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Enlightenment Etiquette

Enlightenment Etiquette.

Enlightenment Etiquette. Today might be the first article anywhere about good manners regarding Enlightenment.

Enlightenment Etiquette. Yes, it’s gotten to the point where many people have moved into Enlightenment. What happens when they talk with friends who aren’t?

Enough stories have come to my attention… Ugh, enough already! Right now, let’s discuss what’s appropriate to discuss with friends about Enlightenment. Versus what amounts to bad manners.

Even if you’re NOT in Enlightenment yet

This article can help you. Helping you even if you don’t personally know anyone in Enlightenment.

Today’s post can protect you from hurt feelings. Plus teach you some social skills that you can start using today.

Likely, you’ll need these skills even more as they years roll on. Because more and more people are moving into EnlightenmentThis article will give you some perspective about how to talk to them.

And if you ARE in Enlightenment by now

Overall your manners tend to be lovely. I know, having talked a lot with most of you on this list of RES clients in Enlightenment.

That aforementioned blog post is where I celebrate RES clients and students in Enlightenment. Most are in Age of Awakening Enlightenment. But not all. Others are in Traditional Enlightenment.

Either way, the following points may be helpful for you, as well. Since, as this Enlightenment Coach has finally realized, etiquette matters. Namely, certain understandings about how to discuss Enlightenment with others. And what not to say.

For everyone curious about today’s new Enlightenment Etiquette

Hey, don’t be embarrassed at anything that follows. It took me seven years to think of writing today’s post. Seven years since I first formally began to add Enlightenment Coaching to the other specialties of RES.

Without learning about appropriate manners for any situation, what happens? Awkwardness ensues. Or worse.

So let’s all get our acts together. Today might be the first blog post anywhere about good manners regarding Enlightenment.

Enlightenment Etiquette Suggestion #1. Basic Tact

In Enlightenment

If you’re in a social situation  with others in Enlightenment, notice who else is there. Might anyone be with you who isn’t in Enlightenment?

Perhaps someone you know through this blog. Or a fellow RES client. Even somebody you met at an RES workshop.

Assuming that you find even one such person, immediately — yes, immediately — stop talking about Enlightenment.

Why not? It’s rude. Talk about something else.

Not Yet in Enlightenment

People who care about moving into Enlightenment can sometimes feel bad that they’re not there yet. As the founder of RES and an Enlightenment Coach, here’s what I know to be true.

What matters is not wearing a label like “In Enlightenment.”

Instead, ask yourself:

  • Are you growing emotionally and spiritually?
  • Do you tell the truth?
  • And otherwise, do you live in integrity?
  • Overall do you do your reasonable best in life?

These very human considerations matter most. No kidding!

Extra helpful is to do 20 Daily Minutes of Technique Time daily. Not more. Not less. And just about any form of Technique Time will do. Just, please, avoid psychic development, mediumship, and channeling.

And if you encounter folks in Enlightenment “talking consciousness” in your presence, for heaven’s sake! Tell them something like this:

Please use your Enlightenment Etiquette. Don’t discuss Enlightenment when people like me are in the group. It’s rude.

Let’s talk about something else.

Enlightenment Etiquette Suggestion #2. Avoid Enlightenment GOSSIPING

Gossiping about Others’ State of Consciousness

In Enlightenment

Apparently some folks in Enlightenment sometimes like to discuss how “well” others are doing. Assessing other people’s spiritual evolution! Such as referring to mutual friends as “pre-Enlightenment.” Or “So far from Enlightenment!”

Avoid this horrible kind of gossip. I implore you.

Maybe you were influenced by comments that I’ve made at my Enlightenment Life List

Let’s be clear. Nothing about “Deeper Perception Made Practical” is about gossip.

And that blog post isn’t remotely intended as a channel for gossip. Seriously undertaken volunteer work by this Enlightenment Coach — that’s what it is.

Probably you know, this is a free service I provide at this blog. Commenting on a public figure’s state of consciousness.

  • Never for gossip.
  • Always in order to bring a higher truth value to ongoing conversations.
  • Because so many people are confused about higher states of consciousness. I’d like to change that.
  • Plus I’m disgusted by lying gurus, coaches who confuse spiritual seekers with their persuasive crazy-talk, and sometimes outright fraud.

For that Enlightenment Life List, I make use of my skills as an Enlightenment Coach. Also, serious ethical standards.

Not Yet in Enlightenment

What if you hear somebody else talk like this. Gossiping away!

Whether that person is in Enlightenment or not, use your Enlightenment Etiquette. Say something like:

Excuse me. Did I just hear you evaluating somebody else’s closeness to Enlightenment?

What business is that of yours? Are you trained as an Enlightenment Coach?

Please, let’s talk about something else.

