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Curiosity Questions Contest. For Fun and Learning.

Curiosity Questions Contest

Curiosity Questions Contest. Here’s a fresh chance to win a free aura reading, face reading, or Skilled Empath Merge.

Curiosity Questions Contest. Already I’ve shared with you WHY I came up with the idea for this contest.

Now here we are. And our latest contest will use Deeper Perception in one form or another, aiming to answer three of your questions.

What kind of questions? Three questions you’ve got about a public figure. Curiosity Questions!

If you’re one of the three winners, I’ll do some kind of RES Energy READING. Aiming to provide some answers.

Maybe I’ll use the insightful power of face reading. Maybe aura reading. Perhaps an exotic sound-based aura reading. Or even a Skilled Empath Merge.

Choosing that will be my job. Your job will be to ask up to three curiosity questions that you have about a public figure.

Curiosity Questions Contest. In One Way Every Entry Wins

Granted, I’ll only choose three winners. Giving each one a post dedicated to using Deeper Perception to answer those questions as well as I can.

But here’s what I’ll be doing extra. For every single entry, I plan to add brief comments about whether energetic literacy can deliver that kind of info.

Why do such a thing? Because many folks are still learning what energetic literacy really is. Also what it isn’t.

You see, to many people aura reading means foretelling the future. But that isn’t reading auras by means of energetic literacy. In my view, predictions happen when a psychic connects to somebody’s aura by working with one or more spirits. And then the spirits proceed to offer insights to which they have access… because they’re discarnate beings.

While to others, aura reading means being a medical intuitive. Doing a specialized form of psychic reading that provides info about health details. Although folks love that specialty, too, it isn’t reading auras by means of energetic literacy. It’s a psychic reading.

By contrast, energetic literacy is reading, just like reading this screen. Only about reading somebody’s energies. You don’t have to heap upon that skill other jobs. Like asking a roofer to do repairs on your roof. Or asking a doctor to examine your belly.

Reading is reading. And you can find out many kinds of info. But other kinds, you cannot. And so I hope this contest will deliver an educational experience about what aura reading really is. As we can do it now, in The Age of Awakening. Quite different from what folks have done before the Shift on 12/21/12.

Curiosity Questions Contest. What Else Is Different about This One?

Usually in a contest, I ask you to find a photo as part of your entry. This time I won’t.

Because it’s occurred to me that some of you may have felt intimidated about entering. Like, “Will I be able to find a good photo?”

Also, for some contests, I’ve asked you to choose. Either an aura reading or a Skilled Empath Merge or a face reading. And maybe that has stopped some of you from entering. Maybe feeling intimidated in that way.

So let’s make entry ridiculously easy this time. Details will follow soon. But first….

Why Do I Offer these Contests?

Some of you Blog-Buddies may wonder why I offer to give these free readings? Why not simply choose the people of interest to ME?

Well, I’m really interested in YOU. And it’s not feasible for me to take suggestions in blog comments. When newbies make those comments I usually just delete them. But a couple of times a year, I’ll make one live. Then I’ll explain that there are limits to my free services give out through this blog.

So if you want me to research somebody for you, what are your options?

  • Either book a session with me (standard fee applies).
  • Or enter a contest, like this one. And write an entry that makes a good case for winning.
  • Otherwise, you can get skills for yourself. Like learning how to read auras from regular photos. Or learning the easiest form of deeper perception — Face Reading Secrets®. Or else, what if you’re among the 1 in 20 people born as an empath? Then you can become a Master Empath and do your own Skilled Empath Merges.

BTW, Why Do I Offer these Contests?

Because RES is new in the world. All these skills to help you to grow emotionally and spiritually. Using really effective skills that work now, in The Age of Awakening.

Chances are, you’re far more used to psychic readings. Or psychological profiling.

Maybe you’ve heard of face reading and have sampled systems that are not Face Reading Secrets®. So you think that physiognomy has to involve fortunetelling or diagnosing health problems. Ha!

Contests like this one allow you to read samples of deeper perception made practical. Forms of energetic literacy, introduced at this educational blog. Let’s wake up Collective Consciousness to all the possibilities.

Curiosity Questions Contest. Them’s the Rules:

  1. Enter as often as you like. Simply comment below.
  2. Deadline for all contest entries is November 28, 2019. (Whenever is midnight in YOUR time zone.)
  3. For each entry, name a public figure.
  4. Summarize for us that person’s claim to fame.
  5. List 1-3 questions you have about that person — questions that you think or hope could be answered through use of RES skills for Deeper Perception.

