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Facial Lookalikes? Javier Bardem and Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Facial Lookalikes

Facial Lookalikes? Really? Let’s use two handsome actors as Exhibits A and B for showing how face reading helps us to overcome limiting stereotypes.

Facial Lookalikes? Oh, the silliness! Today let’s continue our demolition of the notion that any two people “look exactly alike.”

When, to a facially literate person, they sure don’t.

Start learning to Read the Secrets — Face Reading Secrets® — about two very famous mouths.

Javier Bardem and Jeffrey Dean Morgan will be our — to me — hilarious example for today. Two actors who specialize in playing handsome villains. Both are said to look exactly alike. At least according to Allure Magazine. Well, hahaha! Let’s do some face reading, Blog-Buddies.

Facial Lookalikes? Face Reading Essentials

Physiognomy — reading faces for character — can help us to smash one of life’s more ridiculous illusions. Already we’ve begun smashing this one.

Really, doesn’t it stand to reason? If you want to read people deeper, it sure helps to be able to tell folks apart from each other.

Of course, I’ll be using the system of Face Reading Secrets. Quite different from other ways of reading faces. Here’s a quick introduction:

Now, let’s get to it.

Facial Lookalikes? 10 Dumb Reasons These Guys Look “Similar”

Here’s where you get to comment below.

Please use this photo of Javier Bardem and Jeffrey Dean Morgan… Exactly the same face reading picture that I’ll be using in the rest of today’s comparison face reading.

Notice anything similar about these?

  1. Camera angles for these particular pix
  2. Gender
  3. What they’re wearing
  4. Choice about whether to grow a beard
  5. Choice about whether to grow a mustache
  6. How many eyes
  7. How many eyebrows
  8. Number of noses per face
  9. Quantity of lips per face
  10. How hard each man is trying to smile. Scale from 1 to 10. Where 1 means “What’s smiling?”

Now Let’s Start Looking at These Individuals… Using Face Reading

For today, let’s just compare different face data these guys have about lips. Actual physical data that you would use when face reading.

In contrast to the stereotypes that spring to mind with the 10 obvious physical characteristics listed above…

By reading this part of their faces, we can read the secrets of their communication. Gaining insight into how they communicate when they’re not speaking memorized lines. (Or actually, even when they can.)

Facial Lookalikes? Upper Lip Structure

Javier Bardem has Trendsetter Lips

Look carefully, Blog-Buddies, and you’ll spot two triangles on his upper lip. Quite rare!

Face Reading Significance

Javier has a magnificent group for speaking on behalf of the group he chooses to identify with. According to the Allure article, which clearly I take with a large pile of salt… This actor has specialized in playing handsome but wicked characters.

Whichever group he chooses to represent, he can help. Of course, it’s up to a person’s values, which group is chosen. He’s no Buffy Sainte-Marie, for instance.

Have any of you Blog-Buddies followed his career over the years? If so, you may have noticed consequences in his personal and professional life, based on using this special gift… for what sells. Surely being a charming villain sells, at least as well as sex.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Upper Lip? He Keeps Personal Reactions Private

Blog-Buddies, that Lip-Covering Mustache in the photo here isn’t unusual. For years, that’s how he has styled himself.

So what’s the meaning there?

Face Reading Significance of a Lip-Covering Mustache

Jeffrey isn’t a blabber, not when it comes to his personal feelings. Whether he hides them, pushes they down, or ignores them… One thing’s likely. He doesn’t express them.

Expect him to have far more passionate conversations about news, weather, and sports.

Facial Lookalikes? Lip Proportions

Javier Bardem has Outspoken Lip Proportions

See how his upper lip is considerably fuller than the lower one?

Face Reading Significance

Expect Javier to speak perceptively. Even serving as a truth teller.

Whether others like that or not? That depends on a lot of situational variables that lie outside the scope of face reading.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan has Blarney Lips

With thanks to physiognomist Lailan Young, for inventing that term, Blarney Lips have a lower lip that’s at least twice as full as the uppoer one.

Yup, the opposite of Javier Bardem.

Face Reading Significance

Persuasive speech.

