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Weed Smoke Everywhere? How to Avoid It

Weed Smoke Everywhere?

Weed Smoke Everywhere? Learn tips for protecting yourself.

Weed Smoke Everywhere? That’s a problem, not just a stink. A potential problem for your consciousness.

To help, I’ve written today’s article about ways to protect yourself. Calmly follow these tips (and add any extra ideas, using the COMMENTS box below).

Condolences to you in Canada, where weed smoking will become legal tomorrow, October 17, 2018.

Thanks to You Pot Smokers Who Indulge in Private

And I’ll bet many are in that group. Knowing enough about secondhand smoke to keep it away from strangers. Yet others may not give their secondhand smoke… a second thought.

One of my American clients, Joe, lives in a state where pot is already legal. During a session he lamented:

“Ever since pot was legalized here? Forget it. You can’t go anywhere downtown without passing all that secondhand smoke. Really, it’s awful. There’s nothing I can do.”

Another client, Gladys, also in an American state where weed is legal. Describing her struggle for self-protection, she gave a little laugh. In the manner of good sports everywhere. Graciously admitting that she had lost this particular battle. On the streets. In public transportation. Oh well! At least she didn’t indulge on her own, Gladys told me.

Unfortunate, indeed! Well, I’m here to tell you that there are definitely some things you can do for protecting yourself from pot.

Beyond grumbling, shrugging, growling, denying, or emitting a hollow good-sport laugh!

For Starters, I’ll Call It Weed. Not “Cannabis.”

Because “Cannabis” makes it sound medical. Apart from “medical marijuana,” that’s a misnomer. It’s recreational marijuana.

And with aura reading skills, what becomes clear? Marijuana is a slow poison.

Because marijuana wreaks havoc on consciousness. Slowing down spiritual evolution. Propelling people into dysfunctional human living.

Therefore, better names to use are grass, dope, pot, and weed. Undignified names, that hint at the astral-level mess caused by exposure to this substance.

Legalization is one thing. Endorsing secondhand smoke for all? That’s just plain stupid.

Why Avoid Weed Smoke?

Because it’s a drug. A drug that you’re too smart to take, Blog-Buddies. Knowing that even secondhand smoke is harmful.

What, no doctors have found that yet? Because  nobody ever died from a little marijuana smoke?

Just wait 10 years or so. Until research studies pile up. Psychologists’ studies. Neuroscience studies. Plenty exist already, of course.

But we’re still in early years yet. Of The Age of Awakening. When consciousness will be valued. Quite differently from in the Age of Faith. Which ended 12/21/12. Whether folks since the have been oblivious. Or stoned.

Once you get the hang of today’s New Rules for Success, living now is fun. Otherwise? Most likely you’re breaking those rules.

Beyond that, in many cities worldwide, you may be stuck in an experiment. An experiment with your consciousness.

So What’s the Prob, Exactly?

For starters:

  • Brain fog.
  • More likelihood of spiritual addiction.
  • Sadly, a temporary slowing down. Of your spiritual evolution.
  • And the presence of Stuck Spirits, having a ball.
  • Plenty of human-type problems resulting from those Stuck Spirits. Problems that seem to be about you.

You can be quite sure of that last point. Ghosts, Stuck Spirits, discarnate beings are dancing on people’s auras. And those very same disembodied spirits might prefer yours. Thus, flying over to your aura and getting stuck on you!

And why is that a problem?

Find out plenty of reasons. And what to do about these unwanted temporary visitors. Just read this how-to book for RES Energy HEALING.

Avoidance helps, Blog-Buddies. There’s really a lot to do. Here come five tips for decreasing your exposure to weed.

Weed Smoke Everywhere? Tip #1. “Not here, Bub.”

Forbid smoking weed in your home. In the hallway of your apartment. In the staircase, etc.

If people are coming to visit you. Or you live with housemates or roommates who are weed-friendly. (Frankly, make that weed-ignorant. Sigh! Eventually they’ll learn from consequences.)

Make it your business to make a clear rule. No marijuana here.

Enforce that rule as non-negotiable.

Weed Smoke Everywhere? Tip #2. Actively Choose Avoidance.

Consistent avoidance. Because you can pay attention when you’re walking around downtown.

You can choose the cafes.

And find a more breathable part of the platform of your subway-metro-tube.

Do it. Marijuana smoke isn’t a “nothing.”

Weed Smoke Everywhere? Tip #3. Stay Alert to Weed Smoke.

Avoidance only works if you stay alert. Granted, did you grow up in a big city? Or, as an adult, learn to live in one?

Then you already know to avoid pickpockets.

To place that house key in your hand. Well before arriving at the front door.

Big city street smarts now include: Look for people smoking weed. In which case, cross the street.

Or maybe take a different route next time. Entirely different. Because city streets provide alternatives. Given that neighborhoods are different.

Weed Smoke Everywhere? Tip #4. Carry Protection

Summer or winter, you can wear a scarf. A scarf that you place over your nose and mouth. Temporarily.

What if your neighborhood is filled with fumes?

Pray to God, “Make this marijuana craze stop.”

Joke. I mean, God is real. Prayer is beautiful. But heaven helps those… Who help themselves.

If necessary, buy yourself one of those little white gas masks. Maybe enough folks wearing them can make a statement. For sure, you’re cutting down on that smoke.

Weed Smoke Everywhere? Tip #5. Talk to Government Officials

Avoiding jail time for people who choose pot? Legalization makes sense, that way.

But there can be laws about public spaces like subways. Laws about buses and restaurants and movie theaters.

Ideally, go in person and speak to your lawmakers. Otherwise, contact them via phone. Third choice? Emails.

Because there are laws about cigarette smoke in public places. Also customs like “No shirt. No shoes. Then no service.”

