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President Bush #41 Aura Reading

President Bush #41 Aura Reading

President Bush #41 Aura Reading. Will you be surprised by what I found? (I was.)

President Bush #41 Aura Reading. Famed for his civility and presidential restraint, George H.W. Bush wrote hundreds of thank you notes. Since his recent death, countless anecdotes have emerged about his personal kindness.

Would that all 1 percenters were so gracious! That alone might restore civility to this nation.

Of course, it’s my hope that aura reading — even more than gracious old money manners — can uplift my country.

Seriously! Energetic literacy doesn’t have to seem weird. And how much upliftment we can create by finding more truth about people!

From ordinary people to politicians and other celebrities. Human means messy and complicated. No exceptions, for people with basic mental health.

For instance, President Bush, #41 in America’s history, had an underlying goodness…  Although I’ve found hardest to get past the racist Willie Horton ad that helped win Bush’s election. Nonetheless, if we are willing to find Bush’s human goodness, inspiration can flow. And I’d love to help make that happen.

So Let’s Read His Aura

First of all, here’s background on aura reading. Especially, info at that last link is true of the system I use, Aura Reading Through All Your Senses®! Please don’t assume that other versions of aura reading deliver the same accuracy.

Also accurate for youif you become an aura reader! Because you really can developing Stage 3 Energetic Literacy. It’s the minimum for reliable aura reading.

Effortlessly, you’ll be able to read auras in detail. Simply by applying your skills to regular photographs. (Like the picture I’ll use for today’s aura reading of the first President Bush )

  1. Beyond generalizing about auras or chakras… you can read chakra databanks.
  2. And you’ll research a sample of chakra databanks that’s relevant to the particular aura reading.
  3. Accuracy and insight come from using systematic skills.
  4. And those skills include co-creating with your choice of Divine Being.

If you’re not sure what to expect from this kind of aura reading, here’s a fun resource for you. Simply click here. You’ll find hundreds of other examples of deeper perception made practical.

And now, here’s my aura portrait of President Bush. (Based on a photo of him while in office.)

Aiming to Answer My Curiosity Questions

Recently, Blog-Buddies, we’ve had a chance to explore the practice of energetic literacy. Especially how to discern which questions we can answer. Versus the many questions that would only be appropriate for a psychic reading. Or for consulting with the person’s psychotherapist. 😉

Actually, our Curiosity Questions Contest remains open until the end of this year. Feel free to enjoy this contest where everyone wins a bit of clarity on this topic.

That said, which curiosity questions helped me to select the chakra databanks below?

  • What was the relationship between Bush’s wealth and those old school manners?
  • What was the relationship between Bush’s Presidential power and his exemplary graciousness?
  • Admittedly, this president lacked “the vision thing.” Given that limitation, how did Bush share power with others?

President Bush #41 Aura Reading. Root Chakra Databank for

Presence in the Room

Symbolic Size

Barely fills the room. Actually, minus one inch.

Chakra Databank Quality

Modestly yet strongly, George H.W. Bush makes himself known energetically.

Unmistakably present, both highly intelligent and shrewd! Yet his presence isn’t strong on charisma so much as on strong on dignity. Also an unobtrusive way of watching people of interest, so that they feel watched.

Especially fascinating, this last part. Some of you Blog-Buddies may know that Bush ran America’s Central Intelligence Agency for 13 years. This was his last job, before running for president. As noted in this article about Bush’s background running this top agency for U.S. spies, he succeeded, in part, by  “quickly connecting with the agency’s workforce.”

Important point: Bush didn’t have the aura of a spy. And I write that having read auras of many of them, some outed as spies and some not. Instead of being deeply secretive, like a spy, President Bush was more of a keen observer. Seems to me, intelligence officers would have respected that.

President Bush #41 Aura Reading. Belly Chakra Databank for

Flow of Energy with People with Lower Social Status than You

Concerning the “Lower Social Status” idea, today you’ll find a few chakra databank on this theme. Why choose these?

  • Bush came from money.
  • He made a lot of money.
  • And he was famously gracious to “little people” when writing all those thank you notes.

Symbolic Size

80 feet. Mildly over-functioning.

Chakra Databank Quality

In a rather sweet way, President Bush felt especially comfortable when acting graciously toward others.