Potential deception? Sure.

Facial Lookalikes? Lip Texture

Javier Bardem has Muscular Lip Texture on his Lower Lip.

Take a good look, aiming for seeing texture. Notice an intensity to the way muscles shape that part of his face?

Hey, that’s what I call “Muscular Lip Texture.”

Face Reading Significance

Telling people about objective reality — facts, histories, points of view about reality — guess what? That Javier Bardem has a gift for believability, credibility.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan has Soft Lip Texture on his Lower Lip.

Sure, it takes practice, learning to discern lip texture… without having to kiss the person. 😉

Yet, with a bit of practice, you really can do that. And it’s even fun! For instance, you can spot the kind of Soft Lip Texture that Jeffrey’s got.

Note: Not everybody has any type of Lip Texture. Just that some of us do. And, haha!, it’s meaningful.

Face Reading Significance

Seems to me, Jeffrey makes his communications seem effortless, natural, easy. Particularly when he’s talking about facts, histories, points of view about objective reality.

In Conclusion

Here we’ve covered just a small number of many mouth characteristics, as interpreted in this form of physiognomy. Reading the Secrets, we’ve covered all this:

How Javier Bardem Communicates

Perceptively, for starters. And thus he can appeal memorably to an audience of thoughtful people. Not just impress those who wouldn’t read this far into an article like this one. Instead they’d be content to look at any of the previous Categories 1-10 in this article and then gush, “He’s so handsome.”

Or, maybe, “Amazing! He looks exactly like Jeffrey Dean Morgan.” 😉

Bardem can also communicate with exceptional power and passion.

Especially helpful for his career, Javier Bardem can really represent a whole swath of population. Speak to them. Serve that group individually and also in collective consciousness.

And how Jeffrey Dean Morgan Communicates

Persuasively, and isn’t that a plus!

Likewise, having a knack to speak as if from the heart. Speaking easily, without anything like “acting” being involved… Such an advantage for him as an actor!

Also, in my opinion as a professional physiognomist, what’s most important of all, in what we’ve face-read today? How Jeffrey doesn’t speak is at least as important as how he does. Because Jeffrey Dean Morgan can minimize, or conceal, words about how he feels emotionally, what he believes, and — of course — personal vulnerability.

Naturally that can win him fans among viewers who have similar reserve.

You see, they speak to different audiences. Of course they do! But the why’s and how’s… the links to facial attributes shaped by free will and a soul’s chosen growth path… that’s where face reading can bring more juice into how you see faces.

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  1. 1
    Brittany says:

    I just love these face reading blog posts. I’ve really enjoyed learning this.

    Especially, I love utilizing face reading skills when I’m interested in someone…thus avoiding those pesky unskilled empath merges.

  2. 2
    Brittany says:

    I’ve been told my husband is an Ed Sheeran look-a-like (made me think of this bc he was on the Allure list).

    Before learning about Rose’s face reading, I agreed….but ACTUALLY? They are very different!

  3. 3

    BRITTANY, I agree. For most of us, self included, interest in face reading begins with wishing to learn more about ourselves and others we care about.

    Over time, though, the implications sink in… between easy stereotyping, at the level of a 5-year-old, versus seeing individuals with a more mature way of seeing. Appreciating others more even though we don’t know them especially well, and have no vested interest in noticing their highly individual ways of being human.

  4. 4

    All those fine Midwestern Americans who told you that your husband looks “exactly” like Ed Sheeran? They’ve been informing you that they see coloring. Or the other 10 “similarities” noted in this post. No doubt their table manners and skills at tying shoelaces have improved since age five, but not (apparently) this.

    Although otherwise fine, upstanding adults, what’s with these people? How is it that they know — and care — more about the latest iPhone than the faces of their fellow human beings?

  5. 5

    Moreover, what a quick hop-skip-and-jump it can be to “All redheads look exactly alike.” Or “Anyone with brown skin (whatever the shade) looks exactly alike.”

    Maybe you can appreciate why this post follows what I wrote about Black Friday.