Although only three entries will win a blog post, this Curiosity Questions Contest comes with a bonus for each entry. As noted previously in today’s article:

What will I do as an educational feature of this contest? If you ask questions that lie outside the scope of RES skills, I’ll explain WHY. Otherwise I’ll summarize WHY that is the sort of thing you can learn with the sorts of Deeper Perception taught here.)

Have fun with this, Blog-Buddies. I’m sure looking forward to learning about your heroes. And also helping to make Face Reading more practical than ever. This blog, after all, is “Deeper Perception Made PRACTICAL.”

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  1. 101
    Kylie says:

    It occurs to me that anyone who lives with self-authority, and cares deeply about what they do, enough to gain serious skills in their craft might be considered a wee bit difficult to live with by other people.

    That person is not just ok with “whatever.” They have standards:-)

  2. 102

    How about that, KYLIE! And, you know, the high standards might not be about everything.

    Imagine a librarian, for example, and while in the library she doesn’t like it when folks disrespect the Dewey decimal system. But when out playing soccer, she’s just havin’ fun! Ultimately, labeling someone as a “perfectionist” may show a significant lack of imagination about the wholeness and complexity of individual people.

  3. 103
    Holly says:

    Hi Rose,

    I would like to nominate Kim Soo Hyun. He is a South Korean actor. He joined the military’s mandatory service by making a quiet statement through his manager instead of holding a public press conference. I respect that.

    Here is a photo before:×1152.jpg
    Here is a photo after:

  4. 104
    Holly says:

    Based on his enlistment, he seems to be handling fame really well. I wonder if that’s true.

    I also read that his mom sent him to acting classes as a child because he was shy. I wonder if he has become as charming as he looks.

    While most American stars are thin, all Asian stars are thin. I wonder if he is naturally thin.

  5. 105

    Excellent contribution here, HOLLY! You didn’t need to supply photos to enter this contest, but I sure appreciate that you did.

    And all your Curiosity Questions make sense to me as appropriate for aura reading. 🙂

  6. 106
    Chloe says:

    As a fan of funny women I’m curious about Amy Poehler. She is best know for playing Leslie Knope in the show Parks and Recreation, she was on SNL from 2001-2008, and has hosted the Golden Globes with Tina Fey three times!

    In her book “Yes, Please” she said that her career is from lots of hard work, not Lorne Michaels just discovering her at a Boston Food court. I am curious about her Soul Thrill , what her flow of creativity is like, and how is she at handling conflict.

  7. 107

    Excellent Curiosity Questions all, CHLOE. Thank you for this nomination.

  8. 108
    Jennifer says:

    This thread is so informative and I’m learning so much, thanks Rose!

    I’d like to make my first-ever nomination: Daniel Mallory Ortberg of Dear Prudence (at Slate) fame.

  9. 109
    Jennifer says:

    He’s about a year (maybe more) into his transition, and I’ve been a big fan of his ever since he was just Mallory—his advice is consistently conscientious, compassionate, and wise—and I’m really curious how he’s doing now that he’s transitioned.

    So, here are my “curiousity questions” about Danny:

  10. 110
    Jennifer says:

    1) How is he doing emotionally?

    Specifically, I’m very curious about his emotional stability, particularly since I imagine transitioning has a lot of emotional ups and downs.

  11. 111
    Jennifer says:

    2) What is his connection to spiritual source like?

    I believe he was raised by a pastor but now identifies as agnostic, so I’m wondering how his connection to Source is functioning.

  12. 112
    Jennifer says:

    3) What is his intellect like?

    He’s written a lot of funny and clever things—several books in addition to his work at The Toast—and he’ll make references to obscure works of literature in the podcast that give me nerdgasms because I am also a literature geek, so, I’d be fascinated to learn about this chakra databank.

    Thank you!

  13. 113

    What excellent, appropriate Curiosity Questions, JENNIFER. Thank you.

    Also thank you for my word of the year to discover: Nerdgasms. So great!

  14. 114
    Anna Patricia says:

    Hi Rose. Over at your recent face reading article about Javier Bardem and Jeffrey Dean Morgan, you mentioned some things that made me curious.

