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Identical Lookalikes? Hardly. Newsletter Announcement

Identical Lookalikes?

Identical Lookalikes? Check out this newsletter announcement. And easily upgrade how you decide which people look alike.

Identical Lookalikes? Oh, a merry time we’ll have, bringing new perspective to those many, many paired photos around… of people who supposedly look alike.

Have you ever been told you “look exactly like” somebody else?

Or have you stumbled upon any of the (innumerable) articles online with titles like these?

Because, gee, isn’t that amazing that somebody who hasn’t attained the godlike status of a “celebrity”…. Might look like an actual celebrity? Wow, as if being knighted by Beyonce!

Identical Lookalikes? Hardly!

Don’t even get me started on America’s cult of celebrity specialness. Instead let’s tackle something equally preposterous. Yet far more manageable! The notion that two different adults really look exactly alike.

Take my challenge in today’s article. Scroll through the paired faces at any of the links above. Choose any pair at all. Then take a good look and ask yourself: Do these people really look similar to you?

  1. If YES, I urgently request that you read the lead article in my upcoming newsletter, “How to Look Like Yourself.”
  2. If NO, read this very same article. Because you’ll find confirmation. And know you aren’t alone in thinking “Their faces don’t look alike at all.”

In that article, I’ll summarize Seven Dumb Clichés about Looking at Faces. And whether you already recognize them or not, I think you’ll have a ball reading this. Plus you’ll gain more of the awesome Power of Face Reading.

Alleged Identical Lookalikes Don’t Stand a Chance Once You Learn Certain,

Super-Easy, Face Reading Skills

Yes, these skills are amazingly easy to learn. One read through this fun article and you’ll get it.

Meanwhile, let me alert you to this…

There’s Something Different about this Month’s Newsletter

Usually, Blog-Buddies, I give you plenty of time to subscribe to “Reading Life Deeper.” Maybe a week before that next issue is sent out.

However, this time I’m making an exception. That newsletter will go out tomorrow. What we on this side of the International Date Line are calling “Friday.”

So, if you haven’t yet signed up for my newsletter, here’s what to do right away:

  • Go to the home page for this website.
  • You’ll see the signup part right there.
  • Subscribe.
  • And know that we will never rent or sell your personal information.
  • Unsubscribing, whenever you wish, is easy to do at the very same part of my website.

Below you’ll be able to comment on that newsletter. And even before it comes out — tomorrow — how about commenting on any of the “lookalike” photos linked to earlier in this article.

Identical Lookalikes? Really?

Choose any pair of celeb + mere mortal. Supposedly looking oh-so-alike.

Do you really think they look just like each other? How do they look similar to you? What are you seeing about those faces that looks similar to you?

Or might you have some experience with Face Reading Secrets®? And therefore you find the supposed similarity… well… ridiculous. Do tell, then. Why don’t these pix look alike to you?

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  1. 1
    Chloe says:

    Rose, thank you keeping it real here on Planet Earth-NOT Planet Hollywood.

    Face reading has helped me appreciate my mere mortal face, and also to appreciate how different we all are and that’s a good thing.

  2. 2
    Christine P says:

    I can see the similarities in the actors in the first article, and why it would think they look alike, but since learning a lot about face reading I wouldn’t ever confuse them with each other. There are too many differences.

    On another note, I know it was a while ago but I greatly appreciate the face reading you did for me years ago.

  3. 3

    CHLOE and CHRISTINE P, thanks very much for these generous comments.

    Your acknowledgments highlight why I refer to “the power of face reading” rather than “the boring, pretty irrelevant to real life, if not altogether a total time-wasting, practice of reading faces.” 😉

  4. 4
    Liane says:

    This newsletter is very much appreciated.

    I’ve lived most of my life truly hating that I looked like my parents. I would have changed my DNA if I could have.

  5. 5
    Liane says:

    This was before reading The New Power of Face Reading, or any RES sessions. Seems almost as if that was someone else’s life, a poor miserable soul who couldn’t stand being in her own skin because of the familial resemblence.

    Really, the drama and pity : )

  6. 6
    Liane says:

    That was then, this is now.

    Your newsletter refreshed and reminded me of how truly individual and unique I am, we all are. No cookie cutters in this world, only one-of-a-kind, break the mold faces.

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