  6. 6

    You see, face reading can help us to start seeing individuality in the people we don’t know so far, folks we don’t care about so far, people who have been getting a quick-&-automatic kind of delete.

    That’s where I wish face reading could lead our world. So we can slow down enough to notice something — anything other than stereotypes — something individual about people’s faces. About our fellow humans.

  7. 7
    Brittany says:

    Wow, so insightful.

    It’s especially saddening to me when people are dismissed if they don’t visually fit in with our personal (and/or societal) belief of beauty. I’m a fan of seeking out compassion markers. It helps me to curtail any implicit bias that pops up.

  8. 8

    Interesting, BRITTANY.

    Please tell us more what you mean by Compassion Markers, if you would.

  9. 9
    Not My Mother thank you very much... says:

    I always enjoy the face reading blog posts-Another gem of information!

    Face reading has helped me escape the oh so common biological comment “You look so much like your mother” issue I used to have-thanks to you no longer a concern!

  10. 10
    Brittany says:

    I’d love to!

    I apologize, after reading what I typed I realized these are properly known as Compassion Awakeners in Rose’s book “The New Power of Face Reading.” I guess my brain thinks of them as “markers.” ?

  11. 11
    Brittany says:

    Whenever I find myself questioning someone like “he/she just said/did THAT?! What is wrong with them?!” Or something similar…

    I immediately try and find a Compassion Awakener. These are unique facial characteristics that uncover a really hard part of life for someone.

  12. 12
    Brittany says:

    My two favorite Compassion Awakeners are Triangular Nostrils and also Mouth Puckers.

    This knowledge is great for anyone, especially those, like myself, who has a lot of facial characteristics which describe having a difficult time dealing with humanity.

  13. 13
    Brittany says:

    Golly, I just realized I said I have favorite traits that show someone had a hard life!

    These are my “favorite” because I myself have suffered from Mouth Puckers and my grandma has Triangular Nostrils. Having these hit so close to home has also made me more aware of these characteristics in others.

  14. 14
    Liane says:

    I’ve been likened to one of Clint Eastwood’s ex-wives, Sandra Locke, on more than one occasion.

    Back in the day I took it as a compliment.

  15. 15
    Liane says:

    Now I see we look nothing remotely alike.

    Never did.

  16. 16
    Liane says:

    It’s refreshing to be set free from generalizations with what I know about face reading. Particularily skin color, and the crazy glamorizing of Anyone Hollywood.

    Love these face reading posts. Esecially the lookalikes. And your comment #6 had me agreeing outloud.

  17. 17

    How I’ve been enjoying all those comments — and oh, LIANE! How hilarious (and typical of the times when we live) and (if you think about it, truly empty), having your former “claim to fame” being that you supposedly looked like the ex of a movie star.

    And you didn’t even look like her, outside the 10 Dumb Reasons to think that people resemble other people. 😉

  18. 18

    Now you can bypass the alleged importance of “claims to fame” and merely live as someone using your full potential in life, someone in Age of Awakening Enlightenment; somebody continuing to evolve further.

    And do more in life than maybe, kinda-sorta, look like somebody slightly famous!

  19. 19

    BRITTANY, thanks for sharing your current, personal way to use the power of face reading! When I finally get together my Face Reading Collection of Online Workshops, I’ll be teaching a variety of things you can look for in people’s faces… for different purposes.

    But folks will always choose their own faves, as you have. The main resource to help you read faces for meaning is “The NEW Power of Face Reading,” because it shows you how to see and interpret so many items of face data. As long as you’re doing that, the info that personally attracts you as a face reader will be accurate.

  20. 20
    Liane says:

    So true are your comments 17 and 18. It took a long while to get past being stuck on what (or who) I looked like.

    There is a new-yet-subtle self-confidence that has busted through the personal insecurities I’ve had my whole life, propelling me forward to achieve what’s truly important; evolving, and fully appreciating the whole package of my unique self. Including my face.

  21. 21

    LIANE, thank you for that inspiring observation.

    And all you Blog-Buddies, if you enjoyed this article you might also be fascinated by this in-depth aura reading of the so-famous Javier Bardem.

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