    You mentioned that Javier Bardem plays villians mostly. Is there anything about him/his aura that would make him particularly good at playing villains?

  15. 115
    Anna Patricia says:

    When I think of him, I think of two roles:

    No Country for Old Men, in which he definitelyyy played a villain. And Vicky Cristina Barcelona, where he did not play a villain, exactly, though he did really disrupt the characters lives…. he played a very seductive artist.

  16. 116
    Anna Patricia says:

    And I’m curious about the same with Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

    Why villains? I guess they can’t exactly help the handsome part, haha.

  17. 117

    Excellent Curiosity Questions on these two actors, ANNA PATRICIA.

    This is exactly the sort of thing that’s fun to explore with aura reading. Or even Skilled Empath Merge. BTW, here’s a link for the rest of you readers for the blog post that she’s referring to in Comments #114-116.

  18. 118
    Tatiana says:

    Hi everyone! I’ve learnt a lot from your comments already.

    Let’s see if can succeed with my curiosity questions.

  19. 119
    Tatiana says:

    I’d like to nominate Natalia Lafourcade, a Mexican singer and songwriter.

  20. 120
    Tatiana says:

    1) How does she communicate her emotions while singing?

  21. 121
    Tatiana says:

    2) What is happening with her creativity when she performs? (how does she use it)

  22. 122
    Tatiana says:

    And the third question I doubt a bit, but I’d like to ask it anyway.
    3) What does it mean personally to her to sing her songs?

  23. 123
    Tatiana says:

    Thank you for making it so easy to nominate!

    My first time haha

  24. 124

    TATIANA, how delightful to hear from you. Giving you technical feedback:

    Yes to what’s in your Comments 120 and 121 — provided one can find a photo of Natalia Lafourcade while performing and not just posing. Very likely! And, of course, research shows how she communicates and also how she feels emotionally. Aren’t these more important to know than “how she communicates her feelings”? An expressive singer communicates her or his EVERYTHING!

  25. 125

    Regarding your Curiosity Question in Comment 122, about “What does it mean personally to her to sing her songs?” There can’t be a one-sentence answer. Nor the kind of interpretation one might get from a psychic reading.

    However, what could be a really fun way to research this with skills of energetic literacy? I’d recommend a comparison aura reading or Skilled Empath Merge. One photo shows Natalia Lafourcade simply posing in public, being herself. The other photo shows her while performing. With this, you’re good to answer loads of interesting questions!

  26. 126

    Create one array of chakra databanks to research. Then read them, first from one photo and then from the other.

    What will you learn? Loads of information about what changes for her. In short, a depth way of exploring what personally happens to her. Which is a deep kind of meaning, isn’t it?

  27. 127
    Tatiana says:

    Wow! So much you can learn when you know how to use the skills of deeper perception.

  28. 128

    TATIANA, I think you know about this fun resource already, but for any of you Blog-Buddies who don’t know this yet…

    A super-fun resource for answering Curiosity Questions about actors is this one link to help you access hundreds of my Aura Reading Movie Reviews. Comparison Aura Research very much like what I’ve outlined here for you.

  29. 129

    As a graduate of the Aura Reading 101 and 102 workshops, you’re ready to do research like this on your own, TATIANA. Even if you don’t win this contest, it helps to understand what you can already do.

    This is one of my reasons for having this educational back-and-forth here. Stage 3 Energetic Literacy Skills can empower you to answer LOADS of Curiosity Questions for yourself. Thanks so much for commenting here.

  30. 130
    Tatiana says:

    Your comments made my day.

    Now if I’d like to answer my own questions about Natalia Lafourcade or another singer, I have a better idea how to do it.

  31. 131
    Tatiana says:

    Thank you, Rose!

  32. 132
    Krista says:

    I thought I read a blog post long ago in which Rose mentioned scanning people in a room, and if finding things she didn’t like, she would quietly leave.

    I tried to go back and find this post, but I was unsuccessful.

  33. 133
    Krista says:

    This led me to wonder if you can check to see if someone is dangerous to be around, and I am interested in finding out what we can learn about outlaw Billy the Kid.

    Billy was a violent thief in the 19th century American West.

  34. 134
    Krista says:

    Here are my curiosity questions:
    Could this person become violent when unprovoked?

  35. 135
    Krista says:

    Does this person have anti-social tendencies?

  36. 136
    Krista says:

    Does this person respect respect the opposite sex?

