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Armistead Maupin Face Reading

Armistead Maupin Face Reading. Meet the author of “Tales of the City” and also a new memoir, “Logical Family.”

He’ll reveal Tales of His Face, thanks to the Power of Face Reading. (And a little help from this physiognomist.)

Who Is this Guy with the So-Elegant Name?

He’s the second winner of our Life Stories — New Face Reading Contest.

EMILY TURNER wins too, since she nominated him. Adapting her nomination:

Armistead Maupin, grew up in the South, living in a conservative home. Despite knowing he was different, Armistead clung to all his parents wanted him to be. Even went to Vietnam to fight in the navy!

Later Maupin started a new life in San Francisco. Becoming a writer who chronicled tales from the gay community. “Tales of the City” began as a newspaper column.

EMILY added, “I really like how he decided he was going to be himself and he wasn’t going to compromise and he wasn’t going to hide. And how he encouraged others by his example.”

Get Ready for this Armistead Maupin Face Reading

Here’s the face reading photo that we’ll use:

Blog-Buddies, you might like to take a peek at our first face reading in this series. Our Face Reading of Kyra Petrovskaya.

As for more ways to learn about Face Reading Secrets®, here are some fun resources.

First of all, an introductory face reading video.

Want to learn how to read faces on your own? It’s not just some “talent.” You learn, bit by bit. Among all the RES skills, face reading is easiest.

“The NEW Power of Face Reading” will give you a solid foundation. While its unusual way of using illustrations may make you smile.

For more advanced, and different face reading, check out Read People Deeper“.

Finally, this description of RES Face Reading Sessions can preview for you… How much depth comes with a dedicated personal session devoted to your physical face.

And I did throw in some face reading fun from a YouTube video. Right at the start of this post. How I wish that instead Mr. Maupin had been available for me to interview him for our blog! (Interview, assuming that I could stop gushing over his books — long enough to ask questions.)

Armistead Maupin Face Reading #1. Silky Ear Texture

How to See It

The skin on ears has texture. Maybe 1 in 1,000 people has ear texture this fine. Downright silky!

Looking at the fine texture of Armistead Maupin’s ears? You couldn’t find a better example.

Related Talent

A super-mega-sensitive nervous system. Huge refinement in perception, naturally. Even without studying any of the RES specialties here at “Deeper Perception Made Practical.”

This is a kind of refined reactivity to life. Refined senses. And easy, accurate, spontaneous insight into other people.

Potential Challenge?

Finding other people crude? Hurt feelings, when another person intended no disrespect?

Many inconvenient side effects of being that sensitive can cause a person to feel like an outsider.

Armistead Maupin Face Reading #2. VERY In-Angled Ears

How to See It

Look at a person from a photo that shows a straight-on front angle. (No worse than our photo used for today’s face reading. A typical mug shot would be even better.)

Armistead Maupin happens to give you an example of VERY In-Angled Ears. Honestly, could they be more firmly attached to the sides of his face?

Related Talent

Understanding social expectations. Minute expectations, even.

Potential Challenge?

Feeling like an outsider? Acutely aware of snobbishness?

Oh, the merriment goes on and on… in “Tales of the City” and other Maupin creations.

Quick Alert about the Technical Part of What Follows

Blog-Buddies, for the rest of this article I’ll be commenting on two characteristics that you can learn to see. Since I’ll provide instructions.

But you really don’t have to learn how to see them. You could just skip over the “How to See It” sections. Fine by me! Because the “Talent” and “Potential Challenge” sections are the practical point, right?

On the other hand, we’ve got readers here who are interested. You really want to learn more about how to read faces. So I wrote the instructional parts just for you. (And if you love this type of detail, please remember that I can mentor you in personal sessions. Check out this super-convenient, flexible mentoring program. Designed to make you a great face reader. So that you can even turn pro!)

Armistead Maupin Face Reading #3. Nose Angling at Bridge towards Right

How to See It

Every nose tells a story. Over a dozen stories, actually.

This particular story involves how a nose can angle away from what we expect in a nose. Which is no particular angle whatsoever, just straight up and down.

Step. 1

To see the Nose Angling toward the start of Armistead Maupin’s nose, use his lips as a point of reference. Then hold an index card with  the up-and-down edge halfway across his mouth. So you’re seeing just the side of his face that shows on the left of your screen. (Which means the right side of his face.)

Important point: To tell left from right in a photo, cross over.

The left of your screen shows the right side of his face. And vice versa.

Pay attention just to the start of Armistead Maupin’s nose, from between the eyes coming down just a short distance. You’ll see a lot of nose, right next to your index card.

Step 2.

Now switch the position of your index card. So the other half of his mouth shows. And you’re seeing the other half of his face all the way upward.

You’ll see nearly no nose at the bridge.

Step 3.

Take away the index card. (But keep it handy for our last item of face reading data, coming soon.)

