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LEO WATTS Enlightenment. Our First Eagle Scout.

LEO WATTS Enlightenment

LEO WATTS Enlightenment. Come read an inspiring story of Enlightenment Validation.

LEO WATTS Enlightenment. One more member of our smart, caring RES community… He just moved into Age of Awakening Enlightenment. Let me tell you about this kid.

Yesterday LEO became one of the Millennials on our list of people in Enlightenment. (Namely, our separate list for those who’ve been helped by RES. In contrast to my larger Enlightenment Life List Acknowledging people anywhere in the world who live in that higher state of consciousness. A far bigger list, which LEO is now on as well.)

At 27, he’s the youngest male person yet. (Just for the record, RES Apprentice EMILY TURNER was 24 — I think — and RES Practitioner ISABELLA CATES was 26.)

This LEO WATTS Enlightenment Came as No Surprise

Granted, in a way, it’s always a surprise. Every time, this Enlightenment Coach is awed by how clients move closer and closer. Until, with a gradual click, they arrive.

Obviously, regular sessions make it easier for me to tell when a client is getting close. Even better? Exactly what LEO has been doing for some time now: Booking a weekly standing appointment.

What happened in yesterday’s RES session?

First of all, we established an intention… in the usual way.

Next, we began the co-creation with my client’s choice of Divine Being. Also done in the usual way.

Definitely not done? That Mr. Divine Being said something like, “Howdy, LEO. Welcome to the Enlightenment Club.” Or “Yo, Rose! Stop snoozing. Something big is coming down.”

Instead, I simply proceeded to co-create a Skilled Empath Merge. At which point, I could tell.

Not that I immediately blurted out “Hooray! Yikes! Happy-Happy!”

No way! Enlightenment Coaching involves more rigor than newbies might suppose. It was time for my top-secret RES procedure for Enlightenment Validation. Included is never announcing: “Here comes the RES procedure for Enlightenment Validation. Just in case you might qualify.”

Calmly, despite immense curiosity, I led LEO through the procedure. Only then did I tell him, “Congratulations. We’ve just done Enlightenment Validation. Officially you’re in Age of Awakening Enlightenment.

Following my big announcement, LEO was equally calm. Partway through the procedure, he figured out what was happening.

What else? When I invited LEO to remember when he moved into Enlightenment, guess what? He couldn’t for sure. (Although he did have one idea, which we may research later. Just the sort of thing Energetic Holograms are good for.)

In case you’re wondering…. Some folks remember precisely what happened. Others don’t. No biggie!

What More Can I Tell You about LEO WATTS?

Yes, he really is an Eagle Scout, an achievement that I respect enormously. And you probably do too, at least if you’ve ever met any Eagle Scouts. (I have, long before learning that LEO was among them.)

What else goes on the list of known LEO facts?

  • He was born and raised in Texas.
  • Definitely he’s a college grad. (And even the son of a university professor.)
  • An RES Apprentice!
  • LEO appears on some of the videos made for RES Online Workshops. Maybe in Aura Reading 101(Maybe one of you graduates of that workshop can set the record straight here.)
  • And definitely LEO does one of the aura reading in one of the online workshop recordings in The New Strong Collection. Unfortunately, I haven’t released this advanced workshop yet. But after I do? You’ll find him there, doing one of many aura readings of ancestors of course participants — demonstrating how different human consciousness used to be, compared to today.

Regular human beings today are, in our consciousness, considerably different even from people born as recently as 100 years ago.

And, in consciousness, we’re even more different from folks who pre-date photography.

Honestly, people who don’t know yet that we’ve moved into The Age of Awakening have some important discoveries ahead. Discoveries that will explain a lot!

  • Like many RES Experts, he happens to be an empath.
  • Moreover, like every empath I know who’s on my Enlightenment Life List, LEO has made himself into a skilled empath.
  • Finally, like many on the Enlightenment List for those helped by RES, he’s a veteran of Name Alignment. (Some of you Blog-Buddies may know that, in my view, Name Alignment is the single best way to hasten your progress towards Enlightenment. Getting yourself a name of great spiritual power isn’t for everyone. But if you can swing it, lucky you!)

How Did LEO WATTS Get Involved in RES, Anyway?

His saga with these Really Effective Skills began eight years ago. (When, as a 19-year-old, somehow he found my funky little website.)

First we had one phone session.

Following that, on my recommendation, he read the first book in my series for empaths. (Actually that link just given will take you to an upgraded version, published this year.)

After after completing that “30-Day Plan for Empath Empowerment,” as LEO said yesterday, “I was hooked.”

Soon I began seeing this kid at one of my workshops in Virginia. Although he wasn’t the youngest to take any RES workshop… impressively… LEO was still a college student when he:

Flew in from Texas, all on his own.

Booked his room in our workshop hotel.

And, as it seemed to his teacher, the kid understood every single concept and skill that I packed into that workshop… Brilliantly understood it all.

Eventually LEO may write a follow-up post about his experience of Enlightenment. Especially after he’s had more experience of Enlightenment than just one day. 😉

Recently he did publish an aura reading blog post that I thought was fabulous — precise, insightful, and compassionate.

