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Hurricane Preparation Empathy

Hurricane Preparation Empathy

Hurricane Preparation Empathy. What’s smart to do? And what’s really, really smart not to do?

Hurricane Preparation Empathy. Sending heartfelt best wishes to all of you Americans in the Carolinas… who are preparing for Hurricane Florence.

This Category 3 hurricane has been predicted well in advance of Day One, this Friday. What can you or I do about that? I’ve got some definite ideas to offer you for consideration. So away we go!

Hurricane Preparation Empathy.

Around Here? Not Needed.

Today I received an email from a caring Blog-Buddy on another continent. North and South Carolina are far from RES headquarters here in Northern Virginia. So Joe sent wishes that we would be safe.

Sweet! But not to worry. Current forecasts have predicted that the storm will arrive south of us. Please don’t worry.  Around here we’re likely to receive just a bit of extra rain.

Hurricane Preparation Empathy.

My Main Reason for Today’s Post?

It’s simply to express fellow-feeling for all of you who have evacuated. Including Blog-Buddies, clients, and/or students.

Dealing with a natural catastrophe is one of those times in a life where everything goes in slow motion. And yet everything also stands still.

Despite all the understandable feelings, do what will keep you safe!

Hurricane Preparation Empathy. Second Reason for Today’s Post?

Blog-Buddies, I don’t stop to express concern or empathy over every catastrophe, every war, every tragic event.

That isn’t the purpose of this blog.

But please know that I follow the news and I do care.

Now, speaking of caring… might I suggest?

Limit Your Hurricane Preparation Empathy

Sure, Hurricane Florence is dominating American news right now. But that doesn’t mean you’re obligated to watch it.

Please don’t.

During and after the hurricane, there will likely be days or weeks more coverage.

Please, don’t watch it.

What good will that do?

Scare you? Sure. Energetically trigger frozen blocks you’ve already got from having dealt with disasters in past lives? Probably.

(If this happens you may feel worse than ever, but don’t call it “empathy” or some other sanctified name. Definitely don’t call it “healing.” Smarter? Call it “preventable.” As in, you just got a word to the wise.)

American Media Always Gorge on Disasters

Even your favorite stations. That’s what they do.

IMHO, that’s a smart but unethical move.

  • Smart because any appeal to survival fears can hook in viewers.
  • Unethical because spreading fear, when folks can do nothing about it, is deeply irresponsible.

Seems to me…

Hurricane Preparation Empathy Is Like Post-Disaster Empathy

Following all the horrible details is worse than a waste of time.

  1. Donate money if you can.
  2. Volunteer to help someone, if you can.
  3. Stay in touch with loved ones and liked ones.
  4. Way less important, in the scheme of things? “Sending our thoughts and prayers.”

About that last point, of course it’s helpful to send a prayer. At least, “of course” is my belief about prayer. Sure it helps. Otherwise…

Let’s Get Real About “Sending Our Thoughts and Prayers

Historians in the future may mock Trump-era America for not taking action beyond those “thoughts and prayers.”

“Sending our thoughts and prayers” doesn’t stop global warming.

Or legislate policies that stop insuring and re-insuring homes located on land that’s likely to flood.

And don’t get me started on my country’s zero action on gun control….

So let’s remember to vote in every single election, Blog-Buddies. Informed voters make such a difference.

Far more difference than passively sending our precious “thoughts.”

Beyond that…

Every Day We Can Do This

Add to the good in the world, doing our reasonable best by what we say and do.

And, if you’re very bold, have a gentle talk with folks you know who believe that sobbing about other people’s sorrows leads either to personal growth, spiritual evolution, or spiritual awakening.

Seems to me, all that “beautiful empathy” amounts to good intentions without practical action. Plus drenching the do-gooder’s home and clothes and aura with the kind of STUFF called negative thought forms.

Blog-Buddies, do you believe it’s God’s job to answer our prayers and fix human problems for us? I sure don’t think so.

So, please, help when you really can help. Otherwise? Turn off the news coverage and get busy… giving everyday kindness, telling the truth, doing your job, and bringing more truth into this world.

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  1. 1
    Liane says:

    My go-to contribution for hard hit areas is to donate to their local chapter of the Humane Society.

    This helps with the rescue and care of animals.

  2. 2

    I’m glad you’re safe!

    To your point about limiting one’s intake of news coverage: It is a such a recent thing for humans, to be able to know about nearly every catastrophe on the planet, at any time. I don’t think we are designed to safely take on all the vast quantities of heavy knowledge that are available to us now.

  3. 3
    Lindsey says:

    Just lovely and a well spoken (in written word) message. Thank you Rose! 🙂

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