  37. 137

    Welcome to my blog, KRISTA. I’m guessing it’s your first time here, partly because I don’t recognize your name from previous comments and partly because you referred to me in the third person. Like maybe somebody else who knows me is the real blogger?

    Actually I think most of our regular commenters here know that I read every proposed comment. And then, monitoring the blog, I’ll allow comments, breaking them into chunks if too long (for instance, your comment as a contest entry) — without changing words, etc. Santa Claus is reputed to have a team of elves, but around this blog it’s just me. 😉

  38. 138

    About your Comment #132, I can tell you for a certainty that the article you’ve remembered was not written by me — in none of the blog posts, none of my books, none of my magazine articles, not in media interviews, and not in personal sessions.

    Quite sure. I wouldn’t know how to do this, nor do I personally scan anyone. Ever. That’s more something a psychic would do, and this blog is devoted to something different, Energy Spirituality. Still, I’m glad you continued to ask questions, because what followed in your contest entry is interesting.

  39. 139

    When would I do aura reading research about somebody dangerous to be around? Only if you were with me in a confidential session of aura reading research. That would be your personal business.

    Do you think anything is to be gained by reading auras of outlaws, murderers, etc.? Offhand I sure don’t. Occasionally I’ve researched some pretty damaged public figures, but I always had a purpose — as with this YouTube aura reading. Or this one. Probably didn’t impact the election much, though….

  40. 140

    About your Curiosity Question #1, in Comment 134, I don’t have the training to tell if someone would become violent when unprovoked.

    That’s for a mental health professional, moreover one with that specialty. Important point: Energetic literacy doesn’t give us specialized knowledge. It doesn’t make us psychiatrists. Doctors. Bowling coaches. Dentists.

  41. 141

    Gaining word literacy doesn’t do that for us either, does it? Energetic literacy is just like word literacy: It can be effortless, fluent, dependable, detailed.

    Only word literacy is about reading words. While energetic literacy, starting with Stage 3 Energetic Literacy, is what makes us competent to read auras reliably. Many people are struggling to understand what auras can and can’t tell us. I’m hoping this contest can help.

  42. 142

    One reason why I set up this particular quiz, and set it up in the way it works (with detailed responses from me to each entry) is that so many people have been told so many things about aura reading. Much of it may not be current understanding, and I think it’s great that you asked this question as well as the next two.

    Incidentally, what if you’re not familiar with what I mean by aura reading or “energetic literacy”? This introduction might interest you.

  43. 143

    So, how about your question, “Does this person have anti-social tendencies?” That’s a pretty intense question, isn’t it! Also it’s far beyond the scope of RES.

    You know. mental health professionals discuss anti-social tendencies. So might attorneys, or judges, or police officers, or prison guards, or parole officer. And each of these professionals has received related professional training. But just reading somebody’s aura? That’s totally different.

  44. 144

    Why would I have the training or knowledge to know that, KRISTA? Auras don’t display mental health diagnoses.

    Granted, many people assume this is true. Maybe that’s because pop psychology gives us all vocabulary of a clinical nature. Whenever possible, I discourage RES clients and students from using this kind of terminology. Personally I don’t think labels like these help us. So I encourage human-type talk. And, as you probably know, reading auras is altogether different from gossiping. (At least around here, for sure!)

  45. 145

    So how would I translate your question into everyday human-type language? Maybe, “Is he obnoxious?” That can’t be answered by aura reading. Besides each of us knows it when we interact with somebody we find obnoxious. Why bother reading auras for that purpose?

    Okay, take two: How about “Does he trust people?” Definitely, that could be answered by aura reading, and provide far more detail than a simple yes-or-no answer.

  46. 146

    Finally, “Does this person respect the opposite sex?” Here’s the closest I could come to responding to that question by reading auras. We could do a comparison aura reading, using maybe five photos. (Except that pictures of Billy the Kid are pretty scarce, and we can’t just find him on Instagram these days 😉 )

    But if we could get all the Billy photos we wanted, here’s what we could do:

  47. 147

    We’d collect each of these five pictures:

    #1. Billy on his own. A nice photo from the front would work fine, and the same with all the other pics.

    #2. Billy standing next to his first wife, Alice.

  48. 148

    #3. Billy standing next to his second wife, Betsy.

    #4. Billy standing next to his third wife, Carlie.