If you’re a student of history, perhaps you’ve heard of the concept of “noblesse oblige.”

President Bush #41 Aura Reading. Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for

Sharing Power

Symbolic Size

10 inches

Chakra Databank Quality

According to what I’ve found here, Bush’s gracious manners — as shown elsewhere in his aura — belied his motivation. A motivation to do things exactly his own way (or as advised by Bush’s most trusted policy adviser Karl Rove).

Just as a spicy cake can be covered with sweet frosting, Bush made gracious gestures beautifully. Also, he made shrewd alliances and played a long game politically. Maybe this facilitated his reputation for collaborative leadership.

However, this one chakra databank suggests that the man was… well… complicated.

President Bush #41 Aura Reading. Throat Chakra Databank for

Communicating with People with Lower Social Status than You

Symbolic Size

400 miles. Considerably over-functioning!

Chakra Databank Quality

President Bush can charm people, in a low-key way. Almost as if not attempting to charm them at all.

Yet this is a skill he’s learned. And he most definitely can turn it ON. Otherwise it stays OFF.

Good manners are part of this skill. Also evident is below-the-radar flattery. So deftly done, others might not notice. On the receiving end, they’d simply glow up!

President Bush #41 Aura Reading. Third Eye Chakra Databank for

Spiritual Compassion for People with LOWER Social Status than You

Symbolic Size

20 feet. Definitely within normal range.

Chakra Databank Quality

Surprisingly or not, the quality of this chakra databank has a studied quality. As if noblesse oblige has been taught to this Bush scion during his growing up years.

To my perception, this is mixed with a high Episcopal tinge.

Dutiful and sincere, like this: We must remember to show compassion for those less fortunate.

In Conclusion, President Bush #41 Aura Reading

Answering my first Curiosity Question:

Bush’s wealthy background and old-school manners showed big-time in that Third Eye Chakra Databank. The one I just read for you. He made it a habit to show graciousness.

What’s the significance of having communication chakra databanks, like the one I’ve read for you here, such a standout, size-wise?

As I’d interpret this, Bush’s genteel charm was as great an asset as the prudence he demonstrated, politically.

Prudence was visible through action. Especially, perhaps, since he lacked the vision thing.

But that charm is what people most loved. And, in response to my other two Curiosity Questions, that’s the defining characteristic with how he shared power. Graciousness plus that fascinating Solar Plexus Chakra Databank you learned about today.

I find charm-and-manners part very encouraging. Since many of us (self included) don’t come from money. But all of us can write thank you notes. We can remember to speak tactfully. Of course, reading advice columns and etiquette books, from time to time, can help us to update social skills.

And of course, sessions of RES Energy HEALING can remove barriers to popularity and help us advance in career. All the while, maintaining personal integrity!

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  1. 1
    Sue Leonard says:

    Very informative and educational blog post. I enjoyed it so much.

    And R I P to President Bush. He was a wonderful example of all things decent and honorable.

  2. 2
    Kylie says:

    I was hoping that you would read Bush’s aura.

    I’ve been confused, because in my memory he was a horrible president but seen in hindsight, given our current president, he seems a beacon of decentness and graciousness. And, the eulogies have been glowing. Very interesting reading!

  3. 3
    M. says:

    He WAS a horrible president.

  4. 4

    What a wonderful range of comments, SUE LEONARD, KYLIE, and M! Of course it’s possible to have all these heartfelt reactions to the late President Bush, all these reactions and more.

    From the perspective of aura reading (quite apart from all the political views which could have shaped each reaction), let’s pause to appreciate how even a set of five chakra databanks supported each of the views expressed here so far.

  5. 5

    People are mixtures, all of us.

    And I believe it’s important to know that aura reading does justice to human complexity. As people, each of us has always been entitled to our opinions. Each of us! Now, with energetic literacy readily available, we’re entitled to think outside the box of our own creating and also to gain compassion outside that box.

  6. 6
    Liane says:

    Thank you for this reading. President Bush #41 left this world a little kinder. It is heartening to discover that his kindness was complicated, perhaps, but nonetheless genuine.

    With the sense that (generally speaking) manners and kindness are rapidly deteriorating, this is not only refreshing, but hopeful as well. Politics aside.

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