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Aura Reader Shares in Time for Thanksgiving

Aura Reader Shares

Aura Reader Shares. How did her easy new skills change KYLIE’S life?

Aura Reader Shares. Just in time for Thanksgiving, I’m publishing a graduation essay by KYLIE. In today’s guest post, she’ll share results that she gained from taking the online workshop, Aura Reading 101.

Why publish this guest post now?

Because just yesterday I did a mentoring session with Joe. Boldly he announced his intention: to upgrade his aura reading skills. And so we wound up discussing the unique benefits of taking this online workshop. (Starting with the Free Intro, of course. Because that five-lesson series isn’t just fluff. To me, “free workshop” never has to mean fluff.)

All You Students Are Pioneers

And that includes students like Joe. Many of you other Blog-Buddies may have taken my In-Person Aura Reading Workshop. After all, I taught it for 20 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Teaching the basics of the system of Aura Reading Through All Your Senses®! Teaching a version of this workshop in London, Tokyo, the Washington D.C. area, the Boston area, New York, Cincinnati, Richmond, Seattle, New Mexico, and Los Angeles. Probably other places too. I was just “bizzzzzy.” Due to knocking on every door that might open. Inspired to bring this new kind of energetic literacy into the world.

A two-hour mini-version even won the first teaching award ever given by FIRST CLASS Inc., the adult education center in D.C.

And you probably know that I’ve published two books that can help you learn this style of aura reading:

However, there’s no doubt about it. Right now, the very best way to learn how to read auras from me is the online workshop. I worked on it for a year, worked hard. And all that work can make it extra easy and productive for you.

Developing Aura Reading 101, I found — then filled — every teaching gap that I could find.

Making it easier than ever for you to learn this kind of energetic literacy. Completely different from psychic development, mediumship, channeling, medical intuitive aura assessments, clairvoyant readings, and work done in energy medicine.

This is energetic literacy for now, and you can learn it easily.

Aura Reader Shares, fresh from Aura Reading 101

Yes, without further introduction, here’s Kylie’s guest post.

My workshop goals included learning practical information about myself and how I’m doing. And other people, and how they are doing. So that I can grow spiritually and help other people to grow spiritually.

I wanted to increase my discernment about other people. So that I can make better decisions about who to hire, date, befriend, etc.

And I wanted more self-authority. To be able to trust my own perceptions.

Also I wanted to be able to express my own gifts more, and to experience more joy, beauty and soul thrill in my life.

What else? To be more effective in life, to live more effortlessly, to be of greater service in the world, and to have a more soul-thrilling life.

Aura Reader Shares Her Experience of Empowerment

All of that has come true, already and in a deeper way than I expected.

It is so empowering to know that I do not have to take somebody else’s word about how I’m doing, or somebody else’s word about another person.

I can find out for myself.

In the past, I used to have so many worries about my state of consciousness.

  • Am I just in a bad mood?
  • Or do I have astral problems?
  • Is a choice I’m making good for me?

Now, in 10 minutes of effortless and fun exploration, I can just find out.

Aura Reader Shares about Aura Insights Sparking Aha!s

One of the things I realized yesterday, is that the perceptions I gained from my two experiences reading a friend’s aura have helped me to understand both friends better.

The memory of those perceptions stays with me, and sparks Aha!s as we are in conversation.

Even though in doing the readings, I had worries that my brief perceptions were not vivid or flashy or enough…

It’s like that direct experience of reading another person’s chakra databank stays with me in a way that IS vivid. And the understandings that I gained help me to be a better friend.

Because I understand something about that friend that I did not understand before.

Aura Reader Shares about the Spiritual Benefits of Gaining Energetic Literacy

The other thing I have realized is how deeply spiritual aura reading is, and how much it does advance my spiritual evolution.

The gifts I was born with have a purpose, and they are meant to be used.

It is so exciting to be finally doing something that uses all of my senses, all of my gifts.

I am reminded of the silly scene in Steve Martin’s movie “The Jerk.” Where he exclaims: “I’ve found my special purpose!!!” Ha ha!

In his case it was his physical equipment.

In my case– it’s deeply fulfilling to be able to use all of my knowledge–physical, astral and divine.

To be able to use my entire gift set.

Reading auras feels like the most natural thing in the world.

And Pondering Her Future Progress as an Aura Reader

I am so excited to continue this exploration.

Something I really didn’t understand when I started this workshop was how it would change my entire life, not just give me a new skill set.

Partially that is because, before I started, I was not really sure that I would be able to learn it.

Also I didn’t realize how much it would add to my soul thrill.

Using 10 minutes of my Technique Time every day, reading auras, is so deeply soul thrilling. It is even changing my sense of time.

All of a sudden, my days feel longer and fuller. Even on a workday, it feels like so much more of the day is “mine.”

Because I have spent 10 minutes reading auras through all of my senses.

I am so grateful to you Rose for this fantastic course, and so grateful that I chose to do it now.

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  1. 1
    Living on Earth says:

    So beautifully well said Kylie!

    I found myself nodding and smiling with your every word. Especially agree with this part “…how it would change my entire life, not just give me a new skill set.”

  2. 2
    Living on Earth says:

    I sometimes go back to certain parts again and each time have different a-ha moments. Rose’s Online Workshops cannot be more convenient and full of invaluable unique information.

    I always highly recommend them to anyone who is remotely interested to listen. And now I’ll also send them the link to this article as well:)

  3. 3
    Living on Earth says:

    As a graduate of this workshop myself, I’m positive that your words will ignite a spark in the curious minds to take the leap and sign up to discover the possibilities themselves.

  4. 4
    Kylie says:

    Thanks Living on Earth!

  5. 5
    Liane says:

    Your words warm my heart, Kylie. Thank you for putting into words many of the nuances that can happen when we use our gifts is this wonderfully productive manner.

    Hard to choose, this line is a favorite. “The gifts I was born with have a purpose, and they are meant to be used.”

  6. 6
    Helen says:

    Congrats on the new skill Kylie! Love “The Jerk” reference.

    I have been wanting to take that workshop for awhile. I can definitely see how it would be life changing and a very special skill indeed!

  7. 7
    Cameron K. says:

    Thanks for sharing this Kylie; really cool that you’re progressing so well with your aura reading

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