? That’s human, isn’t it?

So here come a few of my favorite YouTube videos from a night when, around here, celebrated Publication Day for my latest book… how? I played and played and played, letting great musicians sing out their versions of the same love within my own heart.

Life Is Love. When Celebrating Moscow Nights

This song is presented by Dmitri Hvorostovsky and Anna Netrebko. A rather famous folk song that’s all about the goodness of life, “Moscow Nights.”

Looks as though it was filmed in Russia, which is a rare sight for me. And what makes this generous performance even more wonderful?Hearing gorgeous musicality and all-in performances, then seeing inspiration on the faces of people living in Moscow. Such an affirmation to me that beauty lives everywhere, if only I can find it.

And also a reminder to this teacher of personal growth and spiritual awakening: love counts. I wouldn’t call loving people a fast path, nor a smooth one. Yet love can definitely help us to evolve towards using our full potential.

Life Is Love. As a Father Sings with His Son

In this case, the father is Alfred Deller (perhaps the greatest countertenor of his generation), as he sings a duet with his son. In “Sound the Trumpet,” they’re singing Henry Purcell at his most seductively beautiful.

Nearly identical voices in this father-and-son duo. And the father has evidently taught his son the same exquisite vocal technique.

Could these Deller guys make their hard-to-sing melodies… sound any more fluid? Impossible. By comparison, birds sound like they’re straining to croak out their songs.

Another plus? To my ear, both Dellers have perfect intonation, so hearing their notes bounce around is the clairaudient equivalent of eating the most scrumptious dessert.

And maybe best of all is watching that Dad loving his boy. I don’t know if the boy could tell, but I sure could, because I know something about that.

Blog-Buddies, here’s a link, in case you want to listen to a bit of love in motion.  

BTW, that “Sound the Trumpet” is all about JOY!!!

Life Is Love. Even When Life Is Hard

During the high school years recounted in “Bigger than All the Night Sky,” one of my favorite performances was hearing the Philip Koutev National Folk Ensemble from Bulgaria, and their rendition of “Tudora Is Dozing.

In preparing this blog post, I hunted down a YouTube classic performance that shows singers from the Ensemble today, sounding very much like those whose voices I loved. Only here I don’t see the music spinning around as a black vinyl record but distinctly appearing like solid, vividly costumed, women.

Incidentally, these are no MTV cuties, who smirk as though they’ve practiced every expression and camera angle in front of some mirror. By contrast, these are normal women, not particularly privileged, and to me the appear to be enjoying an interlude away from the hard work of everyday life.

Yes, to me, it also seems like, for many, that life is hard. You’ll see the occasional sweet smile pass between them, but never a performer’s put-on grin. And the music they make is all the more tender and lush because there’s just one way that they show love right now — vocally. Purely vocally. Zero showbiz add-on.

How I relish that! How I crave that right now, the sight of real people creating something beautiful. Doing their authentic song-and-dance through everyday life, which sometimes — if you’re watching patiently — reveals sudden-and-slight glimpses of being lit up by love.

Life Is Love. Even When What You Feel Most Is Lack of Love, Pure Longing

Another gorgeous facet of love shines in the face of Manca Izmajlova, as she sings one of the “Songs My Mother Taught Me” by the great Czech composer Antonín Dvorak.

And how I enjoy watching the musicians, too! Almost as if their faces wake up, and even while doing the demanding work of performing, they’re remembering what really matters. Love, of course.

Tag, You’re It.

Blog-Buddies, what are some of your favorite YouTube performances, audiences included?

At some point, in a follow-up blog post, I’ll stop the action in one of these videos and read the aura of one of these world-class artists. But for today, I’m content to listen and watch, brimming with joy at my simple human life. As if it hardly matters that energetic literacy can show us — at will — everyday life’s celestial beauty, and also flashes of the Divine.