    #5. Billy standing next to his fourth wife, Dora.

  49. 149

    Then I could research the same parts of his aura in each picture. For instance:

    Root Chakra Databank for Presence in the Room
    Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for Sharing Power

  50. 150

    Bit by bit, we’d arrive at some nuanced information. That matters a lot to me, as the founder of RES. They’re “Really Effective Skills” because we don’t rush to judgment, we don’t stereotype people, and we tend to Golden Rule it.

    You know: Research other people the way we would like, ourselves, to be researched. Clearly, that doesn’t mean that aura readings are all sweetsy-weetsy. Depends on the person being researched.

  51. 151
    Krista says:

    I’ve been reading your blog since 2009 or 2010.

    I’ve been here a long time, but I normally don’t comment. This is probably the 4th or 5th post on your site.

  52. 152

    See that, KRISTA? You’ve confirmed that I don’t know everything. 😉

    At least I know some things about RES, and I’m glad you took advantage of this unusual and educational thread to comment. Hope this coaching has been helpful for you — and others.

  53. 153
    Krista says:

    I was more interested in learning if those questions could be answered than actually winning the contest. I chose to nominate an interesting historical figure who is dead for a reason.

    It felt too icky to ask you to read a current public figure who is known to be violent or has been accused of violence.

  54. 154
    Krista says:

    Thank you for taking time to examine my questions and giving feedback.

  55. 155
    Krista says:

    If I figure out what I read here long ago that gave me the impression that you check out strangers for your safety, I will let you know.

  56. 156

    Thanks for sharing this info, KRISTA. If I might suggest, related to your Comment #155, what might be more helpful than figuring out what you read that gave you that impression about scanning people or assessing your safety?

    Perhaps reconsider your assumption — shared by many — that constant vigilance about protecting yourself would give you an advantage in life.

  57. 157

    My experience with clients has shown me the reverse. Habitually seeking clues about bad actors, emphasizing that aspect of life — can be a pretty unhelpful way to relate to people you meet.

    Sure, you can read people’s auras for integrity, etc. But that wouldn’t be while interacting with them. Instead you’d do that during your Technique Time. I’ve even helped some clients in sessions of RES Energy HEALING to move out STUFF stuck in them that caused them to live in fear — more than needed for responsible self-protection.

  58. 158

    For other people that scanning idea is more an attitude in life. Like what folks can get by watching TV shows about wicked people, going into lavish and revolting detail — as if that’s going to protect us.

    Also, another reason for scanning is that people are sometimes attracted to psychic work — where they scan people for all sorts of things — perhaps the motivation is to get a kind of “cheat sheet” and rise above the uncertainties and challenges of human life. Good luck with that!

  59. 159

    Granted, this approach is very popular in collective consciousness by now, but how helpful is it really?

    For what it’s worth, this type of strategy may or may not uncover the smallish fraction of wicked people and crooks one might encounter. But it is just about guaranteed to put a person into spiritual addiction. And also to come across to others as suspicious, unfriendly, etc. Pretty high price to pay, seems to me.

  60. 160
    Ethan says:

    For this contest i’d like to nominate American astronaut Story Musgrave.

    He is the veteran of six Space Shuttle missions, he takes stunning photographs, he is a Disney Imagineer and technical consultant for the California think tank Applied Minds now.

  61. 161
    Ethan says:

    Today he is farming, growing palms at his estate in Florida.

    With so many interests what is his Soul Thrill like?

  62. 162
    Ethan says:

    He has written over 300 poems during his missions in space that some say was like synestheisia in action -was it?

    And with his history of a horrible childhood what is his Emotional Growth like today as a octogenarian.

  63. 163

    What a fascinating nomination, ETHAN. You know, from what you’ve written here Story Musgrave could be a fascinating research project.

    Because, of course, you could always research how someone’s expressing his or her soul. Likewise you can research how somebody is doing with emotional growth.

  64. 164

    But why a research project? Some folks who are fairly new to energetic literacy expect this kind of aura reading to be more like what a psychic would do. Telling you loads of info about Story Musgrave, with the aid of a spirit who had access to a lot of his information.

    By contrast, you proceed differently with RES skills. So it’s not as though his Heart Chakra Databank for Emotional Growth contains his whole story for this entire lifetime. (Not that I’m suggesting you thought this, SAVVY ETHAN. I’m just playing teacher here for everyone who happens to read this chunk of our educational Contest here.)

