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Presence Requires Being Present. Part 1

Presence Requires Being Present.

Presence Requires Being Present. Let’s ring out some truth about being humanly present.

Presence Requires Being Present. Learn some surprisingly simple ways to increase your spontaneous impact on others, your presence.

First of all…

What Is Presence?

Folks fascinated by mind-body-spirit often think of presence as developing powerhouse vibes. Causing you to make heads turn. Or, at least, turning the heads of those who are “truly spiritual.”

Honestly, who wouldn’t prefer to be spiritually impressive? But there are also gentler motivations to seek a strong presence; maybe something as simple as wanting other people to notice you more and like you better.

The good news is, every one of us can develop a magnificently memorable presence. Not that I’m promising you worldwide domination, national fame, or a million Instagram followers.

Think: friends. A stronger presence can help you to develop quality friendships. Helping you to surround yourself with people who value you and appreciate your distinctive personal presence.

Presence Requires Being Present. By Doing How Much New Work?

Maybe none at all. Since you’ve already achieved a very solid, inspiring presence.

In which case this little series of articles may simply help you to take your personal power even further. Zero work!

Otherwise, you might be struggling a bit with presence.

Like seeking more impact through a stronger personal presence. Seeking an appropriate impact that you have every right to desire.

In which case, may this article ease your struggle and help you to make a more vigorous imprint as you step forward on your life journey.

Either way, presence is seriously important. Yet why not also have some fun with today’s article? Where I’ll call you what, Blog-Buddies? Important Reader. Maybe I can bring you a fresh perspective on presence. For sure, I’ve spent way more than 10,000 hours using energetic literacy to learn about people’s personal energies; nearly every day of my life I’m actively working with clients to help them fulfill their dreams. And, for many, that does include upgrading their personal presence.

I’ll share what I’ve learned about this in the form of some DO’S and DON’TS. Could be, some of these will help you to fill in some gaps that may be limiting your life (without your knowing it), gaps in personal presence. Some of the following tips concern consciousness and how you position it — related to the spirit part of mind-body-spirit. While our other tips will emphasize your humanity, choices that you can make in values and attitude, body and appearance. Here goes.

Presence Requires Being Present. Rule #1. DON’T Try to “Be Present”

Honestly, have you ever been told to boost your presence by using a technique like “Being Present”? Maybe that sounds appealing. But ugh! That kind of effort is night-and-day different from simply being present; like self-consciously watching your best camera angles in front of a mirror, compared to simply having a physical body that people can see.

Quite naturally, all human beings have an appearance. At any given time we look a certain way. Altogether different is posing in front of a looking glass, self-consciously preening: “Ooh, how can I look really, really good?”

How, exactly, are some folks encouraged to be more present? Approaches include “Slow down,” and “Live from the heart” and Mindfulness Meditation.

Important Reader, I’ve researched what techniques like these do to an aura. Simply put? Nothing good.

Would you like to learn more about how “trying to be present” can temporarily mess up an aura? Check out Consciousness Positioning® Consults here at this blog. You’ll gain surprising perspective on how techniques that involve energy can sometimes backfire.

But no worries, your practical takeaway here can be simple. Don’t try to amp up your energetic presence by manipulating awareness. Even if your intent is beautiful, most likely, the aura-level consequences won’t be.

Presence Requires Being Present. Rule #2.

DO Learn How to Be Strongly Present SPONTANEOUSLY

Important Reader, there’s no need to do fancy dancing with your awareness — whether straining or striving, purposely detaching from life and witnessing yourself, or otherwise trying to “be present.” Ridiculous really! Since you naturally have a magnificent presence energetically, highly individual and immensely attractive.

There’s even a term for that. Have you ever heard of auric modeling? Essentially here’s what it means: Subconsciously your aura shows to everybody in the room with you; plus while you’re talking to someone on your mobile or using other devices to talk. Also, your auric modeling shows in photos.

“Auric modeling” means that, aura-wise, you’re like a model walking down a runway, and everybody can see you.

So how come so few people talk about auric modeling? Because all that juicy info only shows subconsciously… at least until you gain reliable skills for energetic literacy… but once you’ve learned the energy equivalent of word literacy, ta da! You can read auras at will, consciously and clearly, exploring your favorite chakra databanks that reveal secrets about a person’s energetic presence, such as the Root Chakra Databank for Presence in the Room!

Meanwhile, whether or not you have learned to read chakra databanks, your energetic presence does make a statement — loud and clear — through your auric modeling. And that’s why it’s smart to make use of classes and services that help your aura to function well. Hey, Important Reader, I know just the resource where you can find expert help for energy healing: Pathways Magazine!