One more thing he’s told me in the context of living as a householder in Enlightenment… What’s it like for him, having this normal and natural more expanded state of consciousness?

I’ve been fairly amazed at certain changes or shifts, not the least of which seems to be an immense increase in my efficacy of getting things done, dealing with tedious situations, and following through on annoying tasks.

Apparently Age of Awakening Enlightenment can give a boost even when playing phone tag with incompetent electric providers and sub par city inspectors, which I’ve spent more than an hour on today.

Oh yes, he’s moved into Enlightenment. Well done, LEO!

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  1. 1

    Not connected to this post in particular, except for being current….

    I’ve just received the link to an excellent article from Dr. Gary Kaplan, of the Kaplan Center for Integrative medicine. If you’d like to avoid colds and flu, click here, Blog-Buddies.

  2. 2
    Brittany says:

    Congratulations, Leo! ?

  3. 3
    Jean says:

    Great news. Many congrats Leo!

  4. 4
    Kathleen says:

    Congratulations Leo!!!

  5. 5
    Leisa says:

    Congratulations, Leo! I’m so excited for you!

  6. 6
    Chloe says:


  7. 7
    Kylie says:

    Leo!!!!! What awesome news! Congratulations!

  8. 8
    Gavin says:

    Wow, congrats Leo!

  9. 9
    Emily says:

    Congratulations Leo!

  10. 10
    Lindsey says:

    Happy news Leo and Rose! Congratulations Leo!

    And yaaaay Rose! Thank you for sharing another unfolding blessing to us ALL!?

  11. 11
    Julie says:

    Congratulations, Leo! Wonderful news.

  12. 12
    Liane says:

    Congratulations, Leo!

  13. 13
    Zaybe says:

    Well done, Leo!

  14. 14
    Valerie says:

    Congratulations Leo 🙂

  15. 15
    Cameron says:

    Congrats Leo!

  16. 16
    Evgenia says:

    Leo, Congratulation!!

    Cannot wait to hear about your experience.

  17. 17
    Eve says:

    Fantastic! Congratulations Leo!!

  18. 18
    Theodore Scott says:

    Congratulations Leo!

  19. 19
    Hannah says:

    Congrats, Leo!

  20. 20
    Explorer says:


    Looking forward to hearing more about your journey Leo. So exciting… congratulations!

  21. 21
    Erica says:

    Great news, congratulations Leo!!

  22. 22
    Gabrielle says:

    Great news indeed! What a way to round out the year, Leo!

  23. 23
    Leo Watts says:

    Thanks everyone who commented here!

    All of you who commented who I’ve met before are among the most high quality people I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing! It’s been a grand pleasure indeed.

  24. 24
    Leo Watts says:

    Huge thanks first of all to Rose for being an innovative, brilliant, and generous teacher, also to Isabella with whom I did RES sessions for a good while, and also to God, hehe.

  25. 25
    Leo Watts says:

    And also thank you to the bright lights of this community who continue to help pave the way for Age of Awakening Enlightenment.

  26. 26

    Wonderful observations there, LEO. You’re welcome, such kind words!

    And I’m so glad you gave a shout-out to the brilliant, exceptionally trustworthy, and almost uncannily perceptive RES Practitioner, ISABELLA CATES. Like RES Practitioner SANDRA HAERING, ISABELLA maintains her own RES website, which is well worth taking a look.

  27. 27

    And I couldn’t agree with you more, LEO, about the caliber of Blog-Buddies here, and long-term RES clients, and also students at the various RES workshops.

    Funny how I never thought to share my perspective in this way. Really, I don’t think I could do better in this case than to acknowledge your quest for personal growth, your commitment to truth, and your awakeness.

  28. 28

    Exceptional awakeness, because you’re not waiting for others to acknowledge The Age of Awakening, or the powerful helpfulness of RES skills. Yesterday I had a delightful first-time client, Gladys, who found me through my “Energetic Literacy” column in Pathways Magazine.

    She really got it, how RES is completely different from psychic readings and also different from psychotherapy or life coaching. It takes somebody who’s very awake inside and independent to like what RES distinctively offers, rather than being scared off.

  29. 29
    Kylie says:

    Awww! Thank you Leo, it is so true. I was thinking the same thing when I saw the list of comments, what an exceptional group of people this is.

    And thank you also for the reminder that I am part of that, sometimes I don’t feel like a very bright light. In those times it helps me to remember all of you out there.

  30. 30

    Oh, KYLIE, you are such a bright light in my world. And also in the world at large.

    Every time you comment here at the blog, for instance, I want to drop everything and write a comment or many comments about how much I love what you just wrote. That probably wouldn’t be a good thing to do, about you and other Blog-Buddies. But take it from me, quite definitely, that’s my opinion of you, such a bright light in the world.

  31. 31
    Kylie says:

    Thank you Rose!

  32. 32
    Leo Watts says:

    You’re a bright light Kylie and have been an inspiration to me and others!

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