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Psychics Becoming Spiritual. (Cautionary Tale Included)

Psychics Becoming Spiritual

Psychics Becoming Spiritual. Why ARE many pure-hearted psychics discovering RES?

Psychics Becoming Spiritual. This has happened to many in 2018. So let’s bring clarity to some differences between psychic development and spiritual awakening.Clarity’s needed because many psychics have been shifting from one mode of personal development to the other. Yet not understanding: Why has this been happening to me?

Happening to beautiful spiritual seekers who believed they would follow the same path for life.

Why is this heartbreak happening? And why can we expect the trend of Psychics Becoming Spiritual to accelerate in years to come?

Psychics Becoming Spiritual? Sure, It’s a Trend

Seems to me, 2018 has been a big year for truth seekers making a switch. Because many of them are drawing away from the psychic readings they’ve done for years. Or the energy healing from “Spirit” that maybe wasn’t sourced by spirit at all. Unable to continue as they’ve been doing, courageously, they’re moving towards a path that helps them to grow more. To serve others better. To facilitate effective self-healing.

Beyond that, some are even motivated to move towards Enlightenment. Rightly, they sense that tarot readings won’t get them there.

Evolving one’s path can feel uncomfortable. But to all you readers who can relate to what I’ve describe so far, I say, “Take heart.”

Because life after psychic development can be a lot better. And it can help you to gain more clarity about what’s going on vibrationally that has caused problems. Let’s explore what I know best. Three encouraging points about moving from psychic work to using the Really Effective Skills of RES.

Psychics Becoming Spiritual. Shift Reason #1. Feeling Stuck

Many a psychic has been feeling stuck lately. The same with Reiki healers, Eden Energy Medicine healers, angel card readers, tarot readers, and other intuitives.

  • Some have been feeling drained. Or even getting sick. And the distress makes no sense. Yet it lasts and lasts.
  • Emotional ups and downs can be part of it, too. Bringing confusion.
  • All this until a person starts questioning, “Could the path I’ve loved for so long… now be holding back my personal growth?”

For professionals, that’s a devastating experience. Maybe equally awful, though, is what happens to those who just seek to help themselves. (And perhaps family and friends.)

There’s a sweet name for those avidly pursuing psychic development and/or energy healing just for the love of it. Amateurs! That name means pursuing your path out of love.

Either way really, amateur or professional doing psychic development, it can help to acknowledge the beauty of all you’ve done. As well as admit current problems, like stuckness.

Eventually it’s time to stop pursuing the same path as always.

You’ve been in love–  or even, married to — that path of yours. Only now it feels as though you need a divorce.

Well, you just might need to choose a different path.

And that’s Encouraging Point #1.

You can choose a different path. If so, that won’t negate all the good from that path you’ve followed in the past. Because sometimes it’s just time to move forward to something new.

Psychics Becoming Spiritual. Shift Reason #2. The History We’ve All Shared

Whether you’ve been involved in psychic development or taken a different path, guess what? We’ve all lived through some remarkable years. Personally, I call them “The New Age Years.”

You’ve lived through them if you were alive any time from 1980 until December 21, 2012. Because these were the culminating years of the Age of Faith. Meaning, how the place I call “Earth School” was set up vibrationally.

During the New Age Years, earth was shifting faster and faster. Suddenly, anyone who wished to be energy sensitive could be.  And for many of us, the excitement was overwhelming. By taking a workshop here, or receiving a reading there, we felt as though the answers to life were opening up before us.

Then the Shift happened. Simply put, the Shift took our world into The Age of Awakening.

Due to having solid skills for aura reading, that were not based in psychic development, I was able to discern what was happening. But the practical point is that I’ve been able to bring out knowledge to help us adjust to the Shift. Rather than struggling as if the Shift never happened.

Since the Shift, doing psychic work has become unsafe. In our Shift Reason #3, I’ll summarize my understanding about why this is. But first, our next encouraging point and then… a cautionary tale about a psychic who waited too long to make his own shift into an approach like RES.

Yes, Encouraging Point #2.

You can learn how to adjust to the Shift into this Age of Awakening. Of course you can.

Here’s my best resource, from an RES perspective. By all means, look at the alternatives and then decide for yourself. Learn how to manage your new vibrational freedom.

