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Aretha Franklin Aura Reading

Aretha Franklin Aura Reading

Aretha Franklin Aura Reading. Let’s celebrate her heart of gold.

Aretha Franklin Aura Reading is my way of thanking “The Queen of Soul,” loved for the power, generosity, and creativity of her singing. She packed so much life into her 76 years.

See COMMENTS below for some of the astounding details of her career and life story. Early on,  in today’s article, I invite you to add to these COMMENTS by sharing your favorite experiences of her music, links to favorite performances, and (sadly) obituaries; also, what touched you most about her remarkable life.

Usually I wouldn’t start an article this way, but I feel that Aretha Franklin deserves so much praise, and I have to acknowledge that strongly… even before I add to it in my own way.

So many articles praise her, but this may be the only one using Deeper Perception to shed light on this extraordinary musical artist.

Introducing Aura Reading Essentials

Before beginning this Aretha Franklin Aura Reading, here’s some background to help you make sense out of it. After all, some of you may be discovering this website for the first time, with many specialties that you won’t find elsewhere.

Here is the photo I’ll use for this aura researchNote: This photograph doesn’t show her singing, because I’m aiming to gain insight into her as a person… not while she was singing, with all the inspiration shimmering through her. At the time of this picture, Ms. Franklin was young. And receiving one of her many Grammy awards.

Of course, I’m using energetic literacy skills to explore what Aretha Franklin was like inwardly at the time of this photo. To do justice to all the changes she went through in that highly eventful and public lifetime, I could do a year’s worth of blog posts.

However, I’ll leave that to somebody else. Any one of you reading this article could do it. Just learn basic Stage Three Energetic Literacy, which you could definitely do. It’s the equivalent of word literacy. And by Stage Three Energetic Literacy, you can read any “chakra databank” you like, in person or from a regular photograph.

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Aretha Franklin Aura Reading #1. Root Chakra Databank for Presence in the Room

Symbolic Size

Fills the room. And that includes homes of the viewership for the Grammy show; back in the day, that would have been live, on network TV, and without recording capability or YouTubes available.


As her father, the pastor, taught her, what does Aretha Franklin do when being praised or singled out? Consciously and joyfully, she “gives every bit of the glory back to God.”

This form of spiritual surrender is the real deal. Quite a contrast to some very public Christians whose auras I’ve read for you here at this blog. This link will let you choose from 100+ celebrity aura readings.

Aretha Franklin Aura Reading #2. Belly Chakra Databank for Using Creativity

Symbolic Size

Merely large, about 25 feet out from her body.


Evidently, for Aretha Franklin, opening up her creativity was for singing. Always sacred, and for singing.

Not that she had a shut-down chakra databank when not singing, as at the time of this photograph. More like, at the time of this photo, she’s resting. Saving up, you could say. Because, when she does sing, huge amounts of creativity flow through her — again, as a collaboration with God.

Aretha Franklin Aura Reading #3. Belly Chakra Databank for Sexual Self-Esteem

Granted, Blog-Buddies, I went back and forth a bit about whether to research something so personal. Here’s why I decided to do this. I have no doubt that any time  Aretha Franklin sang Otis Redding’s great song “Respect,” she felt — and energetically taught — how to demand respect. Including sexual respect.

By contrast, I wanted to know about whether there was much contrast between her human experience in this way, versus how she inspired humanity as (what I call) a “world server.”

Symbolic Size

Very small, 6 inches


Screaming for love, desperate for love. Thus, making herself available in a way that is substituted (at this chakra databank) for being lovable and desirable.

And isn’t that often the case? How we create music or other performances, or simply teach, or inspire our friends…

because we’re sharing what we most need to learn.

Aretha Franklin Aura Reading #4. Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for

Using Power

Symbolic Size

Already 80 feet. (Even while so young.)


How did life offer Aretha Franklin ample opportunities to develop toughness?

  • Having a baby when you’re not even yet 13 years old.
  • Handling the divorce of your parents when you’re still very young.
  • Dealing with the death of your mother.
  • Learning that your beloved father has been murdered.
  • And handling fame. First from age 10 and then escalating waves of fame, all the way through to death at age 67.

Aretha Franklin took those opportunities, didn’t she? Including that last one, the huge fame.

When photographed winning that Grammy, she was still young. But there’s nothing more corrupting than fame. As an aura reader I’ve witnessed it over and over, particularly among performers who start reaching huge audiences at a tender age.

It takes a rare person to stay famous and also to stay loyal to your humanity.

Interacting with people as a vulnerable person who happens to have luck or talent or both, not craving ever more-more-more adulation from others.

So, researching this chakra databank I was surprised to find a resolve to keep on using her power for good, following the truth of her religion. Quality-wise, this resolve feels old beyond her years.

Aretha Franklin Aura Reading #5. Heart Chakra Databank for Emotional Giving

Symbolic Size

Somewhat over-functioning, out to 80 feet.