Presence Requires Being Present. Rule #3.

DON’T Substitute Energy Awareness for Noticing Reality

Look, Important Reader, let’s acknowledge one great presence-helper that you’ve already got going for you. Ever notice? You’re energy sensitive.

Congratulations! Being able to notice energies is great fun, and it can prove useful too. No argument there from your Energetic Literacy columnist! But did you ever notice how some folks are letting their energy awareness get way out of hand?

Almost like, for some, energy talk has become a “cooler” way of talking about objective reality. For instance, once I was in session with Gladys, a new client for a session of RES Energy Healing. Early on, I asked her to rock back and forth on her chair, then stop. Then I asked her to notice how her butt felt and describe that in a few words. What did I expect Gladys to tell me?  Something about temperature or muscle tone, like muscular, tired, sore, cool, warm, flabby, perky.

Instead, What did Gladys Report?

In a voice that sounded unmistakably spaced out, Gladys said, “I couldn’t really feel my butt but I did notice a beautiful blue light. :-)”

Was this superior to what ordinary mortals notice about their bodies? Hardly. And when it comes to presence, hello! People with a strong human presence don’t spend all day checking out anyone’s energies. For specific, practical tips, flowing from extensive research on this topic, consider taking a look at this self-improvement book: The New Strong.

Meanwhile, simply use your common sense. When you’re present to energies, rather than human life, how down-to-earth will your voice sound? How persuasively will you express your human point of view? Sadly, noticing energies can really diminish a person’s human presence — yes, human presence, as noticed by other humans.

Bottom line: Either one can either float around in consciousness, like a helium balloon, or else one can live like a human — not both.

Clearly, that doesn’t mean “Never notice energies.” Rather, give yourself some time every day for personal growth. And if you’d like to notice energies then, or meditate, or read auras to learn specifics about somebody’s energy presence, then go for it!

Just remember, for the sake of having a strong presence… it’s wise to keep that energy awareness time in balance. I’d recommend a daily total of 20 Minutes of Technique Time, Tops.

Let’s Pause Our Part 1 Right Here

Have you met anyone who confused with human presence with… noticing a beautiful energy?

Could that person, once upon a time, have been YOU?

Please share some of your experiences and learning around presence. Help this topic to come alive as a topic of human interest!

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  1. 1
    Ethan says:

    My current work environment is an interesting example of noticing NOT beautiful energies-the boss of the division is a highly critical person. Team members, and I am guilty of this as well, say thing like they feel “the mood in the office is low” “the environment is toxic”.

    When the boss steps out people comment on how “much lighter” the office feels. Interesting how in the Age of Awakening one person’s presence can disturb so many.

  2. 2
    Jnana says:

    “I couldn’t really feel my butt but I did notice a beautiful blue light. :-)”

    Had me in fits of laughter. And after you made her rock, too.

    I admit I’ve been there. Curious paradox that feeling the physical body can prove elusive for some.

  3. 3

    JNANA, yes, we’ve both been there. It’s delightful to integrate more into being physically embodied — to get more of a kick out of being human.

    I’m so impressed with the progress you’ve in this direction (as in so many directions, actually).

  4. 4

    ETHAN, thank you for making such a great point, illustrating this article’s third point. Even though you’ve come to it the hard way.

    Not noticing energies — whether good or bad. And not making them the subject of conversation, either. What a simple way to be more present in Human Vibrational Frequencies. Rather than spending time with consciousness positioned in Astral Vibrational Frequencies.

  5. 5

    Moving past difficulties in work situations, like unreasonable supervisors — this has become a specialty for helping my RES clients over the last couple of years.

    I can easily think of five of them, right off the top of my head, who turned an icky work situation…

  6. 6

    Into the launch pad for a promotion, and a raise.

  7. 7

    So, if you can manage it, I’d recommend a series of RES sessions — as you’re wisely doing. Because each version of work hell has its own unique path out — into something much better, and I can help with the personal growth aspect of that (even though I can’t make guarantees about employment).

    Beyond that, this post and the upcoming Part Two can provide useful advice. Rather than noticing energies of any kind, or discussing them, how much more productive to make your job about DOING your job. And deriving all the satisfaction you can from that!

  8. 8
    Emily Turner says:

    I have not met anyone who confused a beautiful energy with being present, but I definitely have met people who confused having a self-conscious habit of “BEING PRESENT, SO VERY PRESENT!” as being present.

    I think I myself at one point did try it out for a while as a teenager after reading a book on the topic

  9. 9
    Emily Turner says:

    What I notice is those people stick out as NOT being present, somewhat aloof and insincere, so it definitely backfires!!

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