Choose the best resource for you! Discover this planet’s new rules for a good life. So different from the old rules you were raised to believe in. And yet today’s new rules make such sense to help us live now!

Also, please consider this word to the wise: In your search for a better life in the Aquarian Age. Or the Age of Energy. Or whatever else people are calling this time, in addition to The Age of Awakening…

  • Avoid conspiracy theorists.
  • And also avoid those who insist that your problems will vanish if you do ever more the the same New Age perspective. Because you’ve already given a very, very, very good try.
  • Finally, run away from anybody who tells you to interpret real-life distress as “signs of living in the Age of Awakening.” They’re not. A lot of the that distress is a result of not yet knowing how to live well in The Age of Awakening.

Now for that story I promised to share with you!

A Cautionary Tale

As I look back on my work with clients in 2018, mostly I see successes. Including the many people I helped to make their personal shift from psychic work and/or astral-based energy healing… into moving forward with help from RES.

Yet one cautionary tale does come to mind. Let me summarize for you what happened with a psychic who felt restless but wavered too long. Yes, he kept stalling before moving out of psychic development. In what follows, I’ll call him “Joe.”

Joe worked professionally as an energy healer. Like so many who took workshops during the New Age Years, what he learned was presented as a spiritual kind of healing. However, after the Shift into The Age of Awakening, those sweet workshop skills turned scary.

  • Even though nobody ever sent a message to Joe
  • And he’d never learned aura reading skills so that he could tell for himself what was happening
  • Astral beings — discarnate spirits — were moving into Joe’s aura whenever he did a healing session.
  • And the spirits moved into his clients, too.

All the while, Joe had no clue. Except that this bighearted man felt like something was wrong. And he couldn’t shake it.

Personally he felt unlike himself. Gradually the feeling of weirdness increased. Maybe worst of all, the skills he turned to for comfort and healing… only made him feel worse.

So Joe put his healing practice on hold. Such a brave but heartbreaking decision! And he sought help.

Seeking Help Too Late

By the time Joe finally booked a session with me, he’d been suffering for a very long time. As I recall, he’d been feeling increasingly weird for a year. Once he decided he wanted an RES session, it took him three months longer before committing to a particular appointment time.

Early in any RES session (except for the Face Readings), I’ll do a Skilled Empath Merge (samples here). Basically, this means purposely merging in consciousness to gain knowledge of my client. As always, with a Skilled Empath Merge:

  • There’s no energy exchange between a skilled empath and the “Discovery Person” merged with..
  • Altogether, no healing takes place.
  • The depth of experience and information goes far beyond regular aura reading.

In less than a minute, I could tell that astral beings had completely taken Joe over. He could barely keep his eyes open, or think.

Just to be clear, RES does include some skill sets that could have helped somebody like Joe… Had he come for help sooner. For instance, there’s a skill set for Spirit Removal. (Find details by scrolling down to the crimson box.)

Many times this year, and in previous years, I’ve helped clients to free themselves up from this kind of trouble.

But not if astral involvement has gone too far. By that point, I recommend that a person seek psychiatric help.

Also worth noting? I’m hardly the only person who has noticed a huge upsurge in problems created by opportunistic spirits. The Vatican has noted a significant increase in requests for “exorcisms”.  I consider the term “exorcism” to be one way of describing extreme problems with astral beings. To quote part of the article I’ve just given you a link for, an article in The Guardian:

“According to a priest from Sicily, the number of people in Italy claiming to be possessed had tripled to 500,000 a year, and an Irish priest has said demand for exorcisms has ‘risen exponentially’.”

In my view, this increase is an Age of Awakening problem.

Warning people isn’t usually my style. But until people understand that we’re in a different time now, and learn how to flourish rather than becoming victims, we can expect problems like this to only increase.

So What Happened to Joe?

I concluded the session way early, giving Joe a refund of his session fee. Gently but clearly, I explained to Joe that he needed a different kind of help. Psychiatric help. Immediate help. After he was functioning more normally he was welcome to schedule another appointment. Until then? His problems were beyond the scope of RES.

Responding, Joe said that he had some psychics in mind who might do a better job at healing him, since I couldn’t. That reaction hardly surprised me. I urged him to stop working with psychics. But the choice was my client’s, not mine.

Do I know what happened to Joe after we ended that session? No.

