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Our Final Carnivore Diet Aura Readings

Yes, Blog-Buddies, I’ve just researched Charlene Anderson (for as long as I could stand it) and then one of the bitcoin Carnivores, Michael Goldstein.

You’ll find these aura readings over at our main post about the Carnivore Diet.

This energetic literacy research goes from Comments #63-78.

I don’t especially recommend that you read any of this, my friends. I was just following through on a commitment I made at that post to research more than the most famous Carnivore Diet advocate, ex-doctor Shawn.

Well, I did. And now I’m quite done!

Feel free to comment there, if you really want to. 😉 (If you forget and attempt to comment here instead, I’ll move it over. Since I’m planning to remove today’s blog post a week from today.)


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