Enlightenment Etiquette Suggestion #3. Don’t Volunteer Spiritual Guidance

In Enlightenment

During a session, Joe told me that an RES friend asked him this: “Are you getting close to Enlightenment yet?”

Wow, when I heard that did I ever yell! Because I haven’t felt this angry for a very long time.

Note to any Blog-Buddies who may have wanted to ask such a question: For heaven’s sake, don’t! For one thing, it’s a stupid question. Yes, just plain stupid. Because people don’t know how close they are. When I’ve validated Enlightenment for RES clients, usually they’ve been surprised.

Besides, Enlightenment isn’t a skill. Rather, it’s a deeply personal state of consciousness.

Are people in Enlightenment trained to serve humanity as an Enlightenment Coach? Of course not.

Really? Asking somebody, “Are you getting close to Enlightenment yet?”

What an unbelievably irresponsible, muddle-headed question! Confusing to others. And on a par with everything you’ve ever been told about etiquette in other manners. Asking a question like this is really, really bad manners.

Speaking of which, all you Blog-Buddies are invited to comment below and share Goof Stories. Not just ones concerning Enlightenment. But any example of somebody showing bad manners.

Can you think of some horribly embarrassing question or inappropriate observation from others. I’ll lead off, sharing one tale that blushingly comes to mind immediately.

Not Yet in Enlightenment

Either asking or answering questions like, “Are you getting close to Enlightenment yet?”

Euww, don’t you play around with this sort of conjecture, either. You have no way of knowing, do you?

Granted, on rare occasions, I’ve told a client, “I think it’s likely that you’ll move into Enlightenment in this lifetime.” Or even “Seems to me, you’re getting close to Enlightenment.”

Very rarely have I said such things. And only when they’re true. Namely, true in my opinion as an Enlightenment Coach. True and part of my unique way of helping every RES client and student. Because there are plenty of things I don’t know how to do. But one of the things I do know — amazingly — is how to help others as an Enlightenment Coach.

Incidentally, what if you think you might be in Enlightenment?

Don’t discuss it with other people. Why ask their opinions? Only ask somebody you trust as a qualified Enlightenment Coach.

For example, you might wish to book an appointment with me. We’ll use the time well. (Whether the answer to your Enlightenment Question is yes or no.)

In case you’re wondering, I can tell you this:

Usually when people think they’re in Enlightenment, guess what? They’re actually in spiritual addiction.

No kidding.

Whether or not you expressly book a session with me regarding Enlightenment… Guess what else? I’ll always pay attention to your state of consciousness. And if I find that you’re in Enlightenment, you can be sure that I’ll tell you.

For example, this happened in my first conversation ever with JENNIFER SIRRINE. It was our first session. Although she’d done sessions for years with RES Practitioner ISABELLA CATES. Click here to read what happened in that session for JENNIFER.

In Conclusion

Don’t play “Enlightenment Coach.” This kind of spiritual service is sacred.

Treating it as a game might bring you some pretty icky karma.

Yes, now I’m speaking directly to anybody who has been doing any kind of Enlightenment Gossip…

Which you might be, whether in Enlightenment yet or not.

Understandably, you might have fallen into copying me. Or copying somebody else. Just because the concept of Enlightenment Etiquette is new to you. No repining. Until recently, it never occurred to me to even think about good manners concerning Enlightenment.

So let me ask you a serious question: Honestly, have you been trained as an Enlightenment Coach?

Answer: You haven’t. At least you sure haven’t been trained by me.

How do I know this? So far, I haven’t found any RES Practitioner ready to train as Enlightenment Coaches. Not even RES experts. (And I hold every one of them in the highest esteem.)

Not even RES experts who are in Enlightenment themselves! Serving as an Enlightenment Coach is different from living in Enlightenment.

Chit-chatting about a person’s state of consciousness? With all respect, you don’t know what you’re talking about. One proof is that an actual Enlightenment Coach doesn’t gossip like this. Period.

Blog-Buddies, I hope this new concept of Enlightenment Etiquette makes sense to you. Definitely new. I just googled on “Enlightenment Etiquette” and found zero hits. Pretty hard to type anything into a search engine these days and find zero hits, isn’t it?

So feel free share your thoughts on this new kind of etiquette. That’s one reason why this article has comment boxes below. 😉

Definitely comment under a pseudonym, if that makes you feel more comfortable. Might I just request one thing about this? Please choose something other than “Anonymous.” Any pen name means the same thing, and it’s far less tedious. And you don’t need fancy tech skills to choose a pen name. I monitor every single comment before making it live. So in the first line, writeCall me Ishmael — or whatever else you like.

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  1. 1
    BODDY says:

    Rose, gracious thanks from me for this post.

    You already know how it will help me – and the informal RES community.

  2. 2
    Marion says:

    Not enlightenment related — but I did receive a rude text from a family member today that simply said: “FYI: you had the most miserable expression on your face last night at the family dinner.”