But I can tell you this. Usually I feel great while facilitating an RES session. Afterwards there’s some afterglow, too.

However, this session was different. After that session I had to spend at least half an hour, using RES skills to clean up my aura. And then clean up my office. Because hundreds of astral entities were dancing around in the place I call my “sacred energy healing chamber.”

If you find that disgusting, I’m right there with you!

Sure, I had the skills to clean up this mess, co-creating with Divine help. Furthermore, I sought — and received — instructions for preventing this sort of thing from happening again in an RES session. Still, this incident sure grabbed my attention. And I hope it gets yours.

Psychics Becoming Spiritual. Shift Reason #3. Consider the Source

Psychic reading-type aura skills aren’t spiritual. They can be so well meant. Lovingly done, whether the psychic works professionally or else it’s self-care, personal seeking guidance from spirits, playing with that deck from Doreen Virtue, etc.

Either way, during the New Age Years what happened? Spiritual seekers felt plugged into energy. We were told to be cool and ask “Spirit” to help us. Or else “The Universe.”

Hey, as I recommend in my main how to book for self-healing, vague requests like this don’t work to set up co-creating with God. Moreover, now that The Age of Awakening has begun, discarnate beings (astral beings, often very creepy astral beings) take such requests as an invitation.

What about the psychic’s belief system? May be very spiritually-oriented. And yet…

Attitude doesn’t protect us. If you put your hand on a hot stove, you’re going to get burned. Regardless of what you believe about stoves!

Encouraging Point #3.

You can co-create with God. Or Jesus. Or St. Germain. Or Athena. Or other Divine Beings.

I can teach you how to do that, clean and clear.

Just don’t fool yourself that you have learned to do that yet. Co-creating with the Divine requires learning some skills. It doesn’t happen automatically just because you’re a spiritual person.

I assure you, Joe is a deeply spiritual person. He followed all the rules he was taught as an energy healer. And he worked hard. Unfortunately, psychic work, mediumship, channeling, and many forms of energy healing… are no longer safe to do in The Age of Awakening. Like it or not, know it or not, we’re living Post-New-Age now!

And we can thrive, now that this new Age of Awakening is actually here. We can grow faster emotionally and spiritually. We can help others better.

Really, I believe that the potentials before us far outweigh the confusions that so many people have gone through.

Ultimately they’re merely adjustment problems related to learning how to thrive in this Age of Awakening!

I care very much about helping to stop this kind of suffering. Don’t you? So let’s do our part.

In Conclusion

Blog-Buddies, I’m planning a series of articles to show you how New Age healing has changed. Janet Mentgen’s beautiful system of Healing Touch will be the topic.

I’ll be comparing an interview that I did with her during the New Age years… with some more current energetic literacy research about what happens in Healing Touch now.

But that’s in the future. Today, I encourage you to share your reactions and questions.

Also, do you have friends who are energy healers or do psychic work, and they’ve told you they’re struggling? Consider sending them a link to this article.

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  1. 1
    Graham says:

    Thanks for this post, Rose.

    Yes, I agree – I also felt disgusted at reading about all that clean-up you had to do…

  2. 2
    An Avid Reader says:

    So very sad.

  3. 3

    AVID READER, it was sad for Joe. But perhaps he’ll help others through this cautionary tale.

    And yes, GRAHAM, my job responsibilities do include a bit of cleanup, but Divine co-creation and help have never failed me.

  4. 4

    A larger point is that we’re all among the leaders of this Age of Awakening. Other people are taking longer to understand what’s going on, and not just try harder, harder, harder to do what they were doing during the New Age Years.

    I consider it a huge privilege for us all who are living The New Strong — or doing something equivalent that is as effective — and I’d be delighted to know what all those alternatives are; there might be MANY of them.

  5. 5
    An Avid Reader says:

    Hi Rose, I also think it is sad for the people around Joe who may notice that he is not quite the same anymore.

  6. 6

    Just living with honor and doing our reasonable best, plus using our new vibrational freedom wisely.

    All this adds up to adapting to this new era of earth’s history. We’re making a difference, I suspect. Even if we weren’t, think about how your life is these days. Altogether aren’t you doing far better now than you were before, if you were involved in so many of the growth practices from the New Age years?

