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When Loved Ones Die Slowly

When Loved Ones Die Slowly

When Loved Ones Die Slowly… Plenty of people can give you words of comfort, but how many of them can research what’s happening to that person’s CONSCIOUSNESS?

When Loved Ones Die Slowly. Chances are, that has happened to you. Or it will. So let me inform you — and maybe inspire you — with some research. Because knowledge might make a big difference for you, should you have to handle one of life’s great sorrows: Watching the decline of someone you love.

Are you simply witnessing a descent into death? Or might more be happening, more than meets the eye?

Maybe even something beautiful.

When Loved Ones Die Slowly

You’re full of life, I know you are Blog-Buddies. In my next issue of “Reading Life Deeper,” I’d like to celebrate that in an unusual way, in a truth-telling way.

I’ll be opening up a topic that many of us hate to think about, even for a second. Yet it’s a part of human life. It’s called “death.”

As in “Handling another person’s transition into death.”

Oddly enough, you may find yourself surprisingly uplifted by that article, where I’ll probe into the mysteries of making a slow transition into death. Because I’ve got energetic literacy skills. One use for them is to research something that few people know how to study:

During the time leading up to a death, what happens to a person’s consciousness?

When Loved Ones Die Slowly, How about YOU?

Whether the process takes weeks, months or years… Often the entire process is at least as upsetting to the ones who love the person. Even harder than for the person who’s making the biggest transition in any human life!

Observing a loved one’s decline, we might get things backwards. As I learned recently when doing research for a client. Gladys was kind enough to give me permission to share what we discovered through some aura reading research.

May it bring you hope. Even if you have nobody in your life who is even close to death!

It’s good to have a handful of hope in your pocket. Which is why I’m boldly giving you this article: Tough Questions about Transitioning, Bringing Inspiration. Answering four questions that came up recently with a grieving client, fresh from visiting a loved one who’s now in hospice care.

When Loved Ones Die Slowly, How Can You Gain Perspective?

Blog-Buddies, for decades I’ve been researching emotional and spiritual growth by reading auras, especially researching at the level of “chakra databanks.” Doing aura reading research that reveals what’s really happening, combining pinpoint accuracy with human compassion.

Technically, the skills that I use may differ. Most often:

  • A client will provide a recent photo of the loved one. And I’ll read that person’s aura from the photograph, paying attention to what’s most relevant to making a transition.
  • Or sometimes, as with the research I did recently, I’ll simply pull out an energetic hologram from an incident that includes both my client and the loved one.
  • In addition, facilitating past-life regression has given me quite an education about what happens during death, after “dying,” etc. This information comes when I’m using skills of Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis® to access a human being’s deep memories: The source is very human — and human-type benefits from these sessions is the most compelling validation I could seek that the information is accurate.

When Loved Ones Die Slowly, We Can Be Vulnerable

Vulnerable, as in seeking answers. Sometimes, desperately seeking those answers.

Yet the source of information matters. I’ve just summarized RES skills for gaining helpful information under these circumstances. These systematic skills have nothing to do with being clairvoyant or using traditional versions of reading auras. The system of Aura Reading Through All Your Senses® is different in many ways. Foremost among them? Co-creating with Divine help.

Recently, for instance, my client Gladys chose God, so that was the source (plus the skills that I used) for doing research into Joe’s aura. Exploring what was really happening to his consciousness, his awareness.

When Loved Ones Die Slowly, Choose Your Info Resources Wisely

Most of us are more familiar with alternative ways of researching what people go through when making a transition.

  1. Psychic readings, which are sourced by receiving information from spirits, astral beings.
  2. Mediumship, probably the most lucrative specialty within psychic readings! Also based on receiving ideas from non-human beings, spirits.
  3. Channeling, perhaps the flashiest psychic specialty, where a person is taken over temporarily by a spirit. (Think Esther Hicks or Lee Carroll, to name just two highly influential channelers from the New Age Years, 1980-12/21/12.)

When Loved Ones Die Slowly? Perhaps You’d Like to Comment Below

Share your wisdom, your experiences, your trial-and-errors.

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  1. 1
    Brittany Black says:

    My father died at age 56 of a rare form of lymphoma.

    He was diagnosed in January 2011, went into remission between June-July 2012, then died a slow, very painful death January 2012.

  2. 2
    Brittany Black says:

    I was never close with my father, and that remained until his dying day.

    I still visited him when he asked and gave him space as he wished.

  3. 3
    Brittany Black says:

    He chose to die alone.

  4. 4
    Brittany Black says:

    We have very different personalities, so naturally, I felt horrible for him and it was (and still is) very hard for me to grasp that being alone TRULY was what he wanted.

    And I’d like to believe dying wasn’t so horrible for him.

  5. 5
    Brittany Black says:

    Because of my own experience, I can’t wait to read your newsletter and get some insight into consciousness changes leading up to death.

  6. 6
    Gabrielle says:

    Rose, thank you writing about this. And Gladys thanks for sharing. I’m looking forward to the newsletter.

  7. 7
    Gabrielle says:

    Seeing a loved one die slowly and then being there during the transition was a privilege for me.

    That may sound odd to some – but that’s how I feel about it.

  8. 8
    Gabrielle says:

    I had so many ups and downs of emotions but I think that process was a big part of my growth. I moved into Enlightment 1 year later.

  9. 9
    Gabrielle says:

    I’m sure an RES session could provide me with some great insights even now. I’m glad Gladys has RES to help her during this time.

  10. 10

    Such helpful comments, BRITTANY and GABRIELLE.

    Reading your words, I feel so fortunate to have this blog. Because of people like you two! (And also Gladys.)

  11. 11
    Tracey says:

    What an interesting subject, Rose! I have experienced a fair amount of death in my life both quick and slow.

    One was my grandmother who lived a few doors down and eventually went into hospice care where I visited her until she died. It was very peaceful and loving. The hospice workers were amazing and very different than any other type of caregivers I have met.

  12. 12
    Tracey says:

    Another was my mother who went from a witty, fun, active, vibrant person to someone who was in a wheelchair and couldn’t really talk at all before she died at the fairly young age of 64 almost two years to the day after my dad.

    That was a painful time but what was cool later on is she would come to me in my dreams and would always be dancing.

  13. 13
    Sandra says:

    Rose, you have been such a help to me with my mother’s slow progression towards death.

    First, when you pulled out an energetic hologram of her looking out a window (that was over a year ago, because she has since been bedridden).

    It was so comforting to know that she was merely getting glimpses of her next heaven!

  14. 14
    Sandra says:

    Second, Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis sessions, while about my own soul’s evolution, remind me that my mother’s soul is on it’s own sacred journey.

  15. 15
    Kylie says:

    I loved this article and the newsletter. Gabrielle, I agree, it is a privilege to be there during a loved one’s transition. For me, when my mother died, it was so clear to me that her spirit left her body.

    Afterwards, I grieved for my loss, but I wasn’t sad for her. I knew that for her, it wasn’t a tragedy, but a joyous occasion. It was a confirmation to me that life is not just about the physical body. Because I was privileged to be there, I don’t fear my own death.

  16. 16
    Kylie says:

    Tracey, I had a really cool dream after my mom’s death where she came to me and mischievously took the car keys from me, the keys I wouldn’t let her have in the year before she died.

    She drove off smiling.

  17. 17
    Kylie says:

    Sandra, I’m so glad you have RES to help get through this time.

    I know how very tough it is, being with someone who is slowly progressing towards death.

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