    That is it. Not how are you? Not is everything okay? Nope. No expression of concern or caring. Just the above mentioned report like a business memo.

  3. 3

    BODDY, thank you. I know you’ve helped many people by inspiring me to write today’s blog post.

    Plus, really, how weird is this? With all the Enlightenment coaches in the world by now, Google gives us 959,000 hits today for that. But how many for Enlightenment Etiquette? None (yet). May we mind the gap!

  4. 4
    Emily says:

    Ah jeez Rose I’ve definitely made some of these mistakes!

    Thank you SO much for this!

  5. 5

    Dear EMILY, we’ve all made mistakes. And I never thought of giving guidelines before.

    Funny thing is, traditionally someone moving into Enlightenment would move into Traditional Enlightenment and this would happen through affiliation with a guru or other Movement.

  6. 6

    Even then, there wouldn’t be guidelines. For instance, what a mess, back in the day when I studied with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, a movement if ever there was one!

    Not that many people moved into Enlightenment, far as I know. But people gossiped about other people’s consciousness and sometimes bragged on their own. Like one woman I knew well would shriek loudly in the “flying hall” when doing the TM Siddhi Program: Brahman! Brahman! Brahman! As if proclaiming her state of consciousness for all to admire.

  7. 7

    This Gladys was a sweet person, and a totally faithful follower of Maharishi. Since then I’ve pulled out an energetic hologram of her and she was not at all close to Enlightenment. In fairness, people did all sorts of things in the flying hall, and maybe Gladys was having beautiful and supernal experiences regularly.

    However, Maharishi referred to “Brahman Consciousness” as the highest level within Enlightenment. And it occurs to me that Gladys might have wished to be special… in an organization were almost nobody was ever publicly praised, even though many of us (Gladys included) gave our whole lives over to following our guru.

  8. 8

    And EMILY, it occurs to me to make good on my promise in the post to share something embarrassing. Namely, something embarrassing I talked about that was none of my business.

    At work, I bumped into Gladys (a different Gladys) after not seeing her for many months. Staring boldly at her prolific belly, I congratulated her on being pregnant and followed up by asking when she was due. She wasn’t. She wasn’t pregnant at all. Oops!

  9. 9
    Ishmael says:

    Call me Ishmael. Heehee, thank you for this post Rose!

    I do admit feeling a very uncomfortable when a couple people asked me some personal questions and comments about the time frame of my Enlightenment and how well they thought I was doing.

  10. 10
    Ishmael says:

    I felt embarrassed and exposed. I think I just quickly gave a very short answer and then changed the subject quickly.

    Another person asked how? And I mainly replied that that was a good question to ask you, Rose.

  11. 11
    Ishmael says:

    I did share, a little, that it seemed to be a very personal path of human evolution and everyone is different and and unique.

    Enlightenment coaching by Rose has been essential in what matters most to me now, my human evolution through the rest of my life.

  12. 12
    Ishmael says:

    Actually, I really enjoy the comforting knowledge that I can help others in the quiet way of auric modeling just as Rose says. If something more evolves later, then fantastic! ?

    Thank you Rose, again, for everything!?

  13. 13
    Ishmael says:

    BTW, during the last workshop I attended.

  14. 14
    Not There Yet says:

    I understand that Enlightenment isn’t the only game in town-but to some of us not in Enlightenment- like me-it is a game that means a lot.

  15. 15
    Not There Yet says:

    Thanks for writing this because sometimes I do feel bad about it.

    I know your blog isn’t just about Enlightenment-I’ve learned so much truth about the world. But at the end of the day who wouldn’t want a state of consciousness that makes life so much sweeter?

  16. 16
    Not There Yet says:

    Most likely I have stuff around this-I am OK with that as well because stuff can always be healed:)

  17. 17
    Brittany says:

    While I think it would be wonderful to achieve enlightenment during this lifetime, it most certainly isn’t something I dwell on.

    Forgiving myself for my past, living with honesty and integrity, living in the present, doing my very best, and liking myself are what I focus on.

  18. 18
    Brittany says:

    I think all of the enlightenment etiquette suggestions are brilliant, and I especially like point #2.

  19. 19
    Brittany says:

    I don’t want people talking about me, so I make every effort to try and not talk about others.

    It saddens me to think about being judged, especially based on my deeply personal path of spiritual growth.

  20. 20
    Brittany says:

    Personally, I’ve come so far, and have a desire to grow so much more, I don’t have time to think about OTHER people’s state of consciousness.

    And it’s not my or anyone else’s business.

  21. 21
    Brittany says:

    I don’t have anyone to discuss enlightenment with, so I don’t have any stories. However, I can see how this “state of consciousness talk” could easily turn from innocent curiosity to gossip.

    This post is a great reference as we grow further into this Age of Awakening. Thanks for the post, Rose.

