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Aura Reading Pothead Dana Larsen

Aura Reading Pothead Dana Larsen.

Aura Reading Pothead Dana Larsen. How a drug high turns life upside down.

Aura Reading Pothead Dana Larsen. Let’s find out how well drugs really work for the weed celebrity.

Gee, today’s article just might provide a cautionary tale about smoking dope.

Yeah, yeah, the enterprising Mr. Larsen has his fans.

Whether he’s merrily organizing his large stoner events.

Or selling his cute weed-worshiping books. Like “Hairy Potter and the Marijuana Stone.”

And now, he’s triumphing in political activism. Yesterday cannabis became legal in Canada.

Personally, I have no problem with the legality of smoking dope.

But I strongly object to forcing anybody to breathe secondhand smoke. Especially secondhand smoke from weed.

My last blog post offered you tips on how to avoid grass smoke. Also why I refuse to use the nicey-nicey term “cannabis” to disguise the nasty nature of marijuana. Continuing….

Why Give You Today’s Aura Reading of Professional Pothead Dana Larsen?

Maybe you’re wondering. What’s one reason today why I recommend aura reading skills for everyone?

Because it’s a natural high, with no side effects. (Joke. I mean, that’s seriously true. Usually, aura reading makes a person feel great. But that’s not today’s reason.)

Rather, it’s in sympathy with my Canadian RES clients and students. Also, because decent energetic literacy skills can help anyone. — At least anyone with an open mind. — To recognize the damage weed does. Specifically, the damage that dope does to human consciousness. And no, I don’t just mean brain research like this.  Instead I mean consciousness research. Regarding how people function energetically, emotionally, and spiritually, at a subconscious level.

Energetic literacy reveals what happens to the consciousness of a Dana Larsen. How wonderfully is Mr. Marijuana doing?

First of all, please click on this link. Immediately you’ll see the photo I’ll be using for today’s aura reading. And click here to find a treasure trove of other aura reading articles. Also, click here to see articles I’ve already published that unmask the glamour of weed.

Aura Reading Pothead Dana Larsen. Root Chakra Databank for

Connection to Objective Reality

This part of an aura is about paying attention to who says what, who does what. Also statistics. And facts. (You remember facts, don’t you? Real facts. Not “alternative facts.”)

Symbolic Size

40 feet. Relatively high side of normal. High, get it? Just because this topic of secondhand weed smoke etc. annoys me? Oh yes, thank goodness, I can still laugh.


Exceptionally egoistical. Stubborn. Finding pot-related opportunity in his human life.

What does Dana Larsen notice about human life, then? Mostly ugliness, scandals, self-pity, fears. Paying attention to the ickiness that’s part of human life? His idea of fun!

Aura Reading Pothead Dana Larsen. Heart Chakra Databank for

Emotional Honesty

Symbolic Size

1/8 inch. Flat-lines. And flat-lines in such a way that suggests a pretty permanent state of “No can do.”


Uninterested in his own authentic feelings. Evidently, Dana Larsen prefers to bypass anything remotely like emotional honesty.

Instead he has an emotional default, shaping how he relates emotionally to others: Malice.

Aura Reading Pothead Dana Larsen. Throat Chakra Databank for Verbal Integrity

Symbolic Size

1/8 inch. Again, long-term flat-lining.


Seems to me, Dana Larsen enjoys making up stories. Then seeing how gullible people can be.

Totally absent? Neither remorse nor interest in telling the truth.

Due to all that weed? Or has weed made him smarter, happier, nicer, better-smelling, etc.? Probably Larsen’s got a definite point of view about what pot does to a person. Could he be encouraging people to turn out more like him?

Aura Reading Pothead Dana Larsen. Third Eye Chakra Databank for Reading Energies

This chakra databank involves paying attention to energies. Opposite to paying attention to human reality. Probably, Blog-Buddies, you know that human beings have better lives… Better lives when we’re interested in being human. Rather than spacing out on mind-altering drugs.

Until now, every pothead whose aura I’ve read shows a definite characteristic at this chakra databank. Hmmm, will Dana Larsen be an exception?

Symbolic Size

Out to the moon. Trillions of miles. Definitely over-functioning.


Seems like Dana Larsen comes alive when he’s actively stoned. Because marijuana and related drugs position consciousness there, into energies.

