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Humility Seminar 501

Humility Seminar 501

Humility Seminar 501. School’s in session. Oboy!

Humility Seminar 501. Maybe we didn’t want to enroll, but here we are anyway.

How can we make the best of it? By learning something sweet every day, no matter what!

Humility Seminar 501

Every year I give some in-person workshops, weekend workshops. Plus online workshops on various RES specialties. Modest offerings, really.

No “exclusive” admission. And there’s nothing flashy about a single one of these workshops.

Modest, considering that so few people have even heard of any of those specialties for spiritual awakening. Like this one or that one. Huh? (Letting folks know about them is one of my little Humility Seminars.)

By contrast, mega-seminars (complete with huge price tags) are given by some big names. On topics that are so well known. Promising personal growth, success coaching, NonDuality-style Enlightenment, energy healing, etc.

Just yesterday I read about a Finishing School in Switzerland that charges $30,000 for a six-week course.

But did you know that some of the biggest, bestest seminars are given for free?

Sorta given for free, anyway.

Humility Seminar 501. We’re All Signed Up.

Because our teacher is Life.

Such as Life in the form of current events. Right there, in the daily newspaper.

Real news, unfortunately.

Yet the news we can’t control makes all the more precious… what we can do. Free will is way too much fun to waste!

Humility Seminar 501. Working It at Work

Life sometimes brings an unpleasant stay at your current job. While you look for a better one.

Except, hold on! Within the last three months, guess what happened to three RES clients?

  • An excellent new job.
  • Complete with making more money.
  • And, with that new beginning — a reminder that life is ever-fresh.

Humility Seminar 501. Bittersweet Love

Why bittersweet? Because sometimes we witness the unique sorrow of life in the guise of death. Like watching a relative slowly, slowly decline. Inching towards death.

You’ll be able to read an example of that in this month’s issue of my newsletter. “Reading Life Deeper.”

The lead article involves research I did for a client. Pulling out an energetic hologram from a visit involving a grilled cheese sandwich. A visit that was predictably depressing.

Yet what I found was just the opposite of how things seemed. Surprisingly uplifting, actually! Hey, that’s the Humility Seminar for you!

Why Humility Seminar #501? No Apparent Good Reason.

Kind of goes with the territory.


Without meaning to, you just might have enrolled in a very valuable educational experience… with a pretty peculiar smell.

Make no mistake, though. If you find yourself stuck in one of those “free” growth seminars of an unpleasant kind, it’s not fun exactly. Nonetheless, you can grow a great deal, depending on your choices. And also depending on the nature of that particular seminar.

But here’s one thing we’re sure to learn from any of life’s growth seminars: Humility.

Because there are some problems we can’t fix. Some losses we can’t stop. And some endurance tests that we simply can’t avoid.

Let’s face it, Blog-Buddies. There is no nice way to learn humility.

However, it will give a glow to your spiritual life. And not just for today or tomorrow, but for your long history as a soul.

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  1. 1
    Zaybe says:

    Lovely post, Rose! Ah, humility is such an undervalued quality…

    And I am looking forward to reading about the cheese sandwich!

  2. 2
    Emily Turner says:

    Lovely post Rose

    “However, it will give a glow to your spiritual life. And not just for today or tomorrow, but for your long history as a soul.” Very comforting to read!

  3. 3
    Leo says:

    Seconding Emily’s comment.

    It’s a beautiful thought indeed that overcoming struggles with humility and honor can culminate in spiritual glory.

  4. 4
    Sandra says:

    Thanks for this gentle reminder, Rose, that we can’t fix everything.

    And our humility contains within the acceptance that we can’t fix everything.

  5. 5
    Gabrielle says:

    I really like this post on Humility! Embracing humility brings about greater acceptance.

    And sometimes accepting the truth of a situation brings opportunity.

  6. 6
    Gabrielle says:

    I’ve heard people replay their same story – stuck in their own one-sided narrative. There can be unfortunate circumstances in life for sure.

    But after a certain point as grown ups there are opportunities to face truth.

  7. 7
    Gabrielle says:

    The more we refuse, the more stuck we become, I think.

    A stuck life can keep some things predictable, but have some long term consequences.

  8. 8
    Gabrielle says:

    Embracing change can in itself be an act of humility.

  9. 9
    Gabrielle says:

    Here’s to having a special “glow” that you can’t fake or buy!

  10. 10
    Julie says:

    Lovely post and comments.

    I like the part about learning something sweet in each day.

    Particularly on those days that seem a test of endurance, of one kind or another.

  11. 11
    Julie says:

    Taking the surprise relief or unexpected thing to enjoy.

    Enjoying a few moments of sweetness and the flavor of humility that doesn’t have anything to prove.

    And doesn’t have any need to rush because some things are just…slow.

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