  7. 7
    An Avid Reader says:

    I am not sure what the alternatives are but I am grateful for the knowledge and wisdom I have gleaned from this blog, your books and RES sessions !

  8. 8
    Cathy says:

    I have a question: How is psychiatric help going to help Joe when modern psychiatry knows nothing/acknowledges nothing about methods like RES or entities or anything else?

    this makes me very curious.

  9. 9

    CATHY, that’s an excellent question. Modern psychiatry includes knowledge of brain chemistry and the selection of psychiatric medications.

    Psychiatrists are the world’s experts on prescribing these medications.

  10. 10

    Probably you know that psychiatric medications fall into different categories.

    One of the main categories is antipsychotic medications, used for psychotic symptoms like hallucinations and delusions.

  11. 11

    And one of the main reasons why psychiatrists prescribe antipsychotic medication is mental illness like schizophrenia. This is a mental disorder that affects how a person acts, thinks, and feels. And it’s a long-term problem with how the brain functions.

    Most people are diagnosed in their late teens to early 30s. Antipsychotic medications help the person’s brain to function more normally. So far, what I’m gelling you is a lay person’s understanding, available through websites like those I’ve linked to in this series of comments.

  12. 12

    From my field of expertise — and, of course, as the founder of RES, I have no credentials as a mental health expert — here’s what I’ve found over the years.

    What happens to the aura of somebody with schizophrenia? Unlike what happens with normal mental health, it’s as though a door to the astral opens up and won’t close on its own. Through that door come astral entities and ETs. They gain access to that person’s subconscious mind. And, then, even into that person’s conscious mind. Hence concepts like “hearing voices.”

  13. 13

    From my perspective, someone with schizophrenia’s version of becoming psychotic means that a person is given information from astral beings, and can’t get them to leave.

    Fortunately, antipsychotic medications shut the door to the astral in that person’s consciousness, so that person can return to normal human life. With a default to human vibrational frequencies, rather than automatically having consciousness positioned at astral vibrational frequencies. To me, antipsychotic medications work because they “shut the door.” So this is where psychiatric help comes in.

  14. 14

    You may know, CATHY, I’ve explored the positioning of consciousness extensively. Years of experience, helping clients, is packed into The New Strong. Among many reasons why all you Blog-Buddies might benefit from this book?

    Readers learn the importance of understanding our “new vibrational freedom” and benefit from a Program for Easy Vibrational Balance. Also you can clearly understand what has changed in the Age of Awakening. Although the news is mostly good, there can be adjustment problems. Foremost among them? Today it is common for astral beings to aggressively aim to come through that door in consciousness and influence people.

  15. 15

    Most of us are doing okay. We’ve adapted, including our brain chemistry, so that on our own we continue to be able to shut that door to the astral.

    But some people who don’t fall into the category of having a lifelong mental illness like schizophrenia, are having trouble closing the door on their own. One major difference? These clients with basically good mental health… hate that astral influence; they feel great relief when taking appropriately prescribed psychiatric medication. Yes, for them, it can be helpful to take psychiatric medication for a while — specifically antipsychotic medications — until that door is firmly closed and their brains learn how to keep that door closed, even without medication.

  16. 16

    From my perspective, and again, I’m no mental health professional — but I do have expertise at assessing what’s going on with fine components of consciousness, corresponding to certain chakra databanks related to astral experiencing — appropriately prescribed medications can do a reset.

    Functioning well psychologically includes having consciousness default to human vibrational frequencies. And, although you’re correct, CATHY, that most psychiatrists don’t know about entities, they do know how to prescribe antipsychotic medications.

  17. 17

    Joe, described in the cautionary tale here, was well into his 40s. He was older than those in the typical age range who develop schizophrenia. But I suspect that many people who are having astral input problems are having them for a different cause than lifelong mental illness with a condition like schizophrenia. So I’ll summarize below the main five causes that I’ve learned about through researching with advanced skills of energetic literacy.

    Cause #1. For some RES clients, it’s just trouble with adjusting to life in The Age of Awakening. And appropriate psychiatric medication, usually a very small dosage, allows them to function normally.

  18. 18

    Cause #2. Now let’s get to what I call “consciousness lifestyle” — a topic that I’ve blogged about often. Notably, “spiritual addiction.” According to my research, this problem is very widespread.