  65. 165

    So how would you compare Story Musgrave’s emotional growth now, compared to when he wrote all those poems? You’d need photos, of course. Conveniently taken photographs, like one of him while writing one of those poems.

    Synesthesia — probably, ETHAN, you know how I love to learn about people with synesthesia. Because the method of Aura Reading Through All Your Senses® depends upon the synesthesia that all of us humans have when we bring awareness to astral vibrational frequencies.

  66. 166

    Anyway, you’d do aura research like that. And then you could research the same chakra databanks from another phase of his phenomenal life, such as a powerhouse 80-year-old.

    What’s the exception to needing photographs? Suppose that you’re Story Musgrave. Or that you were in the room with him during different phases of his life. Either way, it would be easy as pie, with advanced skills of energetic literacy to pull out energetic holograms of him in each of these incidents and then research whichever chakra databanks you pleased.

  67. 167

    And, yes, you can learn to do that advanced skill of energetic literacy. Just put in the time and use the skills of earlier stages of aura reading skill.

    Currently all RES Practitioners have developed that skill. If you’re in session with any of us, we’ve learned to co-create with your choice of Divine help and we breeze right through. Nothing’s easier to do, actually!

  68. 168

    Asking and answering some curiosity questions, here’s a link to my aura reading of He Jiankui.

    He’s stealthily created the first-ever genetically altered babies.

  69. 169

    Asking and answering more curiosity questions, here’s a link to my aura reading of recently departed President George H.W. Bush.

  70. 170

    Guest poster LEO WATTS asked and answered a big curiosity question about basketball pro Markelle Fultz by… reading Fultz’s aura.

  71. 171

    And I’ve also pursued some curiosity questions about recent silence by Vice-President Mike Pence.

    Here’s a new aura reading of him.

  72. 172
    Ethan says:

    I’m really curious about Chuck Lorre-American television writer, producer and composer and know as the “King of Sitcoms”. So much creativity packed into one lifetime-and he is a recovering alcoholic.

    His vanity cards with messages are a trademark of his that you can read after a show-they are usually so interesting.

  73. 173
    Ethan says:

    I am curious how he is at Earning Money, what is his Connection to Spiritual Source like, and what is his Soul Thrill like at this time in his life.

    Thank you Rose for this contest!

  74. 174

    Excellent Curiosity Questions, ETHAN. And aura reading can definitely answer them.


  75. 175

    Answering one more Curiosity Question, here’s my research into “the Russian Elvis.” Sample one of his sweetest performances and then learn the amazing answer that I uncovered, reading his aura.

  76. 176

    Quite different Curiosity Questions arose when I researched Dmitri Hvorostovsky’s vocal partner in that gorgeous YouTube video (which you can watch through the link at Comment #175).

    I sure got to answer those Questions when researching Anna Netrebko’s aura. Fascinating!

  77. 177

    Thanks so much to all who have entered this Curiosity Questions Contest.

    Now the entry-gathering phase is officially complete. In days and weeks to come, I’ll award the three prizes. Happy New Year’s Day, 2019.

  78. 178

    And here’s our first of the three prizes. Javier Bardem’s got “villain talent.” But how has the actor paid a price for developing that?

    Congratulations, ANNA PATRICIA!

  79. 179

    Awarding Second Prize for this contest, I researched the fascinating medical medium, Anthony William.

    You’ll find the article here, along with a compassion-awakening string of comments about chronic illness.

  80. 180

    Funnily enough, EXPLORER was the one who submitted this contest entry. The same day I published the aforementioned blog article, we had a session together.

    And guess what? I wound up giving EXPLORER… Enlightenment Validation. You can read details here.

  81. 181

    Finally, awarding first prize, I took up KYLIE’s excellent Curiosity Question about Mary Berry, of the “Great British Bake Off” fame.

    Fascinating how, after wrapping up questions about power, we went on to explore Berry’s remarkable senses of smell and taste. One Curiosity Question can lead to many more!

  82. 182

    Blog-Buddies, here’s a curiosity question about Energy Spirituality that I don’t think has come up with yet.

    What are those “chakra databanks” that are essential for aura readings here. And how does reading chakra databanks differ from an intuitive reading, an energy reading, a psychic reading, or a chakra reading?

  83. 183

    Click here for answers.

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