Maybe you can make a difference!

Other Ideas?

Comment below. Because any idea you share might make a definite difference for others.

By all means, share other reactions as well. This is one of our more controversial articles. Share away — with civility, please.

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  1. 1
    Paul G Whiting says:

    I know how you feel about this smoke as I’m just as bad with regular smoke.. You seem to have a big following and can get the word out. I have one big pet peeve ! Women being called “GUYS ” Why do woman put up with this ?

    I am a man who is upset paying large sums of money for school taxes and the people today are all calling women “Guys ” This is not acceptable and it is not proper English. I have tracked this back as far as the show WKRP . which was on TV in the 1070’s . Get the word out.. Ask people why are they degrading our English ?

  2. 2

    PAUL G, you gave me a chuckle. And I needed one today. Thank you!

    If it’s any consolation, I avoid calling women “guys.” Never saw WKRP, even though I lived through the 1970’s, but I doubt that would have persuaded me. We are on the same team here.

  3. 3
    Jesse says:

    In California,I have seen hotel hallways filled with smoke from weed….

    Hotels enforce “no smoking” except if its weed. I don’t understand why people just don’t smoke outside, especially if its legal? Talking with the hotel staff is no help either….

  4. 4
    Brittany says:

    I don’t have any advice, except reiterating the above.

    Control what you can, YOUR environment.

  5. 5
    Brittany says:

    I’ve explained to close friends and family my inability (and desire) to not drink alcohol because of how negatively it affects me (physically, emotionally, consciously, subconsciously, etc).

    Thankfully this has been as well received as possible, and those friends of mine and I simply don’t hang out together often. No hard feelings.

  6. 6
    Brittany says:

    If there were hard feelings?

  7. 7
    Brittany says:

    I used to think it would really hurt me. However, now that I have a strong sense of self and am trusting myself more and more every day, (through gaining energetic literacy, Empath Empowerment, and RES healing sessions) I WANT to put myself first.

    If my friends choose to smoke pot, no judging here, but it won’t happen around me! Pot is still illegal in Indiana. I hope it remains that way!

  8. 8
    Ethan says:

    Thank you for taking time today to post this.

    I will be avoiding weed smoke, and I prefer to call it that weed as well.

  9. 9
    Ethan says:

    I was even reading today about a yoga studio in Ontario that you can smoke during your practice.

    Is this just a big check out of collective consciousness? A big cash grab for the rich? Edibles will become normal in households? Seems so last century for sure.

  10. 10
    Emily Turner says:

    “Weed Smoke Everywhere? Tip #1. “Not here, Bub.”

    I made it very clear to my previous housemates when I moved in with them two years ago that not only were they not to smoke or do any kind of drugs (and I knew they didn’t) but that they weren’t to allow anyone to do so in the house or even the garden.

  11. 11
    Emily Turner says:

    There was one mutual acquaintance that I didn’t trust to respect something like this so I said I didn’t want that person at the house, ever!

  12. 12
    Steve says:

    Emily, I think it’s really important to let others know where you stand, especially since in my experience people who smoke pot simply believe they are cool.

    Like, if anything, they are improving the scene. Why would anyone object?

  13. 13
    Steve says:

    One summer I looked through my window across the street, where neighbors were hosting a party. To my fascination, a couple got out of their car, stood on the lawn and, after looking around, lit up a joint and shared it.

    Then they smiled at each other and knocked on the front door. I kind of wondered if they introduced themselves to the host by saying, “Hi, we’re here and we’re stoned.”

  14. 14
    Becky says:

    Here’s a sobering thought: I wonder if there are any rules against voting under the influence?

  15. 15
    Explorer says:

    Thank you for the list Rose. I nod as I read all the comments.

    I find that even if I manage to avoid the weed smoke itself, interactions with random ‘high’ people is getting more and more common. Sometimes I can avoid it and get out of the situation pretty quickly (e.g. grocery store). Other times, like during family gatherings I find out that one person who always seem calm and sweet has been in fact using it regularly for decades.

  16. 16

    EXPLORER, that Comment #15 made me chuckle. So Ms. Calm & Sweet is actually a pothead. Awwwwww.

    You’re an aura reader, I know. Although I don’t remember offhand if you’ve completed Aura Reading Workshop 102. If so, you can read auras from regular photographs. For all you Blog-Buddies who’ve learned full Stage 3 Energetic Literacy, I’d strongly recommend aura reading ALL your relatives. Use pix you take or photos from Facebook or Google images.

  17. 17

    After you read the aura of Ms. Calm & Sweet, you can check out a few other potheads. Quite quickly, you’ll be able to recognize certain similarities.

    Useful knowledge, eh?

  18. 18
    Explorer says:

    hehe, so true Rose 🙂

    I only see him briefly once maybe twice a year during my spouse’s extended family gatherings. I had a fleeting thought of reading his aura when I heard it then always decide to use my precious daily 20 min technique time on other things like work environment.

  19. 19
    Explorer says:

    You’re so right though. Especially with this new law, it’ll serve me really well to read everyone’s aura in my surrounding.

  20. 20
    Explorer says:

    I haven’t taken the online equivalent of Aura Reading Workshop 102 but I remember studying it during our mentoring sessions before it became available online.

  21. 21
    Morgan says:

    Maybe Febreeze works to get rid of the smell (?) Haven’t tried it. Was always wondering how Febreeze works…is it by killing some sensory thingy in your nose?

    What can we suggest as a solution to our representative for dealing with people’s right to smoke, but us not wanting to deal with it outside?

  22. 22

    Seems to me, the problem with secondhand smoke is the chemicals, not just the smell, MORGAN…

    I definitely agree with you about contacting local government officials to enact laws — like those for smoking cigarettes — in public buildings, subway stations, etc. At least that could be a start.

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