Or, to be a bit more technical, the “high” comes from noticing life from a non-human vantage point. Instead of identifying with being human, and Human Vibrational Frequencies, buh-bye! Automatically the person identifies with an astral body. And astral energies.

Consistently true of every regular weed consumer I’ve researched with so far with energetic literacy!

Of course it feels “high” to not pay attention to the relatively low, slow perceptions that humans have. High, but not so great for functioning like a healthy human being.

Furthermore, it’s so ironic. Folks who feel high all the time, whether from dope or from spiritual addiction? Note: Find the most practical part by scrolling down to the turquoise box. Anyway…

Until they change lifestyles, potheads etc. aren’t evolving spiritually. (Unless you count living a failed experiment as a great way to gain spiritual growth.)

And speaking of making spiritual progress, let’s make this our final chakra databank of the set….

Aura Reading Pothead Dana Larsen. Third Eye Chakra Databank for Connection to Spiritual Source

Symbolic Size

1/8 inch. Again, flat-lining.


Quite the thumb-his-nose-at-God pattern here. Entrenched as a pattern. A kind of “Nyah-nyah, I’m actually cooler than you are, God. Far cooler.”

In Conclusion

Sadly, it’s not unusual for people to think that marijuana exposure makes them “more spiritual.”

In reality, getting a pot high makes a person more astral.

Also less functional, humanly.

And if you wonder if what I’m writing here is just some theory? Confidentiality prohibits my sharing with you countless examples from sessions with clients. So just imagine this:

  • My client Joe is married to a pothead.
  • Or divorces a pothead.
  • Or my client Gladys is trying to recover from a weed habit.  Clearly, RES supplements support from an official recovery resource (which I am not, and don’t pretend to be).

Again and again, you’d hear the client validating my aura readings of potheads. Or an ex-weed smoker has aura readings that progressively confirm re-entry into human life.

Whether grass is legal or not in your neighborhood, you just might choose to protect yourself from this slow poison. Let others do what they like with marijuana… when in private and alone. Absolutely, you have the right to avoid it.

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  1. 1

    Reading this article, many of you may have made a certain connection. In case not, here goes. Potheads give themselves an astral way of identifying with astral energies; consequently, losing touch with human life — much like what folks do in spiritual addiction (equally dysfunctional but at least cheaper, since there’s no need to pay for all the marijuana).

    If it weren’t for his exceptionally massive personal ego (as shown in that Root Chakra databank I read for you), would Dana Larsen’s consciousness be even more trippy? I have no doubt.

  2. 2

    Reading my morning Washington Post, I was struck by the main theme in Carolyn Hax’s advice column.

    A quote follows.

  3. 3

    [Regarding a friend who texts that she wants to visit but doesn’t follow up about making plans in objective reality…]

    It’s actually, I think, in the same vein as some of the other etiquette ills that are spiking lately, like not RSVPing to things or not showing up after ticking “yes” or not sending thank-yous for gifts. I think our collective radar is shrinking fast, to the point where the only things typical people typically notice on it are the ones immediate to daily life.

  4. 4

    Quite some lack of (what the kind columnist Carolyn calls) “radar”! And what I’d call a limited attention span. And lack of paying attention to reality…

    Can you connect that to my estimate that 45% of people in America and Canada are living in spiritual addiction? And what that does to a person’s attention span!

  5. 5
    Ethan says:

    Thanks for posting this Rose.

    I agree-legalizing pot is fine but leave me out of the smoke.

  6. 6
    Ethan says:

    As someone who used to be in spiritual addiction I didn’t realize how little I paid attention to reality until I did my own re-entry into human life and what a difference.

    Now when I hang out with others I notice when they are not paying attention.

  7. 7
    Ethan says:

    I went for a walk with a friend and pointed out something I saw and commented on it-they didn’t respond as they didn’t even see what I saw and had no opinion on it anyway.

    It can make for annoying interactions.

  8. 8
    Explorer says:

    The only good thing that came out of the legalization of the weed is that now I’m more aware who is in fact (privately) using it.

    I’m not active on Instagram but I enjoy following fun pages like traveling, cooking etc, taking my mind off the more serious studies and topics. It was disappointing to see some of them celebrating this new law. I don’t know who Dana Larsen is but they were definitely not as open about using it. Now that I know, I can simply unfollow and move on.

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