Quite simply, Aretha Franklin is a loving person. Somewhat shy about having close relationships, she gives emotionally with a certain hesitancy, a vulnerability.

Again, I find her sheer humanity to be highly impressive. And maybe one reason she continued to evolve as a world-class singer.

Because she didn’t dip into “I’m a big celeb now, so wait in line as I bestow my larger-than-life, slightly fake-ey, A-lister’s caring about you.”

Aretha Franklin Aura Reading #6. Third Eye Chakra Databank for

Connection to Spiritual Source

Symbolic Size

All the way out into deep space.


Seems to me, Blog-Buddies, Aretha Franklin was getting a special bit of Divine support when accepting this Grammy.

She could get it because she was still new to this level of fame and recognition.

Also, she could get it because (as evident to me from today’s aura reading), Aretha Franklin had a strong spiritual connection throughout life. When she needed God to do the equivalent of holding her hand, God was there in a heartbeat.

Certainly that’s what happening in this chakra databank at the time of this photo. Specifically, Aretha Franklin is asking for poise. Being aware of —  “Ick” says Rose, the aura reader — something from that horrible time, that I’d forgotten about and maybe you Blog-Buddies have too. According to the quality of this chakra databank, she was asking for help to act with poise… in order to “be a credit to her race.”

What else. In this beautiful chakra databank dynamic, Aretha Franklin was also asking for humility, so she could always sing to glorify God. Period.

Aretha Franklin Aura Reading #7. High Heart Chakra Databank for Soul Thrill

Blog-Buddies, “Soul Thrill” means doing what makes her happy in life. Doing this for one hour’s worth per day can give anybody a strong showing at this particular chakra databank; it’s one of the keys to fulfillment in life, no Grammy’s needed.

Symbolic Size

Normal size, on the large side: 40 feet.


Aretha Franklin is enjoying the honor of winning a Grammy. “But not too much.” Because she doesn’t want to get puffed up. Nothing matters more to her than doing justice to the Divine blessing that switches on whenever she sings.

In Conclusion

The Queen of Soul was loved for her amazing career.

She’s captivated many a fan (me included) with her splendid costumes when performing.

But today I have a new reason to love, and mourn the loss, of that great earth personality: Aretha Franklin had a golden heart.

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  1. 1

    Aiming to inspire you to share comments as well, here come some favorite Aretha Franklin nuggets of info.

    Among the articles I’ve seen about her, I especially recommend this magnificent obituary by Wesley Morris. Tremendous writing talent along with solid reporting!

  2. 2

    In David Ritz’s biography “Respect,” Cecil Franklin recalled that his sister could hear a song once and immediately sing and play it. “Her ear was infallible,” he said.

    Ms. Franklin started teaching herself to play the piano before she was 10.

  3. 3

    For those of you who are interested in consciousness lifestyles, here’s something inspiring. Handling decades of fame beautifully, here’s evidence that Aretha Franklin evolved magnificently in this lifetime, definitely in human-based spirituality towards the end of her life.

    Use your energetic literacy skills to confirm this, researching a photo from last September.

  4. 4

    Such a treat! This link will allow you to hear for yourself the differences between an Aretha Franklin rendition of “Respect” and a performance by the songwriter, another big-deal singer in my life and maybe yours, Otis Redding.

    Note: They didn’t just sing this song really differently. Aretha Franklin adjusted the lyrics to make it her own.

  5. 5
    Ethan says:

    Thank you for sharing this with us Rose just beautiful. I’m sharing an article that really showcases some examples of how she knew how to use her power.

  6. 6
    Lindsey says:

    How beautiful she was inside and out! Thank you Rose!

    I am going to read that latest photo you shared. Sounds like a fun and inspiring aura to read for sure, and I definitely love to read fun and inspirational people! Thanks!

  7. 7

    Thanks for that article, ETHAN. I savored it.

    LINDSEY, your aura reading is magnificent. I’m aiming to format it as a blog post. Well done!

  8. 8
    Jean says:

    Oh Aretha. Now I can understand all the better the great inspiration she has always been for me – and for so many others.

    Many thanks Rose!

  9. 9
    Kylie says:

    Wonderful reading, and I enjoyed the obituary by Wesley Morris also.

    Aretha Franklin was so larger than life, and yet somehow taken for granted. What a magnificent person she was.

  10. 10
    Dana W. says:

    I so needed another inspiring celebrity reading – thank you! I especially loved that you found that: “Again, I find her sheer humanity to be highly impressive. And maybe one reason she continued to evolve as a world-class singer.

    Because she didn’t dip into “I’m a big celeb now, so wait in line as I bestow my larger-than-life, slightly fake-ey, A-lister’s caring about you.”” Ah, so nice.

  11. 11
    Liane says:

    Lovely reading and tribute. Aretha had astounding talent. She was a good mom too, and wanted that to be remembered as well.

    For those who knew her, that will be easy. For me it’s always going to be her magnificent voice.

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