    For any RES Practitioner, this is easy to detect in a client. And we can give recommendations that work to help the client move completely out of that problematic consciousness lifestyle. Often, it’s enough to follow recommendations in “The New Strong.” Important to do, in my opinion, because people in spiritual addiction can develop problems like what happened to Joe.

  19. 19

    Causes #3 and 4. Especially at risk for losing contact with reality are, actually, people like Joe. People who are involved in either psychic work or those energy healing techniques that have been (in my view) corrupted since 12/21/12. I use that term “corrupted” with regret, but my research has shown repeatedly that it can be a problem now, using many energy healing techniques.

    Why? Because the methodology of those techniques involves working with astral beings — even if the energy healer has been promised something different, something spiritual — a topic I do plan to write about further in that series of blog posts I’ve promised you.

    As for psychic work, of course, people who pursue this put themselves at risk for losing contact with reality. Consulting with spirits, spirit guides, “angels,” etc. means opening up voluntarily to their influence.

  20. 20

    Cause #5. As for the consciousness lifestyle I call “extreme spiritual addiction,” when this develops a person has a very strong astral component, aurically. I really don’t know if antipsychotic medication could be helpful any longer.

    Because people with this consciousness lifestyle don’t consider that they have a problem. Maybe similar to schizophrenics who aren’t motivated to take medication.

  21. 21

    I’ll put out an invitation right now. I’m very interested in participating in a well designed, appropriately funded, research study in order to explore how RES skills can help prevent mental health problems.

    Should any of you readers have the professional credentials and interest in order to be able to help me to set up this sort of study, please contact me. Otherwise, all I can do is to present the theories I’ve summarized here. Thanks for asking, CATHY.

  22. 22
    Grateful Client says:

    I’m one of those that fall into Cause #1-and even though it was frustrating to learn that me and brain were not adjusting well to the Age of Awakening I’m so grateful to you Rose that you helped me.

    I know you are not a mental health professional- but I really don’t know where i’d be if I didn’t have RES in my life right now.

  23. 23
    Graham says:

    Ref #22. I am also a grateful client who fell into Cause #1.

    I had started to develop extreme insomnia, worse than I’d ever had in my life.

  24. 24
    Graham says:

    In a previous blog post Rose described this experience as feeling like astral entities are pounding at the door of one’s aura.

    Thanks to starting to take a low dose of anti-psychotic medication, I am now sleeping better than ever before and feel so freed up.

  25. 25
    Grateful Client says:

    Graham-I can totally relate to the insomnia-and I would often wake up in the middle of the night startled.

    Not anymore-I feel like a normal person again.

  26. 26
    Brittany says:

    I LOVE learning more about RES, and your teaching tales always deliver.

    Graham and Grateful Client, I’m so happy you’ve found relief through RES. RES healing never ceases to amaze.

  27. 27
    Brittany says:

    I, too, do not know where I’d be right now without RES.

  28. 28
    Liane says:

    How very fortunate for me that when on the verge of going the way of mediumship, I discovered RES on a random internet search for ’empath’.

    (don’t remember the exact wording for the search, likely it was similar to ‘how to live as an empath’)

  29. 29
    Liane says:

    In my first session with Rose, she informed me I was in spiritual addiction – something I didn’t quite understand at the time but now seems so obvious.

  30. 30
    Liane says:

    Thank goodness for this turn of events in my life.

    Otherwise Joe’s cautionary tale could have very well been my own.

  31. 31

    LIANE, thanks for sharing all this. For the sake of folks reading this and wondering, “Does Rose just tell you that you’ve got some consciousness problem and then say ‘Too bad’ or ‘Good luck fixing that'”?

    Of course not, no RES Practitioner or Apprentice tells you about a problem during a session unless that session will also include a dedicated RES skill set with a lock-and-key fit. With you, LIANE, I don’t recall all the details but didn’t I tell you exactly what to do so that you could overcome this problem?

  32. 32

    And thanks so much to all who have been contributing to this topic!

  33. 33
    Cathy says:

    That is so interesting, thank you for the explanation Rose. It makes more sense now that I think of it as ‘a door that wont close’.

    Sad but interesting at the same time.

  34. 34

    CATHY, here’s a thought. Many sad things happen now… that don’t need to. Simply because our world’s energy healers, spiritual teachers, mental health practitioners, the media and others… haven’t yet accepted the fact that we’re in The Age of Awakening.