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  1. 1

    And what a sweet coincidence that you commented today, EXPLORER, given our conversations about “Music of Bulgaria” and Turkey, where Prestij was one of the first countries to publish any of my books for empaths, while the Bulgarian company Kragozor published “Aura Reading Through All Your Senses.”

  2. 2

    And, although I’ve never seen Moscow in person, I think of my many authorized Russian book contracts over the years: EXMO, Astrel, New Age Books, and Piter.

    Plus Ou Eram Books in Estonia and Alma Littera in my grandfather’s country, Lithuania.

  3. 3

    Regarding composers, I’m so fond of Dvorak and Smetana. Little did I I think, when listening to their music when growing up, that I’d have publishing connections to that part of the world.

    Besides being published by Nakladatelstvi Pragma in The Czech Republic, I think with gratitude of Zuzana Sestakova of Eugenika Publishing in the Slovak Republic, which has published four of my books so far, and stays in touch every year with an absolutely gorgeous Christmas card.

  4. 4

    Music is such a love-based way to travel the world. For me, there’s just one better form of tourism: Traveling the world through my books and blog, sometimes by teaching and, of course, through RES sessions.

    Because consciousness is the common denominator to me, even more than love. Nothing, and I mean nothing, brings me more joy that helping to wake up consciousness in all its different flavors worldwide.

  5. 5
    Kylie says:

    Awww!!! What a wonderful reminder. I love Smetana, Rose! The “Moldau” is one of my favorite classical pieces.

    Looking forward to listening to the pieces you mention, and thinking about favorite you tube performances to post here.

  6. 6
    Jnana says:

    What a lovely way to celebrate the publishing of your book. With music and the love it ignites in us. I never understood it that way. That it was love that was moving us in a beautiful piece of musci.

    And your music choices were really sublime. Loved them all

  7. 7
    Explorer says:

    I love every word in your comment #4 Rose.

    I personally just experienced this part “Music is such a love-based way to travel the world.”

  8. 8
    Explorer says:

    As soon as I clicked on the link for “Tudora is Dozing”, my dad perked up in the kitchen asking where I found that song. We listened to it together. I can tell it took him someplace meaningful and special. To his youth. A subtle smile is still on his face.

    Your work and dedication so beautifully reflects your sentiments… “Because consciousness is the common denominator to me, even more than love. Nothing, and I mean nothing, brings me more joy that helping to wake up consciousness in all its different flavors worldwide.” How can I not just love You for that

  9. 9
    Anchie says:

    What a beautiful post, Rose! As a musician, your words hit home. For me, music is an expression of humanity, of life… and life is an expression of love- as you wrote!

    Thank you for sharing your favorite performances. And, I couldn’t agree more with this: “How I crave that right now, the sight of real people creating something beautiful.”

  10. 10
    Morgan says:

    Here is some of my playlist items: (flower duet – from Léo Delibes’ opera Lakmé.)
    and (Leopold Stokowski With The Philadelphia Orchestra – Walt Disney’s Fantasia) .

  11. 11
    Morgan says:

    and (Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights Soundtrack – “Catherine Dies” by Ryuichi Sakamoto)

  12. 12
  13. 13
  14. 14
    Morgan says:

    and from the Lolita Soundtrack – “Lolita”

  15. 15
    Morgan says:

    A Playlist Without Borders with Yo-Yo Ma – number 15-19 on CD (sorry, no YouTube video available)

  16. 16
    Morgan says: Love Remembered by Wojcieh Kilar – Bram Stoker’s “Dracula”

  17. 17
    Morgan says: Mina/Dracula by Wojciech Kilar – Bram Stoker’s “Dracula”

  18. 18
  19. 19
    Morgan says: Wojciech Kilar “Portrait of a Lady” Soundtrack Twilight Cellos Wojciech Kilar “Portrait of a Lady” Soundtrack

  20. 20
    Morgan says: The Mission sound track by Ennio Morricone

  21. 21

    MORGAN, thanks for that extensive list. You’re a true music lover.

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