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Aura Reading Michelle Yeoh. “Crazy-Rich Asians”

Aura Reading Michelle Yeoh

Aura Reading Michelle Yeoh’s performance in the hit movie “Crazy Rich Asians”

Aura Reading Michelle Yeoh. Let’s compare the actress “playing herself” to her role in “Crazy Rich Asians.” My favorite movie that I’ve seen… ever!

Long before admiring Yeoh in the new hit with the all-Asian cast, I was stunned by her talent in another breakthrough movie which also had an all-Asian cast: “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.”

How’s this for ultimate praise? “Crouching Tiger” is one of the few movies I own: Martial arts mixed with flying, as in this sample YouTube video.

Regarding the earlier movie, a friend said, “I’d watch it again for the clothing.” With “Crazy Rich Asians,” I might watch it again for the food. Although really, there are so many more reasons to see it. Including superb acting.

Seeking insight into Michelle Yeoh’s current hit, here’s an insightful article (which unfortunately includes some plot spoilers).

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Technically, today’s aura reading is an Aura Reading Movie Review. Because you gain insight into what changed, and what didn’t change, subconsciously for the performer. Simply by comparing the same chakra databanks.

Which photos will I be reading today for this Aura Reading Movie Review?

Aura Reading Michelle Yeoh Root Chakra Databank for

Belonging to My Social Group

Michelle Yeoh as Herself

Symbolic size, 25 feet. Namely, within normal range.

Quality, loaded with wisdom. To be technical, this chakra databank is loaded with scar tissue. 

Keenly aware, this artist has suffered enormously over who she is, where she belongs, and how people can dislike her based on notions of “social group.”

Blog-Buddies, I find nobility here. As if she has consciously made a choice to make a difference in this way, bringing truth into a world where belonging sometimes matters too little. Whereas other times it matters far too much.

Michelle Yeoh in her role as Eleanor Young

Symbolic size, out to the moon. Way over-functioning.

Quality may be a bit hard for a Westerner to understand. Yet I’ll bet that many of you Blog-Buddies with family origins in Asia — or some parts of Africa or South America — will know from experience just what I’m about to describe.

Wherever you were raised, one key cultural variable was this:

Collectivist Eleanor has quite a very different personality structure than most Westerners. Because she’s more of a traditional woman from a culture that prizes family connection over individuality.

Extremely well adapted to a collectivist way of life, this character needs extended family. Even lives for it.

Thus, she comes alive to the extent that she’s part of her family: Helping them, feeling connected to them, being acknowledged with courtesies from them.

Regarding how interested she is in her human, individual identity? Not very interested in that at all.

Aura Reading Michelle Yeoh Root Chakra Databank for

Sense of Self While with Others

Michelle Yeoh as Herself

Symbolic size, 80 feet of magnificence

Quality-wise, most notable to me is the dazzle. In the spirit of “Go big or go home,” Michelle Yeoh has learned how to have a strong sense of self. Also how to stick up for herself through action and speech.

Boldly taking what she has learned, Michelle Yeoh is doing something magnificent in her auric modeling here. (Not that she does it on purpose. One’s auric modeling comes automatically, the result of choice after choice after choice.)

Blog-Buddies, sometimes you’ll meet people who are naturally transformers. That’s how they came into this incarnation. By contrast, Michelle Yeoh has made herself into a transformer. I couldn’t admire this kind of courage more!

Michelle Yeoh in her role as Eleanor Young

Symbolic size, 3 inches. Nearly shut down.

Quality involves “When it’s just me, who cares?”

In the scene from which this photo is taken, Eleanor Young is about to do one of the most cruel, unexpected, and vicious attacks I’ve ever seen. Whether in movies or in real life. An emotional and social attack, that is.

Seeing this, I gasped out loud. And my heart pounded. Probably tears came to my eyes, too. But that’s hard to keep count of, since I wept a lot, as well as laughing a lot, plus (as implied above) salivating a lot at the gorgeous, gorgeous food.

Okay, Blog-Buddies, back to the aura reading, what shows in this chakra databank fascinates me.

According to this chakra databank, the Eleanor character is nearly sleepwalking, so intense is her denial about what she’s about to do. “Necessary” denial because she considers herself a good person. And she’s seeking the good of her son and the entire family.

So what does it matter if she’s about to do the emotional equivalent of knifing an unsuspecting woman… right through the heart?

To call the quality of this chakra databank “detached” or “numb” doesn’t do it justice. More like, “When it comes to being myself and the things that I need to do, I’ll just check out and go through the motions.”

Aura Reading Michelle Yeoh Belly Chakra Databank for

Flow of Energy When Doing Things My Way

Michelle Yeoh as Herself

Symbolic size, 80 feet.

Quality overall emphasizes determination. She’ll fight to do things her way.

Not to aggrandize herself. More like, because she commits to a meaningful life. And not at all a “controlling matriarch.” (The video interview I’ve just given you a link for has again moved me to tears. I guess because I recognize another person who cares, more than anything, to bring truth and humanity into this world.)

Michelle Yeoh in her role as Eleanor Young

Symbolic size, 2 inches. Nearly completely shut down.

Quality involves… the flow of energy most suitable to non-involvement.

  • Have you ever used this expression to describe how you felt when very tired? “Running on fumes.”
  • Maybe sometimes you’ve held your breath while answering an unpleasant email?
  • Like that, only more so.

Little flow of energy supports this character. She’s carrying forward an un-enjoyable duty, that’s all.

Getting ready to do something that’s socially a very big deal, and yet hardly noticing that she’s doing anything at all.

Aura Reading Michelle Yeoh High Chakra Databank for

Soul Thrill (Expressing Her Soul in Everyday Life)

Michelle Yeoh as Herself

Symbolic size, 90 miles.