  22. 22
    Brittany says:

    I’ve had my fair share of getting caught in gossip, yet learning to like myself more (among other things from RES) has helped me focus more on me and MY human life.

    I’m blushing thinking about this and it happened over 5 years ago!

  23. 23
    Brittany says:

    I used to manage a store and had a customer who talked wayyyy too much. And not about relevant topics to his purchases, etc.

    One day he started chatting up another customer who I was trying to assist. I could tell this customer wasn’t happy about it, but he kindly let the man talk.

  24. 24
    Brittany says:

    After this happened, I apologized for the other customer being “such a talker…” The man I was apologizing to looked at me with big eyes and nodded his head to the side.

    Standing within ear shot was the other customer. I felt horrible. I hurt someone else’s feelings trying to help someone else. Let’s just say I learned my lesson. ?

  25. 25

    Blog-Buddies, thank you one and all for these comments. I was so moved by your eloquence, honesty, and wisdom.

    You know, I have no idea how many people read this blog, or have read my books; and I haven’t kept count of how many have taken my in-person workshops or the live ones. But I’ll tell you this: What I do notice is the caliber of the people I get to serve and teach. And it makes this life work of mine so worthwhile. Big thank you!

  26. 26
    Jennifer says:

    Thanks again for another great post Rose! And just to confirm your point about most people not necessarily knowing they’re in or close to Enlightenment, when we had our session I was VERY surprised when you told me (in our very first session together! Completely unexpected!), so it boggles my mind how someone could inquire as to whether or not someone is “close” to Enlightenment—how would they know??

    Also, for anyone not in Enlightenment who wishes they were, just from my perspective, it’s not like it solves all your problems. Don’t get me wrong, life is a bit sweeter, but it’s still difficult (I really intend to write a guest post soon, I promise, I will get there eventually), so I guess this is just to say you’re doing great as you are.

  27. 27
    Rose says:

    JENNIFER, I’m so glad you commented here. First of all, concerning your first paragraph — you’ve supplied an important perspective.

    And in a compassionate way, too. Not surprising (considering that this comment comes from you), but nonetheless very sweet!

  28. 28
    Rose says:

    Concerning your second paragraph, am I ever glad to read this in my role as an Enlightenment Coach! Most of the clients for whom I validate Enlightenment have one or more follow-up sessions expressly to learn more about subtle changes they wouldn’t otherwise notice, necessarily. Yes, you might also wish to gain more perspective on the jewel of consciousness that you have now.

    Otherwise, how would you really know? And then how would you be able to truly appreciate what you’ve got?

  29. 29
    Rose says:

    Clearly, this blog contains many articles and comments about Age of Awakening Enlightenment.

    But also, if you think about it, the most important support for you (or others) in Enlightenment is to have personal mentoring on this topic. ENLIGHTENMENT COACHING is not just to help you move into Enlightenment. It helps you progress within this new state of consciousness, including new understandings that would be highly specific to you. So having some follow-up sessions is very highly recommended.

  30. 30
    Becky says:

    Thank you, Rose, for this! So timely for me as I’ve been feeling pretty discouraged lately.

    And thanks to all you other blog-buddies, particularly “Not There Yet” and “Brittany”. You’ve encouraged me.

  31. 31
    Dasher & Prancer says:

    If I attain enlightenment, great! If I don’t, that’s fine too!

    (Although I must admit I secretly desire it, to express my truest self)

  32. 32
    Hannah says:

    Thank you for writing this post.

  33. 33
    Dasher & Prancer says:

    No point worrying about something I have no control over.

    What I do have control over is how I decide to live my life, the best I possibly can with integrity, honesty, and honor :). As long as I am doing this I am content, that’s all I can do. With the help of RES skills and sessions, too.

  34. 34
    Liane says:

    The majority of my days are spent not thinking at all about Enlightenment.

    Then comes a day like today, in a session with Rose, where she asks if it would be alright to devote a few minutes of session time for some Enlightenment Coaching.

  35. 35
    Liane says:

    She kindly and gently spoke about how I could move forward and get the most out of being in Enlightenment.

    Frankly, helping me adjust expectations in order to enhance this precious gift from God.

  36. 36
    Liane says:

    That put into motion something I don’t usually do – spend time thinking about being in Enlightenment.

    Because it’s such a private experience, I cannot imagine using it as a way to measure someone else’s progress, or the lack thereof. How do you measure Enlightenment? Why would anyone want to?

  37. 37
    Liane says:

    Thank you, Rose, for keeping it real : )

    Participating in this blog with so many ethical individuals is a privilage I don’t take lightly.

  38. 38

    Thanks to all of you who have participated in this thread. Just today some related conversation has appeared over at a different post, this one — Comments #15-22.

    Enlightenment Etiquette being such a tender topic, I encourage you’all to take a look.

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