Now what will you see about the high part, or bridge, of Armistead Maupin’s nose? Quite easily seeing it, probably, if you’ve done Steps 1 and 2.

The start of Armistead Maupin’s nose veers sharply towards the right side of his face.

Related Talent

A talent for making his career highly successful. Like a knack for popularity and fame.

Granted, this is just at the start of Armistead Maupin’s nose. Symbolizing how he uses that knack, choosing topics to write about. Also in his finding his way to a style that will win him readers.

Potential Challenge?

Not sure he likes mainstream anything? Even if he’s become one of the most respected voices within LGBTQ culture in America! Even as someone who has gained this kind of counter-culture fame….

Look at the contradiction in what comes next!

Armistead Maupin Face Reading #4. Nose Angling Mostly Towards Left

How to See It

To see the Nose Angling at most of Armistead Maupin’s nose length, again use his lips as a point of reference. Then take out your trusty index card. Once again, hold it with  the up-and-down edge halfway across his mouth. So you’re seeing just the side of his face that shows on the left of your screen. (Which means the right side of his face.)

Pay attention this time to the main length of Armistead Maupin’s nose, under the bridge and going down all the way to the tip. You’ll see less and less nose as your eyes move downward. Given how much is covered up by your index card.

Step 2.

Now switch the position of your index card. So the other half of his mouth shows. And you’re seeing the other half of his face all the way upward.

You’ll see a surprisingly large amount of nose.

Step 3.

Take away the index card. And have a good look at both of Armistead’s nose angling asymmetries. Quite stunning!

If you’ve taken the time to see this,  awesome! You’ve gained one of the more advanced technical skills for seeing face data. Why did I choose it for this face reading article? Because I believe it’s key to understanding this writer, over his long and influential career.

Related Talent

This applies to doing work. Such as following through on a writing project. In contrast, designing the project would be related to what shows at the start of his nose.

So, here’s how it seems to me. Once Armistead Maupin is immersed in a work project, it’s intensely personal. Almost like a secret that might be very hard to show to people.

Bringing great honesty and vulnerability. Making the characters come alive in such an intimate way.

Potential Challenge?

Wanting to show the world his story (related to Nose Angling at the start of his nose). Versus wanting to keep that story private?

So much conflict is built into the very sequence that has helped Armistead Maupin to become so successful.

In Conclusion

Loads of conflicts show right on this dear man’s face. Adding depth to his writing. Also relate-ability.

But also, from a face reader’s perspective, adding so much inner suffering!

To name just one more, of these conflicts… Early on, EMILY TURNER observed how hard Armistead Maupin tried to fit in. (And for those of you Blog-Buddies who aren’t familiar with the many ins and outs of American culture. That American Southeastern culture is among the most conservative we’ve got. To this day, many inhabitants have a strong bias against anyone who isn’t white and straight.)

For example, “Bathroom Bill” controversies have come out of that culture. Beginning, I believe with South Carolina.

So there’s Armistead Maupin, with his In-Angled Ears. And Silky Ear Texture. Acutely aware of any society’s standards. And having grown up there, in the South. What a distance he’s travelled, inwardly and geographically! In order to become a writer shedding light on the LGBTQ life in America.

Such a lot of talent and conflict to hold in his head! Hold in his heart.

Today’s face reading has helped me to understand better why I’ve always loved Armistead Maupin’s writing: The great courage. And also the hard-won compassion.

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  1. 1
    Graham says:

    I really enjoyed reading this post.

    It was really interesting to learn so much about Armistead Maupin but it was also great to learn more about how to see certain items of face data. A layered learning! Thanks, Rose.

  2. 2
    Graham says:

    I do have to ask though, how on earth can you see ‘ear texture’ in such a small photo?? I am in awe…

  3. 3

    Oh, no awe needed, GRAHAM. (Though it was sweet of you to offer some.)

    Face reading is a skill. Learning to see the data takes some practice. Really, the easiest way to develop that skill is to read “The NEW Power of Face Reading.” Go through one chapter at a time, and start noticing these categories for discerning face data. It’s so much fun to do, making you more observant about how people look.

  4. 4
    Kylie says:

    Very interesting reading Rose. I loved his books and the television series based on the books.

    Now I am even more impressed.

  5. 5
    Liane says:

    You had me at silky ears. These face readings are so interesting. I’m impressed with the conflict on Armistead’s face – how he used it to his advantage.

    He could have caved into an obscure life, but instead allowed himself to develop fully. Very inspiring.

  6. 6
    Jennifer says:

    Thank you, Rose, for this face reading of one of my favorite authors!

    The information about the ear texture does explain a lot about how he is able to perceive all the small details that are seen in his writing, and I don’t know of any other author who does this.

  7. 7
    Emily Turner says:

    Yay Thank you Rose!

  8. 8
    Emily Turner says:

    After having read this, I spend a bit of time paying attention to my colleague’s ears today! So fascinating what you can find out about others and so useful!

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