Quality, in this moment: Consecrated to sacred service: Michelle Yeoh’s life and career and aspirations.

So many actors are ego-driven, and maybe they need that in order to compete. I find it so refreshing to meet an actress whose sense of spiritual dedication is so strong, she might have been a nun — granted, an uncommonly zestful one; would undoubtedly have had trouble in the ashram or convent. 😉

Michelle Yeoh in her role as Eleanor Young

Symbolic size, 80 feet. Over-functioning.

Quality fascinates me, Blog-Buddies. Eleanor is lit up from within, with a sense of Divine blessing, because she is helping her family. And she’s the one to whom this particular, unpleasant duty falls. Yet it is all — and only — for the sake of her family.

Thus, she’s about to do something sacred.

Aura Reading Michelle Yeoh Left Ear Chakra Databank for

Listening to My Needs as a Person

Michelle Yeoh as Herself

Symbolic size, 85 feet. Somewhat over-functioning, but maybe she needs that.

Quality of this chakra databank reveals one of Michelle Yeoh’s secrets of success. Listen to herself? She does.

And she listens when the inner demands are still gentle, before drama arrives.

Maybe some of you Blog-Buddies have learned how to do that; I have, and it can make all the difference for a person’s quality of life.

Listening to your own needs can become an effortless kind of allowing… if you allow it. Not some new, extra job; and nothing like monitoring yourself. More like caring enough about yourself so that if you need something, you notice. And no matter what it is that you need, you notice.

Will you pursue that need? If so, how?

That kind of skill can develop. First, though, we learn to listen to what we need and honor that.

Michelle Yeoh in her role as Eleanor Young

Symbolic size, flatlines completely.

Quality is as if she has never yet learned how to listen to yourself. Not what she needs. Not what she thinks, as an individual. Rather, Eleanor is a walking embodiment of tradition, the needs of her family coming first, living to serve.

And this way of living to serve requires that she deafen herself to her own personal desires. And needs. Even, in some ways, deafening and deadening her own sense of humanity.

In Conclusion


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  1. 1

    Hey, Blog-Buddies, I just caught up with listing the latest celebrity aura readings.

    You’ll find so many wonderful ones, including guest posts, at Best Celebrity Aura Readings. 100+

  2. 2


    What an impressive woman!

  3. 3
    Ethan says:

    I’m inspired to see the movie-thanks Rose!

  4. 4
    Emily says:

    After reading this Rose, I checked the film showings and went straight to the cinema LOL.

  5. 5
    Emily says:

    I would it again for the dresses and the interiors!

  6. 6
    Emily says:

    I think the movie gives such a good insight into these cultural influences and explicitly addressed them several times.

  7. 7
    Emily says:

    And then your blog post Rose, puts that nuanced language around those differences. And also helped me to understand how someone can justify being so cruel in that moment.

  8. 8
    Emily says:

    Also the fact that Michelle BECAME a transformer in her auric modelling is so impressive. Now off to watch that interview!

  9. 9
    Kylie says:

    I also checked the movie listings! I’m looking forward to seeing this one. I loved this part of the reading:

    “Listen to herself? She does…And she listens when the inner demands are still gentle, before drama arrives.” I am inspired to work on this in my own personal growth.

  10. 10
    Kylie says:

    Impressive list Rose!

    Thanks for doing that massive labor of love. It will make it so much easier to find readings.

  11. 11
    Jnana says:

    I’m so very impressed!

    I’ve never paid any attention to Michelle Yeoh and now, like Emily, I’m off to the cinema.

  12. 12
    Jnana says:

    For the databank, Belonging to My Social Group, is the scar tissue a result of issues within her tribe or did it arise from being a member of a tribe in a country where meritocracy is not practiced.

    I’m guessing her economic status does not factor in this databank.

  13. 13

    Thanks so much for these comments, ISABELLA CATES, ETHAN, EMILY, KYLIE and JNANA.

  14. 14

    Regarding Comment 12, noticing scar tissue in somebody’s aura isn’t an excuse to analyze, or even pry, into the circumstances. Instead, just note it and feel an extra measure of respect.

    Because this is the universal scar tissues significance of scar issue, JNANA. A person agreed to certain challenges in the Life Contract for this lifetime. Then succeeded at overcoming every one of the challenges. And then grew even more than best-case-hoped-for, through the use of free will.

  15. 15
    Julie says:

    What an amazing person. I was inspired by the video interview.

    And her commitment to a meaningful life.

  16. 16
    Julie says:

    As if to say “I matter. You matter.”

    “This matters”.

    Loving her role in it all.

  17. 17
    Hannah says:

    I loved this movie, too! I remember it tested very well when I was deciding what to see that night.

    It’s the only movie in years I’ve thought about seeing twice in the theater!

  18. 18
    Jnana says:

    ‘Regarding Comment 12, noticing scar tissue in somebody’s aura isn’t an excuse to analyze, or even pry, into the circumstances. Instead, just note it and feel an extra measure of respect.’

    I didn’t meant to pry but it made me see the challenges of a country close to home, a land I have a lot of connection to in a new light. Made me feel things aren’t so bad after all.

  19. 19
    Jnana says:

    When Eleanor unleashed her venom on the stairs, I didn’t gasp. For me it was like ‘But of course. That is exactly what she would say.’

    Hope that does that make me a not-so-good person. That I was not shocked by that.

  20. 20

    Oh, JNANA, you’re such a GOOD person, magnificent! Having worldly wisdom doesn’t make a person not-so-good.

    Seems to me, having worldly wisdom makes you more effective, as the deeply spiritual person you are. Yes, you understand far better than me what’s expected socially in a country close to your home. I merely seek to learn. And understand.

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