    Making a few changes in daily life, understanding life’s NEW rules for success (instead of failing at fulfilling the obsolete OLD rules) — that could transform our world. We could help countless millions move out of spiritual addiction, for instance.

  35. 35

    What can you personally do? When possible, recommend “The New Strong” to people. Give struggling friends their own copies — maybe for Christmas?

    In any way you can. let people know about this Shift that began 12/21/12. Right now, Pathways Magazine is in press with their winter issue. If all goes according to (my) plan, it will carry an article I’ve written about The Age of Awakening. And maybe the first in any magazine, newspaper, or TV interview.

  36. 36

    Each of us, in our own way, can spread the word. “No, those New Age skills don’t work now. They make things worse, not better.”

    Wake up. Look around you. Understand the meaning of spiritual addiction! This does not have to be. As described in LIANE’s comments here (#28-30), once she found out that she had that problem she followed simple recommendations to turn things around.

  37. 37

    And although she was too modest to mention this in her series of comments, LIANE didn’t just get herself out of spiritual addiction. She grew so much, she moved into Enlightenment.

    That’s the new possibility for us all living now: Using our full potential in life (whether we think of it in terms of spiritual Enlightenment or psychological self-actualization or whatever). We can fulfill so many of our personal dreams, but not by following the playbook of the outdated Age of Faith.

  38. 38
    Liane says:

    Rose, to answer your question in comment #31……

    The fact that you didn’t simply tell me I was in spiritual addiction, then leave it up to me to figure it out, is exactly why I kept coming back for more personal sessions.

  39. 39
    Liane says:

    You gave me specific details about the problem, then clear instructions on what to do about it.

    For me it was to limit Technique Time to 20 minutes a day (I remember gasping at that request), and to otherwise spend my time in objective reality.

  40. 40
    Liane says:

    You asked me what I thought ‘objective reality’ meant.

    I couldn’t answer.

  41. 41
    Liane says:

    How gracious you were to educate me in the finer details of what it means to live as humanly as possible for 23 hours and 40 minutes of every day. Best advise I’ve ever received, and applied.

    It was living the contrast between spiritual addiciton and objective reality that I became aware of the difference. What I initially didn’t quite understand became crystal clear in short order.

  42. 42
    Louise says:

    Rose my Aspergers son you did a post on a couple of years ago this past year was having a really terrible time with behavioral problems.

  43. 43
    Louise says:

    He was getting out of hand in public also and the Psychiatrist put him on low dose antipsychotic and it has helped him tremendously, we may still have to adjust but I believe what you have said about that door for him had opened to astral influence and he was unable to help himself.

  44. 44
    Louise says:

    I remember reading about this on one of your past blogs and this made so much sense to me. Thanks yo so much!

  45. 45
    Kylie says:

    I’m glad you are sharing this important information, controversial as it is.

    I also really like the description about What happens to the aura when the door to the astral won’t close.

  46. 46
    Kylie says:

    I had this problem briefly as well and I’m so grateful that I knew about RES, and that short term medication turned it around.

  47. 47
    Kylie says:

    When people have never had any mental health issues at all, how would they even know where to start fixing the problem.

    At that time, I was having a great deal of trouble sleeping and attributing it to physical causes.

  48. 48
    Timea says:

    What happens with the astral beings attached to the persons aura after being medicated?

  49. 49

    TIMEA, they go elsewhere. Most important, humans have sovereignty over all life forms on earth. It breaks a spiritual law to aim to get involved in the auras of human being.

    So appropriate psychoactive medication helps people return to normal functioning, people who are struggling a bit to adjust to the impact of what I call “Opportunistic Astral Entities” in my how-to book, “The New Strong.”

  50. 50
    Curious reader says:

    I have been doing tarot and oracle readings recently, and for both kinds of readings, asking for divine help beforehand.

    Does this make the reading divinely-influenced, rather than astrally-influenced?

  51. 51

    Glad you asked, Curious Reader. The answer is no. Astral, astral, astral!

    In the future you might wish to avoid making up techniques for co-creation (unless you have training as a consciousness engineer). If you like, we can research the impact of what you’ve done in a session with a Consciousness Positioning Consult(R). Otherwise, you might simply choose to stop with the fortunetelling.

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